It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 19- Wendy returns?


You know the old saying, ‘when it rains, it pours’? Yeah, well guess what happened? Two months after Dad dropped Raider’s body on John’s doorstep with a little note to tell him that the war is on. Wendy turned up in front of our gates. Her head had been cleanly sliced off her neck. The note attached to her body told us ‘an eye for an eye’.

I could see Dad was cut up about Wendy’s death, but he also knew she had it coming. She played games with people she shouldn’t have played with and she lost. Fair and square, she lost. The only problem I am having right now, is the fact my heart hurts for Josh. To know that his boss killed his mother all because of who Josh’s father is.

Other than that, nothing else has been happening. Everything with Joel has been going as good as it can. A new prospect joined the club. He tried to grope me one afternoon and I broke his nose. He has never tried to touch me again. He does walk around the joint like he owns it and snarls at me every chance he gets. I have been keeping a close eye on him. I don’t trust no fuckers.

“Katherine needs a road name” I hear Savage call out. “Nah, she’s a bitch. She doesn’t get a road name” this prospect calls out. Within a blink of an eye, Savage has him by his throat up against the wall. “You wanna say that again, cunt?” Savage screams at him. The kid looks like he is about to piss himself. “Sav let him go. It’s time I had a little chat with our new friend” I tell Savage. He looks at me and then back at this kid. “Thank your fucking stars boy. She saved your arse tonight” he tells him.

The prospect stands up and moves towards the bar. I walk to the basement door and open it. “In there, NOW” I yell at him. He slowly moves towards the basement door. As soon as he has walked into the door, I push him down the stairs with my foot. I watch as he tumbles down the stairs and lays out flat on the basement floor.

I follow him down and pick him up by the scruff of his collar. “You have come into this club with a chip on your shoulder and an issue with me. So, tell me, what the fuck have I ever done to you?” I ask him. This little cunt spits in my face. I push him back and wipe my face with the back of my hand. “Big mistake” I tell him.

Before he can even move, I have swung my fist out and connected with his cheek. He falls back to the ground. I jump on top of his body and keep laying fist after fist into him. My anger is taking control of my body, until I am ripped back and strong arms hold me back. “What the fuck is going on down here?” comes the gruff voice of my Dad.

The prospect stands up, spits out blood from his mouth towards me. “No idea, Pres. This club whore just started on me for no reason” he says about me. My blood is boiling at this point. Dad walks towards me and picks my face up with his hand. “What is your problem with him?” he asks me. The audacity of my father right now.

I break away from the arms that hold me. “Why does it fucking matter, father?” I question him. Turning my back on him, I run up the stairs and out of the clubhouse. That prick down there has a problem with me and I would really like to know what the fuck it is, but clearly I am not going to get it from him. I jump into my truck and jam my keys in the ignition. Turning the engine over. I floor it out of the lot towards the gates. Shady is standing at the gate with a confused look on his face. “Open the fucking gate Shady” I yell at him. He quickly opens the gate and I floor it out of the compound.

I drive down the road with no where in particular in mind. Why the fuck does everything like this happen to me. Things start going well and then bam, some prick turns up causing issues for me. What the hell am I meant to do? I find the road that heads towards the cliffs and take it. Driving up the uneven path, I don’t have a care in the world.

I park the truck, jumping out and walking to the edge. I sit down and dangle my legs over the edge. “Happy birthday to me” I say to myself while contemplating if I should jump or not. Lost in my head, I hear the rev of a bike’s throttle. I turn my head to quickly see who is pulling up next to my truck.

A little blonde with red streaks through their hair comes in view. She takes her helmet off and smiles a megawatt smile towards me. “Thought I’d find you here. What ya doing?” she asks me. “Wondering if I should jump or not” I tell her shrugging my shoulders. “Oh, Kate, what the fuck happened to you?” she asks me.

I look at Tracy, shrugging my shoulders again. “They are all quick to question me but never question the other person. I am made to look like a crazy bitch and the other person gets looked at like they are the victim. What the fuck did I do in my past to cause all of it?” I ask her. Tracy sits next to me and wraps her arm around my shoulders.

