It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 12- The calm before the storm.


A couple of months have passed since the last time I had seen John or Brad. I was not allowed out of the clubhouse for an entire month. I was grounded. It actually was the most fantastic thing to have been. Joel has been very quiet towards me. He still sleeps next to me of a night time, but that is about it. He barely looks at me when we are in the bar together. I need to pick up my big girl knickers and find out what the fuck everyone is keeping from me.

I walk into the common room, and the room goes silent. This has been happening ever since I got back here. I walk with my head held high and spot my Dad across the room. He looks at me once and then turns his head and continues his talk with whoever is there with him. I walk straight to the bar and grab a bottle of whiskey. Unscrewing the cap, I take mouthful of the amber liquid after mouthful. My throat is burning from the whiskey, but I continue on, not letting it affect me.

Mum sees me and tries to snatch the bottle from my grasp. I look at her and growl. “Don’t” I tell her. She tries to turn on the angry face that she has and goes to snatch it again. I turn my whole body away from her. “I said, don’t. No one will talk to me here so I may as well write myself off every fucking night until some fucker has the balls to tell me what the fuck happened” I yell at her and walk away.

“KATHERINE” my Dad calls my name. I stop and turn to look at him. “NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER SPEAK TO YOUR MOTHER THAT WAY” he spits at me. I roll my eyes, turn my back and continue walking away. It’s ok for everyone here to not talk to me, but the minute I get my back up, I’m the bad person. Well, fuck them.

I enter my room, slamming my door behind me, even though it doesn’t bang shut. Because I was in my head, I never heard the footsteps behind me. “Seriously, Kate? What the fuck is going on with you?” Joel asks me. I look at him with hurt in my eyes. “Why would you fucking care, Joel? You never talk to me to find out what is going on, and you never tell me what the fuck happened?” I spit at him. Taking another swig of the whiskey, Joel comes forward and snatches the bottle from my hands.

“What the fuck, Joel?” I scream at him. “ENOUGH” he yells back at me. “You want to know what the fuck happened when you ran?” he asks me. I nod my head, yes. “Your father was sent a video, and in that video, you were naked and unconscious on a fucking table. John and Brad were going to fucking rape you” Joel tells me. I can taste the bile rising in the back of my throat. I swallow it down and try to remain calm.

“Your father watched as you were going to be sexually assaulted. Now you know why everyone is walking around on fucking eggshells with you. No one knows how to fucking act” he spits out. My blood is boiling. Is that why no one speaks to me? Including my fucking parents. I look towards Joel, “Get out” I yell at him. “Get the fuck out of my room and out of my fucking life. You act like you want me but when push comes to shove you treat me like a fucking child. Well, sor-ry I am not a fucking perfect little angel. It wasn’t my fault I was raised like a whore” I scream at him.

I turn my back on him and storm into the bathroom. Slamming the door behind me. I leaned back on the door and slid down it to sit on my arse. Now I know why no one speaks to me. Now I know that they all think I am made of glass. My tears are spilling down my cheeks. I can feel my heart rate increasing. I know I am about to have a panic attack, and usually, this is where I will try and control my breathing, but fuck it. No one out there cares about me so who cares if this panic attack kills me. Everyone would be better off without me around.

I can feel my body being slid across the cold floor. Not knowing where I am, I scream at the top of my lungs. “Fuck, Princess. What the hell are you doing on the floor?” I hear the gruff voice of my Dad. “Wishing I was dead,” I tell him with no emotion in my voice. He squeezes in the small gap of the doorway and sits down on the floor next to my laying body.

“I’m sorry I never told you what had happened, Kate. But some things you just don’t need to know” Dad tells me. “Save it for someone who actually cares. Not one person out there had the guts to tell me what the hell happened. It took me to start losing myself before someone spoke up. How do you think it makes me feel knowing everyone out there walked on eggshells, huh?” I ask him. Dad can’t even look me in the face by this point.

“Exactly as I thought. Just let me walk away from here. No one will miss me” I tell him. I am past the point of caring anymore. I thought being reunited with my family would bring me closure to that part of my life, but it has done the opposite. I am still treated like shit. Except for this time, I am not a sex slave, I am just ignored and forgotten about.

Dad gets up the leaves the bathroom. I kick the door closed with my foot, making sure it slams hard with the force I kicked it. I stay in the same position Dad found me in. Not a care in the fucking world to move. Mum, Joel, Tracy and even Savage all come up to try and get me to move. They all were told the same thing. “Fuck off and leave me alone”. I know I must be acting like a child, but fuck them. They want to treat me like one, I will act like one.

The bass from the music being played in the common room is making the bathroom floor vibrate. I pull myself up off the floor and enter the bedroom. The room is in darkness. I find the light switch and turn it on. In my head, I am telling myself to pack my shit again and this time don’t forget my money. I walk to my cupboard and grab my duffle bag out. I throw it onto my bed and start placing clothes into it.

I grab everything that I need, leaving the rest here. I zip my bag up once it was filled and grab my phone and wallet. Patting my pockets to make sure I have everything, I leave the bedroom. I walk down the stairs and can hear the club having the time of their lives. Getting the courage, I walk through the common room once I make to the bottom of the stairs. I am going to leave with them all watching me.

