It's Now Or Never

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Chapter 9- Tracy arrives


It’s been four days since I spoke with Tracy. Mum and Dad sent Savage to get her from her house and bring her back here. They should be arriving anytime now. I keep pacing the common room floor, looking out the windows for them to arrive. “Princess, you need to sit down,” Joel says to me. I shake my head at him and continue pacing back and forth.

“Kate, if you do not sit down, I will force you to sit down and then I will hold you down,” Joel tells me. I look at him, with my mouth open. “You wouldn’t dare to,” I say to him. He looks up at me, with a wicked grin on his face. “Try me, Princess.” He says to me. I start moving back towards the clubhouse doors. “You’ll have to catch me first,” I tell him turning around and taking off outside.

The rain is pouring and hitting the gravel hard. The heavy downpour is flicking up little stones. I run down off the porch into the grassy area. I’m stopped when I heard noises coming from the south end of the property. The noises are not the usual bikes, but what sounds like trucks of some sort. I turn around to run back in when a gunshot goes off. I hit the ground and cover my head.

I start screaming at the noise, hoping my voice can be heard over the rain. “HELP” I scream out. I start crawling towards the clubhouse doors when something grabs my ankle. “Where are you going you little whore?” the voice from my nightmares asks me. I use my other foot to kick them in the face. His hold on me releases, and I can jump up quickly and get to the clubhouse doors.

Joel takes one look at me when I get the door open, and he is on his feet quickly. “Kate?” he calls my name. I drop to my knees, breathing heavily. “Kate, what happened?” He asks me. I don’t have the time to answer when gunshots ring out through the clubhouse doors. “FUCK” Joel yells out. He drags me away from the clubhouse doors further into the common room.

He pulls me into behind the booths and tells me to stay low. “Babe, I won’t be long okay. I will get rid of the fuckers, and I will be back for you. I promise” Joel says to me. By this time, I am able to mutter out a few words. “John,” I tell Joel. He nods his head, pulls out his gun, screams for my Dad and slowly walks towards the clubhouse doors.

A massive explosion goes off as soon as Joel had made it to the door. “JOELLLLLLLLLLLL” I scream. I am trying to look around the other guys. Raider grabs me and holds me to his chest. “Calm down, Kate. I need you to calm down” he says to me. My body goes into shock and panic. My eyes are roaming the doors to the clubhouse, looking around for Joel. “Joel” I keep calling his name, with no response from him.

“DOC” I hear my Dad call out. “Get down here now. We need immediate medical attention” he calls out after Doc made himself known. I keep trying to get up to see where Joel is, but Raider firmly holds on me. “Kate, please, I am begging you not to fight me right now. I need you to stay down” Raider whispers into my ear. I clutch his cut in my hands, feeling my tears soaking my face.

“Keep her down and out of view” Dad calls out to the room. I know exactly who he is talking about. More of the men come forward to block my view of what is going on. Joel has been moved into another room, and I am left on the floor alone. As soon as the room’s door was shut, Raider got up and left me on the floor in my own panic.

My vision starts to blur. My breathing is ragged. I cannot get a deep breath in. My chest is constricting so much that the room begins to spin. “AHHHHHHHH” I scream out before the darkness consumes me.

I slowly start coming back to the land of the living, when I hear the voice, I have been missing. “Where the fuck is she?” Tracy screams out. I raise my hand from my position on the floor. “What the fuck are you doing on the floor?” Tracy says to me as she rushes to me. She picks me up and holds me to her. “I have been so worried about you, Kate. What has happened?” Tracy asks me while rocking my body with hers.

“Where do I start?” I ask her. “From the beginning,” she says. “I sit there and tell her everything that has happened in the past week and a half. Tracy sat there and never said a word. She took everything in. “So, one of the guys who saved you after you ran away from me, is now living here and you are his?” she asks me. I nod my head, yes, to answer her question. “And he was the one who got injured and then everyone left you alone?” I nod my head again.

“I’m going to fucking kill them all. What a bunch of dumb cunts” Tracy says, anger lacing her voice. “Don’t start trouble young lady” a male voice speaks to her. She looks up and smiles at my Dad’s Sergeant at Arms. “Sorry, Savage, but her man gets injured and they keep her away and then once he is safe in the other room every fucking person gets up and leaves her like she is meant to be able to manage this shit on her own. I am fucking fuming right now” Tracy tells him. He just looks at her and then at me then back to her.

“They left you?” he asks me. I nod my head, yes. “Who was it?” he asks. “Raider,” I tell him. His eyes flash with anger. “RAIDER” Savage screams out. Raider comes from another room. “What the fuck is your problem now, Sav?” Raider asks. “Are you fucking serious right now? You know Kate does not handle stressful situations, and then you fuck off when she needs someone the most. Just wait till I tell Butch” Savage says. Raider takes a step towards Savage. “Go ahead, boy. I’ll deny everything” Raider says.

I stand up on shaky legs and head towards the hallway. I need to find Joel to make sure he is okay. “Kate” Tracy calls for me. I ignore her calls and keep moving towards the rooms. I open every door that I come across, all coming up empty. The last door on the left is locked, but I can hear voices coming from the other side. I knock on the door.