“Well, Princess. Tell me what happened with the prospect?” she asks. “Where do you want me to start?” I question her. “From the start” she says. We sit there for hours, just talking about everything that has happened since that prospect walked in the doors. “Then today, he runs his mouth again, I go to find out what the fuck is his problem with me and I’m the one made to look like a bitch. It’s not fair Trace. I’m sick of them treating me like the bad person” I tell her.

Tracy’s arm wraps tighter around my shoulders. She pulls my head to rest on her shoulder. “You have done nothing wrong. After you stormed out, which by the way was fucking amazing. Your Dad demanded to know what the fuck was the prospects problem. He wasn’t able to hold in all of the issues he had with you. And guess where they all came from? Tracy asks.

Looking towards her eyes, she didn’t need to say anything. “Are you fucking kidding me. Even after him finding out the fucking truth he is still after me?” I scream out. Standing up from my spot I start pacing. “I’ll never be fucking safe. Those pricks can say all they want how safe I am but at the end of the day, I am fucking screwed” I speak out.

Tracy stands and just watches me in my breakdown. She slowly approaches me and grabs my hand. “Kate you are safe when you are at the clubhouse” she says. “That’s fucking bullshit, Tracy. What would have happened if everyone was out on a run and I was left alone with him. He was working for John. John wants me dead. That little cunt would have fucking killed me without hesitation” I yell at her.

I know I shouldn’t be yelling at Tracy, but she is the only one here. I storm off to my truck getting in and slamming the door shut. I punch my steering wheel a couple of times before turning it on and getting the fuck out of here. I floor it, only stopping for gas, food and bathroom breaks. I live on caffeinated drinks to keep me awake.

I make it to Castlemain in under 36 hours. The drive would normally take two days. I pull up at my old apartment building to see it all looks the same. I get out of the truck and enter the building, going up to my level. The door has been taped off with police tape. I pull it down and enter the place. It still looks like it did a year ago.

I start picking up the shit that is on the floors and rearrange the furniture that has been upturned. Cleaning the place from top to bottom. My mind is racing so I know that sleep won’t be coming anytime soon. No one knows I am here and at this very point in time, I couldn’t give a flying fuck. I just hope Tracy is smart enough to keep her fucking mouth shut.

I spent hours cleaning the apartment. It is now looking like it used to. My phone has been turned off since I left town and I do not intend on turning it back on. Sitting at the kitchen bench, my head in my hands. I feel myself doze off. A loud banging at the door startles me awake and my head slips from my hands straight down onto the bench.

“Oh, for fuck sakes” I yell out. Getting up off the stool, I walk to the door, rubbing my now sore head. I look through the peep hole and see the back of someone’s head. “State your name and your business for being here?” I yell out through the closed door. My breath catches in my throat when the man turns around and I am looking at Brad through the peep hole.

“You know my name and what I want. So how about you open the door, and we can do this the easy way” he says with a sinister smirk on his face. “How about you go die in a hole and leave me the fuck alone” I tell him. “Oh, no, Katie. I am here on a mission and you are the end game. I know you have let others fuck you and now it is my turn, before John gets you again” Brad says.

I do a quick look around the apartment for something I can use as a weapon. I don’t have anything at hand, as they have all been smashed in the break-in. I know I should ring someone to come help me but my stupid pride is standing in the way. Brad is getting impatient standing on the other side of the door. He is still bashing it with his fist.

“Come on Katie. I don’t have all day. The longer you make me wait to worse your punishment will be. Remember I have told you before that if you didn’t do as you were told, I was going to ram it up your arse, dry?” he yells out. Flashing lights can be seen from my windows. Thankfully there are no windows facing the front of the building from inside the hallway.

“Oh, Bradley. The police are here. I am going to look forward to watching them drag you away in handcuffs” I yell out through the door. “FUCK” I hear Brad yell before he takes off through the halls into the emergency stairwell. I know for a fact the police are not here but anything to get him away from me for five minutes is enough to let me breathe again.

I just hope and pray that he doesn’t come back tonight. I need a sleep and then I will move again in the morning.

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