Bad For You

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Somehow I convinced Theo to watch Anastasia with me in his huge theater room. Normally when Anastasia was on nothing could tear my eyes away from the screen. But it wasn't long before Theo's hands started wandering, making it hard to concentrate.

"But the movie," I protest weakly as Theo pulls me onto his lap, my attention slipping.

"Fuck the movie," Theo turns my face away from the screen to kiss me. I forget all about the movie and twine my arms around his neck, rocking against him. When Theo starts to pull down my leggings I stop him.

"Wait," I whisper. Immediately his hands freeze. My stomach flips nervously as I reach back, gathering my hair up into a ponytail.

A few nights ago, I searched up porn for the first time.

Not because I wanted to watch people having sex, but for educational purposes. I wanted to learn how to give a guy a blowjob. At first I was apprehensive and a little freaked out, but an hour later I'd watched fifteen different videos. I was sure I could do it.

Well, I had been. Now that the moment was actually here, I wasn't sure I'd be able to perform.

I shut my brain off and push Theo back. If I stay in my head I won't be able to do this, so I imagine I'm someone else. Someone confident, sexy, and sure of herself. I bring our lips together again, taking control of the kiss. At the same time I rotate my hips against him and run my hands under his shirt against the smooth tautness of his skin. Theo groans into my mouth and I feel his hardness straining against his jeans. My hands fumble to unzip his pants but I manage to get the zipper down and palm him through his boxers. Theo breaks away from the kiss just as I reach beneath the layer of clothing separating us and wrap my hand around him. His skin feels warm and throbs in my hand as I rub up and down his shaft, attempting to copy the girls I watched during my 'research' and get him worked up. I have no idea if I'm doing it right or not, but judging on his heavy breathing I assume I am, so I decide to move on.

I slide off his lap and wiggle out of my leggings. After I toss them aside I sink to my knees and decide I should start off by teasing him, if only to ease myself into the act. The only light in the room comes from the movie screen behind us, but there's still enough light for me to still see Theo's face. Without breaking eye contact I lick the tip and run my tongue along the length of him.

"Fuck," Theo rasps as I slowly slide him inside my mouth. I can't really describe the taste, but it's not bad so I hollow out my cheeks to take more of him in. He moans and closes his eyes, his head falling back. I suck faster, swirling my tongue around him.

Theo groans. "Shit Rose..." I look up while my mouth is still wrapped around him and found him watching me with dark, lusty eyes. I release him with a pop, licking up and down his shaft before taking him back in my mouth. I didn't think I could do it, but I actually took him all the way to the back of my throat and only gagged a little. My eyes start to water but I'm determined to get him off this way. I'm sure he's close, but before anything happens Theo abruptly yanks me up.

"Why'd you stop me?" I ask, disappointed.

"As extremely fucking hot that was, I don't want to come in your mouth," Theo pulls my panties to the side before lowering me down on him. My hands fly to his shoulders as I bounce up and down on him and he lifts his hips up to meet my thrusts.

Bonus: the theater room is soundproof so I can be as loud as I want.

Theo's mouth covers mine and swallows my scream as I climax, still rolling my hips against his as I ride out the waves of pleasure. I clench around him, triggering his own orgasm. When I recover I notice the movie credits are rolling.

"We missed the movie," I pout. "This is your fault. Now we have to watch it again."

"My fault?" Theo laughs. His lips press against my neck. "Well stop being so distracting then."

I do my best to look indignant but Theo just smirks and wiggles his eyebrows at me. My face cracks and I smile.

"I hate you."


The stage lights are too bright as I stretch before auditions. While the rest of the class laughs and chats among each other I stay tucked away in the corner, going over my routine one last time.

Whatever role we decided to audition for, whether it was a major or minor role, we had to come up with our own choreography that fit the character. I was glad I watched all those Swan Lake ballets on YouTube before. It was a lot of work coming up with two different dance routines, so the videos were good inspiration. I wanted Francis to see that I could dance as either Odette or Odile.

I never let my mind wander to the possibility that I wouldn't land either. That was simply not an option.

"Found you," Priyanka teases, wandering over to where I've secluded myself. "Are you hiding?"

I smile. "Maybe."

"I don't blame you. Pretty sure Noelle and Lucy are out for blood."

"And that's exactly why I'm hiding."

Priyanka laughs. "Got room for one more?"

"Sure," I lift my leg up in a développe. Priyanka joins me and starts stretching too. I cast her a look.

"Hey, how's your Juilliard application going?"

"Almost finished," she grins. "What about you?"

"Uh yeah. Same."

"Do you need any help? We could meet up for coffee or something to go over it?"

"Actually yeah. That would be nice," I say gratefully. "Thanks. I mean my friend Hannah is helping me too, but you know since we're the same major and some of the requirements are different..."

