It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 18- Raider’s truth part 2.


The clubhouse is full of chaos this morning. The men are running around like headless chickens. I walk down the stairs, standing on the last step. All eyes turn to me. I freeze in my spot, not knowing why everyone is staring at me. In the corner of my eye I see Dad approaching me. “You want to play with the big boys, Kate?” he asks me. I slowly turn my head towards him and raise my eyebrow.

“Kate, you went down into the basement, alone, with no one knowing where you were. What the fuck were you thinking?” Dad yells at me. “What the fuck was I thinking?” I scream back at him. “I went through Raider’s fucking room, Dad. Did any of you fuck wanks think to do that?” I ask him. Dad just stares at me. “No, I didn’t think so. So luckily you have a brilliant daughter, who thinks to do these things. And wow, the shit I found” I tell him.

I can hear little chuckles from around the room at what I had said. I look around at every single member before speaking. “In Raider’s room, I found his diary. I read his diary. You guys have been living with him for two fucking decades. The man who killed Jane, as you would have heard from my phone. I was kidnapped and tortured because of him, and not one of you fucks did a thing to find out who killed Jane” I yell to the room.

“It has taken me ten months to work out that I am not a victim, but I am a survivor. I am stronger than I ever have been before” I tell them. Dad moves to stand in front of me. “You wanna know a secret Princess?” he asks me softly. I look at him and nod my head yes. “To show the club you are strong enough to be apart of us, we have a little initiation you must go through” he says to me. I stay in my spot waiting for him to continue.

“You are already apart of this club by blood and nothing can change that, but, to show us how strong you are, you have the option of taking a man’s life” Dad says to me. I scoff at him. “I already took a stupid bitches life, what makes you think I can’t take a mans?” I ask him. “You see, Katherine. We have a way of killing, you would call it our calling card. If you are strong, you will be able to gut him like a fucking fish. Do you think you could handle that?” Dad asks. “How about you go back upstairs and think about it?” he questions.

I turn on the stairs and head back to my room. My mind is a jumbled mess. Can I kill him like that? Would I be just as bad as John and Brad, if I do it? What would the rest of the club think of me? Questions are floating out but not the question I really need to ask myself. I enter my room and head straight into the bathroom. Stand with my palms flat on the sink, I take a couple of deep breaths and look up to meet my eyes in the mirror.

“Can I kill Raider for his part in all of the shit that has happened in my life?” I ask myself.



I have sent Katherine back to her room to think about it. I am pretty certain she won’t be able to do it, but I had to ask. No one here will think she is weak because of it. Not all my men can gut a man and that is ok. I am not that sick and twisted to make someone do something so vulgar and have them ok with it.

“Are you sure?” I hear Buster say into his phone. “Alright, keep me updated” he says to the other person. I look at him and raise my eyebrow. “That was Bones. He has men watching out for John. John is on the move. He thinks Wendy is his target” Buster tells us. I nod my head and turn towards my office. Sticking two fingers in my mouth I whistle to get the attention of the clubhouse.

“If the word is true and John gets his hands on Wendy, we’ll have a dead body on our doorstep. No one and I mean no one is to go after John. Wendy made her bed and now she has to lie in it” I announce to the room. “What about her kid?” One of the guys calls out. “Her kid is nothing to us. He is a waste of space. If he tries anything to hurt Katherine, we kill on sight” I tell them.

Turning around I walk into my office slamming the door behind me. So many different emotions are swirling through my mind. The main one I feel is the anger I have towards my so-called best friend. He killed Jane because of jealousy. He killed Jane to get back at my brother. He killed Jane. I sit down at my desk and place my head in my hands. My heart is breaking at just the thought of Jane, being strung up and gutted and to know she was pregnant.

Raider has killed this family. He is the reason my daughter was kidnapped and tortured. He is the reason I lost twenty-one years with my Princess. He is the reason I am who I am today. I trusted him with everything in me. I confided in him about everything, but to now know that he is the cause for all my turmoil. He is the cause for all my family’s heartache.

He is the reason.

My office door opens, and I hear footsteps come in, I don’t look up to see who it is until I feel hands on my shoulders. I turn my head slightly to catch sight of my Queen’s legs. I stretch my arm out behind her and pull her in close to me. Resting my head on her stomach, I let the flood gates open. Diana just holds me while I let it all out. All the built-up emotions I have had for so long, are pouring out of my eyes. All the shit I had to deal with in my life is finally catching up with me.

