It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 5- When the bullets start flying.


“Where the fuck did that little whore go?” I have asked myself that question at least a hundred times in the past 20 minutes. I have John breathing down my neck every 3.7 seconds, wondering if I have found her. He knows if she makes it over the city limits and into DOW’s territory, his sick game will be found out. I am also worried about that cause that means I have lost my plaything.

She ran, and she ran good. Once she noticed her apartment was trashed, she took off with her friend. That is who I need to find. She will know where she is. I will make sure the friend talks before I slit her little throat. She is a good for nothing little tramp who needs to learn her fucking place in this world. She back chats the wrong person, and she will end up with a bullet between her eyes.

I make it my mission to find the little red-headed bitch. She is my ticket to finding that whore of a thing who thought running would be easy. She got away four years ago. Never again, under my watch.

I scowl the streets for her. I need to find out where she lives. Rough her up until she talks. “Fucking hell. Where the fuck does the bitch live?” I ask myself. I follow the steps I have taken repeatedly. I come to Kate’s apartment again. There is movement inside the apartment. I rush in and up the stairs. Hopefully, Kate has come back, and this will be an easy swoop in, capture, and return to where her final resting place will be.

I open the door to her apartment and quietly walk in. Nothing seems to have been moved from when I was last in here. I hear a noise coming from the bedroom. I make my way towards the hallway when the sound of gunfire hits my ears. I quickly pull my gun out of the holster, taking off the safety. I move to stand behind the wall, the only protection I have right now.

Footsteps can be heard coming out of the bedroom. I slowly raise my gun, look around the corner and nearly fall on my arse when I feel the cold metal of a gun being pressed against my skull. “Hello, Bradley. It has been a long time since I’ve seen you nephew” comes the deep gravelly voice of the one and only Butch.

“Uncle Butch. So good to see you again. Where is that little whore of yours? She needs to pay for her crimes she has committed against my stepfather” I tell him, with a smirk on my face. “Oh Bradley, the only crime that has been committed is you and your family still breathing. Today I will let you live, but mark my words boy and make sure you run home and tell the rest of them. I am coming for you all, and when I get you, you will all be tied up by your ankles and slit open from your hips to your chin” Butch says in my ear.

I am roughly shoved forward and hit the ground on my knees. The footsteps retreat out of the apartment, but words are being yelled at me again. “Remember to tell your worthless family what the plan is boy. Judgement day will be upon you all very, very soon” are the last words I hear from the bunch of fucktards as they leave.

I know now that once I get back and tell John and Sally, war will be upon us. I don’t know whether I am excited about this or shitting bricks over it. I know those arseholes are ruthless when it comes to fighting, but I also know that we are just as bad. The only problem we have is the fact that they have more numbers. John better be prepared for this shit.

Making it back to John’s makeshift home, slamming doors behind me, John rushes out to see what the commotion is all about. “What has gotten into you, boy? And where the fuck is Katherine?” he yells out. “Bad news John. She’s back with Butch” I tell him. All the colour drains from John’s face. I can see the sweat start to form and roll down his cheeks. The slight shake to his body lets me know he knows shit is about to go down.

“The message from your brother is to be prepared. War is on us, and we are fucked” I tell him.

John shakes his head. “No, we are going to get the bitch and fucking kill her. He is the reason I don’t have my beautiful Jane with me. That is why I am stuck with your whore of a mother. An eye for a fucking eye, Bradley. Don’t you forget it” John yells out.

I know his words should anger me about my mother, but they don’t. She is a whore. She sleeps with whoever she wants. At one point she even tried to leave to get with one of those MC scum bags. John should have killed her then, but he didn’t. “FUCK” John screams out again. He knows this is all about to end in bloodshed. He just hopes it’s not his.

“We need to find her and get her away from them. This is fucked. Sick and tired of him getting everything handed to him, and I get the leftovers. Butch needs to learn a fucking lesson. I couldn’t get Diana so I will go for the next best thing. Katherine will be back with me by the end of this week. She would be at one of their clubhouses. Search all of them” John yells out.

Josh and I start planning out our attacks. I need to make sure we hit the right one first. “She would be in the closest one to us. She wouldn’t have gotten far by foot” Josh says as he starts pulling up maps on his computer. “That is true, but who is to say she hasn’t been moved to another site since then,” I say to him. We both look hard at all the Devil’s areas around.

They have the majority of land around the tri-state area. Knowing we have a lot of ground to cover means we must get our arses into gear now. Making plans to find Katherine is going to be hard. Being caught is instant death for us. We must move like ninjas, but knowing Josh, he will get us noticed. Maybe I can do this on my own.

I wait for nightfall to start my mission. I don’t let on to anyone where I am going. I just move. Silently, I go towards the closest clubhouse. I know she will either be here or at her father’s. I need to find her, and I need to find her quickly. I don’t care what it is going to cost me in the end. I need to help John get rid of her. She knows too much, and that is not good for us.

Getting into the compound was easy. Bikers are all drunk and stoned by now, so getting through into the house won’t be difficult either. All I need is a leather vest, and I’ll be in. I see a lone prospect standing at the gate, keeping watch on the main road. Target one will be down in seconds. I make my approach keeping my feet light. I apply my silencer to my gun, and as soon as I am close enough, I raise my weapon and shoot.

Hitting my target where I intended, a clean shot through the back of his head. I walk over to his body and remove the prospect vest from his back. Knowing now I have an in, I just have to keep my head down and move quickly. Putting the vest on my own back, I make my way towards the main doors. Slowly opening the door to assess my situation. The room is dark like everyone has gone to bed.

“Jackpot” I whisper to myself. I move quickly, keeping my noise levels down. I make it to the stairs. Taking two at a time, I make it to the third level. It is eerily quiet walking down the hallway, but I keep going. She has to be here. I open every door I come across, and all of them are empty. Not one soul is in this place. All their bikes are out the front.

I head up to the fourth floor, not a soul on the third. I open every door I come across and again, nothing, nada, zip. This floor is empty like the others. “Fuck” I whisper to myself. I head back down to the main floor. This building is vacant, which confuses me more. “Bikes out front, but no one here. What the fuck is going on?” I ask myself as I step off the last step onto the main floor.

Still, no noise and no lights are on. I walk towards the main doors and open them, stepping outside. Going down a couple of steps, I’m ambushed. I am back on my knees, with a gun against my head. “What ya doing here, boy?” the voice of Butch comes through. “Fuck off dickhead. I am here to take the little slut you call a daughter. Need to stick my dick in her tight hole once more, before she dies a slow and painful death” I tell him, with a smirk on my face.

Next thing I know, I am lying face down on the gravel. “You fucking hit me you arsewipe” I yell out to Butch. “Next time you won’t be talking back to me,” he says to me, with his own little smirk. “You’ll never find her, though. She is in hiding, far away from here” Butch continues.

“I’m fucked” is all I can think to myself. “Get this piece of shit out of my face” Butch screams at the boys around me. Two of the guys grab me from under my arms. “Bradley, thank your lucky fucking stars that I didn’t end you tonight. You will come in handy finding my brother” Butch all but yells in my face. The guys who have me in their arms, drag me towards the gate where I shot the prospect. His body is no longer there, but the gates open and I am thrown out onto the rock gravel in front of the gate.

I can feel the blood already rolling down my face from where I have hit the gravel. “Stay off my property, or next time I will put a few hundred bullets through your body and leave you hanging out the front of your mother’s house,” one of the guys says to me. I don’t make a noise, I get up, brush myself off and head off in the direction of where I parked my car. Knowing full well, if I am caught again, I will be a dead man.

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