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I have made this about Draco and Harry loving each other but Harry is questioning him self until he finds out the truth

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Harry was a very trustworthy person. Ha had always kept a secret very very hidden he was extremely good at keeping secrets to. He was so good no one knew his secrets his dirty disgusting secrets and his sad and happy ones.
No one questioned it. Except one person who changed Harry’s life forever.

One cold night Harry couldn’t sleep and decided to take a stroll around. He went to the pond out the front of the school and he passed all of the houses and common rooms. Harry grew tired and was far from the griffindor tower. That’s when he realised he was only a two minute walk from the room of requirements. When Harry got there he wasn’t expecting to see a blonde boi shining in the morning sun hello harry a smile grew on the blonde bois face how r u my ... love he said

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