It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 21- Butch puts his foot down


This shit with Katherine and her taking off needs to fucking stop. She is playing a dangerous game right now and I don’t know how much more I can take. The more she runs, the closer she is to being taken by John. Does she not realise that everything I do, I am doing to keep her safe?

After the issue with the prospect, who mind you is bleeding out in the shed, I sent her friend after her. When Tracy came back without Katherine, I was ready to put a bullet in her head. “Butch are you fucking kidding me? She feels as if you don’t give a fuck about her. She feels that everything she fucking does is looked down upon by you” the bitch yells at me.

Lucky for her, Savage was there to hold her back. “I would be very careful with your next words little lady. I will not hesitate to put you in your place” I tell the little fire cracker. “Look all I am saying, Butch, is Kate feels like no one has her back. She said it was like, whenever something happens with her in the middle, you jump down her throat first. She is tired of it all” she says to me.

I take a step back and think about her words. Yes, I have been harsh towards Katherine, but this is the way I show I care. She needs to be careful. Not everyone here wants to be her friend. “Butch, I am not saying this to cause problems, but Kate, she’s been through enough shit to last a lifetime” Tracy says to me. Savage wraps her in his arms as the tears fall down her face.

“Did you know what the day was to her when she ran?” Tracy asks. I look at her and shake my head no. “Butch, what is Katherine’s date of birth?” she asks. I look at the calendar on my phone. “OH FUCK” I yell out. “Are you fucking kidding me. I treated her like fucking shit on her fucking birthday” I scream.

I walk out of the clubhouse and into my killing shed. Loading my gun, I let rip the full round into this little cunts lifeless body. “ALL BECAUSE OF YOU I TREATED MY DAUGHTER LIKE SHIT ON HER BIRTHDAY” I scream at him. I know he won’t answer but letting this fucking steam off is helping me out.

Storming back into the clubhouse, my mind is set. We need to find her and we need to find her fast. “Alright boys, we need to find her. Everyone take a section of land between us, Bones and Danger. She shouldn’t have gotten far. Do it quickly. John is still after her” I tell the boys. All of them start moving out with me, Buster and Savage still in the room.

“Tracy, before you leave, where is the only place she would go?” I ask her. “Most likely her apartment in Castlemain” she answers. “Fuck, that’s a two day drive” I say. “If you move now, and don’t stop, you’ll do it in less” she says. Nodding my head, I move out to my bike. Diana is already sitting on the back of it. I raise my eyebrow at her. “I’m coming whether you like it or not, Baxter. She is also my daughter who I neglected, okay” she says.

Getting on the bike and bringing it to life, we take off out of the compound. Buster is riding with me and Savage is staying behind. I need to leave one good fighter in case John goes there. I rest my hand on Diana’s thigh. We both feel the same for how we have treated Katherine. She is meant to be our world, but instead we are treating her as if she is nothing to us.

I pull over on the side of the road after riding for a good few hours. Diana goes off behind a bush to relieve her bladder. I stand here trying to think of how long Katherine has been gone. No word from Bones’ charter yet. I have them on the look out for her truck. She has only been gone for not even 12 hours.

Diana and I decided to stop for some food. Bones still hasn’t seen her truck come past him. They are also looking around the towns near them. Sitting in the small diner, Diana and I are in our own heads. I look at my wife and see a tear fall down her cheek. Leaning over the table, I wipe it away with my thumb. Our eyes lock and I can see the pain in hers.

“Why do we keep doing this to her, Bax?” Diana asks. I have no answer so I shrug my shoulders. “I wish I knew, baby. I wish I knew” I tell her honestly. We finish and pay for our meals and head out to the bike again. “Maybe we should stop for the night” Diana says. I have to agree with her. We are both so tired. Emotionally, physically, mentally. All this shit is starting to take a toll on us.

I find a motel a bit further down the road and get us a room for the night. As soon as our heads hit the pillows, the darkness consumes us.

I wake the next morning, well what I think is morning to my phone blaring right beside my head. “WHAT?” I scream down the line. “I ran because no one gives a shit. My uncle kidnapped me, tortured me, raped me, ever since I was 16. Now he is sending out other guys to do the dirty work and as soon as I stand my ground, I’m the bad guy and the one in the wrong” I hear Katherine say with a hiccup.

“You know that everyone there gives a shit. Why must you talk shit?” I yell down the line to her. I don’t hear her respond to me, so I know right away she has no clue who is talking. “If you haven’t realised, Katherine. I am on the fucking phone.” I say to her. “Now why don’t you tell me why the fuck you ran and why the fuck I am getting phone calls from Danger and his boys?” I demand.

“I ran because you don’t give a fuck. You were happy to listen to that prospect over me. You accused me straight away like I was the one in the wrong. You always accuse me of shit that happens. Maybe I should just let John take me. It’ll make your life fucking easier” she shouts at me through the phone. Her words have me seeing red.

I pick up the bedside table lamp and throw it at the wall. “Do not and I mean it, Katherine, do not ever give yourself up to him. I will get rid of him and his fucking goons before they even lay a fucking finger on you” I shout out through my anger. “Danger, get her out of that bar and into a safehouse. I am leaving tonight and will be there by dinner tomorrow” I tell Danger. He grunts in response at me.

