It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 2- Running only causes problems.


I have been tasked to finding Kate and bringing her back to where she belongs. 4 years ago, she took off in the middle of the night. No one had seen Kate or heard from her in this time, but it is getting closer to her 21st birthday. We need to find her before then. Before the truth comes out over the news about her. John and Sally knew this was going to happen. If they had just done the right thing five years ago, we wouldn’t be on a wild goose chase now.

Four years on the run is a very long time for any person. She should have shown her face around, but no one has seen her. The last known location for her was the hospital after she tried to kill herself. But once we made it to the hospital, she was gone. Discharged herself against her doctor’s orders. She didn’t give them an address of where she was going. We scrolled through the CCTV footage and saw she left with a blonde-haired little bitch.

We still haven’t been able to find her either. How do two teenage girls just up and vanish during the night and from a hospital of all places?

Pacing the floor of my hotel room, Josh walks in. “New club tonight. We need to take a breather from finding the little slut” he says. I nod my head. “Why not?” I say back to him. We decide to hit up one of the hottest clubs the city has to offer. The line is around the corner. Luckily, Josh can pick locks as we are entering through the back of the club. Whoever saw us enter know not to ask questions.

We walk through the club like we own the joint. Girls are throwing themselves at us. We keep moving forwards, pushing the desperate whores out of our way. I stand at the bar, on the smaller side of the counter. The bartender holds up a beer towards me, and I give him a quick and short nod. I take notice of the people around me. I am scanning all their faces and checking them out to see if any of them are Kate.

I am not holding my breath, though. Kate has been elusive for a long time. I’m hoping to God she tried to kill herself again and succeeded this time around. Taking a quick chug of my beer, I keep looking around the club. A couple of girls approach the bar. I watch them but don’t make it obvious. One of them leans over the bar and catches the bartender’s attention. She orders a couple of drinks. The other girl is taking in her surroundings. I haven’t seen her face, but I am hoping I get a look at it soon.

Two glasses of what looks to be red wine are placed in front of them. The first one picks hers up and starts drinking. The second girl takes a small sip and sets the glass back down. I nearly captured her face, but a silly dirty looking slut stood in my way. “Hey, baby” she calls out to me. I shake my head and tell her to scat with my hands. She doesn’t get the point. “Come on hot stuff. How about you and I hit up the bathrooms for a quick fuck?” she asks. I move closer to her ear and yell into it.

“Back the fuck off slut or I will put a fucking bullet between your eyes,” I tell her and flash her my gun. She takes a quick step back and moves away from me. “Just as I thought sweetheart,” I say to myself. I grab my beer bottle back off the counter and take another quick swig. I look up towards the two girls at the counter. I finally get to see the second girl’s face and can’t believe my eyes.

There standing only feet away is the one and only elusive Katherine Fowley. The one girl who took off and tried to get away from us. I quickly pull my phone out and send off a message to John. I tell him I have found her and where she is located. He sends one back telling me to hurry the fuck up and get her to him. I give him a thumbs up and go back to watching her.

I follow her movements through the club. The friend she is with drags her to the dancefloor. I can tell she doesn’t get out much as she looks like a deer caught in headlights right now. She watches the people around her and starts moving her body to the beat of the music. Her body hypnotises me. Forgetting why I am here in the first place.

“Fuck, is that her” Josh yells in my ear. I finally come out of my trance and nod my head yes at him. He goes to move towards her, and I grab hold of his arm. Shaking my head at him, letting him know I will be the one to get her. He stands down and allows me to do what I need to do before I approach her.

I wait until the timing is right. I need Kate to be in her own little world before I make my move. The song has changed multiple times before I make it to her. Her back is towards me, and I grab her hips. One wrong move on her part and I will take her body back in a body bag. I get close to her ear and tell her not to make any wrong moves. I can tell straight away that she knows who I am.

After four years, I finally have my hands on the girl who should have been dead. I keep us moving to the beat. I roam my hands around her body. I must admit I do miss her body. She would have been one of the best lays I have ever had. I don’t care that she was only 16 and still a virgin when I took her. But fuck she was tight.

Exactly five years ago today, I took what I earnt. I’m hoping to fuck her again before I send her back to her daddy, for him to finish off the job finally. I kiss and nibble at her neck. I know this will turn her on. If it doesn’t, I don’t fucking care. I will get what I want. Maybe I’ll shove my cock down her throat to get me all wet before I slam it in her tight hole. Just the thought of that tight little hole is making me hard.

Not paying any attention, Kate is pulled from my arms. I look at the little firecracker with her. I can tell I am going to have fun playing with this one too. I know Kate knows who I am now. I watch her face when she takes me in. I will have real pleasure watching the light leave her eyes when I take her back to John and Sally.

“Let the fucking whore go before a put a bullet through your head. But that will be after I make you watch me fuck her and slit her fucking throat” I tell the redhead in front of me. I don’t know if she is stupid or drunk, but this little thing tries to stand up to my 6′5 frame. I could just fucking flick her in the head, and she would hit the ground. I watch as she stands up straighter. We are chest to chest now.

“You go anywhere near her, and I swear to fucking God, I will cut your fucking dick off and shove it so far up your arse you will cough up cum for the rest of your fucking life” she yells at me. I laugh at her threat but move away. I will give you girls this one. I know Kate is shitting herself right now. Before I leave, I make a shooting action towards Kate. Letting her know her days are numbered. I head towards the front of the club with Josh on my heels.

“What the fuck Brad? You fucking had her and just left her there?” Josh questions me. “Don’t worry Josh. Once we take her and the little redhead bitch she is with, they will wish they never stood up to me. My phone starts ringing, and I answer it without looking at the caller. “What” I scream down the handset. “Is that any way to talk to your boss, boy?” John questions me. “What do I owe the pleasure of your phone call John?” I ask him. “Have you got that little whore with you?” he asks. As soon as I tell him I left her behind, he will rip shreds off my arse. “Nope. She’s got a little firecracker on her side” I tell him honestly. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE HER?” He screams down the phone. “Exactly what I said, John. If you had done what you fucking had to 5 years ago I wouldn’t have to be running around the fucking countryside looking for her. I will give her tonight, but tomorrow she will be in my hands and delivered to you” I tell him.

John hangs up on me. No sooner had I pocketed my phone, my message tone alerts me to new messages. I pull my phone out of my pocket and open the messages. They are pictures of what looks to be Kate’s place. It has been trashed and slashed up. I know it was John. He would have been on his plane as soon as I had told him I found her.

Kate doesn’t realise who she has for her parents. She ran from the wrong people, and now they are after her and won’t stop until her body is limp and cold. It’s a pity, though. She is a pretty young thing. She was born into the wrong family and was taken to her rightful owners as a baby. This year is when all the truth will come out. She doesn’t need to know anything, though.

All will be revealed once she is back in John and Sally’s care. Hopefully, we won’t be waiting much longer.

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