"I totally get it," Priyanka replies.

We stretch silently for a few more minutes before I turn back to her. "Does the thought of moving to someplace completely new and strange freak you out or is that just me?"

Priyanka smiles. "No, it's definitely not just you. But as scared as I may be, I can't wait to just graduate and get out of here. I'm so sick of the petty drama and fights and all the competition. I just want to dance without any of that baggage."

"But do you really think Juilliard will be all that different?" I ask dubiously. If anything, since it's college and everyone's trying to get a job afterwards it would be even more competitive.

"Maybe," Priyanka shrugs. "But I have hope that it could be a fresh start. Don't you?"

I ponder her question. Honestly, I never thought that far ahead. The whole reason I wanted to go to Juilliard was to get away from my mother. I never questioned that part of her plan because I welcomed it. That, and the distance would finally give me the chance to rediscover why I had fallen in love with ballet in the first place without her constantly breathing down my neck. That way by the time I graduated, the idea of joining a ballet company wouldn't make me feel so sick to my stomach, anxious, or panicked.

"I want to," I eventually reply to Priyanka's question. "I want to have hope that it could be a fresh start."

The familiar rapping of Francis's cane echoes throughout the auditorium and Priyanka and I share a glance before hurrying on stage where the rest of the dancers are gathering. I spot Noelle and Lucy huddled together whispering and quickly look away. I will not let them get in my head today.

"Auditions will go in alphabetical order," I tune back in to what Francis is saying. "If you are auditioning for two roles, please make sure to state that at the beginning of your audition. Finally, all members in the audience must remain silent, otherwise you will be asked to leave."

I turn toward the audience section, forgetting it was an open audition meaning students could come in and watch. There's actually a good number of people scattered throughout the auditorium seating even though it's only auditions. It's still a shock to me the amount of teenagers that actually enjoy watching ballet. Most say it's boring.

Then again Interlochen is a fine arts school, so maybe it's not that surprising.

I catch Hannah seated somewhere in the middle and she waves excitedly at me. Then my eyes widen in surprise when I see Eva, Kitty, Jack, Adam, Oliver, and Theo next to her. They all grin and wave, shooting me thumbs up. Jack of course starts making silly faces and I laugh under my breath, my heart warming at the fact they came to support me. My eyes wander back to Theo and he winks at me. I smile before my attention is drawn back to auditions.

Lucy is one of the first to audition since her last name starts with A. She stands on stage confidently, wearing a beaming smile.

"My name is Lucy Abrahams and I will be auditioning for the roles of Odette and Odile."

"Boooooo!" Someone yells and I recognize it as Jack's voice. There's a collective series of shushes and I catch Eva smack him the back of the head. I cover my mouth to suppress a snort.

"Quiet!" Francis booms. Once everyone settles down he gestures toward Lucy. "You may begin."

Lucy's smile never falters but I can see the spark of irritation in her eye. Still, she gracefully assumes first position as the music starts. Watching her I have to admit, her choreography is good. Really good. I'm actually surprised how well she embodies Odette, playing the delicate swan perfectly. You would never be able to guess what a raging bitch she is underneath when she looks all sweet and innocent.

There's polite applause when Lucy finishes. She curtsies before prancing off stage. As she passes by me she smirks.

"Good luck."

I suppress an eye roll and ignore her. One by one students are called onstage, and as each name is announced my anxiety starts to grow. I take deep breathes to try and clam my nerves.

Your friends are here to support you. You can do this.


My heart leaps into my throat. "Break a leg," Priyanka gives my hand a quick encouraging squeeze. I smile nervously at her before walking out on stage. The lights really are too bright, and now that I'm standing center stage I can barely see out into the audience.

Maybe that's for the best.

Francis scribbles something down on his paper before looking up at me and nodding. I blow out a breath.

"My name is Aurora Montgomery and I will be auditioning for the roles of Odette and Odile."

I get into position as the music starts, disconnecting myself from reality. If I focus on what's around me I'll become too anxious and mess up.

Sometimes it's easier to let your mind drift and allow the music to take its place. And that’s exactly what I do.

There's clapping as I finish and even some whistles which I know are definitely coming from Theo and his friends. I smile as I hold my ending pose before curtsying, and even Francis looks pleased. He thanks me before writing on his clipboard and calling the next student up.

"You were amazing!" Priyanka grins as I come offstage.

"Really?" I ask, needing assurance.

"Yes! I loved your Odile variation! And your Odette variation was so elegant and soft!"

Before I can respond a voice scoffs. "She wasn't that great." Priyanka and I both turn to see Noelle and Lucy coming over, Lucy being the one that had spoken. Priyanka glares at her.

