It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 17- Raider’s truth part 1


It’s been ten months since I was reunited with Mum and Dad. Over the past six of those ten, nothing has been happening on the John front. It is like he went MIA. We are not complaining about that but still, it is starting to worry me. I don’t know when he is going to pop up again and where he is going to do it. I know I should just live my life like I have no cares in the world, but the constant reminder of his name, coming out of the mouths of the club members, has me on edge.

“Kate, where did you go to?” Mum asks me as she sits down next to me. “Huh?” I ask her. “I have been calling your name for the past 10 minutes. Where in your head did you go?” she says. “No idea. Just off thinking shit” I tell her. “Mum?” I call her. “Yeah, Princess?” “Has Raider been killed yet?” I need to know if he is still breathing. Mum shakes her head no at me. “So, he is still breathing?” I ask her. She just nods her head.

I wait until she has left the room before I make my move. I head towards the basement and quietly tiptoe down the stairs. I can hear voices coming from Raider and someone else. “You need to get me out of here. Please” I hear Raider say. “You know I can’t go behind Butch’s back” the guy says.

I continue to creep down the steps until I am around the corner from where Raider is tied to the chair. “Please, Commando. This is bullshit. I have done nothing wrong, except speak my mind about that stupid bitch of a kid. She has done nothing but cause trouble since the minute she walked in” Raider says to who I now know as Commando. “I can’t Raider. I am not going against this club” he tells Raider.

“You’re just as weak as the rest of them then” Raider spits out. “No, mate. I am just not stupid enough to get caught like you did. I won’t let you out but I will get rid of her. I have my orders from my boss and I will go through with them” Commando says.

So, John has others on hand in this club. Well, John. Nicely played but your plans are fucked and I will be the one to completely fuck you up. I keep moving into the basement, slowly and quietly. On the table to the left of me is a loaded 9mm. It is time to show these cunts what I am made of. I pull my phone out of my pocket and open up my voice recording app.

“Commando, it’s nice to know that John is your boss” I yell out. “Fuck” I hear one of the men say. I walk around the corner and see Commando patting his pockets for his weapon. “You looking for this?” I ask him, holding the weapon up in the air. “You would do well to give that to me little girl. Don’t want you to get hurt, would we?” Commando spits out.

“You think I am going to be the one who gets hurt? Fuck that is hilarious, Commando” I say while laughing. “No, Commando. I heard what you said. I heard it all. You are working with John. You are going to help get rid of me and then act like nothing at all is wrong. But I don’t get why you won’t help Raider out. He does also work with your boss right?” I question him.

“Fuck off Katherine. You are just a cheap slut and a dirty little hoe. No one wants you here. Your Mummy and Daddy are just holding onto you to get John and once he is gone they will get rid of you too” Raider spits out. I cock the gun and shoot Raider in the foot. He screams in pain. “Shut your pie hole, fucker. I am the one in control here” I yell at him.

“Now Raider. I have some questions for you and I want you to answer them truthfully otherwise I will shoot you again and again until I am satisfied” I say to Raider. In the corner of my eye I see Commando moving towards me. I move my arm to face Commando. I point the gun down and shoot him in the leg. “Nice try, cunt” I yell at him. Footsteps can be heard above us.

“Speak now Raider. Tell me everything” I say to Raider. He spits in my direction. “I’ve got nothing to say to you” he says back to me. “Well Raider, I have searched your room, high and low. To find out why you wanted rid of me so badly, and let me tell you what I found shocked me to the core. So you might wanna start talking before I talk for you” I tell him.

The colour drains from his face. “You didn’t. You’re bluffing” he says to me. “I killed….” “Shut the fuck up” Raider yells at me. Cutting me off from finishing what I was about to say. “Spill it” I yell at him. “Fuck. Fine. I killed Jane. I strung her up and gutted her, making sure I removed that devil spawn from her guts. I killed the prospect to make it look like it was done by this club. What do you fucking want from me?” he yells out.

“Nothing now. Have fun in hell, cunt” I say to him, turning around and walking back up the stairs. I open the door and look at all the faces standing in front of me. I throw my phone on the table after pressing stop on the voice recorder. “You might wanna listen to that?” I look at Savage and Dad. I put the gun down on the floor and walk up the stairs to my room.

I had just made it to my door when I heard my father scream bloody murder.



