It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 28- The end is here

**Trigger warning**

This chapter depicts violent scenes. Please read at your own discretion.


I look at John. He is hanging upside down in the shed. “Shocked to see me alive?” I ask him, taunting him for a reaction. “Remove the gag,” I say to the boys. Two prospects run up and remove the gag from John’s mouth. I stand back waiting for him to react to me.

“They got to you in time?” John says. I just stand there staring at him. “Clearly. I’m standing here, aren’t I?” I question back. He scoffs. “How did they find you?” he asks. I look to Dad for the answer. “I can do one better” I hear the voice and watch as he steps through the shed door.

I gasp as I watch Josh walk in. He has a smile on his face that makes his features stand out. Just in this light, I can see Dad in him. “YOU” John spits out. “What you thought I was gonna go against my family? If you seriously thought that, you are one fucked up person” Josh says to him with a massive smile still planted on his face.

Dad stands next to Josh and wraps an arm around his shoulders. “You thought that you could weasel your way into his life and make him hate us. The day you told him about me was the day I got my son back. You fucked up John, and I for one cannot wait to watch what Kate and Buster do to you” Dad tells him, his smirk getting wider and wider.

I look behind John and see another body hanging from the roof. “Is that Brad?” I ask. Dad nods his head at me. I walk around John, approaching Brad’s hanging body. “Oh, he is already dead,” I say out loud. “Damn, I was looking forward to playing with him,” I tell the boys. I kick Brad in the head and watch his body swing from the chains.

Going back to the front of the room, I grab the boning knife off the table. “I have the perfect plan for this,” I say, causing the boys to all take a step back. I walk around over to Brad’s lifeless body, stabbing the knife straight into his dick. “Do you need a new gag for John?” I ask Dad. I look at Dad, and he stares straight back at me. Raising my eyebrow Dad then realises what I am thinking.

Dad cringes and then nods his head. I get to work, making a new gag for John. I finish my masterpiece and move back towards the hanging John. “Any last words, John?” I ask him. I have the gag hidden behind my back so he couldn’t see what I had planned. “Fuck you, you little whore. No one will love you. You are damaged beyond repair, and no one will want a used up whore like you” John spits out. I look at Buster and can see the steam coming out of his ears.

“That is where you are wrong, John. You see, I have finally found who I am. I have a whole club here who loves me and a man that can’t wait to marry me. You are the one that is damaged and used up. But enough talking. It’s time for you to fuck off” I say to him. I look at the prospects, “Pick up his head and hold it still” I tell them. They move quickly to do as I have said.

I get closer to his face. John is clenching his jaw; he must sense I have a fucked up mind. “We can do this the easy way John and that is where you just open your mouth and take what I am giving you, or, we can do it the hard way. That is where I smash your fucking jaw to pieces, shove the gag down it and then tape your bottom jaw up. You choose?” I tell him.

I count down from ten for his answer. When I get to three, he opens his mouth to say something, but I am quicker. I shove Brad’s dick and balls into his mouth and as far as I can get it down the back of his throat. John starts choking on them, trying to spit them out. “Alright boys, playtime is over. Let’s end this good for nothing piece of shit’s life” I yell out.

Joel stands beside me and holds my hand. “You ready for this Princess?” he asks me. I look into his eyes, and I can see all the love he has for me shining in them. I lean up and kiss his lips. “I was born ready for this,” I tell him. Joel moves to stand behind me, I pick up the knife, and he puts his hand on top of mine.

Working as a team, we start the gutting process. Blood is flying everywhere. We don’t do a straight cut. Zig zagging from John’s pelvis, through his abdomen and down his chest. Getting to his neck, Joel and I start a sawing action. Wendy had to suffer at the hands of this man, and now we are repaying the favour.

We cut all the flesh and muscle from around his neck. Leaving him hanging upside down, draining the life and blood out of him. “Josh?” I call for my new brother. “Yeah, Katherine?” he asks. “Seeing as this piece of shit, killed your mother. Would you like to do the final thing to him?” I ask. Josh looks at me, confused. “Kick his motherfucking head off” I yell out.

Josh smiles and steps forward. “I would be honoured,” he says. I step back and give him room. “I know you are already dead you cunt, but this is for all the times you lied to me. This is for all the times I had to watch you hurt my sister, and this is for my mother” he yells at John’s dead body. Josh walks back a couple of steps and lining up his shot. He moves quickly, and we watch John’s head bounce off the shed wall. Cheers from the boys are deafening in this small room.

We all walk outside to Mum. She has the hose ready to wash us down. Joel and I stand under the spray of the hose. Mum looks at me, drops the hose then pulls me into her arms. “It’s over now, Princess. It’s over now” she whispers into my hair. I hold onto her tighter and let the tears fall.

