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four - crushing


‘Hola, cómo estás?’

‘just took a ride from hell and talking to you’

‘Thank you so much’

‘You’re the best’

‘Ngl you won’t believe what my mom said when
I told her about you’ (Not gonna lie)

‘What did she say?’

‘if we had done that or not’

‘What did you reply with?’

‘I told her I don’t even know how he looks, who he is and all’

‘So you’re saying I’m ugly?!’

‘I didn’t say that, I said I don’t know how you look’


‘Yea 😅’

‘I may have only one life to live.

I may have only one gift to give,

I may have only one life to love,

I may have only one moment to share,

But nobody can love you like me girl,

You’re the only one who completes my world’

‘Is it a poem for your literature again?’

‘Yeah! how is it?’

‘Uhm... Good, I thought it was for me’

‘Why the fuck will I write to you?!’

‘I have other things to do then to be crushing on you’



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