It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 10


Ever since that stupid little girl has come back, everything is about her and her needs. After Buster was blown up, just a pity it didn’t kill him, I left her on the floor in her panic attack. With the hope that it would kill her, I left her there to die. To my surprise, the little bitch woke up. “I need to inform John” I whisper to myself as I sit in the common room by myself drinking a beer.

Butch comes in and takes a seat at the table with me. “What’s up with you lately?” Butch asks me. “Nothing. Just trying to come to terms with Katherine being back and all” I tell him, lying through my teeth. “It’s fucking amazing that she is back. I had started to think she was dead” Butch tells me. “Wish she was” I whisper under my breath. Thankfully Butch didn’t hear me.

My phone rings in my pocket. I pull it out and see John’s name on the screen. “I gotta take this,” I tell Butch as I get up and walk out the clubhouse.

“Hello” I answer the phone. “How much damage was done?” John asks. “Just the front door and Katherine’s fuck buddy was hurt but not fatally. She suffered a panic attack. She didn’t die, unfortunately,” I tell him. “Nah, I don’t want a panic attack to take her. I want to string her by her ankles and gut her like my Jane was” John says to me down the line.

“Next time she is alone I’ll let you know. I will try and get her by herself as soon as I can, but she has extra protection at the moment” I tell him. John grunts and hangs up on me. I put my phone back in my jeans pocket and pull out a ciggie. Lighting it up and sucking it down, I think about the next time I can get that stupid little bitch by herself. I want Butch and Diana to hurt. They hurt me twenty-five years ago when they introduced John to Jane.

Jane was my woman. We were going to be together. I just had to wait for her to become of legal age. But as soon as she turned 18, Butch pushed John towards her, and they fell in love. She was with him for three years when she was murdered. Jane was strung up by her ankles and gutted like a fish. The only problem with that was, one of the club’s prospects caught the killer in the act, and the killer could only do the one thing he had to. Kill the prospect.

Leaving the prospects vest at the scene was my best idea yet. If I couldn’t have Jane, no one could. Yes, that’s right. I killed Jane. I was so in love with her, and she turned her back on me and chose John. I bided my time and took her when they were at their happiest. She was just pregnant with their first child. I took her, drug her, fucked her and then killed her. Blaming Butch’s club the whole time.

I know, I’m a sick fuck, but as I have said. If I couldn’t have her, no one could. But this little bit of information will be taken to the grave with me. No one will know the truth, and especially after Katherine is murdered, I will be home scott free.

I am brought out of my own head when a hand lands on my shoulder. I turn my head to look at who the hand belongs to. “Here, this is from John,” Brad says to me. I take the envelope from him and nod my head. Brad takes off again into the woods behind the compound. I hide the envelope in the front of my jeans, pulling my top and cut down over the top of it.

I walk back into the clubhouse straight to the stairs that lead to the bedrooms. Walking up the stairs, Savage hits me with his shoulder. Fucking dickhead, thinks I am scared of him. I have killed more people in this world than he has, so his ‘threatening’ looks don’t do shit for me. I make it to the top floor and enter my room. I pull the envelope out of my jeans and rip it open, pulling out the paper on the inside.


We need to get Katherine alone, and we need to do it soon. If you can’t get her to be alone for me to grab, maybe you could do it for me. Hide her somewhere no one will find her, and then I will reward you at the end of it.

If you are up to it, I need Butch and Diana gone too. You are closer to them than I am, so maybe you could help with ending their lives as well as their stupid whore of a daughter.

Let me know what you think


I read his letter over and over and can feel my blood boiling. That cunt wants me to do all his dirty work. I will help him with Katherine, but that is as far as it goes.

I rip the letter up and throw it in the bin in my bathroom. I will help get Katherine, but the rest John can do the rest himself. I leave my room and head back down the stairs to the bar. I need a few more beers tonight. I grab two bottles and take them outside. I sit on the picnic table in the yard, sinking back the cold beer when Butch approaches me.

“What the fuck is going on with you, Raider?” Butch asks me as he sits down. I shake my head at him, telling him nothing and to leave it. Butch being Butch, doesn’t know how to leave shit alone. “Nah, mate. Fucking tell me” he demands. I can feel my blood pressure rising and the heat from the anger filling my veins.

“You want to know what the fuck is going on? Well, I’ll fucking tell you. Ever since that slut of a daughter of yours walked back into your fucking life, you changed. You are no longer the brutal motherfucker I have ever met. You are a soft cunt, and it is not something that I can handle. She has made you weak” I yell at my Pres. I can see the anger in his eyes at what I have just said, but he wanted to know the fucking truth.

