It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 16- The bringing in of new people?


After having my melt down, Joel stayed with me. He has this aura around him that can help calm me down instantly. That is what I love about him. He is the only one I want around me when I get so worked up like I did. Slapping Josh’s face, I felt like a million bucks. I still couldn’t get over the fact he is my half-brother, and he was there to watch me being assaulted, all day every day.

I get out of my own head and roll over to face the man of dreams. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. I softly trace his lips with my finger. I wasn’t quick enough moving my hand away when his lips open and he grabs my finger in his teeth. “If you wanted a bit all you had to was get on top, baby” he gruffs out. His voice full of sleep.

I push him on his back and climb on top of him. Making sure my pussy is resting on his morning wood. I rub myself back and forth a few times. “Is this what you want?” I ask him, seduction in my voice. “Only one problem, Princess” he says. I look at him. “Too many clothes on” he says and rolls over. Our hands make quick work of our clothes and I am laying under him. “You got a condom?” he asks me. “Top drawer but hurry up” I tell him.

Joel reaches over and opens the top drawer of my bedside table. He grabs out a condom, making quick work of the wrapper and rolling the rubber down his shaft. Without warning, Joel has entered in me. The moan coming from my mouth has him thrusting harder and faster. The only sounds in the room are our heavy breathing and moaning. I love it hard and fast and he just knows how to make me cum within minutes.

My orgasm washes over my body and I clench my thighs around his hips. Joel thrust a few more times before roaring out his own release. He kisses me all over my face and finally reaches my lips. “I love you, Kate” he whispers on my lips between kisses. My heart starts thumping in my chest at his words. “Oh thank fuck for that” I whisper back to him. He pulls his head back and looks at me. “I fucking love you too, Joel. I was just waiting for the feelings to be mutual before I told you” I tell him with a smile.

Joel smashes his lips to mine again. I can feel him getting harder. “Remove the condom, dickhead” I tell him. He sits back on his knees and removes the used rubber, tying if off, then throwing it on the floor. “I’ll pick that up after our next round” he says with a wink. He leans over and grabs another from the top drawer, ripping the wrapper and sliding the new one down his hard shaft.

I sit up in front of him, grabbing his shoulders and pushing him to the side. “What are you doing, baby?” he asks me. “I’m on top this time. Now lay back and enjoy the ride” I tell him. He lays on his back and I climb over the top of him. Lining myself up, I slowly sink down on his cock. Joel’s hands go straight to my breasts. Squeezing them and tweaking my nipples. I ride him like I have never ridden before.

Moaning and panting, getting closer and closer to the edge, Joel lifts his hips up and I come down harder on him. My orgasm starts rolling through my body. Making me feel like I’m flying. “FUCK” I scream out. Joel smirks at me and keeps thrusting from under me. I lean down and plant my hands on his chest to hold me up. Joel wraps his arm around my waist and rolls us over again. He thrusts into me more and more until he finishes.

We are a panting, sweating mess but the smiles couldn’t be wiped from our faces. “I love you, Princess” he says to me. I lean my head up and kiss his lips. “I love you” I tell him. Joel rolls to lay beside me, removing the rubber and doing the same thing again. Throwing it on the floor beside the bed. “I really should clean those up before your Dad walks in” Joel says with a laugh. I turn my body to the side. “Well at least he knows he won’t get any grandchildren from us yet. They are all swimming together in the rubber pool on the floor” I tell him with a smile. Joel kisses my nose. “Fuck, I really do fucking love you, Kate. You have made me feel things I have never felt before” Joel says, planting a kiss on my lips.

I lay in the arms of this man. He treats me better than I have been treated before. Even after walking away from him and being a cry baby, he still looks after me and looks at me like I am his whole world.

A few hours later we are sitting in the common room having something to eat. A new female member walks through the room as if she owns it. I keep my eye on her closely. She looks like someone I have seen before but cannot place her. She looks towards me and Joel and sends him a flirty wink. I ball my fists up on the table. No one winks at my man and gets away with it.