All the members are standing around, watching Mum and me in our embrace. “Move along boys. There is nothing to see here” Dad calls out. All of the guys move into the clubhouse, yelling and cheering that the end of John had come. We all know now that life will get back to its normalness. Well as normal as a motorcycle club can be.

Mum and I finally let each other go, I am then pulled into my Dad’s arms. He holds me tighter to him than Mum did. “I’m proud of you, Princess. You have shown us that you are not afraid to get your hands dirty and you have beaten your demons. We, your Mum and I are happy that you are still here with us and we will never let you go” Dad says to me. I can feel the tears still slipping down my cheeks.

“I love you, Dad” I whisper to him. “I love you, too, Princess” he whispers back. He steps back from the hug, holding me at arm’s length. “Get inside and wash this dirty blood off you. We have a party to be at” Dad says. I smile at him and take Joel’s hand in mine. “Let’s shower and then get this party started,” I say to him.

Joel follows me up the stairs, pinching my bum every chance he gets. I swat his hands away each and every time. “Listen here, Buster. You keep doing that, and you will be showering alone” I tell him with a stern voice. Joel picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and races up the rest of the stairs. “No way, I’m getting my woman in the shower to do other things than just cleaning,” he says with a hint of lust in his voice.

I giggle as he throws my bedroom door open and kicks it closed with his foot. Joel places me down on the bed, locks the bedroom door and starts stripping out of his clothes. “Listen here, Katherine. I have gone days without being inside of you, you have one minute to get naked, and in that shower, otherwise, I will take you here. Blood, guts and all.” Joel says to me.

I do as I am told and get as naked as the day I was born. I run into the bathroom and turning on the water. Joel comes in from behind me, pushing me under the water. “Fuck, it’s cold” I yell out. I quickly turn the hot water tap on to get the water warm. Joel starts kissing my neck and pushing me into the tiles.

“Babe, you need to stick it in me now; otherwise you will have to use your hand,” I tell him. Joel grabs my hips pulling them, so I arch my back. Without warning, he rams his cock inside of me. I moan loud, encouraging him to keep going. Joel keeps his hard and fast rhythm, bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. “You better cum now, Princess” he whispers into my ear.

I move one of my hands down to my clit, rubbing it faster and faster. My orgasm washes over me, and I scream out my release. Joel grunts out his own, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me up straighter against his chest. “Fuck, I love you” he whispers into my ear. I feel his member fall out of me, and I turn around in his arms.

“I love you, too,” I tell him, kissing his lips. We quickly finish off washing our bodies in the shower. Getting dressed was another challenge. An hour later, we finally make it down the stairs to the party. “What took you fuckers so long to get down here?” Savage calls out. “Exactly that. We were fucking” I tell him. The room erupts into laughter, and Joel and I join in.

I walk straight to the bar and grab a whiskey that Tracy pours for me. “Good to see you so happy, gorgeous girl,” she says to me. I lean over the bar and grab the front of her shirt. Pressing my lips to hers. “I used to think you made a mistake saving me, but now I see the bigger picture, and I thank you,” I tell her. The look of shock on her face after I kissed her made me giggle.

“Oi, I told you if there was going to be any girl on girl action, I wanted in,” Savage says coming up behind me. “That’s all your getting, Sav. I love Tracy, but I prefer cock and balls” I tell him with a wink. He laughs, walking around the bar to kiss his woman.

“Can I have everyone’s attention” my Dad calls out. The music stops, and the chatter quietens down. “The members and I had a vote. We had to choose who was going to be my VP. We all voted, and it was voted that Savage is the new VP” Dad calls out. All the guys start cheering again. Savage looked like he was gonna cry.

“But, With Savage as the VP, I needed a new S.A.A. Boys, let’s hear it for Buster. The new Sergeant-At-Arms is my soon to be son-in-law Buster. The room erupts again into cheers and whistling. I turn around and watch my man walk up and get his new patch. Both of the guys shake Dad’s hand. The smiles could not be wiped from their faces, ever!

The night went on with drinking and dancing and a whole lot of shenanigans. A weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Life for me now is only going to get better. I do not have to worry about John or Brad. I have gained a whole new family and a new brother. Josh still seemed out of place, but none of the guys here made him feel unwanted.

“Josh” I call him. He looks up at me and gives me a small smile. “I forgive you,” I tell him, wrapping my arms around him. He tenses under my arms and then relaxes, wrapping his arms around me. “I don’t deserve your forgiveness, Katherine,” he tells me. “You didn’t know the truth, and you helped these guys rescue me. Yeah, it might have taken a while, but you did it. You saved me” I tell him.

“Thank you, brother,” I say to him.

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