“Fuck. Fine. I killed Jane. I strung her up and gutted her, making sure I removed that devil spawn from her guts. I killed the prospect to make it look like it was done by this club. What do you fucking want from me?” I listen to the voice of my VP. Screaming out what he has done. All these problems started because of him and his jealousy.

If Jane wanted him, she would have rejected John’s advances and gone with Raider. She didn’t want him cause she knew how much of a prick he was. “FUCKKKKKKKKKK” I scream out. I stand up and start marching towards the basement door. “STOP” Diana yells. I look my wife in the eyes. “You are too worked up to go down there. How about you take a 5 minute breather. Go the fuck outside and cool the fuck down” she yells at me.

I storm out of the clubhouse and into the yard. My anger is flaring. My VP is the reason my brother wants to fucking kill my daughter. I need to send that fucking voice clip to him. Tell him he is chasing the wrong fucking person. The doors to the clubhouse swing open and I watch Savage walk down the steps towards me.

“Commando is apart of John’s crew” he tells me. I look him in the eyes. “You have got to be fucking kidding me?” I yell out. Savage just stands there looking at me. “So not only does my VP kill my sister-in-law but my new guy gets clawed in by my brother and is working against me. What the fuck did I do in my past life to get stuck with these cunts?” I question the world.

Savage comes closer to me and puts his arm on my shoulder. “No fucking idea Pres. But I am here to get rid of all the problems. Now your daughter has shot both of those fuckers, so if we are to finish them, we need to get onto it soon” Savage says, patting my shoulder. I nod my head and take a deep breath through my nose and let it out of my mouth.

“Alright, lead the way” I tell him.



I watch my man leave the clubhouse in a huff. “Overgrown man child alert” I say to myself. I hear a chuckle and look towards where the sound came from. Buster is sitting on a chair laughing to himself. “Oh fuck off dickhead. Let’s go pay a visit to the scum downstairs” I say to him.

Buster stands up and joins me heading into the basement. He holds his gun out to let the guys know we mean business. “Raider?” I call his name. “What the fuck do you want?” he spits out at me. “I just wanna know why? I need answers and you better give them to me quickly before Butch comes down here” I say to him.

“What do you want me to say Diana? I killed Jane because she chose John. She was meant to be mine. I was just waiting for her to become legal. I wasn’t going to take a minor. That isn’t who I am” he says to me. “But you thought it was ok for John to take a minor?” I question him. He shrugs his shoulders at me.

“I wasn’t there when he did. It wasn’t my business” he tells me. No emotion on his face. “Pete. Seriously? You allowed my daughter to get kidnapped, assaulted and raped all because you were a jealous prick?” I ask him. He just stares at me. I think he was just looking through me.

“You are just as mentally fucked up as John. Good luck wherever your soul ends up. You will need it” I say to him. I turn to look at Commando. “I trusted you. You broke my trust. I will end you myself” I say to him. The look of disgust is written on his face. “Just hurry up and do it slut” he yells at me.

I walk over to him, winding my arm back. Bringing it forward, I punch him in the nose. The cracking of bones letting me know, I hit my target where I wanted. “You are my own flesh and blood, Cody. My baby fucking brother. You are out to hurt your own fucking niece. That disgusts me. What the fuck did she ever do to you?” I yell at him.

He shrugs his shoulders. “Just her breathing was enough to enrage me. She doesn’t deserve anything in life” he tells me. I walk back towards Buster and grab his gun out of his hands. “Say hi to our parents” I say to him and pull the trigger. Shooting my brother in the chest. He falls backwards and moves his hands to his chest.

“You actually shot me” he cries out. “You were out to hurt my baby. I will always choose her over you. You disgust me” I yell at him and press the heel of my boot into the bullet wound on his chest. I stay like that until the life has left his eyes. I take a step back and look around the room.

“Buster, I am going to shower. If Butch wants to know what happened, tell him the fucking truth” I say to him. Buster nods his head and I take myself out of the basement, up the stairs into my room. I strip off my clothes and walk into my bathroom. Starting the shower, I take a quick look at myself in the mirror. I always promised myself that I would never take the life of someone unless they really deserved it. My brother knew my feelings on John, and he still went ahead and ruined everything.

I just hope God can forgive my sins. I did what any mother would do. Protect their own.

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