Joel places his hand on mine, “She’s got nothing on you baby girl” he whispers into my ear, leaving goosebumps trailing down my body. His words make me smile. I watch as this woman walks over to our table. “Hi, I’m Tessa. And you are?” she looks at Joel and reaches her hand out for him to take. “I’m taken” is all he says to her and smacks her hand away. I smile in victory at his words. “Listen here you little slut. That man will be mine by the end of the week and you will be nothing. So why don’t you run away. He needs a real woman by his side, not some little whore” this bitch says to me.

I stand up from my seat with more force than needed. The chair goes flying back and hits the ground. This motion causes the clubhouse to go quiet. “Who fucking sent you, Teresa?” I scream at her. “Oh look, the little whore knows who I am” she says to me. “Don’t worry little Katie, I will take good care of your man when you are dead. He won’t even remember who you are” she yells out. I eye the gun in Joel’s cut and reach for it.

Pulling it out and raising it towards her head, I take the safety off and cock it. “I don’t know what the fuck you want Teresa, but I’ll tell you now. You will not be getting your hands on my man. EVER.” I scream at her. “You don’t have the fucking guts to shoot me, Katherine. Why don’t you put the gun down. You are a weak little bitch” Teresa says to me. With my finger on the trigger, I pull my finger back. The bullet flies out of the barrel of the gun and hits my target where it counts.

Teresa hits the floor, blood pouring out of her head. Joel quickly grabs the gun from my hands. “Fuck, babe. Didn’t think you had it in you!” he says to me. He fixes up his gun and puts it back in his cut. Dad walks into the common room and sees Teresa lying, dead on the floor. “Who shot her?” he questions. Everyone’s eyes turn towards me.

“I did” I tell Dad. He looks at me with a look I cannot decipher. “Why?” he asks. “Her name is Teresa. She works with John” I tell him. The shocked looks on everyone’s faces tell me that they had no idea. “FUCK” Dad yells out. “Clean this fucking mess up. Katherine, my office now” he yells out while he turns and walks away.

Joel grabs my hand and looks at me. “You want me to come?” he asks. I shake my head no, kiss his lips and follow my Dad to his office. Time for me to be a big girl and no longer the shy and timid little fucking mouse. I am a survivor, a fighter, a strong independent woman, who can fight her own fucking battles. No more will I hide behind the men in this place. John can come after me all he wants. I will be ready to kick his fucking arse back to where he came from.

I walk into Dad’s office and take a seat in front of his desk. “So, do you want to tell me what happened out there?” he asks. “Stupid bitch walked in like she owned the joint. I am not going to take threats laying down, Dad. I am going to start fighting back. I don’t care who I hurt in the long run. I have been through enough to last ten fucking lifetimes. It is time for me to take back charge. I have learnt that from being here with you” I tell him.

The sparkle in Dad’s eye lets me know he is happy with my response. “How did you know her?” he asks. “She and John were fucking for a few years before he started on me. She didn’t like the fact that he went after me and started causing problems for him. She never fully left. I caught them a few times and then when he was finished with her, he’d come to do it to me” I tell him. No longer is my voice waiving when telling the stories. Strong, independent woman.

Dad humms his answer. “You can go” he tells me. I stand up from my chair, wink at him and take my leave. Leaving his office, Joel is standing at the door waiting for me. “So, Katherine. Where did you learn to shoot a gun?” he asks. “Tracy and I learnt together. She thought it would be smart of me to learn in case of emergencies” I tell him shrugging my shoulders.

Savage walks out from the medical wing. He recovered in leaps and bounds. “Heard you shot a bitch” he says in passing. “I certainly fucking did. Bitch had it coming” I tell him. He stops, turns and walks back to me. Savage picks me up and swings me around. “I’m proud you little munchkin” he tells me. I laugh at him and hit his shoulder. “Put me down, dickhead” I tell him. He puts me back on my feet and kisses my cheek. “Next, we’ll teach you to ride a bike” he says with a wink.

Joel and I laugh at him. “Nah, Sav. I’m happy to ride bitch seat with him as my driver” I tell Savage, pointing my thumb to Joel. Savage winks and walks away. Joel spins me to face him. “Any more surprises hiding up your sleeves, Princess?” he asks me. I give him my best seductive smile and get out of his grip. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out” I tell him. With a wink, I turn and walk away.

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