His Princess

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Chapter 2 - New PA

Bailey was excited to meet her new PA yet frustrated that her toys left her without her much needed release last night. She arrived early with coffee and doughnuts for everyone at her office.

After waiting at her desk while looking out the huge class window that ran along the back of the office, she heard an unknown voice outside her office and rushed to the door but slowed down right before she made it past the door frame. She didn’t want to seem eager in front of her new employee but she was just so excited to get someone remotely useful.

She paused, composed herself and then stepped out of the door frame. Being lost in thought, she ran right into a young man with a stack of papers. The paper went flying everywhere and they both got down on their knees to pick them up. “Ms. Underwood, I am so sorry. I didn’t see you there.” The young man squeaked.

“No, it’s my fault. I heard your voice and had to come out to meet you, I should have been paying more attention.” Bailey admitted, flustered over her mistake. “I’m just so happy to have a new PA.” The young man was cute and she quickly chastised herself for thinking it.

“Oh, really?” The young man smiled.

“Jake told me all about you, thank you for coming on such short notice.”

“Ms. Underwood, I’m no...” The man tried to tell her but was interrupted by Bailey.

“This is your desk right over here.” Bailey excitedly motioned to the desk in the small lobby. “Jessica will be in a little bit and she’ll show you around. Oh, and please call me Bailey.”

“Ms. U... Bailey, I’m not your new PA.” He interjected. “I’m Jake’s new assistant. He hired me a few weeks ago to do odds and ends around Blackwood Enterprises.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. What’s your name?”

“Henry.” He replied.

“Ok, Henry. I’m sorry, again. I hope you enjoy your time with us. Have a great day.” Bailey handed him the last of the papers that fell and then went back into her office in a rush, a little embarrassed about her mistake, and waited on her real PA to show up.

Bailey was sitting at her desk, swiveling her chair back and forth like she always did when she was impatient. She excessively clicked her pen, frustrated that Jessica was flirting with the new PA instead of leading him into her office. She could hear them talk and now she knew without a doubt that this was the right person.

The glass beside her door gave her just enough of a view that she could see Jessica, her desk, and the PA. Well, the tips of his shoes and the sleeves of his jacket. “Slate grey, nice color.” She mumbled.

His deep voice rumbled through her office door and did unspeakable things to Bailey. She imagined that the voice belonged to a dark, tall, ridiculously muscular man with a beard long enough for her to run her fingers through as she wrapped her legs around him. The thought brought a moan to her lips that she quickly stifled as she realized she was daydreaming. She bonked her hand on her head, hoping the pain would keep her from having any more inappropriate thoughts. The previous night’s pent up energy was really starting to affect her.

Jessica’s and the PA’s voices grew closer and she bit her lower lip in anticipation. The handle of her office door wiggled before pulling down and opening the door. Bailey internally groaned and rolled her eyes but reminded herself that this was Jessica’s last day.

“Ms. Underwood, He’s here.” Jessica’s introduction was more than lacking but Bailey let it go with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

“Thank you, Jessica. I will send him to you when I’m done with him.” Bailey waved her away and motioned for him to sit down.

The man was nothing like she had imagined. His blonde, sunkissed hair and emerald eyes behind his sleek black glasses contrasted nicely with his tanned skin. His short blonde stubble accentuated his chiseled jaw. Broad shoulders peeked out of his tight-fitting black shirt, giving a sneak peek at his defined biceps and washboard abs. He had an air of nerdiness to him which admittedly made him all the more interesting.

Bailey brought her pen to her lips and seductively bit into it without a second thought as to what she was doing. She started daydreaming of running her fingers through that delicious hair but was brought out of it when the man smirked, revealing his dimples, and looked at her through his eyelashes while blowing a strand of his hair out off his face.

“I’m Erik Stark.” Erik couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the beauty in front of him. He had heard of her intelligence and looks but doubted that it was true. It was rare, running into a woman who had it all and Bailey certainly had it all.

“Erik...” Bailey let his name slip from her plump lips, enthralling Erik on every syllable. “Have you worked as a PA before, Erik?”

He didn’t reply, busy watching her red hair flowing down her neck, shoulders, encircling her perky breasts, and stopping around her waist. Bailey cleared her throat, bringing his attention back to her face. “Yes, I have. I enjoy the work and I’m only looking around because I want a new challenge.”

“What makes you think that you’re up for the challenge?” Bailey mused, expecting Erik to retreat.

Erik smiled again and for a moment Bailey got distracted, imagining how his lips would feel against hers. “Because I’ve never come across one I didn’t master.”

