It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 26- Buried Alive


John pulls my hair to make me follow him. “Move your fucking arse, whore. Today is the day where your father feels the pain I have felt for the past 24 years” he screams at me. My hands are tied in front of me with cable ties. They are cutting the circulation off in my hands. There is a gag in my mouth to stop me screaming. John drags me out into the middle of the woods. I can see a wooden box in front of me and just behind that is a hole big enough for the box to fit.

I can feel my heart beating through my chest. I know there is only one outcome of this and it will be my death. John hits me over the head and pushes me into the box. I try to scream through the gag but it only comes out muffled. “Goodbye Katherine. Say hello to the fucking devil for me. I will see you there when I die of natural causes. I might even come back there for you and continue our little love affair” John snarls at me.

There is nothing I can do. The lid of the box is nailed on tight. I can feel them push the box into the hole and I hear the dirt hit the lid. My screams are still muffled. I can’t even move my arms to take the gag off. There is no room in the box to move.

This is it for me. The end is here. I never got to experience anything that is worthy of my life. I never got to have children with the man I love. He asked me to marry him only a week ago. How did my life go from, so much happiness to me being buried alive by the man who made me believe he was my father!

I can’t hear anything around me now. They must have finished the job and have now left me to rot in this box. I can’t breathe. My panic is taking over. My heart rate is through the roof. My lungs are tightening with every breath I try to take. Black spots dance in my vision. I close my eyes and say a little prayer in my head.

‘Please god if you can hear me, let my family know I loved them dearly and that I am sorry I only got a couple of years with them’. I can now feel my life draining from my body. The darkness is consuming me until there is nothing left.


Kate has been missing for 12 hours. I know who took her but finding him is going to take a lot of effort. He knows how to hide from us all. We have both computer nerds from both charters trying to track down any movements from John. To see how he got her to where he would have taken her.

I storm into the surveillance room, slamming the door on the wall as I walk in. “Anything yet?” I ask Tracker. “Nope. The only thing I have found was him in town. Where was Kate in the hours before she was taken?” Tracker asks. “She went to the bookstore of all fucking places” I tell him. Tracker moves the camera to the bookstore entrance to see anything. We watch the monitor closely.

“There” Tracker yells and points to the screen. I look even closer and can see the little fucking weasel Brad move in. He never comes out of the front door. Tracker moves to different cameras in the area. Once Brad went into the bookstore he never came out. Well that we could see. After a 30 minute window, a blacked out SUV tears off from the back of the bookstore. “That must have been them” I say to Tracker.

He stops the video and zooms in to get the license plate. “FUCK” he screams. “No fucking plates. Cunts knew what they were doing” he says. Tracker keeps changing cameras to see if he can pick up the car. All we know from the footage is that they are in an unmarked car heading out of the town. “Where the fuck did the cunt take her?” I say more to myself.

Butch comes rushing in the room. “Josh has been trying to contact me” he tells us. “Did you answer?” I ask him. “Why the fuck would I answer him. He comes in claiming he is my son, leaves me a note telling me he will bring John and Brad to me, but helps in the kidnapping of my fucking daughter. Who the fuck knows where she is now” Butch yells out.

Butch’s phone goes off in his pocket again. “Give it to me Butch. I will fucking answer it” I tell him. He throws his phone at me and walks away. “This better be good Josh” I say as soon as I answer. “I’ve sent you the location on where Katherine is. I’m telling you now, you better fucking hurry if you want her alive. They have fucking buried her” Josh whispers down the phone. The phone pings in my pocket with a message from Josh. I open the message and there in front of me is the location where we will find her.

I hang up not saying another word. “Let’s go” I say to the boys in the room with me. Running down the hallway into the common room, “Let’s roll” I scream out and head towards the clubhouse doors. “Where are we going?” Savage asks. “I have coordinates for Katherine’s location. We will need to dig her up. They fucking buried her alive” I tell him.

“Someone bring the truck. We need shovels” Savage yells out. “Let’s move fuckers” He calls again. The room is in chaos. Everyone is running towards the front doors. I have straddled my bike and revved her to life. I just hope when I have Katherine in my arms, I can do the same for her.

It takes us close to five hours to find the location. We move quickly through the trees. The location isn’t exact and I am starting to lose my patience. ’FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” I scream out. We form a human chain and walk together in a straight line. I hear rustling coming from a tree beside us and look towards it. I can’t see anything, so I break off from the other guys.

Getting closer to the tree, I see feet sticking out. Hoping they didn’t see me coming, I approach them from behind. As soon as they are my eye line, I pull my gun out of my cut, turning off the safety and cocking it back. Pressing the metal against their head, I watch their shoulders slump in defeat. “Hello cum bucket. It’s been a while” I say in their ear.

“Didn’t think you fuckers would find her. Tell me Buster, how did you find out about these woods?” Brad says to me. “Don’t you worry about that, Bradley. Just worry about me, holding this gun to your fucking head and if you don’t tell us where the fuck she is, me blowing your tiny little fucking brains out” I tell him. Pushing him forward with my free hand, we come out of the bushes together. Butch turns at just the right time.

“Where the fuck is my daughter, Bradley?” Butch yells. “Not fucking tell you cunt. You will never find her and when you do she will be dead. Just like Jane” Bradley says with malice. “Did you forget that the truth came out about Jane’s death. We never fucking touched her. Your good friend Pete did it” Butch tells Bradley. Bradley’s body freezes in the spot.

