Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 6

Asher’s POV

I couldn’t sleep last night. All I could think of was her. That kiss, accidental or not, was absolutely great. I felt sparks running down my spine and I wish I knew if she felt them too. We pulled away at the same time of course, her probably because she didn’t feel what I felt for her, me because I didn’t want to jeopardise our relationship by letting her figure out that I was into her.

With a sigh, I went to the pack dining room for breakfast and as I was about to enter, I spotted her at another table with her other friends. Though she was Samantha’s personal bodyguard, she was still just a guard and wasn’t allowed to sit at the main table where the Alpha, Luna, Gamma, Delta and their families as well as the Head Commander, Deputy Commander and a few other other high ranking officials.

Anyway, today was the first day I saw Eva, my sister, in a few weeks now. She was still attending college, so when she got stacked with work, she would stay in the private dorm to complete all her work. Smiling at her, I ruffled her neatly combed hair kissing her cheek then taking a seat next to her, I greeted, “Hey, you dirty old underwear.”

“What’s up, you mindless goon,” she said back.

“The sky, that’s what,” I retorted.

We both ended up laughing at our stupidity and when we dug into our food, I caught a glimpse of Amanda looking at me with a smile. She quickly looked away when I looked back and I sighed.

“What’s wrong, loser?” Eva asked bumping my side gently.

“Nothing,” I answered.

“Yeah right. What’s wrong? Did a girl tell you that you weren’t good in bed?” She teased.

“Please, I’m the best ever.”

“Okay, but really, what’s bothering you, bro?” She asked genuinely.

“Well, there’s this girl that I like, really like, but I can’t have her,” I tell her, my voice low so that no one heard us, but over the boisterous dining room, I doubt I would even be heard.

“By really like her, do you mean love, genuine attraction, or do you just want to screw her?” She asked.

I’ve never thought about it like that.

Was what I felt just attraction?

Did I just want to sleep with Amanda?

I’ve never thought of sleeping with Amanda, I just wanted to see her smile, to see her happy, to hear laugh and if she ever cried, I wanted to be there for her, but I also felt like castrating anyone who would hurt her. No, this was definitely love.

“I love her. I’ve loved her for a really long time now,” I finally say with a sigh.

“Well then, tell her. What’s the worst that could happen, well, apart from her laughing in your face.” She murmured the last part.

“I’ll think about it,” I say and stand up. I kissed the top of her head and went to get some work done and keep my mind off Amanda.

Amanda’s POV

I was tired, after my probationary training, I went to have breakfast. When Asher arrived, he seemed happy to see his sister back and kissed her cheek and they greeted each other, probably insulting each other at the same time. Asher and Eva were such good siblings with a great relationship. Connor and I were like that, except I didn’t tease him the way Asher did with Eva.

After my breakfast, I went to Luna and Alpha’s room and sat at a nearby table. Not long afterward, Justin walked in my direction and I smiled warmly and in return I got a soft smile that didn’t meet his eyes. I stood up in for the of him asking what was wrong and he just shook his head.

“Look, we’re friends right, you can trust me,” I told him.

He sat on the opposite side of where I was sitting on and let out a shaky sigh.

“Talk to me,” I urged.

“Zh-Zhen is cheating on me,” he said lowly.

“Justin, I-I’m so sorry.”

“I-it’s okay I guess. It doesn’t hurt that much anymore,” he whispered lifting his shirt slightly for me to see.

With a gasp I covered my mouth with my hand. There were layers of blue, dark purple, yellow and yellowish white. It’s clear that this had been going on for a few months now. I knew his and ZhenZhen’s relationship was always rough, but I didn’t think that it was this bad.

“When did this start?” I asked.

“Four months ago. She’s still so hellbent on punishing me,” he said.

“What did you do to deserve this?”

“A day after we met, I-I tried to reject her,” he said.

“Oh?” I said not knowing what else I could. He’d never told me that he wanted to reject ZhenZhen, he was obviously crazy in love with her, which is beyond my understanding, since she’s ungrateful, snappy, annoying, to sum it all up, she’s a class A bitch.

“You see, before I turned eighteen, I’d seen what she was like. Always so cruel to others, she would slut around with every guy that spared a glance her way. I never really liked the way she behaved, so when I turned eighteen and I found her, I wanted nothing to do with her. I was mad at the moon goddess and there was this girl, she was pretty and kind and I’d always wanted her to be my mate. One thing led to another and w-we ended up in bed together. It was great, so great that I forgot ZhenZhen would feel the pain.

Then the next or morning, Abigail, that was her name, left. She said she wished I could’ve been her mate too, so I decided that I wanted that too and found Zhen who was in pain and she was so angry. I tried rejecting her, but then, my wolf wouldn’t let me and he took over and we forcefully mated with ZhenZhen. Since that day, I’ve been trying get her to make it up to her and we’ve had a few good days, but other than that she’s still getting her revenge in me,” he elaborated.

“Wow, that’s so sad. I’m so sorry. ZhenZhen should have forgiven you by now, you’re mates after all.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about. It’s whom she’s sleeping with that’s bothering me. When she usually cheats, she usually masks her scent, but last night she didn’t care and she didn’t mask her scent. She was drenched in Asher’s scent,” he said looking hurt.

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