It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 27- The beginning of the end


The only mission this club has is to kill John and Brad. Brad is on the brink of death as it is. They have ruined Katherine. She is still unconscious, and it has been a week. The doctors are not hopeful. She’s laying dying in that hospital bed. Butch and Diana are not coping. The club is going mad.

Doc told us the day after we found her, that, she needed a hospital. He couldn’t do everything for her, so that is what we did. We sent her to the local hospital and have left guards on her. She is my fucking world, and I will not let that cunt get his grubby fingers on her again.

Bones and Danger are both out looking for John. The cunt has gone into hiding. It is probably the smartest thing he could do, but I swear that it will be a long, slow and painful death when we find him. He has fucked with us one too many times.

“Word from Bones is that John is back in town. Boys are following” Savage yells out. “Everyone get ready” Butch yells, kissing Diana on the head. “It’s time to finish this,” I say to myself. Running out of the clubhouse to my bike.

Butch takes the lead, Savage and I ride behind him, and the rest of the club is behind us. The ride to Castlemain is long and tiring. We only stop to piss, and that’s it. The wind is harsh, and the rain has started. We keep going. It is time to get John and string him up by his fucking ankles. He has nearly killed my woman twice now.

Pulling into Castlemain, what should have taken two days only took us one. We pull up into Bones’ compound, parking our bikes and climbing off them one by one. Bones greats us from the porch. “Welcome boys. Come on in and let’s get the party started” Bones calls out to all of us. We look at him in confusion.

“Why are we having a party?” I ask him. “I got a surprise for you all. So, come in, and I’ll show you it” Bones replies. Butch walks in first followed by Savage and the rest of the guys. I hang back and wait. I don’t really want to party. My Katherine is laying in a hospital bed, on the brink of death. I should be there with her and not here drinking and laughing and having fun.

I finally go inside the clubhouse. The room is packed with men and women, drinking and cheering. I watch as Butch approaches me with a look in his eyes that I don’t understand. “Come on. We have to go into the basement for our surprise” he says to me, with sarcasm dripping from his voice. I follow Butch when he turns and walks away.

Walking down the basement stairs, I hold my breath. Nothing good comes from down here. All the men who have lost their lives down here for double-crossing us. Making it into the centre of the darkroom, a small light leading our way. I am standing right behind Butch and Savage when the lights get turned on.

Sitting in a chair in the middle of the room is a bloody and beaten John. He looks up as the lights are turned on. The look in his eyes of pure shock and then anger. “Fuck off. You can’t do anything to me. You kill me and then Brad will come after you” John spits out at Butch.

“Funny you mention Brad. He won’t be hurting anyone from now on, John” Butch tells his brother. John looks confused at Butch’s answer. “To clear it up, John. Brad is hanging out in my shed, literally hanging by his feet. He is probably dead by now” Butch says with a shrug of his shoulders. “Don’t lie to me, Baxter. You don’t have Brad. He was standing guard, making sure no one got to your dead daughter” John spits out.

“That is where you are wrong, yet again little brother. You see, I have a spy amongst you. Someone told me what was happening to my Princess, and we could save her before she died. When we found the location, Brad was there, and after a few minutes of roughing him up, we had Katherine out of the hole she was in” Butch says with a smirk.

I have my own smirk on my face, knowing that John is about to die, and I am looking forward to watching every minute of his demise. My phone pings in my pocket, I pull it out and read the message. My heart rate picks up, and I can’t help the laugh that comes from my throat. Butch turns to look at me with one of his eyebrows raised.

I turn my phone to him to show him the message. The tears start to form in his eyes, leaving him with a glassy look. “John, you are a piece of scum. Not worth anything in this life. You see, that was my wife who messaged Buster here. She was informing us that Katherine has woken up from her little sleep. You thought you would beat us, but at the end of the day, I was stronger. I waited and waited patiently for you to fuck up” Butch tells him.

John pisses his pants at Butch’s words. “You can’t do shit to me” John yells out. “Really?” Butch questions him. “You are weak, Baxter. You will never hurt me because I am blood” John tries to reason with Butch. “I am going to have great pleasure in watching the life drain out of your eyes, John. You are not blood to me. Blood doesn’t kidnap and hurt their own family members. You fucked up taking my daughter from me” Butch yells at him.

“You took Jane from me” John replies. “I never fucking touched Jane. That was Raider. He was the one who killed her and then allowed my club to carry the blame. You are sick and twisted. You worked alongside the guy who murdered your woman for years and didn’t even know, so stop trying to blame it on me.” Butch yells. He turns his back and walks out of the basement.

I approach John and punch him in the jaw. “That there cunt, is for all the hurt you put my woman through” I yell at him. Punching him again in the face, “That’s for me” I tell him. Turning around, I walk out of the basement with Savage in toe. Getting up to the common room, Butch is sitting at the bar, sinking back a glass of whiskey.

