It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 29- Epilogue


Ten years ago, I ran away from people who I thought were my parents. I ran away from their abuse and found out the truth. I found out I was kidnapped as a baby, all because my father who I found out later was my uncle, first partner was murdered, and the blame fell on my birth parents.

My birth parents were innocent this whole time, and my uncle wanted revenge. He abused me, tortured me, raped me, and tried to kill me on numerous occasions, but I am still here at the end of the day. I am still breathing and loving life.

Six years ago, I met my now-husband. Yes, our beginning wasn’t smooth sailing, with thanks to my selfish behaviour, but he never left me. He always stood beside me and believed that I could become a better person with a life full of love and care. Something I never got growing up.

I’m sitting at the picnic table in the compound watching the boys having running races, rubbing my swollen eight-month pregnant belly. Things have been amazing for all of us.

Buster and I got married a year after killing John. We waited to have kids. He wanted to make sure I was really ready for it, and well look where we are now. Our first baby is on the way. We decided against finding out the sex. We wanted a little surprise.

Savage and Tracy tied the knot a year ago. She was already knocked up by the time they got married, and they welcomed a beautiful little Princess of their own, four months later. Little Riley is gorgeous and has everyone wrapped around her little finger. She is about to turn one and is the life of the party. I feel sorry for Tracy.

Josh found his place here with the crew. He was welcomed in with open arms in the end. He helped save me from John and Brad. He started dating one of the men’s daughters, and they have been going strong ever since. He asked me how to go about proposing to her. I slapped him, kissed his cheek and told him to just do it. Fingers crossed it happens today.

Mum and Dad. Wow. They have been through so much shit together and have come out stronger. They are still madly in love. They welcomed Josh into the family. They always tell him that they owe him. Josh being Josh, brushes it off like normal. Mum and Dad are more in love today than they were yesterday.

This right here. This is what I had been craving all my life. This connection, this family, just this!

I stand up from my chair; the pain in my back is making me uncomfortable. I have had back pain for the past couple of days but ignored it. Just thinking it was normal. This baby is fucking huge. I walk three steps and have to stop. “Joel, I just pissed my pants” I yell out. The boy’s all start laughing. Beer and whiskey being spat everywhere.

Joel stands beside me “I don’t think that is your piss babe. I think this baby is coming” he tells me. “Ohhhh that would explain the back pain then,” I say to him. He looks at me with concern in his eyes. “How long have you had back pain?” he asks. “Couple of days. Nothing I couldn’t handle though” I say to him. Kissing his cheek, I start moving towards the clubhouse.

I climb up two steps and have to stop as a pushing feeling rushes over my body. “OH FUCK” I scream out. Joel runs up beside me, “What’s wrong?” he asks. “I don’t think we will make it to a hospital. Get me into Doc” I yell at him through gritted teeth. Joel picks me up and carries me down to Doc. Kicking the door open with his foot.

“DOC” He yells out. “What now?” Doc questions us. I start removing my pants and undies and climb up on the bed. “Get this devil out of me” I cry out. Doc grabs his gloves and puts them on. Joel growls at Doc looking up my snatch. “You want me to deliver your child, Buster?” he asks Joel. Joel nods his head and whispers ‘yes’ to him. “Good. Shut the fuck up. Hold your woman’s hand and let me do what I am fucking trained to do” Doc yells at him.

Three pushes later, and I can feel the baby’s head pop out of me. I can’t see what Doc is doing, but I have my full faith in him to deliver my baby. “Katherine, when I tell you, I need you to give me one last big push. Okay?” Doc says to me. “Mmhmmm” I reply. I have no words right now. “Now,” Doc says. I bare down and give him one final big push.

I open my eyes when I hear the shrill cry of a baby being placed on my chest. I open my eyes to look at my child. “I have a fucking son” Joel cries out. I look down at the baby and move the legs to have a look myself. There in front of me was my son’s junk. I cry tears of joy and happiness. I have a son.

Joel kisses my head and then kisses the babies. He goes down to Doc and kisses him too. I watch as my husband runs out of the room into the common room screaming. “I HAVE A SON. I HAVE A SON.” I listen to my husband, and his excitement rubs off onto me.

Holding my baby and looking into his eyes, I make him a promise that I intend to keep.

“From this day forward, I promise to always hold you close to me. I promise to never let you go through what I have had to go through, and I promise that everyone in this house will love you until their final breaths. You are a light to shine brightly from now until forever.”

The End

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