The Accidental Wife

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A very heartwarming, romantic story, with lots of humor. Warning: This story does contain some crude humor Never say miracles never happen, because they can... After leaving her boyfriend in Vegas, and having to deal with a sexy, cocky, egotistical man on an airplane, that made for one terrible flight home, Lola needed a night of fun. Lola, and her friend Monique went out drinking. While at a nightclub, Lola read a message on the bathroom stall wall, for a good time call... What could possibly go wrong when you wake up in Vegas "sober" next to a man you despise, you're married, and the last thing you remember was, you were in Miami, drinking with your best friend. Lola and Ryder also discover they signed agreement to be married for a year, with a list they're supposed to follow, and if they break the agreement, there's consequences. The story will bring you laughs, it'll warm your heart, and it will bring you to tears with the hearts of Lola and Ryder, who will show you the true meaning of love with their selfless acts, especially when it comes to a seven year old girl with leukemia.

Romance / Humor
Jeni Rae D
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Chapter 1- Bad day

"Lola, get your ass back over here and let's talk about this," Seth beggingly demanded as she opened the door of their hotel room while dragging her suitcase behind her.

She stopped halfway through the door, turned around, and held up her fist, giving him the finger. "Fuck you. There's nothing more to talk about with you. You made your bed now, lay in it," she hissed, letting the door loudly slam close behind her. After seeing an elderly couple exit the elevator, she sprinted off as fast as she could, hoping to get to the elevator before the doors closed, and the second she got there, the doors closed. "Damn it!"

"Lola, wait!" Seth yelled as he ran towards her.

"Come on. Come on. Come on. Open the doors, please," Lola begged, hitting the button repeatedly while watching Seth getting closer. She heard a bell ding behind her, turned around, and saw the other elevator doors opening. Grabbing her suitcase, she hurried to the other car, and just as the doors were closing, Seth stuck his arm in between the closing doors and started pushing his way inside.

"Go away, Seth. We're over." He got the doors to re-open, stepped inside, and sighed while the doors closed. "Don't you dare say a fucking word. I don't want to hear what else you have to say," she said quietly, trying to stop the tears forming and wanting to escape.

"It was a mistake, Lola. A huge fucking mistake. I never thought it would get as far as it did. But it did, and I promise I'll fix this. Right after we get home, please don't leave. Please."

Lola quietly stood still, trying to process everything he admitted to, then lowered her head. "When I get home, I'm going to call your brother and ask that he grab your belongings. Please don't come after me, and please don't contact me. Ever again."

"Lola, please. Will you please hear me out?"

"Goodbye, Seth," she said, stepping out of the elevator.

Seth unwillingly stood still. He wanted to run after her and stop her from leaving but knew the damage was done and nervously ran his fingers through his hair, watching Lola hurry towards the lobby. He knew she would be upset once he told her what he did, but never thought she would leave him over what happened. He headed back to their room and sat on the bed, thinking and staring at his phone in his hand, trying to think of who he could call to help fix the mess he created and win Lola back.

He scrolled through his contacts, and the one person he was hoping to avoid calling was the only person he knew in his contacts that had any capability to help and bail him out. Groaning, he hit the call button. "Hey. It's me..." he paused, lowering his head and closing his eyes while squeezing his temples hard with his thumb and middle finger. "I need your help. Lola left me," he sighed.


Lola was happy the airlines could get her on a flight to return home three days earlier than initially planned and was more than thrilled when they upgraded her from coach to first class. The only problem was, she had to wait another six hours for the next available flight. To make the time go by, she walked around the airport, hitting some stores with overly priced items, then headed to a bar near her gate, drinking a couple of cocktails while ignoring the surrounding men gawking and making small talk.

After finally boarding the plane, she headed to her seat and saw somebody was already occupying it. She lowered the bag from her shoulder and looked at her ticket, making sure she didn't look at her seat number wrong. Seeing her ticket said 3A and that someone was sitting in her seat, she cleared her throat, "Ah, excuse me. But you're in my seat."

The gentleman sitting in the aisle seat looked up and smiled. He was young, very charming, with olive-colored skin, big brown almond-shaped eyes, and ebony-colored hair, slicked back pompadour style. She wasn't sure if he was a model, celebrity, or just someone who liked making the girls swoon. But after seeing him wearing a fancy Giorgio Armani suit, she then assumed he was some prominent attorney at a big, well-known law firm. "Dang. I was hoping this seat was still available. That cute little flight attendant over there told me to take the seat if it remained open. And since it was open, I snagged it," he winked.

She not only thought he was sexy but was swooning over his beautiful thick accent and his wink-a kind of wink that always made her body feel warm. After swooning over his Italian accent, in her mind, she started screaming, oh my God, he's Italian.