No words were spoken between Diana and I. She just let me do what I needed to do and then once I had regained my composure, she took a step back. A knock at the door brings us out of our stare down. “Come in” I grunt out. Blowing my nose in a tissue I just picked up from the desk. The door opens slowly and my Princess walks in.

“Let’s do this shit and finish off that chapter” Kate says with fire in her eyes.

I walk into the basement to see Raider sitting in the chair he has been in for months. He looks up at me with defeat in his eyes. “It’s time right?” he asks. I nod my head at him. “I just wanted to say sorry to you, Butch. I know my apology means shit now but I am sorry for what I put you through” Raider says. “You’re not sorry for your actions, Raider. You’re only sorry cause you got caught. You have fucked this club and family over. It is time for your punishment” I tell him.

Savage and Buster come in and drag Raider from the chair. Up the stairs into the common room. All the members of the club stand there. Some with angry looks on their faces and others with pity. They have worked alongside this guy for years and not one of us suspected he was the culprit. He was the reason everything in my life went to shit. Through the clubhouse doors and into the shed, Raider is being dragged. He doesn’t make a sound. He knows it is time to meet his maker.

The boys lay him on the ground and attach the chains to his ankles. “Any final words Raider?” I ask him as the boys start raising him up. Katherine walks into the shed at this time and Raider’s eyes hook onto her. “See you in hell, Princess” he spits out at her. I can feel the fire rising through my veins at his words.

“Raider, you know we normally knock out our…. Victims. For better use of the word. But for your complete disrespect towards my daughter. You will be fully awake for all of it. You will feel the pain you have caused Diana, Katherine and myself” I tell him. “You can’t do that, Butch” Raider screams out. “I can and I fucking will. You fucked with the wrong family. You are nothing to us. Enjoy the pain” I tell him. I look to Savage “Gag him. I don’t want to hear his cries” I tell him. Savage nods and does as told.

I stand next to Kate and hand her the knife. “Are you sure about this?” I ask her. She nods her head and moves towards Raider. His eyes light up at the sight of Katherine, holding our boning knife. He starts thrashing around on the chain. Trying to scream out at us. Katherine holds her ground and kicks Raider in the head. “Fucking hell man. Just take your punishment like a champ” she tells him. The kick wasn’t hard enough to knock him out, just let him see stars for a minute.

She stands in front of Raider’s body. I can see her hand shaking. “You don’t have to Kate. None of us would think anything different of you, if you don’t” I tell her. “No, Dad. I need to do this. I need to show everyone I am not that shy and timid little girl anymore. This man might not have stolen my innocence, but he had a hand in it. I want to show him that I can, and I will, finish him” she tells us.

I watch as my daughter grabs a hold of Raider’s junk. She has determination in her eyes. She stabs the knife into Raider’s pelvis and starts dragging the knife down towards his chin. His intestines are the first to fall out of him. Katherine has a look in her eyes that is scaring the fuck out of me and the rest of the boys.

Once the knife had reached Raider’s chest, Katherine makes a quick swipe of the blade from his right ear to his left on his neck. Her clothes, shoes and face are covered in his blood. She turns to face the rest of the room. “Am I a full member now?” she asks with a sickening smirk on her face. She stabs the knife into Raider’s dick and walks out of the shed. We all stand there with our mouths gaped open.

“Holy shit. That is my fucking woman” Buster breaks the silence. All of us start laughing. Some of the boys are bent over holding their stomachs. “Clean this shit up” I yell out. I walk out to find Diana hosing Katherine down. Watered down blood dripping from her face.

“She do you proud?” Diana asks. I nod my head in their direction. “She fucking scared the shit out of us” I tell her. Diana laughs and Katherine smiles at me. “Welcome to the club, Katherine. You sick bitch” I say to her and laugh. Katherine blows me a kiss and smiles. “Do I get my own cut now?” she asks. I laugh at her and run towards her. Picking her up in my arms I spin her around. “You have made me so fucking proud, Katherine” I whisper into her ear. She smiles at me and kisses my cheek.

“I’m going to have a shower” she tells us. “BUSTER” she yells. He pokes his head out from the shed. “Come shower with me” she tells him. He smiles and runs towards her, throwing her over his shoulder and runs into the clubhouse. Diana and I stare at each other. “You gonna come shower with me?” I ask her. “Thought you’d never ask” she answers.

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