Not ‘Just’ Friends

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Chapter 9

Four days later
Amanda’s POV

“So, Amanda? What do you say?” asked Troy.

“Um...” I was still dumbfounded. He finally asked me out.

I never thought it would happen. Troy has been trying to ask me out since fifth grade. He never could, so he would make up stupid excuses to hang out with me, but now he was asking me out. This time I don’t really think he’s asking me out because he likes me, but because he wants me in bed.

How do I know?

Well, he’s staring at my barely covered cleavage with dilated eyes.

I rolled my eyes.

Why should I waste my time with this fool?

“Really? A date? No thanks, pervert!” I spat out and turned around on my heel and walked away whilst he called after me, apologising. Something about not knowing how to control himself around me, but I didn’t listen.

As I walked down the hall, I got a few whistles from the popular kids and I huffed. Seriously, why are people attracted to looks instead of personality? Those kids never gave me a second glance, well, actually a third glance because weres are naturally better looking than humans. Now that I’ve dressed up in these tight revealing clothes, they think I’m hot now am worthy of their catcalls.

“So? How did it go?” asked Hayley, dragging her o’s.

“Yeah, I think I’ll find a way to get over Asher on my own.”

With an adorable pout she sighed, “So you’re saying all this was for nothing? Seriously, Amanda, you’re beautiful. Inhumanly beautiful, yet you don’t want to show everyone that you’re so pretty,” she said.

Did I forget to tell you that she’s fully human and knows nothing about werewolves, therefore she doesn’t know that werewolves are usually five times more better looking than humans, that’s why she always got jealous of me at times since most of her crushes actually liked me.

Anyway, after thanking Hayley for her help, I drove back home and greeted my parents then went to my room where I took a nap.

I was woken up by a mind link from Eva asking me if she was okay with helping her go comfort Samantha as she had had a fight with Alpha. Ever since Antonia came back, the two have been on a rocky road. Antonia is the Alpha’s ex-girlfriend and was supposed to be his choice mate next year, but things took a turn for the worst, but I’m happy because he then got to meet Samantha.

I personally think that Alpha had no right to profess his love for Antonia now, half a year after they broke up. Yes, I understand that he and Samantha met only a few weeks after their breakup, but she was such a good person and was far better for him than Antonia ever would be.

Anyway, I quickly washed my face, brushed my teeth and changed into a green top and black jeans. Thanks to Hayley, my wild hair was tamed and could easily be combed and I left flowing down my back, but a few strands fell down my face, but I didn’t mind much. Anyway, when I left my room, mum was already serving dinner, but she hadn’t put a plate for me yet.

“Oh sorry, mum, but I was called to help Luna Samantha with something, so don’t save a plate for me,” I said.

“Alright,” she said putting the fourth plate back in the cupboard and went back to serving the food, like I hadn’t said anything.

With a sigh, I left the house, saying bye to dad and Connor. It had been eight years now and I don’t think my mother has really forgiven me for what I did when I was a stupid fourteen year old. The other reason we accepted the offer to come here was because it gave us a good reason to leave our pack without seeming like cowards. What I had done had really shamed our family and mum and dad lost all their friends and the only reason why people didn’t give us too much trouble was because we were pure bloods and an attack against a pure blood can be a declaration of war against the Alpha since purebloods are so rare in packs nowadays and the more you have in your pack, the more it is respected in the werewolf community. Midnight Creek Pack had almost four hundred pure bloods, hundreds more than every pack in the world, hence why it is one of the most respected packs in the world.

Anyway, I headed to pack house and met up with Eva in the corridor of the top floor. She was in a casual outfit consisting of a dark blue off-shoulder sweater that showed the straps of her blue bra and denim shorts as well as white sneakers. Her outfit showed off her well tanned skin that I really envied since I’ve always been pale, not so much as to look like a vampire, but enough to always turn red whenever I went to the beach, intending to get tanned.

We knocked on the door and Asher let us in, his eyes looking me up and down with hunger.

Wait, hunger?

Why would he want me? I’m his friend. Besides, he is way hotter than me. I’m pale and my hair is kinky and impossible to comb, it takes hours to tame! Deciding that I had made a mistake thinking he was into me that way, we approached Sam who was sobbing and it was a heartbreaking sight, seeing our Luna crying. It hurt me and it hurt Eva as well.

“Please don’t cry,” Eva pleaded softly with Samantha.

This triggered my triggered my sensitive side as I said, “Yeah, b-because if you cry, I’m gonna cry!”

Tears started flowing down my cheeks and soon after Eva was also crying and Asher was groaning obviously because we hadn’t helped the situation. Asher then asked us what food we wanted and I asked to watch a movie and I don’t if it was just me, but he looked as if he couldn’t resist saying no to me. That didn’t make sense to me since I had tears on my face and my very little mascara was probably ruined and I wasn’t even putting on my best puppy dog face.

Again ignoring the weird thing Asher had done, we helped Samantha calm down whilst crying as well. We were both on her side and though Antonia used to be one of my best friends, after what she did to Alpha William, leaving his heart shattered, even though he broke up with her, and after what she did to Samantha, we couldn’t forgive her as easily as he did.

I had dozed off after watching the Notebook and enjoying it thoroughly with the girls, whilst Asher had been bored the entire time. Anyway, I woke up after I heard a crash. I realised it was just Asher watching a movie.

“Sorry I fell asleep,” I told him tiredly.

“There’s nothing to apologise for.”

“So, how have you been? We haven’t really talked for a while,” I asked.

We hadn’t talked in three days since we were both really busy with work and training, work for him, training for me. I overheard Alpha talking to Beta Jake talking about how good I was at my job and was also good in combat so I was going to need intense training and if I can endure it all, I’m going to be made a commander in training. How freaking awesome is that?

“Yeah you’re right we haven’t. And nothing much has happened to me.”

“Really, not even any new flings? Because I swear I saw ZhenZhen hanging onto your arm the other day and she was bragging about her being your favourite,” I said, not being able to help the pang of jealousy I felt as I remembered that day.

You’re probably wondering why ZhenZhen was going after Asher even though she’s with Justin. Well, they had another big fight and when ZhenZhen’s mad, sad, or bored, she has sex. It makes me think she’s addicted to it.

“Well, that’s not true, I shut her down the minute she started playing with my hair and I’ve never slept with her,” he said back which was very reassuring to me.

“So what’s new with you?” He queried.

“Uh....well, Troy asked me out,” I told him and he chenched his jaw.

Was, was that jealousy I saw in his eyes?

This time I was definitely sure.

Why was he jealous?

This it definitely wasn’t my wild imagination.
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