With my hand on the door, someone grabs my elbow and swings me back towards them. “Where are you going?” I look up and into the eyes of Joel. I can see one of the other club girls walking over to us. “Away” is all I say to him. I watch the club girl grab onto his arm. “Come on, Buster. Let the little whore go” She tells him. He watches me walk out the door. Clearly, I meant nothing to him.

I walk down the driveway to the gates. The prospects at the gates look at me twice. “Open the fucking thing now” I yell at them. “Sorry, Kate. Pres ordered not to open the gate to anyone” one of them says to me. “Fine, I’ll climb the fucking thing,” I tell him. I throw my bag over the top and start climbing the wire fence. The boys looked at me like I had lost my mind.

I swing my leg over the top and start the climb down. I jump off when I am close enough to the ground, pick up my bag, wave goodbye to the boys and head off in the other direction to what I took a couple of months ago.

They don’t care about me and wanna treat me like a child. Well, fuck them all. I am done. Buster can go fuck that slut who has been through most of the guys in that room. I am done. Yes, I am a victim, but today marks the start of my new life. I will protect myself. I don’t need a club full of cunts to fight my battles.

If John or Brad come to get me again, I will fight them off myself. I am no longer Katherine Fowley, the victim. I am Katherine Fowley, the fighter.

I make it into the next town by sun up. I sit at the bus station waiting for the next bus to take me wherever the last stop is. I watch as one approaches from the distance. This bus is going to a town that is about three towns over from where I grew up. I get on the bus and pay for my ticket. Taking a seat towards the back. I sit down with my duffle on the chair next to me and wait to take off.


She left again, and again I did nothing to fucking stop her. Even after everything, I was a weak bitch. Stacy still had her claws in my arm. I used my free hand to pull her hand off of me. “Don’t you dare ever touch me again and don’t you dare call Kate a whore” I spit out at her through clenched teeth. “You were the one flirting with me Buster. Not the other way around” Stacy says to me.

“Let’s get one thing straight, Stacy. Kate is my old lady, and I have now lost her because of you and your whore-ish ways. Stay the fuck away from me” I yell at her pushing her from me. She stumbles and falls on her arse. “Fuck you, Buster. Kate doesn’t want you. She has fucked everything that walks in this place” Stacy screams out. I open my mouth to say something when out of the corner of my eye, I see Diana making her way over to us.

The slap can be heard over the music in this place. “You speak about my daughter like that again, and you will never open your mouth for speaking or sucking cock again. You got me?” Diana screams at her. Stacy stands up to her full height. “If Kate were my daughter, I would have drowned her at birth” Stacy spits out.

I hear the gunshot and the thud of Stacy’s body hitting the floor. “Fuck that felt amazing,” Butch says from where he was standing. His gun still smoking from the shot he fired. “Anyone else wanna talk smack about my daughter?” he questions the room. A unanimous “No Pres” can be heard from all the members of the club.

A prospect comes running through the doors. “Pres just wanna let you know; Kate took off again. She went right. Shady is following her on foot” he tells Butch. Butch nods his head in acknowledgement. “Thanks, Frosty. Head back to the gate” Butch tells him. The prospect turns around and runs back out the door.

“What are we gonna do this time?” Diana questions her husband. “Let her go” Raider speaks up. “Shut the fuck up cunt” I yell out to him. Raider stands and pulls his gun out on me. “Wanna say that again?” he asks me. Butch raises his gun and points it in Raider’s direction. “Lower your weapon, Raider. Or I will shoot you myself. You have an issue with Katherine, and I, for one, would really love to know what the fuck it is?” Butch tells his VP.

Raider drops his gun and puts it back into the holster. “Your daughter is a whore. Everything that happens to her, she brings on herself” Raider says. Never taking his eyes off Butch. “So, her being taken as a baby, she brought on herself?” Butch questions him. “Well, you and Diana did by killing Jane” Raider spits out.

All the men in the room run to Butch to hold him back. “Why the fuck would I kill my own sister-in-law, huh?” Butch yells out. Raider shrugs his shoulders. “Probably the same reason, your first love walked away from you. They knew too much. Wouldn’t be surprised if you killed Wendy, too” Raider spits out. This man has a fucking death wish.

I make my way over to Butch and put my hand on his shoulder, whispering into his ear, “he knows something about Jane’s murder. Don’t get rid of him yet. Let me contact Bones and get him to send over Cracker”. Cracker is Bones’ charters torture specialist. He loves the thrill of breaking bones and cutting limbs off to get people to talk.

Butch nods his head at me, taking a seat in the chair closest to him. Raider walks out of the common room into the yard. Savage follows behind him at a distance. Everyone goes back to what they were doing. A couple of the prospects come in and clean up Stacy’s body, wrapping her in a tarp and taking her out the back door, to the fire pit.

Half an hour later, Savage walks back in with a black eye and a broken nose. “Pres, we have a problem,” he says then hits the ground, unconscious.

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