It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 15- Long, lost sons.


After I leave the room, storming out, like a man on a mission. I head straight to the basement to talk to my trusty VP. “Oh, Raider. I have a question to ask you?” I say to him as I reach his cell. “What?” he spits at me. “You’re all buddy, buddy with my little bro. Tell me, did he ever let slip who Josh was?” I ask him. I watch as his already pale face becomes even paler. “You know?” he asks me.

Just the look on his face is all I need for confirmation. That boy sitting in my chapel. The one who helped hold my daughter hostage for things that were not her fault. Is my son. My own flesh and blood. I should kill his mother for hiding him from me. I should also kill my cunt of a brother for just being a cunt. I run back up to the chapel and burst through the doors.

“It’s the fucking truth” I yell out. Diana and Katherine look at me. I watch the tears fall out of both my girl’s eyes. Katherine stands and walks towards Josh and Wendy. The slap she leaves on Josh’s face will bruise his cheeks. He just allows it to happen. “You are a fucking cunt. I hope Butch hangs you by your fucking ankles and guts you like a fucking fish” she yells at him. Katherine storms out of the room. I can hear another door slam shut not long after she leaves.

I walk to Diana and grab her hand in mine. “I should kill you, Wendy, for your part in this, but take this as a warning. If you run back to John and tell him anything, I will gut you like a fucking fish and leave you to rot in the desert” she nods her head at my words. “And you, son. If I find you talking smack and trying to hurt my fucking daughter for that cunt of a brother of mine, I will gut you and leave you on his fucking doorstep. You hear me?” I say to him. Josh stands to his full height. “You have my word,” he says to me.

I take Diana by the hand and pull her out of the room. Taking the stairs to the bedrooms. I knock on Katherine’s door. “FUCK OFF” she screams out. I open the door to her room, “That’s no way to speak to your father” I tell her. She looks at me and then buries her head in her pillows. “Dad, he was there when they fucking hurt me. Every fucking time” she cries out.

I go and sit on her bed. “Did he ever touch you?” I ask her. I know this conversation is hard, but it needs to be had. “No” she sniffles. I rub her back. “He never touched you?” I ask again, just to make sure I heard her correctly the first time. Katherine rolls over and looks at me. “No, he never touched me. He was always there when they did assault me, though. He watched me being raped and beaten” Katherine says to Diana and me.

I pull Katherine into my arms and hold her to my chest. “I will find out what the fuck happened. That boy isn’t just going to be welcomed into my home with open arms. He fucked with the wrong family” I say with anger lacing my voice. “Butch, he didn’t know the truth” Diana speaks. “Yeah, and neither did Katherine. You don’t see her trying to harm her own family for a crime we didn’t commit” I tell her.

Katherine’s sobs get louder. I block her ears and scream at the top of my voice, “BUSTER”. I hear footsteps stomping up the stairs. “Yes, Pres?” he asks me. I nod my head down to my girl, and he knows straight away. Buster comes in and takes Katherine from my arms. I place a small kiss on her head. “I promise to get to the bottom of this sweetheart. You will never be hurt again,” I tell her.

Grabbing Diana’s hand, we leave Katherine and Buster to themselves. I drag Diana back down the stairs to the chapel where Wendy and Josh are still sitting. I do not trust them, they have not given me a reason to trust them, but I will get all the answers I need from them.

“Wendy, what do you want in return for coming here? Is it protection? If it is that, you will not be granted. You tore my heart out when you ran. Thank god for Diana here. She built me back up from the shell of a man I became” I look Wendy in the eye and speak to her. I watch as she swallows nervously. “I never came for protection, Butch. I came because your son needs you” she says.

“I don’t have a son. Especially someone who helps torture his fucking sister” I yell at her. “I didn’t know she was my sister until two fucking days ago. If I had known sooner, I would not have been apart of it. Don’t blame me for her fuck up” Josh yells. I look at him, disgust in my eyes. “I don’t care little boy. You are not fit to be here in my presence” I speak to him, anger and disgust lacing my voice.

Diana grabs my hand and pulls me to her. “Butch, you need to calm down. I told you before, it wasn’t his fault. He did not know anything. Wendy is the one to blame for all of this” She says to me, trying to calm me down. “Butch, I am not here because I want to be, okay. I am here because you deserve to know the fucking truth. I am sorry for running when I did. I am sorry for not listening and standing by your side, but I had a child to think about. That child was my number one concern” Wendy yells at me.