"You know what Lucy? I'm so sick and tired of your damn attitude," she snaps. "All you do is sit around being a miserable bitter bitch. When are you going to grow the fuck up?"

Some of the dance students nearby who overheard gasp and Lucy's eyes widen in shock. I turn to Priyanka in surprise. I've never heard her go off like that before, on anyone. She's always been friendly and quiet, even a little timid sometimes.

"What? Nothing to say?" Priyanka crosses her arms. "You know I feel sorry for you. Keep up that attitude and one day you'll end up sad and alone because no one wants to deal with your constant bullshit and negativity."

"What's your problem?" Noelle jumps to Lucy's defense, who's mouth is opening and closing like a fish. Her face is flush though and I can't tell if it's because she's angry, embarrassed , or both.

Priyanka steps up to Noelle as a crowd forms. "You're my problem. You have been my best friend since we were kids. I have always been there for you through thick and thin, even when you began treating me like crap and becoming a raging bitch I stood by your side. Then you just toss me aside like trash the minute you decide you're too good for me."

"That is not true!" Noelle says hotly. "You and I just have different goals in life. We're different people now and we grew apart. People grow apart all the time."

"That may be, but that doesn't excuse all the horrible shit you've done to me!" Priyanka yells. "And I would've loved this explanation I don't know, like months ago!"

"Stop!" Francis yells and the music cuts. "What's all that yelling going on backstage?"

"Noelle and Lucy are getting their asses handed to them," someone snickers and students laugh. Francis angrily stomps backstage, rapping his cane.

"Didn't I say silence! This is not a circus, yet you are all acting like clowns instead of poised ballerinas and danseurs!"

Everyone bows their heads in shame, and it immediately becomes silent. Francis has a way of shredding you of your dignity swiftly and sharply. I didn't even do anything yet I feel ashamed. I should've told Priyanka to just ignore Lucy and Noelle.

"This is completely inappropriate behavior and disrespectful to those who still have yet to perform. Now everyone will remain quiet throughout the rest of auditions If I hear even a peep you will forfeit your spot in the winter ballet. Is that understood?"

We all nod.

"Good," he casts us once more annoyed look before walking back onstage and down the steps to where he was sitting. "Mandy we will restart you audition."

Everyone is as quiet as mouse after that, with Lucy and Noelle shooting daggers at Priyanka who glares right back at them. It's like today was the last straw before they pushed her over the edge. I don't blame her. There's only so much a person can take and her issue with them was way more personal than mine.

I sigh and rub my temple, feeling a headache forming.


"What happened backstage?" Oliver asks when auditions are finally over and I meet up with them outside the auditorium. "That old dude with the cane was going off."

"Priyanka and Noelle got into a fight," I explain.


"They finally came to blows huh?" Hannah says, knowing what I'm talking about.

"I wouldn't say they came to blows," I reply. "Sadly I think this is only the beginning. They have a lot of...unresolved issues."

"Am I the only one who's confused here?" Oliver interjects. "Who the hell are Priyanka and Noelle?"

Jack shakes his head. "Keep up dude. They're obviously two girls in her class who are beefing."

"Well if I don't know who the hell they are why should I care?"

"You're the one who asked!"

"It sounds like you got in a lot of trouble," Kitty worries her lip.

"Yeah, that old dude was scary," Eva asks. "He looked like he was going to hit someone with his cane."

I laugh. "That is actually a real possibility. Thankfully he didn't and no, I didn't get into a lot of trouble. He was just pissed. If one person fucks up, then we all have to suffer his wrath."

"And here I thought ballet was just about standing on your tippy toes and looking pretty," Oliver mutters.

"En pointe," I correct him. "Not tippy toes."

"But you are standing on your tippy toes right?"

Theo rolls his eyes. "That's not the point jackass. It's about using the proper terminology."

Oliver shrugs. "Well I'm not a ballerina so how would I know that?"

I smile sweetly. "Actually a male ballerina isn't called a ballerina at all but a danseur."

Everyone laughs and Oliver flips us off.

"You guys hungry?" Adam asks when the laughter subsides.

"Yes," Eva groans. "I would kill for some curly fries right now."

"Let's go to Fast Lanes," Jack suggests. "Bowling and food sounds like a good time to me. Everybody in?"


"Hell yeah!"

I glance at the time worriedly. It's getting late and it's a school night...not that I haven't gone out on a school night before but my mom was expecting me home so I could tell her how auditions went.

"Do you have to get home?" Theo asks when I hesitate. "I could drop you off."

I look toward Hannah who is already piling into her car with Kitty and Eva. Then I turn back to Theo.

"No. I mean it's fine. An hour or two won't hurt."


hi guys! i know it’s been awhile since i updated, hope everyone is doing well :)

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