It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 4- The truth begins


I have no clue what happened. One minute I was sitting at the table and talking to Bones, Buster, and Casey then the next thing I know, I am laying on the floor. My head is pounding, I don’t know whether it is from a headache or what, but all I know is that it’s sore. Bones is kneeling beside me. “Katherine, can you hear me?” he asks.

I let out a soft sigh and raise my hands to my head. I try to release the pressure and the pain, but nothing seems to be working. “Get Meds in here now” I hear one of them say. I have my eyes closed, so I don’t know who spoke. More footsteps can be heard in the room now. “What happened?” is the only question flying from people’s mouths.

“Everyone get out” I can hear a female’s voice say. It sounded like Casey. “Tracker, can you get in contact with Butch?” I hear Casey ask someone. I don’t hear any noise from the person named ‘Tracker’, and with my eyes still closed, I can’t see if he or she nodded their head. I try to open my eyes, but it is like they are glued shut.

“Buster, help me get her off the floor,” Bones says. Both men pick me up from the floor and lay me down on what must be the table. “Katherine, I need you to open your eyes, Princess. I need to make sure you are ok?” Bones says in my ear. I can feel my eyes flutter, but I still cannot get them to open fully. I can feel the softness of someone’s hand rubbing my head. “Come on, Princess. Get those eyes opened for us” comes the soft voice of Casey.

I force my eyes to flutter again, slowly opening them, blinking them shut as soon as the light hits them. I blink a few more times. I am adjusting to the bright light hanging above my head. “Oh, Jesus fuck, my head hurts” I cry out. Casey softly giggles. “That’s a new one,” she says. “Jesus fuck, alright,” Bones says with a laugh. Another voice cuts through the room, “What have we got here?” he asks. “Meds meet Katherine. Princess here fainted and hit her head on the table when she went down” Bones tells who I am now assuming to be Meds.

“Hi, Katherine. I’m Meds. I’m the club’s doctor. Can you tell me where it hurts?” he asks me. “My head” is all I can say. He flashes a light into my eyes and feels around my head. I have no idea what he is looking for. “Get her into a room. She has a concussion, and someone will need to stay with her for the next few hours, waking her every 2 hours. Otherwise, she should be fine” Meds says to the room.

Buster picks me up and carries me bridal style, “What room was she in?” he asks. “2 doors down from us” I hear Casey respond. Buster grunts and carries me out of the kitchen, back out to the main room, and towards the stairs. Everyone in the room all stopped what they were doing and watched as Buster carried me up the stairs. “Do you think it’s true? She really is Butch’s little girl?” I hear one woman ask another. “Not sure but we will find out soon enough” another one answers.

Buster gets me into the room and lays me on the bed. “Sleep Princess. I will wake you in 2 hours” he says to me while tucking me in. I don’t argue, and I allow my eyes to close into a dreamless sleep.

True to his word, 2 hours later, Buster is waking me up. “Fuck off and let me fucking sleep” I yell at him. He laughs a deep rumbling belly laugh. “You really are Butch’s daughter,” he says. “Go back to sleep, Princess,” he tells me. I roll over and get comfortable once again. Not before long, I am woken by a commotion from down the stairs.

“Where the fuck is she” I hear someone yell out. Buster stands and guards the door, not knowing who is here. “Butch calm the fuck down” more voices are yelling out. I sit up in the bed when I hear the name, Butch. Tears fall from my eyes. In my 21 years of life, I have never been so fucking happy and sad to know that my birth father is here to rescue me.

I swing my legs over the side of the bed and try to stand up. I sway a little when I finally get onto my feet. Buster walks over to me. “Where do you think you’re going, Princess?” he asks me. “To see my father,” I tell him. Buster wraps his arm around my waist, “Let me help you?” he asks me. I wrap my arm around his neck and let him lead me out of the room and down the stairs.

Once at the bottom, the room is going wild. This Butch guy has all these tough-looking bikers on high alert. “Where is Butch?” Buster asks. “Chapel” is the response he gets. He helps me over to 2 huge doors. Buster knocks on the door, and we wait for someone to call out ‘come in’. Once we get that, he opens the door slowly.

This room is enormous. The table in the middle of the room is the length of my apartment. It has at least forty to fifty chairs around it. I look to the right, and there is no one sitting there. I move my head to the left and at the end of the table are four people. Two of them are Bones and Casey. The other two, I don’t know who they are, but they both look scary as fuck.

