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three - literature



‘what are you doing’

‘They were nice, they even told me about their son that was of your age and all’

‘oh wow, you're doing well’

‘Yes! Isn't it crazy?’

‘Nope, in my eyes it's normal’

‘Never mind oh! And their names were Jenna Brown and Michael Brown’

‘You brought me sunshine

when I only saw rain

You brought me laughter

when I only felt pain’


‘What! What? I was practicing for my literature class, so I thought, why not show it to you!’

‘Oh, it's great, I guess...’

‘Why you didn't like it, right?’

‘Nah, I liked it’



‘So, how's life going?’

‘Not that good’

‘I want to die while you love me,

While yet you hold me fair,

While laughter lies upon my lips

And lights are in my hair

I want to die while you love me,

And bear to that still bed,

Your kisses turbulent, unspent

To warm me when I'm dead

I want to die while you love me

Oh, who would care to live

Till love has nothing more to ask ,

And nothing to give!

I want to die while you love me

And never, never see

The glory of this perfect day

Grow dim cease to be.’

‘Woah... Is it for literature again?’


Thanks for reading. god bless.

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