She smiled, "Well, you're in luck because the seat your sitting in isn't my seat. The one that's mine is the one right there. Next to the window," she pointed.

The guy Lola assumed was an attorney turned to the man looking out the window, avoiding Lola and the Italian. Then the assumed attorney started tapping the guy on his shoulder. "Ah, sir. It looks like you're moving."

The man sitting in Lola's seat turned her way slowly. Her breathing suddenly halted, then muttered, 'holy shit, is this entire airplane filled with hot fucking men or what?' She blinked a couple of times. Here she thought the Italian was a dream, but the man who stole her seat and was refusing to get up and move was also gorgeous. While looking at the Italian, he spoke the way he sported his panty-dropping smirk, cocky. "The reason I'm sitting in this seat is that someone is sitting in my seat. I'm not moving."

She felt her ears turning red, her cheeks heating, and looked around her. Everyone's eyes were on her. She crossed her arms, and out of irritation and frustration, her foot started angrily tapping. "Where's your seat?"

He smiled at the Italian and arched his brows high. "Looks like you're moving to the seat you were assigned to, buddy."

"He's not moving. You are," Lola snapped, growing more irritated the longer she stood, worried she would have to sit in coach, in which she didn't want to do, hence why she paid for the upgrade for a more comfortable seat.

"I'm not moving."


"Because. This guy," he paused, pointing at the Italian. "The one you were hoping to be sitting next to is sitting in my seat."

The Italian unbuckled his seat belt and stood with a smile. "The seat is all yours. I'll go back to the seat where I'm supposed to be. Have fun, and enjoy your flight." She stepped to the side, giving him room to exit his seat and head down the aisle, then stepped back and stood with her arms crossed. Quietly staring at the guy, waiting for him to move, so she could sit and relax, finally.

He stayed instead of moving to his seat. The cocky and what Lola considered was a gorgeous God, looked away from her and out the window. She sighed, "Look. It's been a rough twelve hours. All I want is the seat I paid good money for. Something in which I no longer have. Is that too much to ask?"

He pointed to the seat. "Just sit then. I've buckled in already."

"I didn't know it was that hard to unbuckle a seat belt and move? What are you? Two years old? Do you need some help?"

He smirked. "I'm not two, but my age has a number two in it. Twenty-seven, to be exact. No, I don't need help. And if your day were that bad, then why don't you sit and silence those beautiful dick sucking lips of yours," he devilishly smirked.

Her mouth dropped fast. Then closed them quickly before he said something else that would piss her off. She couldn't believe what she was hearing coming out of his mouth, talking to a stranger, not to mention a woman for that matter, the way he was. Not wanting to argue or hear him say another word, she huffed and angrily plumped down in the open aisle seat. She buckled her seat belt, and before she placed her purse underneath the seat in front of her, she pulled out her earbuds, plugged them into her phone, then put the buds in her ears, turned on her music loud enough to block the man next to her out and closed her eyes.

Lola was more than anxious to get back home. She wanted out of Vegas and to be back in Miami. She also couldn't wait for the jerk sitting next to her to go away. Occasionally, out the corner of her eye, Lola noticed him staring and smiling at her. It was starting to creep her out and make her uncomfortable, that she began squirming in her seat.

He leaned in closer, got her attention, and teasingly smiled. "I can see you squirming in your seat. Is it because you're thinking about me and what I could do to you if I had you lying beneath me?"

Ignoring his sexual advancement, she closed her eyes and momentarily fell asleep. Within minutes she was rudely awakened when he started shaking and tapping on her shoulder. Her eyes opened, and snapped her head towards him, giving him an evil look. The look of I'm going to fucking kill you if you don't stop. "What?" She snapped through gritted teeth.

He reached for an earbud, removed it from her ear, and smiled while extending his hand. "We haven't introduced ourselves."

"So?" She hissed, snatching her earbud back and putting it back in her ear.

Frowning, he removed the earbud. "It would be nice to know who I'm sitting next to."

Lola sighed, "Why would you care? It's not like I care who you are. And to be honest. I couldn't care less who you are. Besides, didn't I already tell you I had a bad day?"


"Then why are you making it worse? Do you like pissing off women?"

"No," he smirked, leaning closer to her. "I like pleasuring them," he quietly admitted, causing her to squirm slightly and her pussy to pulsate. He raised his hand higher, trying to get her to shake it. "My name is Ryder. Ryder Dickens."

"Very fitting," she mocked.


"Because the last name matches the person who it belongs to."

His grin widened, finding amusement to her response. His grin only pissed her off even more.

"Why is that?" He asked.

"Because. You're a fucking dick."