“Tell them Buster” Butch yells out. “Katherine is awake. She remembers everything that happened, and she is waiting for us to come home with that piece of shit. She wants to help end him” I yell out to the room. The hooting and hollering from the members could be heard from outer space.

The party doesn’t last too much longer. Butch’s crew are ready to ride back and take John to his final resting place. Of course, we need to kill him first. We load up the van with a bruised and unconscious John, and the rest of us jump on our bikes. “Don’t worry about speed limits boys. Let’s get back to the clubhouse” Butch yells out over the sounds of bikes revving.

“Hang on, Kate. I’m coming home to you.”



I wake up alone in a hospital room. I have wires attached to my chest and an I.V running up my arm. I cough to get someone’s attention. I open my mouth to speak, but my throat is hurting. It is dry, and I cough again. Choking on air. The door to the room opens, and I come face to face with Mum. “Holy shit baby girl” she cries out. Running over to my bed and pulling me into her arms.

I am crying alongside her. Mum is rubbing my back and kissing my cheek. “I’m so happy you are awake, Katherine. We were all so worried about you” Mum says to me. I look over to the water jug that is on the table next to my bed. I point my finger towards it and Mum quickly pours me a cup.

I gulp the water down quickly. Feeling the coolness of the water instantly lubricate my throat. “Thank you” I whisper to her. Mum smiles back at me. “Where’s Joel?” I ask her on a whisper. “Oh, they had some news. They have gone out of town” Mum tells me. “Phone?” I ask. Mum hands me her phone, and I open up the messages.

Hey baby, It’s Katherine. Please come back now. I need you next to me. If you have found John and Brad, I want to help get rid of them. Do not have any fun without me. I love you!!!!

I send the message to Joel’s phone. I don’t hear anything back from him. I lay down and look at Mum. She has the biggest smile on her face, just staring back at me. I pat the bed next to me for Mum, and she lays down next to me. Holding me close to her.

I don’t know how long Mum and I had slept for, but it was the best sleep of my life. I have my Mum. My real Mum. The one who carried me and birthed me. The one who lost me to kidnapping. The one who now has me again and will never let anything happen to me.

The doctor walks in the room and smiles when he sees me awake. “Good to have you back, Katherine,” he says. He does a few checks on me. “I think you could probably be discharged later today or even tomorrow morning. Everything looks good” he says with a smile. I smile back at him. “Thank you. I would rather get out of here today, though. I will recover better at home” I tell him. He nods his head and leaves the room.

“Hey, Mum?” I call. “Yeah, babe?” Mum questions. “Have you heard from Dad or Joel? I sent Joel a message and never heard back from him” I tell her. I don’t want to start crying, but I can feel the tears fill my eyes. “I spoke with your Dad after you fell asleep last night. They were on their way back from Castlemain. They should be back soon” she tells me.

A few hours pass and the doctor comes back in the room with some papers in his hands. “Here are your discharge papers, Katherine. Just sign where I have left a cross, and you will be free to go” he says. I take the papers and pen and sign my name away. Handing everything back to him, he leaves the room. I get up and grab the clothes that Mum had laid out on my bed.

I have a quick shower and get dressed. Leaving the hospital room, I walk down the quiet hallway. I press the button for the elevator and wait for the door to open. Once they do, I spot the most delicious looking man I have ever seen in my life.

“Hey, baby,” he says to me. I jump into his arms, pressing my lips to his. Joel stumbles back a bit but catches himself. “I’ve missed you, Princess,” Joel says on my lips. “I missed you” I whisper back. “How did you find me?” I ask him. He places me back on my feet. “I want to tell you, but your Dad told me to wait until you were home. So that we could all talk to you together” he says to me. I smile at his answer and wrap my arms around his body, resting my head on his chest.

Joel gets us back to the clubhouse in no time. Walking through the front doors, I feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders. Everyone is here. All the members are cheering that I am back, and I can feel the love from all of them. I see my Dad first and walk straight into his arms. He wraps me up tight. “I’m so happy to see you,” he tells me. I look up at his face and see the love he has for me, shining in his eyes.

“I’m so happy to see you too, Dad. I’ve missed you” I tell him, resting my head on his chest. “Princess, we need to talk,” Dad says to me. Everyone in the room goes quiet. I step back from Dad’s embrace, instantly feeling the cold air. “We have a surprise for you. Would you like to see it?” Dad asks me. I nod my head at him with a big smile on my face.

Dad walks me out of the clubhouse, down towards the shed. “Close your eyes, Princess” Dad tells me. I close my eyes, and a blindfold is then placed over them. Two people grab onto my arms and walk me into the shed. Muffled noises are coming from the main floor. “Can I take it off yet?” I ask. “In a minute, Princess” Dad tells me.

I wait until I am told to remove the blindfold, and once I do, an evil smirk crosses my face.

“Hello, Uncle John. Did you miss me?”

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