It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 3- Broken homes go together with broken dreams.


After Tracy and I got to mine and saw it trashed, she wanted to call the cops. I told her not to bother. They won’t do anything, and when I did go to them when the abuse started, they did nothing to help me. I know exactly who broke in and trashed my place.

Trace takes me back to her place. She lives with a couple of roommates who don’t like me. They think I am bad for Tracy. She is the life of the party, and I am a recluse. To stuck in my shell to be someone Tracy can rely on. I must agree with them, though. I am trouble. I have always been trouble, and I will be better off running again.

Tracy takes me straight into her bedroom. She throws a pair of trackies and a shirt at me and nods for me to put them on. I strip out of my clothes I was wearing and put on the clothes she gave me. I move towards the bed and pull the blankets back and climb in. “I’m so sorry, Tracy. I will find somewhere else in the morning to stay” I say to her. She turns to look at me, shock written all over her face. “Don’t you ever apologise, you hear me. You will not be finding somewhere else to stay. Especially not when there are a bunch of fucktards after you.”

Tracy climbs into the bed next to me. Pulling me into her arms and holding me tight. “I am never leaving your side, Kate. It would help if you believed me when I say this. I have no idea what those people are capable of, but I will protect you with my life” she tells me. I wish I could tell her everything that I know. I don’t want her to become collateral damage because of me. We both snuggle down into the bed. Tracy falls asleep quickly, which leaves me staring at the walls and ceiling. I know sleep won’t come to me tonight.

Morning comes quicker than I would like it to. I did not get even one second of sleep. My mind just kept replaying what Brad had said to me. Nothing in this world is now making any sense to me. They want me dead. Why? What have I done to deserve this? What God did I kill in a past life? But of course, none of the answers will come to me. Not when my brain is also asking why the grass is green? And why is the sky blue? Why is my life such a clusterfuck?

When Tracy starts stirring, I pretend I am asleep. She has work today, so once she has left, I will make my move. I need to get away from her. I need to keep her safe and away from my life’s fuck ups. I lay in her bed, pretending I am asleep for what feels like hours. Tracy kisses my head and whispers that she’ll be back later. ‘I won’t be’ I think to myself. I know she will be so mad when she gets home from work, but her life and the lives of her friends and family need to be saved from my downfall.

I hear the click-clack of heels on the floor outside the bedroom door. I concentrate on listening to the footsteps until they are out of the front door. Tracy’s roommates are still in the apartment. I’m pretty confident they won’t say anything when I leave. They usually glare at me until I feel so uncomfortable that I will leave anyway.

I wait another 10 minutes before I climb out of bed. I take off Tracy’s clothes and leave them folded neatly on the bed. I redress in what I wore last night and make my move. I quickly use the bathroom, then leave the house. Her roommates didn’t say a word.

Getting out to the main road, I have a decision to make. What way do I go? Going left would take me back to my apartment. Going right will take me to the city limits, and then I would be lost in the big wide world. On the spur of the moment, I go right. Heading back towards my apartment would be a big mistake. They would have eyes on the place, and the minute I walk in, they would swoop in and who knows what would happen to me.

I walk the road, nowhere in mind. I have no idea where I am going. I left all my personal belongings at Tracy’s. There is no way she can track me now. The wind is harsh against my skin, the sun’s rays are blinding me, but I keep moving. I cannot stop now. I need to get away from everything I ever knew and hope to God I make it through all of this.

I wish I knew where I belonged. John and Sally, my ‘parents’, were fantastic when I was a child. The moment I turned 13, I became their slave. I would have to cook and clean for them. I would also have to clean John. He would make me go into the bathroom with him and wash him. The sexual abuse started when I was 15. I would try and fight them, to stop touching me, but my screams and cries would go unheard. I thought Sally would have wanted to save me, but she would turn a blind eye.

I’ve walked, and I’ve walked some more. I have no idea where I am now. I have no idea where I am going. All I know is that I am lost, and the sun is beginning to set. My stomach is grumbling, and my legs are sore. My body is wanting to rest, but my brain is telling me to keep moving. If I stop now, they will find me.

All that surrounds me now are bushes and trees. I need to sit for a minute. My legs are like jelly. I collapse onto the soft grass and lean my back against the tree trunk that is behind me. My eyes close on their own. I am startled awake by someone shaking my shoulder.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I scream. The person takes a step back. “Shit sorry. I was making sure you were still alive” he says to me. I look at his face, he isn’t someone I recognise.

“I’ll go. I’m sorry if this is your property” I tell him. He gives me a small smile, and I try to stand up. My legs are weak, I use the tree trunk to help me to my feet, I go to take one step, and I fall forward. This man quickly grabs me. “You won’t be going anywhere. My house is just over that hill, let me help you there, get you some food and water” he says. I shake my head no and try to push myself off him.

“Don’t fight me, please. My wife will look after you, I promise” he says. I eventually give in. I know I need some food to be able to keep moving. He picks me up and carries me over the hill. His house is more like a prison compound. My heart starts racing in my chest. I am going from one prison to another. He can tell I am stressing. “Don’t. I promise you will not be hurt here” he says, trying to calm my racing heart.

As we get closer, I can see what looks like hundreds of motorcycles, all lined up in a row. Men of all shapes and sizes, walking around the lot. As soon as we made it into the compound, all eyes were on us. I shrunk back into this man’s chest. My body was shaking like a leaf. “Step back boys” he yells out. I cover my ears to stop the noise. My brain is running a million miles an hour, with thoughts that I should not be having.