The biggest challenge of this job would be to keep his hand to himself when he wanted nothing more than to roam them over her body, feeling every curve along with it.

“Jake sent you my way so he must have seen something in you. Since I trust him, I will give you a chance.” Bailey licked her lips and then shook her head, clearing it from her thoughts. “Join Jessica at your desk and she will go through your responsibilities with you but I’ll let you know a few that she somehow missed.”

Her daydreams about her new PA would lead her down a path that she shouldn’t pursue, especially since she is his boss. It was a line she had never crossed before and no matter how attracted she was to him, she couldn’t cross it now. She only hoped that she was strong enough to resist the temptation.

Bailey stood up from her desk and walked around it. She motioned for him to follow and as they walked to the door she started listing what irked her about her last PA. “Always knock and wait for a reply before you come in. Be on time, all the time. Don’t forget meetings or anything else on the agenda, don’t mix up the days or times. Always remember that I’m allergic to nuts. Oh, and lastly, please don’t hesitate to talk to me when you need help.”

Bailey’s ranting amused him and for the first time since he stepped into her office did he see beyond the perfection that was Bailey. Behind the beauty and the brains was a woman with flaws and she was all the more attractive for it.

Jessica smiled when Erik came back to her, now his desk. The day dragged on as she flirted relentlessly and he quickly realized why she was being reassigned, the woman wasn’t capable of much of anything. His only escape was the quick glances he braved towards his new boss. His gorgeous and very capable boss.

He knew his attraction to her wouldn’t lead to anything good but he couldn’t help it. Everything about her drew him in, every single detail. The way she absentmindedly bit her pen, how she smiled when a person walked into her office or how she squealed when he brought her lunch. He was stuck watching her every move like a deranged man.

Every ticking minute prolonged his longing to touch her, to feel her smooth skin against his as he held her firmly. When her eyes met his, he quickly looked down with a blush at the papers in front of him to appear busy but he knew that she caught him staring.

The end of the day finally arrived and Bailey walked out of her office without giving Erik a single glance. She had to keep her distance or trouble would be brewing. “See you on Monday, Erik. I hope your day was good.” She pushed the elevator button and impatiently waited.

Erik gathered his belongings and stood next to her, waiting for her to look at him. Her sudden coldness towards him made Erik anxious. Had he done something she didn’t like and if so, why didn’t she tell him? Had she noticed how he watched her all day?

The elevator dinged as its door opened and they could finally step inside. To Bailey’s relief, they would not be alone on the ride down. Jeremy, a janitor who had worked for her since she first started her company greeted them both.

“Good evening, Jeremy. How’s the wife doing?” Bailey smiled at him and Erik suddenly felt a pang of jealousy hit him.

“She’s doing great, still doing her best to get on my every last nerve.” Jeremy winked. “She asked me to invite you over for dinner this weekend if you’re interested.”

“Of course. That would be lovely. What time should I arrive?” Bailey gently laid her hand on his as she spoke to him. This was a side to her he hadn’t guessed she had. She was compassionate, friendly, and even loving. Not cold and ruthless as you would expect from a woman of her stature. Erik’s heart beat faster as he realized that he would fall for her no matter how much he resisted.

“Five would be fine. We can play a game of Farkle before dinner.” Jeremy promised and stepped off the elevator on the 10th floor.

The elevator went silent again, and the warmth he had witnessed from her just moments ago was gone. Her face had returned to the lack of emotion she sported earlier. A nagging thought in the back of Erik’s mind made him break the peace. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No. Did you do something wrong?” Bailey asked with a raised brow.

“Not that I know of but I couldn’t help but notice that you wouldn’t look at me,” Erik admitted and worried that he had said too much. He didn’t want to push his luck, not just because she was his boss but also because she would be his, one way or the other.

“I... I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. I just have to keep my distance.” Bailey still wouldn’t look at him, instead, she stared at the elevator lights as they traveled from one floor to the next.


Bailey let her gaze flicker to Erik, just long enough to see the desire in his eyes. “It doesn’t matter.”

“I think it does.” Erik coaxed her but she quickly averted her gaze again.

“Erik, I am your boss. This...” Bailey motioned between them. “is a strictly professional relationship and that’s all.”

The elevator dinged as it reached the ground level, releasing them from their temporary holding. “Have a great weekend, Erik.”

“You too, Ms. Underwood.” Erik watched her walk away from him, the swaying of her hips accentuated by her tight marine blue dress, ending right above the knee. Against his better judgment, he was in for a long weekend, dreaming of her and waiting to see her again.

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