It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 25- She’s awake


My phone keeps ringing and I keep ignoring it. It starts and stops, starts and stops. I finally check it and see I have ten missed calls from Buster. Quickly dialling him back, “Butch, get yourself and Di to the hospital now” he says to me. “Why? What’s wrong?” I ask him. “Nothing wrong, Butch, but Kate…… she’s awake” he tells me. I can feel the tension in my body melting away. “I’ll be there soon” I tell him and hang up the phone.

I run out of the office into the common room where all the men are. “SHE’S AWAKE” I yell out. The clubhouse comes alive with all the members cheering. Diana is sitting at a table in the corner and I can see the tears of happiness falling from her eyes.

It has been four months since she tried to take her own life. Four months of constant heartache. Four months of not knowing what is going on. I walk over to Diana and grab her hands. “Let’s go see our baby” I tell her. She stands up and wraps her arms around me. I wrap my own around her and we hug for a while.

Wiping our tears off our faces we head out to the bike. Jumping and on and starting it, we are quickly on the road towards the hospital to see our girl. No issues following us around and we make it there in twenty minutes. I park the bike and we both climb off, racing into the main doors to the elevator. Taking it up to Katherine’s floor.

I’m dragging Diana behind me as we rush through the hallways making our way to her room. The door is open to Katherine’s room. We walk in and see her sitting there looking at Buster. No words are being spoken. She turns her head and looks towards Diana and me. I smile at her and she turns her head away.

“Kate, please. We are all here for you. Why won’t you talk to us?” Buster asks her. Kate keeps her head facing the other way. It was like she doesn’t want us there with her. “Katherine” Diana calls. Katherine doesn’t even look at her mother, she just points towards the door. Telling us to leave her alone.

Diana lets out a heart shattering sob and runs from the room. I take after her, catching up with her in the hallway. Pulling her back towards me and just holding her as tight as I can. “She will come around. We did this for her” I tell Diana, kissing the top of her head.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM” we hear Katherine scream. Buster walks out slamming the door behind him. I can see the pain on his face. He doesn’t see us standing down the hallway. I watch Buster slide down the wall and put his head in his hands. I walk over to him and sit next to him on the floor. “She will come around” I tell Buster, just like I told Diana, not to long ago.

His shoulders start shaking. I have no idea how to comfort a man crying, so I look to Di, to help me out. She comes over and squats down in front of Buster. She grabs his hands and he lifts his head up. She gives me a look and he knows straight away. I watch as my wife and my daughter’s boyfriend hold each other and cry.

I stand up and look in through the window at Katherine. She is still looking away from us. I just wish I knew what was going through her head. A doctor walks past us and I stop him. “Doc, what is going on with my daughter? Why has she woken up in a bitchy mood?” I ask him. He just looks at me. “Sir, your daughter has just woken up from a four-month coma. She tried to take her own life for reasons unknown. Give your daughter a break” the doctor says and walks away. I’m shocked at the way he just spoke to me. He is lucky we are in a fucking hospital.

I go back to looking into Kate’s room. We make eye contact. I watch her as she watches me. I point into her room and she slowly nods her head. I walk in slowly, closing the door behind me. “What do you want?” she asks me. “Kate, we have all been worried about you” I tell her. She scoffs at me.

I pull up a chair next to her bedside and sit down. I need to choose my words carefully here. “Kate, I know I have been too harsh on you and I am sorry. I have no idea what I am doing here. You were taken from us before we even had a chance at being parents. I am trying.” I tell her. She doesn’t even look at me.

“Kate, please” I plead with her. She turns her head to look at me, and I can see her eyes all glassy. “I’m sorry I didn’t try hard enough to find you. I am sorry you had to go through everything that you have gone through. I wish I could take it all back. I honestly thought you were dead, and I am sorry for that too. But please listen to me, I don’t want you dead and I want you at home with me. Always.” I say and wipe away the tears that have fallen down my cheeks.

Katherine follows my movements and wipes her own away. “I just feel that everyone would be better off without me around. Look at the trouble I have caused your club, Dad. If it wasn’t for me you’d still have your best friend. If it wasn’t for me, none of the club girls would have been killed. Everything is my fault” she says between sobs.

I stand up and move towards her bed. Sitting down on the side, I grab hold of her arms and pull her into my chest. “Nothing is your fault. It is the fault of the others who have dared to cross us. We need you Katherine. You are what brings life to us. Not only does your mother and I need you, but so does that man out there. He has spent every day sitting by your bedside. He even learnt how to help you with moving your legs so your muscles wouldn’t die. He loves you” I say to her, kissing her head.

“Can you get Joel please?” Kate asks. I nod my head and untangle my arms from her. I get up and walk to the door, opening it and looking down at Buster. “She wants you” I tell him. I help him up off the floor and move out of the way for him to go in. Buster shuts the door behind himself and I take Di’s hand in mine. “Let’s go get some coffee” I say to her, leading her down the hallway.



I close the door to her room. I don’t know what I am feeling right now. I don’t know if I am happy she wants to speak to me or if I am sad and angry for the way she yelled at me. All I do know is that my heart is hurting.