“Butch, Diana” Buster calls. Butch and Diana turn around to look at us. I gasp once I see the woman. It is like I am looking in a mirror. My heart rate increases and my breathing is coming out in short little puffs. Buster quickly moves me to a chair and sits me down. He rubs in between my shoulder blades again. “Just breath with me, Princess. It will pass over soon” he says to me. He places my hand on his chest again. “Breathe with me. In and out. In and out” he says

I look up again at the two other people in the room. The woman is crying. Tears are falling fast from her eyes. The man has his arm wrapped around her. He also has tears falling down his cheeks. “Holy fucking dog shit. It really is her” the woman, Diana, calls out. I can tell she wants to come over to me. Once I know my breathing is calm, I slowly stand up, using Buster as a leaning pole.

As soon as I am up on my feet and steady, I move quickly over to Butch and Diana. Butch wraps his arm around me and pulls me into his chest. His other arm is wrapped around Diana and pulls her into his other side. She wraps one of her arms around me and the other around Butch. We all stand here for what feels like forever—holding onto each other for dear life.

I try to remember if John or Sally ever held me like this, but I cannot think of a time where they showed me any kind of love and care. “We’ll give you guys some space,” Bones says. He, Casey, and Buster leave the room, the doors closing quietly behind them. I can hear all the people cheer once Bones, Casey, and Buster get out there. Butch steps back from us, and Diana quickly wraps me up in both of her arms.

“I can’t believe you are really here,” Butch says. “After 21 fucking years, we finally have you back in our arms” he continues. All I want to do is break down and tell them everything that has happened to me over the past 21 years, but I know as soon as I open my mouth Butch will destroy everything in his way. Diana leads us to a couple of chairs, and we sit down. She takes my face in her hands.

“You look exactly like me. It’s uncanny” Diana says. I look at them both. “How did you guys get here so quickly? When I found out I was kidnapped, I was told I was flown halfway around the world” I ask them. Both Butch and Diana look at each other with confusion written on their faces. “Katherine, we live four towns over from here. As soon as Tracker said they might have found you, I floored it here. Where did you grow up?” Butch asks me. “Old Town,” I tell him. “FUCK” Butch screams out. “You were only a two day drive away from us. Why the fuck did it take us 21 fucking years to find you?” he questions himself.

The truth is finally coming out. No wonder John and Sally feared the Devil’s on Wheels. They stole me from one of the members. “Who raised you?” Diana asks me quietly. I can tell she was nervous to ask that question. “John and Sally Fowley. Well, I think they are their names. I am not sure anymore” I tell her. I can see Butch from the corner of my eye. He has steam coming out of his ears, and his face is bright red.

“Dad?” I call out. He looks at me, and I can see him calm himself down. “Yeah, Princess?” he asks. “Do you know them?” I ask him. I am nervous about his response. “Unfortunately, the people you called mum and dad for the past 21 years are your aunt and uncle,” he tells me. I can tell he is getting angry by the change of his voice in the middle of his reply.

So, my Aunt and Uncle stole me as a baby. One of them is blood-related to either one of my parents. This is all so confusing, and again my head is hurting. I place my head in my hands and massage my temples, hoping that will relieve the pressure. “What is wrong, Princess?” my mum asks me. “I have a headache,” I tell her honestly.

A knock is sounded at the door. Butch walks over and opens it. Standing in the doorway is Meds. “Sorry, Butch. But I need to check on Katherine. She fainted earlier and hit her head on the table in the kitchen” Meds tells my dad. He grunts and lets him in. Meds takes one look at me and shakes his head. “Why didn’t you tell anyone you were in pain?” he asks me. I shrug my shoulders not having an answer for him right now.

He does his checks and hands me two pills and a bottle of water. “Just normal over the counter pain pills. Can’t give you anything stronger. Take these and get some more rest” he tells me. Butch comes over to me and picks me up bridal style. “What room have you been staying in?” he asks me. “I’m not sure. You will have to ask Casey” I tell him. He carries me out of the chapel room into the main room again.

Everyone stops what they are doing and turn to face us. Casey approaches us. “What room?” is all Butch asks. “Third floor, 2nd door on the right,” she tells him. “Thanks,” he says quietly and heads towards the stairs. Butch takes the stairs slowly, so my head isn’t bouncing. Following behind us is Diana. She is still crying. I don’t know if it’s because they have found me or because of who took me.

Making it into the room, Butch lays me down gently. Diana tucks me in and climbs onto the bed next to me. “I’ll stay with her,” she tells Butch. He nods his head and leans down to kiss my forehead. “I’ll be downstairs,” he tells us. “Get some rest, Princess. We have a lot of catching up to do” he tells me, turns, and walks out of the room.

Diana wraps me up in her arms, kisses my forehead, and holds me tight to her. My eyes get heavy, and I try to fight the inevitable, but sleep wins. I fall asleep, wrapped in the warmth and love, I have craved ever since I was a child.

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