It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 11- Is the end near?


Everything in this club is going to shit lately. No, it isn’t because Kate is back. It is because there are members of this club who think standing up to me is going to win them brownie points with others. Not on my watch will anybody here disrespect me, my wife or my daughter. I am sick to fucking death of people assuming that what they say is correct and everything I do is wrong.

The whole clubhouse is quiet tonight. No rowdy parties, no swinging from the chandeliers. Nothing. Just a sour mood and I am feeling it the most—my best friend. The only man I would class as blood family in this club treats my own flesh and blood like shit. Like she isn’t worth our time.

Raider, he knows he has fucked up, but by the look on his face, he doesn’t care. My blood is boiling. I am ready to rip his fucking face off. No one talks shit about my daughter like that. NO ONE. I watch my Princess come out of the hallway from Buster’s room and go straight to her Mum. I have told everyone to not say anything to her about what has happened.

I watch her with Diana. I can’t see what they are talking about, but she must be asking about what has happened. Diana zips her lips, and I can see the defeat in Katherine’s eyes. “Butch, what are you going to do with Raider?” Savage asks me as he walks up to my table. “No fucking idea, Sav. I don’t know what Kate has done to him” I tell him.

I look back over towards Diana and see she is on her own. I do a quick scan of the room and can’t she Kate anywhere. Thinking she has gone back to Buster, I continue my conversation with Savage. “I do have to tell you when Buster was hurt; Raider was with Katherine. He could tell she was going into a panic attack, but as soon as Buster was out of sight, he just left her there” Savage tells me.

My head whips to his quick smart. “What the fuck did you just say?” I ask him. My voice raising after every word. Savage repeats what he has just said to me and all I see is red. I stand up from my chair and flip the table over. “HE FUCKING LEFT HER ALONE WHILE SHE WAS HAVING AN ATTACK” I yell out. The whole room turns to look at me. Savage puts his hand on my shoulder to try and calm me down. Diana makes her way over to me also.

“That piece of shit left her to suffer alone,” I tell Diana. She wraps her arms around me and rests her head on my chest. “Don’t let it get you worked up. Just breathe for me okay” Diana tells me. I wrap my arms around her and rest my cheek on her head. I watch the little redhead, who I came to know as Kate’s friend Tracy, say something to Savage. He nods his head, and she heads off to the stairs.

Savage picks up the table and places it back where it belongs. A minute later, Tracy comes running down the stairs. “Kate’s gone. She has left her phone and wallet, but she is not anywhere upstairs” she calls out. I get up and move down the hallway to Buster’s room. I open the door and see him in there with Doc.

“Kate in here?” I ask them. Both of them shake their heads no. I run back out to the common room. Everyone had started looking for her, but come up empty. “FUCK” I yell out. My fucking Princess is gone again from right under our fucking noses.

“Buster, you are going to rip all your fucking stitches. Get back into the fucking bed” I hear Doc yell out. Buster comes storming into the common room. “Where the fuck is she?” he yells out. None of us could answer him. “Where the fuck has she gone? Who fucked with her?” he yells out. No one makes a sound. He looks like a raging bull ready to headbutt anyone who gets in his fucking way.

I spend most of my night in my office going over maps on where she could have gotten to. I have sent guys out in all directions looking for her. She couldn’t have gotten far in the amount of time she has been gone. I swear I didn’t see her for 10 fucking minutes.

I drag my hand down my face and take notice that the sun has risen. There have been no sightings of Kate anywhere, and the guys have been out most of the night. Diana has shut down again like she did twenty-one years ago. Buster is on the edge of a dangerous place. I have been there and know the signs, but I know he needs to be on the edge for a little bit longer before I pull him back from the end.

I stand up and look out my office window. Guys are riding back in and swapping with others. They must be discussing where they have looked and where else to go. I am starting to grow impatient by this stage. Where the fuck is my daughter? And how the fuck did she get out of here unseen?

I head into the common room, and the place is quiet. Most of the guys are still looking at maps of the area, here and where she came from. A prospect comes barging into the room from the main doors. “PRES” he yells out. I look at him and raise my eyebrow. “Unmarked truck drove by, and threw this out of the window. Didn’t get a good look at them as they had their faces covered. Sav and Skulls went after them” the prospect spits out.

I pick up the item that was thrown—a CD in a cover. I open the lid and inside is a note that reads ‘Watch me’. I don’t waste any time and throw the CD into the DVD player at the bar. The picture comes up grainy. I can’t see or hear anything until a light comes on. There in the middle of the screen is my girl, tied down to a table. She is as naked as the day she was born.

John and Brad then make themselves known on the video. They walk over to Katherine’s naked body. She is unconscious. I can already feel my blood starting to boil. John opens his mouth to speak. “Hello brother. Look who I have here. She is such a pretty little thing. Guess what brother? I am going to fuck your daughter so fucking hard that she will never walk again. And while I am fucking her tight pussy, Brad here will ram his massive cock down her throat. The poor girl will never speak again and walk again. So much fun to be had”

I can feel the blood draining from my face. My little brother and his fucked up step-son have my baby. My own flesh and blood and are going to hurt her. I know I shouldn’t keep watching, but I need to know what they do to my baby so that I can do it back to them. I hear what sounds like a belt buckle hitting the floor when a loud gunshot comes through the TV screen. Both the fucks run from the room, leaving the video rolling.