He chuckled. "I'm not a dick. Although, I do have a big one that the ladies love," he winked. Causing her clit to swell more than it already was from the way he was speaking, and tightened her legs. She couldn't believe how her body was reacting to the egotistical jerk. Then, she quickly turned her head towards the seat in front of her. She hated the fact he had such a beautiful face, yet she liked it. But what was upsetting her more, he was turning her on. And strangely, she wanted the attention he was giving her. She liked his cocky attitude, the way he smirked, and his egotistical talk. It was much different from the way she was used to with Seth. Thinking of Seth and how the guy next to her was being a jerk, she closed her eyes, hoping he would leave her alone and let her be.

"Aren't you going to shake my hand and introduce yourself?"

She opened her eyes, looked back his way, and sighed, "Why should I?"

"Because it's the polite thing to do."

She laughed. "What do you know about being polite? You're not polite at all. You're rude and a complete fucking jerk."

His brow arched high, then amusingly smirked. "Such nice words are coming out of a lady's mouth."

"What if I'm not a lady?"

He smiled dirty, slowly looking her up and down. Starting from the top of her head, staring at her face then slowly lowered his eyes, stopping to admire her chest for a few minutes, then trailed his eyes down to her toes. Then bounced his eyes back to her legs. Eyeing them as he spoke, "Oh, you're a lady, all right. But if you're not a lady like you so claim. Then what are you?"

Wanting him to leave her alone, she said the first thing that came to her mind. Hoping by saying what she did, it would shut him up for the remainder of the flight. "I'm very unladylike and very underestimated. Now would you please leave me alone?"

He smirked again, then licked his lips as he looked at her mouth while wiggling his eyebrows up and down fast. "I can handle unladylike."

"Please," she retorted.

"You still haven't mentioned your name."

"You haven't given me a reason to."

"What if I wanted to take you out and show you a good time? I would need to know your name, and then I would need a phone number to make that night happen."

She breathed a chuckle. "No fat chance."


"Oh. My. God. If you must know, my name is Lola..." she groaned, watching him mouthing her name with a smile.

"Lola. I like that name. What's your last name?"


"Now that seems more fitting," he gleamed.

She rolled her eyes. "Why do you say that?"

"Cox? I'll bet you enjoy saying the word cocks. And I'll bet you don't even have to think twice before saying it... repeat it for me," he pressured.

"Repeat what?"


"Whyyy..." she emphasized, feeling very annoyed and feeling like she was ready to strike and quiet him once and for all.

"Because. I want to hear you say it before you realize you want to wrap your mouth around my-" He didn't even get a chance to finish his sentence. She backhanded him, hitting him square in the nose and mouth.


The first thing Lola did after walking in her apartment was called Seth's brother. She explained what happened in Vegas, that she left him there to figure out his life, and how she wanted him to remove all Seth's belongings from their apartment.

After gathering Seth's belongings and placing them into one massive pile in the middle of their living room floor, she called her best friend, Monique. Even though she was upset, worn out, and hadn't had much sleep in the last twenty-four hours, she felt the need to go out and have some drinks, to unwind, and to fill her friend in on what happened with her and Seth in Vegas and why she's home so early.

After stepping out of the shower, she heard the buzzer in the other room, alerting her Jason was there for Seth's things. She grabbed a towel and quickly dried off, then reached for her robe hanging from the door, putting it on while walking to her door.

"Thanks for coming and grabbing his shit," she said, opening the door further for him to enter.

"I'm so sorry, Lola. My brother can be such a dumb-ass sometimes."

"Sometimes? What Seth did isn't the first time he did this shit. Only, this time, he went to the extreme and fucked up our lives. More so, my life and everything I fucking worked hard for."

"Again, I'm sorry."

"I am too."

Jason made a few trips to his vehicle, hoping he'll be able to load all of Seth's things in one visit. He didn't blame Lola for being as upset as she was and mentioned to her, he would do the same thing as she if his wife or girlfriend did anything of the sort. While he was busy removing Seth's items, she got herself ready to head out, and on Jason's last trip to Lola's apartment, she helped grabbed the last of what he couldn't and followed him out.

"Do what you can to keep him away from me. And if you could get his key for me, that would be great," Lola said, shutting his passenger door and stepping back onto the curb.

"Will do."


Monique pulled up, just as Jason drove away. "Was that Jason I saw leaving?"

"Yeah," she sighed.

Monique turned towards Lola and giggled. "What are you up to, Lola? Where's Seth?"

"Just drive. I'll explain everything while I'm drowning all my sorrows in tequila. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do."

"Sounds heavy."

"This day possibly has been the worst day I've ever had to deal with in my life. It went from bad to worse all within twelve hours... and now it has me wondering, can the end of this day get any worse?"

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