It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 7


My Princess has been through the fucking ringer. All I know now is that I want to kill all of them. John, Sally, Bradley, and anyone else who has anything to do with him. They stole my baby and then stole her innocence. I am scared that they have stolen a lot more from her. Katherine, she is timid as a mouse and now finding out what they did to her......

I can’t finish my thought as I make my way down into the common room. Upon entering, I notice the piece of shit who will die by my hands. Blood or not. He crossed a fucking line and will pay for it all.

“Where is my little whore?” he opens his mouth. My VP pulls out his gun and points it in John’s direction. “Standing next to you, it seems” my VP Raider responds. Raider places his hand on my shoulder and nods his head at me. He is telling me quietly that he will handle this bullshit.

“Who the fuck are you to talk about my wife like that?” John snarls out. Without missing a beat, “Who the fuck are you to come in here and call your wife a whore?” Raider says. My boys all chuckled at that. Raider stands there with a smirk plastered on his face. “I should put a fucking bullet in your head, you piece of...” “Don’t finish that sentence sweetheart” Diana pipes up and shuts Sally down.

“How about you all get your filthy arses off my property. You do that now, and you all leave with your lives. I’ll even count to ten. Giving you a three-second head start” I tell them. John steps towards me. “An eye for an eye brother. Don’t forget that. I will have your little whore of a daughter, and she will be strung up like my Jane was because of you fucks” he spits in my face.

I see red. My right fist swings out and connects with John’s face. He stumbles back and hits the floor. Bradley steps forward to help John but is restrained by Buster. “If I were you, little boy, I would stop moving” Buster yells in his ear. John pulls himself back up from the floor, blood dripping from his lip. “This isn’t the end, Baxter. I will have her, and when I get her, I will fucking kill her” He spits out at me.

I go to swing my fist again, but Diana stops me. Instead, she steps forward and punches him, square in the nose. You could hear the bones break from every corner in the room. “You touch my daughter again, I will be the one who strings you up, cut your dick off and shove it so far down your fucking throat, you will choke to death on it” she spits in his face.

One of his goons pulls his gun out, pointing it at Diana. The boy must be stupid if he thinks he will be quick enough in a room full of bikers. “Drop the fucking gun” Savage calls out. This cock stain releases the safety and cocks the pistol, still pointing it at Diana. “Pull the fucking trigger” Sally screams out to him. Savage whips his own gun out and pulls his trigger. Blowing the brains of this cock wank all over the clubhouse wall.

“One down. How many more of you wankers want to play?” Savage asks the room. All of John’s boys step back and lower weapons. “Are you for real? Put them back up and kill all the fuckers in this room” Sally cries out. Diana steps up to her, “You wanna play chicken with your life, Sally?” she asks her. Sally’s face pales, and she takes a step back. “Just as I thought. All bark and no bite” Diana says to her and steps back to stand next to me.

“If I were you, I would leave and never show your faces again. If one hair on my daughter’s head is out of place because of you, I will finish you” I tell them. All of John’s boys and himself leave through the door. We wait until they have left the property before we relax. “Someone clean this fucking mess up. I have a daughter to get back to” I say to the room.

The prospects get into gear and start cleaning up the body and blood. They already know where to put the body. I grab Diana’s hand and pull her back to my office. Unlocking the door and opening it slowly, we don’t see Katherine anywhere. “Kate” no response. “Katie” I call again to no response. “KATHERINE” I yell her name. Diana has entered the room and is looking in any spot she can think of. She moves the couch.

“I have her. FUCK” she cries out. In two steps, I am looking at what Diana is looking at. There curled up in a little ball is Katherine. I pick her up and lay her on the couch. “Fuck. Get Doc in here” I tell Diana. She quickly runs out of the room, screaming for Doc. I sit on my knees next to Katherine and rub her head. “Come on, baby girl. Come back to us now. Open your eyes, Princess” I say softly to her.

“Move Pres. Let me look at her” Doc calls out from the doorway. I get up but don’t leave her side. Doc shines a light in her eyes and takes her blood pressure. “She has passed out. I have smelling salts in my bag if you want me to wake her” he says to us. I nod my head, and he goes into his bag, pulling out the salts. He waves them under her nose, and Katherine flies up in a fright. She was screaming as she does.

“BUSTER GET IN HERE” I call for Bones’ boy. He comes rushing in and comes straight to Katherine. He was calming her down as quick as he can. “It’s ok, Princess. I have you, and so does your mum and dad. No one got hurt. I promise you” he whispers to her. She holds onto his cut for dear life. I can see her knuckles turning white with the grip she has on him.