My outburst has caused Diana to wake. “What is going on?” she asks me. “Katherine is with Danger. She is in Angelville. We are now moving. Get up, piss, do whatever you need to do but we are moving out in 5 minutes” I tell Diana, pulling on my cut and boots. “We are going to get our daughter back and she is going to learn respect” I say, storming out of the motel room.

I sit on bike waiting for Diana, making sure I let the boys know where Katherine is. Buster is riding up to Angelville now. He said he’s be there in around 5 hours. As soon as Diana came out of the room, the bike was revving and she was climbing on. She had little to no time to get sorted before I was taking off. Diana hits my stomach, her way of telling me I am in trouble. I shake my head with a little smirk. I like her punishments.

We ride for hours. Six, in fact. Rolling up to the compound in Angelville, we are met at the gate by Danger. I jump off my bike and shake his hand. “You have a very selfish cow of a daughter, Bax. I wanted to slap her a few times last night” Danger says to me. I can feel the anger course through my veins but I also know that he would never lay a hand on her.

“Tell me about it, Daz” I say to him. “She’s inside. Hurry up, I want her gone like yesterday” Daz says to me. I smile at that. “Is Buster here?” I ask him. “Tall, buff, pretty looking boy?” Daz asks. “Yep, that’s him” I say. “Yeah, he is in there. Bloody Angela is trying to sink her claws in. Katherine hasn’t come out of the room I put her in this morning. Better move fast before Angela is on her fucking knees” Daz says with a laugh.

Walking into the clubhouse, I see Buster trying to push this Angela away. Diana sees her trying to get her claws into Buster and takes off for them. She grabs Angela’s hair and brings her head back. “My son will not touch a dirty slut like you, so fuck off back to where you came from” my Queen yells. I adjust my pants at her dominance.

Noise can be heard coming from the stairs. “Get your filthy fucking hands off me cunt” I hear Katherine scream at someone. “That there people, is my fucking daughter” I say out loud. The room bursts into laughter. I shake my head as she comes into view on the stairs. Katherine freezes in her spot. Shock written on her face.

“Oh look the little whore from the bar is here” This Angela bird says. “You need some more protection or are you gonna run away now?” she taunts my daughter. Diana moves silently towards Angela and pulls her hair again. “If I were you, I would keep your mouth shut and only open it when one of those boys want their dicks sucked. You are not worth the energy of anything else” Diana says to her, then pushes her forward so she falls on her knees. “That’s where you belong, so how about you fucking stay there” Diana screams at her.

Buster moves towards Katherine and traps her on the stairs. She can’t go back up as one of Danger’s men is behind her and she can’t go down as Buster is there. I can’t hear what he is saying to her, but I know it must not be good, as the bright light in her eyes has dulled. I watch as Katherine’s bottom lip quivers. I know Buster is being a prick to her, but she needs a bit of tough love.

Buster grabs her wrist and drags her over to me. The tears are shining brightly in her eyes. She looks down at the ground when she is standing in front of me. “Katherine” I say her name and watch her shoulders shake. I grab her by her upper arms and pull her into my chest. “I’m sorry Princess” I whisper into her hair. Her sobs are wracking through her body.

“Thanks Danger” I say to my cousin. He nods his head. I break away from the hug but keep an arm around her body, walking her outside. When she notices that she would have to ride home with Buster, she freezes. “He doesn’t want me anymore, so I don’t really wanna ride with him” she says softly. I look at Buster with a confused look on my face. He shakes his head, letting me know that he’d talk about it later.

“Katherine, you have to ride with him. There is no one else to take you” I tell her. She shakes her head. “I’ll call for a cab” she says and pulls her phone out of her pocket, turning the device on. “No, Katherine. You will be riding with Buster” I tell her, with a firm voice. She stamps her foot like a petulant child. “I will not ride with someone who has just told me they are sick of my shit and would be better off returning to their original club. I will call for a cab and meet you back at your compound” she says walking towards the gates. “You said what?” I question Buster. He looks me straight in the eyes, “Yeah I said that but at this very point in time, I love that fucking girl and all she does is run away. What the fuck am I meant to fucking do?” he asks me. “Not say shit like that to someone who is mentally unstable” I yell at him.

“Fuck, Butch. She needs a fucking wake up call. I can’t keep running after her all the fucking time. She needs to grow up. She is 22 for Christ’s sake” Buster yells at me. Katherine heard what he said as she had stopped in her tracks. She throws her middle finger over her shoulder and runs out of the compound. “FUCK” Buster yells.

He forgoes his bike and takes off after her. Diana and I stay back in the compound as Danger walks out pissing himself laughing. “Fuck you guys have your hands full with that one” he comments. I roll my eyes at him. “Look, she needs tough love, Butch. Being gentle with her will only cause more issues. Buster was fucking right to say what he did” Danger says. I know what he is saying is the truth, but I still can’t treat her like that.

She is my baby after all.

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