It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 13- Raider’s past start to surface.


As soon as Savage hit the ground, everyone was up on their feet moving around. Men were running around the building. In and out of doors. Doc had come up to check on Savage. I helped get him into the infirmary. “He’s been knocked out. I have given him the meds to keep him asleep. His body and face need to heal” Doc tells Butch. “Did anyone see what happened?” Doc asks.

“A couple of the men are watching the security footage now. Hopefully, it was caught on film” I speak up. Butch is still too pissed to speak. “When I find out who did this, they better say their last prayers cause, I swear to fucking god, they are dead” Butch spits out. We all nod our heads with him.

A knock on the door brings us out of our heads. “Pres, this footage isn’t good, and I don’t know if we should show you” comes the voices of Skulls. “I’ll watch it,” I tell Butch. He nods his head, and I leave the room, following Skulls to the surveillance room. He presses play on the computer, and I sit there waiting to see what happened.

Raider comes onto the screen, his phone up to his ear. I can tell he is talking but can’t hear what he is saying. “Is there volume on this?” I ask Skulls. He passes me headphones, and I slip them over my ears. “Brad, it’s Raider. Is John there?” Raider’s voice comes out loud and clear. “John just wanna let you know Katherine took off again. No idea where she went this time. Find her and find her fast. My arse is going to be next on Butch’s hit list” Raider speaks down the phone.

I curl my fists into balls. I stand up abruptly. I didn’t need to see any more to know who attacked Savage. I march out of the room into the common room. I look around and see Raider sitting in the corner with one of the girls on his lap. I march up to them and push the woman off his lap. He eyes me off with a snarl. I pick him up by his neck and throw him against the wall.

“You’re working for John” I scream in his face. His face pales at my accusation. He tries to deny it to me. “I just watched the video of you speaking to John. Telling him to go and get Katherine. Are you fucking kidding me?” I yell in his face. My fist flies up and smashes into the side of his head. The one punch knocks the fucker out cold.

“Put him in the basement. This fucker is going to die a slow and painful death” I yell out to the room. I practically sprint down to the infirmary to tell Butch of my findings, only to see him standing in the hallway door. The look on his face is one I have never seen before but is also one I never want coming after me. Diana runs up to Butch to try and calm him, but it doesn’t work.

“Our VP is a dead man,” he tells the room. All eyes were on Butch at this stage; they all knew he wasn’t playing games. He follows the men down into the basement to watch over them and Raider.

Shady walks into the common room early the next morning. I look towards him as he approaches me. “She took the bus to North Castlemain,” he tells me quietly. I nod my head at him, standing up and patting my pockets. Keys, phone and wallet in my pockets, I am ready to go. I walk over to Diana, who has her head resting on the bar.

“Di?” I call her name. She opens her eyes and looks up at me. “Katherine is on a bus to North Castlemain. I am about to ride off to follow her and bring her home. I promise I will bring her back” I tell her. She gives me a small smile and a nod of her head. Lowering her head back onto the bar, I straighten up and pat her shoulder gently. I turn and head on out the clubhouse doors to my bike.

I have been riding for the last four hours. My arse is numb, and my face is wind burnt. I have found the bus that Katherine is on, but I make sure to stay at a distance where she wouldn’t notice me following. The bus pulls into a stop, and the driver gets off. Another driver gets on, but his face looks familiar. I get closer to the driver’s side of the bus, and my blood boils.

I can hear Katherine screaming from the inside of the bus. I pull my gun out of my jeans and cock it. Running around the back of the bus, I see John pulling her off it by her hair. The other people on the bus are screaming at him to let her go. I get closer to them, his back to me. I use the butt of the gun and hit him over the head. He drops to the ground, and I grab Katherine and pull her into my arms.

“Go get your bag. You are coming back with me” I tell her. My voice laced with anger. She looks at me and scoffs. “Go back to your whore” she yells at me and turns to walk away. I grab her elbow and swing her back into my chest. “I don’t have a whore, and the only woman I want has a death wish. Get your fucking bag and get it now” I tell her through gritted teeth. This woman is going to be the death of me.

Kate gets back on the bus but doesn’t come back. The original driver gets back on and goes to shut the door. I stop him and step onto the bus. “Katherine Fowley, you would do well to listen to me for once in your fucking life. Get your shit and let’s go” I yell at her. The bus driver stands up and starts pushing me towards the doors.

“This is my bus, and those are my passengers. No one gets off unless I tell them too” he spits at me. I turn so he can see my cut. His eyes widen, and he sits back down. “Katherine, you have come to the end of your trip. It’ll be best if you get off now.” He yells out from the driver’s seat. Katherine scoffs while standing. “You have got to be fucking kidding me” she cries out.