Butch stands up from where he was sitting. I can tell he is pinching the bridge of his nose. “What the fuck is your problem with my daughter Raider? Are you more upset with the fact you can’t fuck her like you fuck every other woman that walks in the fucking clubhouse doors?" Butch yells at me without looking at me.

“Go fuck yourself, Butch. Your daughter is used. She was fucking raped by your brother and his fucking stepson. I wouldn’t touch her with a fucking ten-foot pole. Who the fuck knows what diseases she fucking has. I bet once she got away from them, she turned into a fucking prostitute. I would be keeping a closer eye on her. She will burn through all the boys in that clubhouse, and once she is done, she will run away for her new fix” I yell back at Butch.

I didn’t see it coming, but I am now laid out on the floor. My cheek and jaw are killing me. “Don’t you ever speak about my daughter like that again. You are walking a very fine line Raider, and I will not hesitate to kick your arse out of here” Butch yells at me then turns around and walks away. I stay laying on the ground, closing my eyes and breathing heavily through my nose.

I slowly drag myself up off the ground and grab my second bottle of beer, taking a massive gulp. I do not regret anything I have done or said in my life, and I will not start. His daughter is a hindrance in this place. She needs to go, and it needs to be done quickly. The more she is around here, the more likely the truth will come out, and I cannot afford for that to happen.

I throw my now empty bottle of beer on the ground and get up, heading back towards the clubhouse. I make it to the door and take a deep breath before opening it and walking in. The room goes quiet when I walk in. I take note of all their eyes. A lot of them have looks of anger and others of pity. I keep moving towards the stairs and take them two at a time.

Reaching my room, I open the door and slam it behind me. I know I have fucked up, but I don’t regret it. I do not need to regret anything. All I know is that at the end of the day, what I have done will come to the grave with me.


The clubhouse has a really weird vibe tonight. I don’t know what has happened, but I don’t think it is good. I approach Mum to see if she will tell me what has happened. I wrap my arms around her waist from behind and rest my head on her back. “Hi, Princess” Mum says to me. I can tell something is up with the tone of her voice.

“What have I missed?” I ask her. Mum shakes her head and zips her lips. At the sight of that, I know something has been said about me. I didn’t want this to happen, with me coming back. I untangle my arms from around her waist and give her a quick kiss on her head. “Okay, then. I’m just gonna go find Trace now” I tell her.

I walk away from Mum, making it look like I am looking around for the room for Tracy. Instead of going to find her, I head towards the stairs. Me being here is only going to cause problems. Joel has been hurt because of me. Dad and his club are on alert all the time. I think it is time I turn around and leave. Even though I know, I have only ever wanted to be apart of a family, but if me being here is going to cause issues, I am better off not being here.

I quickly pack a bag and throw it out the window. I am going to head out through the back door. I quietly leave the bedroom and head down the stairs. The mood is still sombre. Thankfully, no one watches me come down the stairs. I turn down the hallway, towards the back door of the club. I open the door and head out, walking around the side of the building, grabbing my bag.

Walking towards the road, I make it outside the compound without being seen and head off down the road. I know this was a mistake. I know now that everything I do only cause issues for the people around me. I hope they will forgive me, but to keep everyone safe, I am out of there.

Daylight starts breaking over the small town where Dad and Mum live. I made it to the city centre, but now I need to rest. My legs are killing me, and my stomach is growling for food. Patting my pockets, I don’t feel my wallet. “Fuck” I whisper to myself. I left my phone at the clubhouse so they couldn’t track me, but I forgot to grab my wallet. I quickly check my bag in case I put it in there.

Nothing. “Shit, fuck, shit,” I say to myself. “Are you ok, dear?” an older lady asks me. “Mmhmm. I’m fine. Thank you for asking” I say to her, hoping she will get the hint and walk away. She smiles at me “You don’t look fine. Did you need some money?” she asks me. My mouth hangs open at her question. “How did you know?” I whisper to her. “I saw you pat yourself down and then check your bag. I don’t have a lot, but I will be happy to get you a meal” she tells me.

I throw my arms around this lovely lady. “Thank you so much. I have been walking all night” I tell her. She smiles and links her arm with mine and steers me towards a small diner. Sitting at the table, I order a small meal. She looks at me strangely but doesn’t question me. The food comes out, and I eat mine slowly. I am trying to saviour the flavour. This will be my last meal for a while.

When the plates had been cleared, I stood up and gave the lovely lady another hug and thanked her again and again. She just kept smiling at me. I picked up my bag and gave her a small smile, heading towards the door to the diner. My breath caught in my throat when I see John and Brad walking down the street towards this diner.

I quickly turn around and look for a back exit. The lady is still standing where I left her, but this time when I look at her, her small smile has turned into an evil grin. “Goodbye, Katherine,” she says. Pain runs through my head, and all I see is the ground getting closer to my face before the lights are turned off.

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