My honest mistake

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*****NOTE**** Before you start reading this " love is magic" which will be in my profile... " What movie do you want to watch?" He asked. " Twilight," she said. " What?" He asked with shock. " My classmate said it is a very good movie and one has to watch it with their boyfriend. Till now, I have no boyfriend so  I didn't watch it. I always watch cartoons at my home. Please….play that movie. I want to see what the interesting things are in it" she said innocently. She dragged him onto his bed and leaned on the bedpost. It was very awkward for him to talk with her.  Suddenly she took the remote from his hand and started playing the movie on television. He sat quietly without talking to her.  She leaned on his shoulder intertwining her fingers with his. She was watching the movie without blinking her eyes whereas he was cursing himself to bring her to his home. His body became so hot with her closeness and even his situation became worse when there are the most intimate scenes in the movie.  He gulped his throat and tried to remove his hand from her grip.  " Stay with me. My friend told me to see with my boyfriend" she stopped him pulling towards her. He lost his balance due to the sudden act and fell on her. That was the last string of his control.  " You are looking so handsome that the main lead" Amrutha complimented him.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Dhruv POV:
I was so excited about our golden jubilee celebrations of our RV group of companies. Mostly after three years, we were celebrating anniversary with Karthik.

In one corner of my heart, still I am angry at Karthik as he hides the truth from me about Amrutha. I knew already he had gone through the worst punishment in his life that was staying away from Mom. So I want to forgive and forget about our bitter past and want to start a new journey of my life.

When I saw Karthik and mom talking from far, I really felt happy to see them together. But I don't know how to plan to bring him back to our home. Then I noticed Priya standing alone on the lawn. I immediately went to know why she was standing there. Suddenly I observed her body was shivering and about to collapse on the ground. I caught her and made her sleep on the near couch then informed karthik. He worriedly ran towards her and took to his room. Then he informed me that they both will spend some in privacy. He asked me to arrange a surprise birthday for Priya next evening. I never thought my best friend would become Romeo. I smiled inside with a change of behaviour. Next day evening , I arranged a birthday party for Priya.

Mom introduced Priya as Karthik's wife as their marriage happened in a hurry. The hall was filled with family friends and relatives. We were enjoying the party with full excitement and joy.

When I was busily talking in the party, all at once my heart was beating fast and sensed the same fragrance of her. I turned my head and looked back.

Even after three years , I can sense her presence without my eyes.It was none other than Amrutha. She came along with Arvind and Shreya. She wore a long floral dress looking gorgeous.

Even after I know she loves someone, my stupid heart beats crazily for her...

Arvind came towards me and congratulated me on the occasion and joined with Karthik whereas Shreya went to meet Priya. But Amrutha looked at me for a few seconds and left the place. It was three time, I met her after three years. We didn't speak with each other. I had so many questions to ask her. I was very curious to know the person she loves and who is the lucky person.

I tried to remain calm but in my mind many questions were exploding and only Amrutha could give me the answers. So I checked all my surroundings and searched for her outside. She was standing alone looking at the dark sky.

There was no charm on her face, no smile on her lips and no spark in her eyes.

For a few minutes, I was confused whether she is my ammu or not!

" Why are you alone ? Come and enjoy the party" I invited her inside.

" My presence will be a disturbance to someone in the party. I came here to make Karthik happy. That's it" she answered without looking at me.

For few minutes, I stayed silent then I asked her, " Why didn't you tell me that you love some other person.?" curiously.

" If I told you at that time, you were not in the position to understand" she replied.

" So you think of me as psycho then" I laughed sarcastically.

" I never thought of you as a psycho... " She said in a low voice.

" Then you thought me like a mad person?" I yelled at her this time.

" Do not dig the past.... Dhruv.... I am already feeling guilty to separate two best friends, a mother and a son with my stupid decision.... Please ....I beg you.... " She said with a cracked voice.

" If you want to kill me. I am ready to accept your punishment" she cried collapsing on the floor.

I startled to see Amrutha's behaviour. She was sobbing in front my foot.

" Please forgive Dhruv .... For what I did to you.....I know I am not even worth asking your forgiveness but..." she cried holding my hands.

My heart melted with her words but deep in my heart I was feeling bad that I lost my love. I loved her so much and I never imagined any girl in my life. I don't know whether any other girl will allow another girl to enter into my life. Even if it will be possible or not.

" Stop crying ....." I placed my both hands on her shoulders and lifted her up gently.

" Everyone is not so lucky to get what they want in their lives. I am happy with mom, Karthik and priya" I said.

" Can I speak with you about one important matter?" She asked with hesitation.

" Hmmm...what?" I questioned.

" Do you want Karthik to stay with you in your home?" She asked me.

" Yes..." I replied.

" It is in your hands ..... Dhruv" she said looking at my face.

" What!" I exclaimed.

" If you get married, your mom will allow Karthik to enter the home" she answered.

" What!" I was shocked with her words.

" Who told you this?" I asked louder.

" Karthik..." she said.

" Your mom kept that condition to karthik. But he doesn't want to force you. So he didn't tell you about this matter" she added.

"Please marry some nice girl .... Dhruv" she requested me.

" I love you ...dammit. I can't imagine any other girl in my heart" I shouted.

" But I can't be yours in this life....Dhruv. why can't you accept this truth" she said harshly.

" I started my new life and living happily...don't waste your precious life" she suggested.

" Stop giving your stupid advises to me. " I warned her.

" Then .....what will you do?" She questioned me.

" You are not happy as you don't get your love. So you want Karthik and Priya to stay separate to complete your revenge on Karthik for helping me. Is this you showing your gratitude towards your mom and Karthik." she questioned.

" Ammu....will stop your nonsense or else I don't know what I will do with you" I roared.

" Ohh...I am scared ....Dhruv .... What will you do ? Will you kill me?" She raised her voice.

" I will happily accept your punishment for my sin but please marry someone " She pleaded.
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