I wait for her to get closer to me and wrap my arm around her waist. She tries to pull away from me, so I hold her tighter. “Don’t fight me on this. The reason that fuck stain found you was because of Raider” I tell her. When we get off the bus, John’s body is still splayed out on the ground. I kick him in the ribs on our way past him. I climb onto my bike and hold my hand out for Katherine.

She looks at my hand and rolls her eyes, throwing her leg over my bike, she climbs on behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist. I bring the bike to life and take off, back towards the clubhouse. Another four hours later, we are pulling up to the gates of the compound. Katherine is still holding me tight, so I can feel her body shaking with her sobs.

Pulling up in my spot, I switch the engine off and climb off the bike. Katherine tries to climb off herself, but I beat her to it. I pick her up and wrap her legs around my waist. Holding her under her arse, I head off for the clubhouse doors. “Why did you bring me back here?” she whispers into my ear. “Because they want you here, Katherine. You might not believe me, but here is where you belong.” I tell her quietly.

The doors open and Butch comes stomping out. He takes one look at Katherine and me and blows a breath out of his nose. “Oh, thank Christ, you have her,” he says to me. Katherine’s body wracks with more sobs at her father’s voice. I hold her tighter to me. I give him a small nod and continue into the clubhouse. All the men cheer at us. Especially for her. “They are cheering for you, baby girl” I whisper into her ear as I keep walking us towards the stairs. Tracy stands and stares at Katherine and me. I shake my head at her. She nods her head and sits back down.

Opening the door to her room, Diana is already sitting on the chair in the corner. I give her a small nod and take Katherine to the bed. I sit on the edge, leaving Katherine holding onto me like a koala. I kiss her head softly as she silently cries into my neck. I can sense that Diana wants to say something, so I shake my head at her. I mouth “leave it” to her. Diana leaves the bedroom and shuts the door softly.

I turn my body and lay Katherine and me down. Her sobs are starting to settle, and her breathing evens out. I watch her sleep and never remove my hands from her body. This woman is going to be the death of me. Just hope this time she stays put.


I wake up on the ground in the middle of nowhere. I know that I had Katherine again, but someone spoiled my plans. I get up off the ground, holding my head. I touch the back of my head and notice it was crusty. I pick at the crust and find that it had been bleeding.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and call Brad. “You need to come and get me from where you dropped me off,” I tell him as soon as he answers. I sit down on a bench at the bus stop and wait for Brad to get here. I scroll through my phone and pull up Pete’s number. I write out a message to him.

Pete, someone caught me again and took Katherine. I would say she is back in the compound with you. I need you to finish her off. I want it done ASAP. Send me photos for proof. J

Hopefully, he comes back with the goods. My phone starts ringing as soon as the text was sent. “Pete, why are you calling me?” I ask him. “Guess again little brother” Baxter’s voice comes down the line. “What the fuck do you want?” I spit at him. “Trying to get my daughter again. Well, your plans with Pete are done for. He is now in my basement awaiting his punishment for fucking with the wrong people, and you are next little brother” Baxter tells me

I hang up on him. “FUCK, SHIT, FUCK” I yell out in the open. Fucking Pete getting caught has now fucked my plans up. Brad pulls up just as I am in the middle of my inner turmoil. “What’s up your arse?” Brad asks me as he pulls up next to me. “They have caught Pete. My insider is gone” I tell him. “Don’t worry about it. Pete was fucking shit as it was. I will get someone else in there. Maybe one of the skanks that hang around them” Brad responds.

I sit in the car thinking of ways to get someone on the inside who will do my dirty work when a voice in the back seat brings me back to reality. “One of the skanks was killed last night after running her mouth about Katherine. Are you sure you will be able to trust one of them?” the voice says. I turn in my seat and see Josh sitting in the backseat on his laptop. “What the fuck are you doing here?” I spit at him.

“Well, last time I checked I worked for you, John. So, here I am working” he retorts. “Another waste of fucking space, just like your fucking half-sister,” I tell him. His face tells me he has no idea what I am talking about. “I don’t have a half-sister. I don’t even have a sister. What the fuck are you talking about?” he asks me.

“Oh, Josh, I have so much to tell you. Your Daddy didn’t die in a war, and your Daddy is that fucking stupid cunt of a brother of mine. Just ask ya slut of a mother about him” I tell Josh. Josh’s face tells me all I need to know. “Surprise kid. I am not just your boss. I am your fucking Uncle” I say to him, with a shit-eating smirk on my face.

I can hear Josh typing away on his laptop, probably trying to find anything to confirm what I have said to him. At least I know now that he will be on my team for life. He hates his father as much as I do, and by the end of this, he will hate his sister just as much.

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