Another masked figure comes into screen and undoes the cuffs on Kate’s arms and legs. “I will protect you as much as I can,” it says. It’s voice letting us know it is male. He picks up her naked body and throws her over his shoulder. “Let’s get you dressed and out of here,” he says to her. The video keeps rolling, and the next sound is John screaming “where the fuck is she?”

The video cuts out. I am on the floor on my hands and knees. Tears are falling down my face. My baby is stuck with those things, and no one here knows where she is. I sit back on my heels and watch as my VP comes down the stairs. He has not once gone out and looked for Kate, but I don’t expect him to. He looks at me, with a look I cannot decipher. I stare back at him with no emotions on my face.

I have nothing to say to him, and right now, my mind is on finding my daughter and bringing her back home.


My shivering body wakes me up from the nightmare I was having. My head is pounding, and my arms and legs feel like jelly. I blink my eyes a few times, adjusting to the light that is shining down on me. Except it isn’t just a light, but the sun. I look down at my body and notice I am naked. The harsh wind blows once again, sending shivers through my body.

I muster all the strength I have and push myself into a sitting position. I cover my chest with my arms as best I can. I don’t see anything around me apart from trees and grass. I am in an open field of just nature. “Hello” I call out. Hoping someone will hear me. “Is anyone there?” I try it again. My mind is racing on what the hell has happened.

I ran from the clubhouse, met an old lady, she fed me and then, nothing. I can’t remember a fucking thing after that. What the fuck happened? I question myself. In the distance, I can hear motorcycles being revved. Trying to pull myself up onto my feet, I slip and go back down. Knowing that is useless, I try to crawl. My body is weak from not having anything to eat or drink for who knows how long.

I crawl as far as I can before I have to stop. The tears are flowing down my cheeks. My hands and knees are cut up from all the twigs and stones on the ground. I scream as loud as I can. All that does is makes the birds fly out of the trees. I lay down on my side and curl up into a ball, sobbing. Not knowing where I am and who did this to me, is making my brain malfunction.

I must have fallen asleep as a wet nose on my face is waking me up. I slowly open my eyes and come face to face with an animal. Shocked out of my sleepy haze, I look into the eyes of the dog in front of me. Slowly raising my clenched fist in front of its face, I wait for it to sniff my hand. When it does, I gently pat it between its ears. “Where are your owners?” I ask the dog, knowing it cannot answer me.

The dog barks at me and starts chasing its own tail. I giggle a little at its bizarre behaviour. “Frankie. Where are you, boy?” comes the female voice. “Frankie” she screams again. Frankie, who must be the dog, starts barking for its owner. I can hear the footsteps coming closer. She must be running. “Frankie what are you….” Her words are stopped short when she sees me.

“Holy shit. Are you Kate?” she asks me. I nod my head at her. She pulls her phone out of her pocket and quickly types into the screen. Pulling the phone to her ear, “Skulls, I have her. She is in the field not far from the compound on the east side. Bring Diana and clothes, blankets and water” she yells down the line. She then turns back to me with a smile on her face.

“Hi, Princess. I’m Daisy, but they call me Whipper” she says. I smile the best smile I can back at her, even though it must look like a grimace. “Oh, Kate, stop ok. They will be here with warmth for you” she says to me while sitting down and pulling my body close to hers. “Do you know what happened?” Daisy asks me. I shake my head no at her. I only know the small parts of what happened, but that is all.

More footsteps can be heard, and it sounds like a herd of elephants running towards us. In front of all the people is Mum. She gets to us first with blankets in her arms. She throws the blankets at Daisy and then throws her arms around me. Daisy places the blankets around my shoulders while Mum holds me tightly to her chest.

I hear a car engine approaching us slowly. I look up and sitting in the driver’s seat is Dad, and next to him is my Joel. They both have relieved looks on their faces to see me. Dad jumps out as soon as the car is parked and runs over to us. Sitting behind me, he throws his arms around both Mum and me. We must sit there for a while, as my butt is numb. Dad stands first and helps Mum up. He then picks me up, wrapped in the blanket and carries me to the car.

No words are spoken between us. Dad places me in the backseat. Joel had moved from the front seat to the back and is now holding me to him. His body heat is warming me up both on the inside and the out. Joel holds me to him in a tight hold. Probably scared that I am going to run away again. Still, no words are spoken. The drive back to the compound is the quietest ride I have ever been in.

As soon as the car was parked, Joel jumped out and allowed my Dad to pick me up again. Another blanket was thrown over me, and I was carried into the clubhouse via the main doors, up the stairs into my bedroom. Dad places me on the bed, kisses my forehead and walks out. I can already feel the tears falling from my eyes, knowing I have disappointed him.

Mum comes in with a small smile. “I made you a warm tea. Drink that up and get some rest, beautiful” she says to me, handing me the cup of tea. I take it from her with a small thanks and take a sip. The warmth of the tea is heating up my insides. I still sit on the bed with tears falling down my cheeks. Mum sighs and leaves the room. I am once again left on my own to try and work out what the hell happened.

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