He walks us up the steps to the main property, and the door is opened by another man wearing a leather vest. I don’t take much notice of what is written on the vest. The inside is loud, and I keep my hands on my ears to block out the noise as much as possible. The place smells like stale beer and tobacco. It reminds me of John’s breath, every time he would come into my room of a night.

The woman in the room, rushed like mad when the man brought me in. Questions on what happened? Where was I found? Who was I, and why was I on their property? All the questions were coming in at once until the man holding me shouted. “ALL OF YOU BACK THE FUCK OFF NOW” he yelled at the women. They all retreated to where they came from. One more woman came forward.

She was dressed in the same leather vest the men were. “What have you found, babe?” she asked the man holding me. “Found her up against a tree just on the outskirts of the land. Food, water, and a warm bed is all she needs” he says to her. She nods her head and follows us as the man took off again, up a couple of flights of stairs and down a corridor. “She’ll stay on our floor. Away from all the fucktards down there” he says to her. “I fully agree” she answers back.

She opens the door to a room, and he takes me in and places me on the bed. I try to sit up straight away, but my arms give out on me. “Just rest sweetie. I will bring you some fresh clothes and food after you have a rest” the woman says to me. She sits next to me on the bed and rubs my forehead. “Rest Princess. Close your eyes. You are safe here” she says as my eyes close on their own.

I wake when I hear voices coming from the outside of the room I am in. I strain my ears to listen to what they are saying. “Do you think it’s her?” a male’s voice comes through. “I don’t know, but the only way to find out is to ask her when she wakes up” comes a female’s voice. I sit up in the bed and swing my legs over the side. Taking a couple of deep breaths, I stand up, wobbling as I do so. I find my shoes on the floor next to the bed. I quickly slip my feet into them and tiptoe over to the door.

The talking had stopped by then. I quietly opened the door and stuck my head out. Looking both ways, I notice the coast was clear. Stepping out of the room, I didn’t know which way to go. I slowly started walking down the hallway, it came to a dead end. Cursing softly to myself, I turned around, a scream leaving my lips. “Shit sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” comes the rough gravelly voice of a man.

I fall to the floor and hug my knees to my chest. The panic is running rampant through my veins. “Oh, shit” the man exclaims. He kneels on the floor next to me, rubbing my back and applying pressure between my shoulder blades. My breathing is in short sharp pants. Nothing he was doing was working. He grabs my hand and places it on his chest. “Follow my breathing. In, out. In, out” he commands.

I follow his breathing and start to calm mine down. “That’s it, sweetheart. In and out. You are doing a fantastic job” he complimented me. “What the fuck is going on here?” another gruff voice calls out. “Sorry, Pres. Found her in the hall. She turned around, and just the sight of me sent her into a panic” this guy says to the other guy known as his Pres.

The Pres guy nods his head and looks towards me. “You alright now, princess?” he asks me. I shake my head once and start to lift myself off the floor. The other guy holds his hand out to help me. “I won’t bite, I promise. I’m just going to make sure when you stand you don’t fall again” he tells me. I take his hand, and he helps pull me to my feet. “Thank you,” I say to him. He hums a little in acknowledgement at my thanks.

The men lead me down the stairs into the main hall. All around the room are leather-clad women and more tough and scary looking biker men. I can feel my heart rate picking up again. The Pres walks in front of me, and the other guy is behind us. He must have noticed my back going stiff as we walked into the room. He gently placed his hand on my shoulder, “no one will hurt you here. We all just look scary. Most of those men are giant teddy bears” he whispers to settle my nerves.

We walk into the kitchen. The lady who helped us out was in there cooking something at the stove. “What would you like to eat sweetie?” she asks me. I shrug my shoulders, “Just a piece of bread if you have any?” I say back to her. The men both laugh at my answer. “Oh, sweetheart, you can eat more than that here. If you want pancakes with chocolate sauce and fruit, you’ve got it” the Pres man says to me.

“Can I ask a question?” I ask them all in the room. All 3 nod their heads towards me. “Who are you, and where am I?” I ask. The one known as Pres steps forward. “That was two questions there princess,” he says with a laugh. “Sorry” I whisper. “Don’t be sorry. I’m Bones, this here is Buster” he points to his left, “And this wonderful woman is my ‘Old lady’” he points to his right, wrapping his arm around her. “I’m Casey,” she says.

“This is the ‘Devils on Wheels’ MC” as soon as those words were out of Bones’ mouth, I feel my heart rate pick up. I have heard about these guys. They are ruthless when it comes to violence. I know John feared them, he would always say that he would love to watch them burn to the ground.

Casey notices my breathing change after Bones had said who they were. She came and stood next to me. “We won’t hurt you, princess, but you need to tell us who you are and who you are running from” she whispers into my ear. “We will protect you” Buster chimes in. I close my eyes, willing my breathing to slow down.

“My name is Katherine Fowley,” I tell them. All three of them turn to look at each other. “It is her” Casey whispers more to herself, but we all hear her. “Butch is going to be so fucking happy when he hears she is here,” she says a bit louder. I couldn’t help myself. I needed to know who this ‘Butch’ person is. “Who is Butch?”

All three look at me and reply at the same time.

“Your father.”

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