The door opens slowly, and my Dad’s head pokes out. “Kate, please, you need to walk away,” he says to me. I stand there with tears falling down my cheeks. “NO” I scream at him. “I need to see him,” I tell him. He opens the door a little wider. I go to move to step in, but Dad stops me by stepping out of the room. He closes the door behind himself.

“Kate, Buster is badly injured. He took the full brunt of the explosion. He isn’t missing body parts as such, but he has cuts and abrasions all over his body. You do not need to see him.” Dad says to me. My body is shaking, my legs give out from under me, and I hit the wall behind me. Dad steps forward and grabs me in his arms, holding me to his chest. “Princess, he will be okay. I promise. But right now, you don’t need to see him like this” Dad says to me.

He picks me up and carries me out towards the common room. “I don’t want to be out there” I whisper to him. He nods his head and turns around for the stairs and carries me up to my room. Laying me on my bed, he plants a kiss to my forehead. “I’m sorry baby girl. But once he is awake and cleaned up, I will take you to see him” Dad whispers to me. I blink up at him and then roll over hugging myself around my waist, letting the tears and heartache show.

I could hear Tracy still yelling at everyone in the common room. Telling them all how much they are a bunch of gutless pigs. Leaving a defenceless girl on the floor to have who knows what happened to her. Dad’s voice bellows through the building, yelling out “Who the fuck is this little redhead?” I know Tracy won’t stand for that. I untangle myself from myself and get out of bed. Opening my door, I yell at the top of my lungs.

“TRACY, GET YOUR ARSE UP THESE STAIRS AND COME HOLD ME” I yell down to her. “About time I heard her voice again” Tracy calls out, running up the stairs. She makes it to my floor and runs straight into my waiting arms. “Come on, Katie-poo. Let’s take a nap” she says with a wink. More footsteps can be heard on the stairs, and Savage comes into sight. “If there is any girl on girl action happening, I want in,” he says with a wicked smirk.

Tracy flips him off and pushes me into my room, slamming the door shut behind us. We look at each other and start laughing. I am past the point of just laughing when no noise is coming out of my mouth, and I can’t seem to take a breath in. Tracy pats my back and blows in my face. “There bitch, now fucking breath you wanker” she says to me with a smile.

We lay down on the bed together and get comfortable. Tracy is the big spoon, holding me close to her chest. “I fucked Savage on the way here” she whispers into my ear. I roll over, so we are nose to nose. “Was it good?” I ask her. “The best I’ve ever had. He was rough and gentle at the same time. I think I would very happily be fucked by him again and again” she says back with a twinkle in her eye. I send her a smile. I am happy for her, but then I think about Joel, and the smile is wiped from my face, and the tears fill my eyes again.

Tracy notices the change in my mood and holds me tighter to her. “He will be okay. You will be laying with him in no time, Kate.” Tracy says to me, kissing my head. “Dad wouldn’t even let me see him. I just need to know he is okay and I just want to hold his hand and kiss his face, and, and, and.......” “Shhhh, Katie. You will be able to soon. Is that old scary motherfucker out there your Dad?” Tracy asks. I nod my head and giggle a little.

“I think I pissed him off with all my yelling,” she says with a smirk. “He’ll learn to love you,” I tell her. She nods her head and gets another twinkle in her eye. This one tells me she is coming up with ideas on how to piss my Dad off more. “Stop it, Tracy. He will not be afraid to hurt you. Please stop playing with fire” I beg her. She gives me a small smile, and I can tell she is thinking over my words. “I can’t promise you anything, but I will give it my best shot,” she says. I nod my head and close my eyes, letting sleep take over me.

I wake during the middle of the night. Tracy is no longer in my bed, only one guess where she is? I quietly tiptoe out of my room and down the stairs. I reach the hallway where Joel is. Moving towards the door, I turn the handle and find it is unlocked. I open the door slowly and poke my head in. Joel is laying on the bed in there, asleep. He is hooked up to different machines. I tiptoe over to his bed after shutting the door behind me.

I quietly and softly get onto the bed next to him, laying my head on his chest. I close my eyes and listen to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. It lulls me into a sense of security and allows me to fall asleep. Holding the man that is slowly but surely stealing my heart.

I’m woken only a few hours later by voices whispering around me. “Should we move her?” “Nah let her sleep. She needs to be with him” “I need to check him out but I can’t with her laying on him” I open my eyes and turn my head to look at who was in the room. “Sorry, Doc,” I say to him. I gently lift myself off of Joel’s chest. I am about to climb off the bed when a hand grips my wrist. I turn my head and look Joel in the eyes. He gives me a small smile.

My body relaxes at seeing Joel’s eyes and his smile. “Welcome back,” Doc says from behind me. “Let me do a couple of quick checks, and then I’ll leave ya alone with ya woman,” Doc says. Joel nods his head at Doc and then looks back to me. “I’m just going to get some water. I will be back” I tell him. Joel smiles at me again. He brings my wrist up to his face and places a gentle kiss on the inside of my wrist and then lets me go.

I jump off the bed and run out of the door. I make it to the kitchen in under a minute, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and getting one for Joel. I didn’t realise I had a smile on my face until Mum points it out. “What’s got you smiling so big this morning?” she asks me. I turn to her, “Joel’s awake” I squeak out. Her smile widens to be the same size as mine. “Oh thank god,” Mum says. “Go baby girl. Go get your man” she tells me. I smile once more at her and take off back to the room he is in.

Nothing can wipe the smile off my face today.

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