I turn around slowly and look at her. Her face is telling me everything I need to know. In quick steps, I make it to her bedside and wrap my arms around her. Kate wraps her arms around my waist and cries into my chest. “I’m so sorry, Joel. Please forgive me” she cries out. I squeeze her tighter to me. “I forgave you the minute I found you” I whisper into her hair.

I can feel Katherine’s body starting to settle. Her sobs are hiccups now. I pull back and notice her eyes are closed. Laying her back on the bed, her eyes open to look at me. “Lay with me” is all she says before her eyes close. I kick off my boots and empty my pockets, leaving my stuff on the table beside her bed. I climb in next to her and wrap her in my arms. “I’ll always lay with you, Princess” I whisper to her.

Six months later

Kate was discharged from the hospital a week after her attempted suicide. She has mandatory therapy sessions. If she didn’t do these the cops were gonna charge her. Seriously, they were going to charge her. Therapists come and go from the compound daily. All the guys hit on the females until Kate tells them all to get fucked.

We have had couple’s sessions, she has had sessions with her parents and sessions with Tracy. Kate looks to be doing much better. She is finally letting everyone in. She is speaking more to us about the way she feels. She isn’t closing in on herself anymore. I couldn’t be more-proud of that woman I call mine.

I know what I have to do, to make sure this woman stays by myside for the rest of my life. As the months go on, I know she is truly the one. She makes me laugh, she makes me smile. She makes me feel things I have never felt before. It is true love and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but in her arms.

I find Butch sitting at the bar nursing a whiskey. I whisper in his ear, “I need a private chat with you” and I walk away heading towards his office. Butch joins me and shuts the door behind us. “What is so important?” he asks me in his gruff voice. “Butch, I love your daughter with every piece of me. I would like your blessing to ask her to marry me” I tell him.

The smile that lights up Butch’s face makes me smile back. “When do you want to do it?” he asks. “Tonight” I tell him. “Well lets get this party started” Butch yells out. He claps me on the back, “Welcome to the family, boy” he tells me and walks out of his office.

I follow behind him closely. Taking in everything around me. I drop the smile when I see Katherine. I don’t want her knowing what is going to happen. I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her into me, planting a dominant kiss on her lips. “What’s gotten into you?” she asks me. “Nothing. Just want to make sure all these fuckers know who you belong to” I tell her with a smirk.

“I belong to myself, first and foremost, Mister” she tells me with her own smirk. I lean down and capture her lips with my own. “I fucking love you” I tell her. “I fucking love you, too” she says and kisses me again. Butch clears his throat and makes the start of a speech. I am too busy looking at Katherine to pay any attention to what he is saying.

“Buster, pay attention to me fuck face” Butch says. I whip my head up quickly and look at him, blushing that I got caught out. “As I was saying, something special is happening at some point tonight and we will be celebrating until the early hours of tomorrow. I don’t know when it’s going to happen but everyone better be on alert” Butch tells the club. All the members cheer loud. A small smile makes its way to my lips.

For the past couple of hours, Butch keeps looking at me with a raised eyebrow. His way of asking me when it is happening. I just keep smiling back at him, shaking my head. Butch approaches me and grabs the back of my cut, pulling me away from the guys. “Come on Buster. I am hanging out here” he tells me. “Give me 5 minutes. I have to get the ring from my room” I tell him. “Hurry the fuck up, cunt” he says and walks away. I make my way up to my room and find the ring in my bedside table. I open the little box and look at the sparkling diamond. I hope she likes it.

I go back down the stairs and find Katherine, sitting at the bar with her Mum and Tracy. I stand behind her and wrap my hands around her waist, kissing the top of her head. “Hey, baby. What’s up?” she asks, looking over her shoulder at me. I drop my arms from her waist and take a step back, bending down on one knee.

Katherine gasps and jumps to her feet. Before I can even open my mouth to ask the question she has dropped to her knees and is holding me tightly. “Don’t ask. The answer is yes” she tells me. I take the ring out of my pocket and slip it onto her left hand’s ring finger. “Didn’t even have to ask her. SHE SAID YES” I yell the last part out. The room erupts into cheers. The music is turned up even louder.

Everyone comes to congratulate us. Di and Tracy take Katherine with them to fuss over her and the ring. Butch hands me a glass of whiskey. “Cheers” he says. We knock our glasses together and skull the drink back. “Best night of my life, Butch” I tell him. He smiles and pats me on the back.


The past week has been a whirlwind of different emotions. I cannot wait to call Joel my husband. He is my soulmate. I just know it.

I want to head into town and go to the bookstore. I haven’t been there in a while and I would like to get a few new books to add to my small collection. “Joel?” I call him. “Yeah, Princess?” he calls back. “Can you take me into town to the bookstore. You can leave me there and I’ll call you to come and get me” I say to him. Joel comes out from the bathroom and nods his head. “Of course, babe” he says.

The ride into town was quick. I climb off his bike and kiss his lips. “I’ll call you when I’m done” I tell him and walk into the store. The smell of paper and ink and the old leather covers, makes me feel alive. I browse the aisles at all the books. A few have captured me.

With my back facing the door, I don’t see the person entering the store. The last thing I see is John’s face as he smiles his evil and nasty yellow rotting teeth smirk. Something is stuck into my neck and the darkness consumes me quickly after.

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