I don’t know what it is about him, but he has this calming effect on her that will come in handy. It makes me think that I should have him swap charters and come here. If my Katherine needs him, I will move heaven and hell to get him. I watch Buster and Katherine on the couch together. I watch how gentle he is with her. I should walk away and give her space, but I can’t get my feet to move from their spot on the floor.

Buster looks towards me and nods his head, letting me know that Kate has calmed down enough for me to speak to her. I nod my head in thanks back towards him. “Kate?” I call her name. She looks up towards me, and I can see that her eyes are all glossy. I open my arms up wide for her, hoping she will understand that I am no threat to her. Kate takes the opportunity to jump up from the couch and run into my arms. I wrap mine around her extra tight. The tears are falling from Kate’s eyes. She pulls back a little and looks at my top. “I’m sorry, Dad,” she says to me. I kiss her head.

“Never apologise little one. You can cry on me whenever you want. I will always hold you until your tears have dried up” I tell her with another kiss to her head. Kate rests her head back on my chest.

Diana and Kate have left my office. As Diana has said to me, she needs mother-daughter time with Kate. I didn’t want to let her go. Being able to hold my Princess in my arms for the first time in 21 years, has lit a fire in my heart. I never realised how much I needed her and this. From this day forward, I promise to God; I will protect that girl with my whole life.

“Butch, what are we going to do with the problem of your brother and his fuckwits?” Buster asks me. I have no idea what I am going to do, but I know I will kill each and every motherfucker who tries to harm my baby.

“Buster. Can I ask you something?” I question him. Nodding his head in response, I continue. “Would you swap charters if I asked you to stay for Katherine?” I ask. “I’d have to speak to Bones. I am his Enforcer” Buster responds. I grunt in response to him. Making a mental note to ring Bones and tell him the situation.

Walking through the common room, the party has started. Music is thumping throughout. Drinks are being spilt by the old fuckers who can’t handle their liquor. “Oi Pres, where’s that fine piece of arse you have here now. The boys and I made a bet on who could bed......” his sentence was cut off by my hand around his throat.

“You speak about my daughter like that again, and there will be a bullet in between your eyeballs. Got it cunt?” I scream at him. This cock head nods his head. I drop him with a kick to the ribs as he tries to regain his breath. “That goes for the lot of you. Katherine is not to be touched. She is my daughter. My flesh and blood. She is not a piece of fucking meat for you fuckstains to touch. Got it?” I yell out to the room.

“Yes, Pres” is the only thing I hear from all these fuckers as I continue my walk through the main room. I turn my head to look at Buster, and the look on his face tells me he is ready to kill someone too. I think my baby girl has made an impression on him. I grasp his shoulder. “You have my blessing boy,” I tell him. The shocked look on his face tells me he knows what I am talking about.

“Butch, thank you. But it is up to Katherine. I am not going to overstep my mark for her. She needs to come to me” he tells me. I clap him on the shoulder once again. “Still stands, boy,” I tell him. There is a sparkle in his eye. I shake my head and chuckle at the boyish behaviour. “Get lost boy. I have a phone call to make” I tell him. He nods his head and makes his way back into the clubhouse.

Taking a seat on the porch, I light up a ciggie and call the person to make all of this happen. After three rings he picks up.

“Bones, I have a favour to ask?” I say to him. “What’s up Butch?” He asks me.

“I need your enforcer. I need him here full time” I tell Bones. He umms and ahhs down the line. “This wouldn’t have anything to do with that young lady who has just come back into your lives, would it?” Bones asks with a laugh. “Exactly the reason” I respond.

“How does he feel about it?” Bones asks. “He told me he would have to speak to you. Look, if he didn’t help my daughter the way he does, I would have sent him on his way back to you. He calms her down when no one can get near her. I need him for her Bones” I plead my case. “Let me throw it to a vote. I’ll get back to you with the result” he says. We grunt our goodbyes and hang up.

I continue to sit out on the porch. Lighting another ciggie as soon as I put the first one out. It’s loud out here, but it is also tranquil. “What are you doing out here?” comes the sweet voice of my one and only woman. “Come here, Queen,” I say to her and grab her hand, bringing her to my lap. “Just enjoying the quietness and the sunset. Thinking how I got so lucky with you as my other-half and an amazing daughter inside” I say to Diana. She leans her head on my shoulder and plants a soft kiss on my cheek.

“We are both pretty lucky. I am just so thankful Katherine is back where she belongs” Diana says to me. We both sit there watching the sunset. My phone pings in my pocket. Pulling it out, I read the text.

“Buster is all yours. Congratulations

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