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seven - boyfriend



‘Bitch where the fuck you went again?’


‘Why dont you reply to my messages
it makes me so much angry?’


‘Sorry, I was wearing clothes’

‘How much time do you girls take to wear
a damn dress only to be removed by
your boyfriend later at night’

‘Wait! I was in a shower earlier!’

‘Yeah shower sex i know you're tricks’

‘Dont fool me just because i've never been
on a relationship before’

‘No i don't have a bf’(boyfriend)



‘ooooooh... sorry’

‘I have to tell you something’

‘What is it?’

‘I told my mom about you and asked
what she thinks and guess what?’


‘That you are dumb’

‘Oh okay..’

‘are you happy or sad?’


‘Just say it’



‘I'm a person with mixed emotions so yea but ask why?’


‘Happy because you're talking with me and sad because you're mom called me dumb’


‘Hehe.. because I'm a loner..’

‘I feel happy when someone talks to me as Ellie is busy with her life I can't bother her, right?’

‘I was joking girl, she said she would
treat you like her own daughter,
no need to be sad’

‘wait, really?’

‘okay.... Guess what?’

‘yea.. and what?’

‘The Brown's are coming over again
but now with their son! I hope he's handsome’

‘why you wanna date him?’

‘I never had a boyfriend because people
called me innocent but today I'll try to be a badass infront of him but I'll first see if he's handsome or not so yea..’

‘infront of whom?’

‘The Brown's son’


‘good luck’

‘I guess he's name was...
Caleb Brown? Idk’( i dont know)


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