“You’re fucking lying. Pete didn’t kill her. You did!” Brad shouts out. “Nope I didn’t fucking touch her. I found his little fucking diary when I finished him off and cleaned out his fucking room. He tied her up and gutted her. All because he couldn’t have her” Butch tells Brad. “Does John know?” Brad asks. “Well I sent him the diary. So he fucking should. But now you will tell us where my fucking daughter is, before Buster there blows yours fucking brains out” Butch demands.

“Walk another 500 meters through those trees and you will find the disturbed dirt” Brad tells us. Savage leads a group of guys forward to make sure we were being told the truth. “GOT IT. DIG YOU MOTHERFUCKERS” we hear Savage yell out. I hit Brad over the back of his head with the butt of my gun, ultimately knocking the fucker out.

Leaving his body on the ground, I run towards where the rest of them are. They are still digging trying to get to the box. “Fuck, I found something” Savage calls out. I run over to him and see the corner of a wooden box. “Hurry and let’s get this out of the ground” I yell out. Using my bare hands I start digging the dirt away from the box.

After another 20 minutes of moving the dirt we have finally cleared the top of the box off. “Fuck!” I say. “it’s nailed on” I tell them. Savage hands me a shovel. “Get that under the lip and we will all push down together” he tells me. I do as he said and on the count of three we push the shovel down. It lifts the nail clean out of its spot. Moving around to all the nails we do the same thing.

Once the box was open, my breath catches in my throat. My Princess lays there. A gag in her mouth and cable ties on her wrists. My heart breaks at the sight of my beauty. Picking her up, she feels limp and cold. I rest my head on her chest and can hear a faint heartbeat. Laying her on the ground, I remove the gag from her mouth and start talking to her.

“Princess, it’s me. Come back to me, please. I need you. I need you so fucking badly baby” I whisper in her ear. Butch kneels beside us and places his head on her chest. “We have a faint heartbeat. DOC WHAT DO WE DO?” Butch yells to Doc. “Well first things first Butch, get the fuck out of my fucking way” Doc tells him.

Butch stands up and rests his hand on my shoulder. I shake my head. I am not moving from my spot. This is my woman and if Doc tries to tell me to move, I will punch him in the fucking face. Doc starts working on Katherine. As much as he could in this environment. “Someone bring the fucking truck up here. I need to get her back to the clubhouse to set her up on the monitors” Doc yells out.

Three of the guys head off to get the truck. Doc checks Katherine’s pulse and her breathing. He keeps shaking his head. “Doc?” I question him with my eyes. “If we can get her back quickly Buster, I have a chance at saving her. Right now it doesn’t look to good” he tells me with sorrow in his eyes. I can feel the tears forming in my own eyes. I can’t lose her.

“Butch” I call for him. “Yeah?” he asks me. “You better find that brother of yours. I am going to be the one who fucking guts him like a fish” I tell Butch with anger in my voice. He has nearly killed my Princess. If she dies, he will die a more painful fucking death. Long and slow torture. I’ll have him watch us kill his stupid whore of a wife and her stupid fucking cunt of a son. Then it’ll be John’s turn. Long and slow. The more painful the better.

As soon as Kate was loaded in the truck, the truck was gone. We all moved back towards our bikes. Picking up our little friend along the way. “Tie him to the back of my bike and I will drag him all the way back to the clubhouse” Butch tells us. Tying Brad to the back of Butch’s bike was the highlight of the day. If this doesn’t kill him, at least he will be in pain.

Getting back to the clubhouse. Brad was barely holding onto life. Butch opened the shed door and we all know what was going to happen. “String him up by his ankles” Butch says. The prospects got to work, doing as they were told. “Once he is up, leave him. I will deal with him when I am ready” Butch says. The prospects nod and finish up what they need to do.

Butch and I enter the clubhouse and head straight down to Doc. Opening the door, there is my Princess laying on the bed. She is hooked up to every machine possible. Her heart rate is slowly picking up. Her breathing is starting to return to normal. “Guys, she is still in a bad way. I have her on fluids right now. There is nothing else I can do. She needs to fight this” Doc says to us. Both Butch and I nod our heads. “I’ll give you a few minutes with her, but I need you guys to give her space too” Doc tells us and leaves the room.

Butch goes over to Kate first. “Hey Princess. I need you to get better okay. You have a lot of life to discover and a wedding to plan. We need you to come back to us okay. I love you Kate” Butch gives her a kiss on the forehead, walks over to me and pats me on the shoulder. Leaving the room, he takes one more look at her then shuts the door behind him.

I finally let my tears fall at the sight of my girl. My heart is breaking seeing her like this. Not knowing if she will come back from this is killing me. “Come on, baby. I need you. Please Kate. Don’t leave me” I whisper into her ear. I pick up her hand and give her a small kiss on her knuckles. “Please come back to me” I whisper again, letting my tears fall down onto her hand.

Placing her hand back onto the bed. I slowly get up from the chair and kiss her forehead. “I love you” I whisper onto her lips and place a small kiss on them. I stand up straight and wipe my eyes. Leaving the room I take one more look at her. I just hope and pray that she will come back to me soon.

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