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Rilah only knows one kind of life: a life full of pain and hatred. From being kidnapped from her home, to being abandoned in an orphanage and adopted by a family that treats her like a slave, she knows no other life. Until another tragedy befalls her and forces her out of her abusive home. She vows to find her parents and restore her life to rights. But will she find them, or will she keep on living a life on the run? And will her friendship with Charlie evolve into more?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

My heart pounded as I leaned against the grey weathered wall, my arms spread out and my nails clawing against it. The beating of my heart reminded me of the rhythm of a drum rising steadily at a traditional African ceremony.
I could see my lips moving as the three burly men stalked towards me, backing me into a corner. I could read the words on my lips, begging the men to let me go. That was the most painful part; begging for something that you knew you wouldn't be given. At that moment the only thing I could think was "Why me? Why is it always me?" I am a good person. I am forever tolerant and patient. I have never wronged anyone in my life. So why did all bad things happen to me. Is there something bad that I did in a past lifetime, was I a terrible person before? I honestly don't know.
In a flash of movement, one of the men had moved and I felt a sharp cold metal embedded against the skin of my neck. The knife quickly turned warm from my own blood. I felt my heart race even faster, my breathing close to frantic.
"Scream and you are dead, sugar pie. I'll slit you and carve you like a rump of steak", his raspy voice registered in my mind. I didn't dare move because I might just be signing my death certificate. I looked around the alley frantically, searching for a way out. I remembered the ring around my middle finger and twisted to a perpendicular position on the top of my finger. I did not hesitate to deliver a blow to the rat's nose and I heard the unmistakable breaking of the nose. The knife dropped from my neck and I made a run for it. My eyes were set for the open route, and I would lose them easily in the crowds.
I felt a blow to my head and my feet gave out under me. Rough hands gripped my ankles and I was pulled back into the depths of the alley, my screams echoing around the dark and dreary night.
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