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two - Free like a bird

‘Hey... Sorry... I guess you didn’t block me, but I need someone to talk to..’

‘Thanks for the info’




‘What’s your name?’

‘Let me check your name from Truecaller’

‘Ooooh Your name’s Nick’

‘Pervert, are you there?’

‘Comon’ be a savior I don’t have someone to talk to, I’m an only child!’



‘Hello? This is noon right now why do you need rest?’

‘Because I love to sleep any problem?’

‘Now get lost I need my beauty sleep wait I am a man so, handsome sleep’

‘Where are you from?’

‘I don’t trust you, why should I tell you?’

‘What if you are a kidnapper and kidnap me after I say where I am from?’

‘Nooooooo, I can’t let that happen. I am too young to be kidnapped’

‘You can trust me. I’m a girl from Tennessee, you?’

‘I still don’t trust you what if you are catfishing me about you are a girl and later kidnap me?’

‘I won’t do you mind me sending you my pic?’

‘No, don’t do that shit’


‘Why are you so rude?’

‘I’m just a straightforward introvert but we are from the same place’

‘I’m sorry wait not sorry’

‘It’s your fault for waking me up from my sleep’

‘Ummm... I’m sorry 😔‘

‘Mm... it’s okay’

‘Since I am a forgiver, I will forgive you, my child 😇’

‘Haha lol😂😂'

‘How Old Are You?’

‘I’m 16, you?’


‘I am elder than you, respect your elders’

‘Oh okay but, why are you so nice suddenly and fine I will!’

‘I’m nice since childhood, just people have to find it out’

‘Oh, is that so?’

‘yes, my child’

‘bye, I’m going to sleep’

‘Wait! I need to tell you something’

‘Ugh! Now what?’

‘I’m so angry right now’

‘and why?’

‘My parents are inviting their so-called new friends ‘‘Brown’s’’ at my house and they are not allowing me to go out while they’re here!?’

‘Chocolate Brownie?’

‘What? 😅'

‘Yeah, I thought you are talking about chocolate brownie, I have some if you want 🙌’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘You said something about Brown’s so, I thought you are talking about brownies’


‘But don’t worry you can go out after your parents ‘friends’ leave’

‘Just tolerate them as much as you can and that’s all then you are free like a bird.’




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