“I also fell pregnant with a child, Wendy. But I didn’t run away from all the shit. I stood by my man’s side and never fucking left. What you did was a fucking cowards act. Thinking that you were better than everyone else. Well guess what sweetheart? Not only did you fuck up Butch’s life but you had a fucking hand in raising a son who is a weak cunt” Diana speaks her mind.

I watch as anger flashes through Wendy’s eyes. “I did not fuck any thing up. I did what was best for my fucking child” Wendy yells at Diana. “You did what was best for your child” Diana scoffs. “What a great lot of good that was. His fucked up uncle got involved and you thought it was fantastic to let it happen. You could of grown some fucking balls, Wendy, and came to Butch when it all started happening” Diana continues. “Butch would have looked after you and Josh, but instead you acted like you were all holy and better than everything else.” Diana turns and walks out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Wendy sits back down in her chair and puts her head in her hands. “I know I fucked up. I don’t care what happens to me. I just care about Josh and his safety” she cries to me. I can’t stand her fake tears. I have had many years of this shit to know when she is faking it. “Wendy, as I said I will not protect you. You fucked this club when you walked out. Josh will need to earn a place here. I will talk to my boys to find out where he stands but right now. You are both nothing but enemy’s of the club and I will stand by my fucking words” I tell them, turning and around and following Diana’s footsteps.


“I knew it was a mistake coming here” Mum cries out to me. “Mum, we needed to come here. Butch deserved the truth. Now I will go back to John and I will spoil all his fucking plans. I promise you that at the end of the day, John will never hurt Katherine again. Even if I am the one to pull the fucking trigger myself” I tell her. I have made up my mind. John will die and if it is not by the hands of Butch and the Devil’s On Wheels, it’ll be by my own.

We leave the clubhouse. I wrote a note for Butch to tell him my plans. I hope he will help me out when push comes to shove. I will protect my sister for the rest of my fucking life. I just hope Butch can get that from my note to him.

Getting in the car, I drive to let Mum rest. I know she has a lot of mistakes to pay for, but I will not let my anger get in the way. Yes, she tried to do what was best for me but at the end of the day, she only made things worse. We drove for what felt like hours. The motel we stayed at for the night comes into sight. I pull in and book us a room. I need to rest and get back on John’s good side.

I get Mum into the room and leave her there. Telling her I just needed to walk around for a bit. I walk away from the motel and pull out my phone calling the only person who will answer. “Josh, where the fuck are you?” comes Brad’s voice. “At some shitty motel in the middle of nowhere. I am with Mum. I needed answers and I got them” I tell him.

“John is fucking pissed at you. You better watch your back” Brad tells me. “What the fuck did I do? I needed answers so I spoke to Mum. I haven’t done anything that would make him pissed at me” I ask Brad. “He thinks you ran off to see Butch the bitch” Brad tells me. I scoff loudly down the phone. “Yeah right. I would rather slit my fucking wrists than to see that cunt. He fucked with the wrong people. I have a way to get Katherine out of there and in John’s hands” I say to Brad. My stomach turns at what I just said. I can feel the bile rise up in my throat.

“Good, hurry up and come back. You and I will get her and deliver her to John. He’ll be happy with you then” Brad says to me. “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow” I tell him. After saying goodbye we hang up and I go back into the room to get some rest. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day. I need to act like I am apart of their crew and in it for the long run. My plan is to get them caught, I want to see both John and Brad gutted like the pigs they fucking are.

Morning comes quickly and Mum and I are back on the road. She is driving this time. “Where am I taking you?” she asks me. Just drop me off in Old Town. I’ll find my own way around. I don’t want you in the middle of this any more than you are” I tell her. She nods her head and does as I say. She drops me off in the middle of town. I give her a kiss on her check. “Get yourself out of here. Away from all of this okay. I will call you when I have shit sorted” I tell her. She nods her head and I get out of the car.

Walking down the main street of town, I go through the plan in my head. ‘Suck up to John. Get on his good side. Act like I am getting Katherine, but get them caught out. Save my sister from these sick fucks’ I keep repeating the plan. A blacked out SUV pulls up next to me. The back window rolls down. “Get in fuck face” the voice of Brad comes. I get in next to him.

“So, what’s the plan?” he asks me. “Katherine is on a tight leash. They will not let her out of their sights. I will some how work my magic and get into the compound. I will get her out to you and then we leave” I tell him. “Wow you thought of this yourself. I’m proud of you” Brad says, wiping a fake tear from his eye. If only he knew what my actual plan would entail. Yeah. I’ll get on the compound, but he will be the one who is taken. Not Katherine.

It is time for my plan to take effect.

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