Stockholm Lover

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This story is about Luna Cohen (18 year old high school student) trying to survive through her abusive relationship with her boyfriend Troy Marshall. Suddenly her life begins to change when she meets her computer and engineering teacher Mr Mark Calix This does contain heavy use of domestic abuse and violence, so if that does upset you please read with caution

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Hi my name is Luna Cohen. I live in Greensville, in the middle of nowhere. To be honest I’m not that exciting. I’m 18, my favorite color is yellow, and I think snakes are pretty cool. My life has always been horrible. My mother was a druggie and died of an overdose when I was 1. My father was an alcoholic and tried his best to throw me away whenever he could. Now to his credit he did throw me away. In the Dumpster behind Fred’s Burger House. Luckily one of the night crew heard my screams and got me out of there. From what I was told I was sent to the local orphanage. Life was ok there except for when I was never adopted. But it never really stopped me. To fill the time I would go for long walk and just think.
Eventually I passed the Greensville elementary school. A big sign in the front said “ Kindergarten signs up!” In big, bold black letters. I ran into the school and asked for a sign up sheet and got one. I ran back as fast as I could and showed my care woman. She said she would sign me up since I needed social interaction. I eventually graduated from that school, and the middle school. Now I’m a Senior in high school. As soon as I turned 18 I left the orphanage and got a small apartment. I also got a job at the local news office. It’s not too bad but it’s nice to have a quite place to sit and relax until I actually have to do work. But when the work starts, the loneliness sets in and the depression usually carries me through the shift.
It’s another Saturday, my least favorite day of the week. As I pull up late to my 8 am shift at the Greensville Gazette, I smell the usual smell of Bic ink and get the taste of a sorrowful day in my mouth. I’m the gazette’s corrector, fixing any grammar mistakes made when printing the papers. It’s a tedious job but it pays for my food and rent so who am I to complain.
I walk my way into the lobby and punch in my work card, 9:17 late again. I found my way to my correcting table and started working on my first stack of papers. Not much is done for my day except for the occasional missing comma or apostrophe. As I sit there bored I feel a buzz coming from my back pocket. I take out my phone to see what it was, and of course it was my ‘boyfriend’ Troy,

“ Sup bitch. When is your dumbass coming home, I’m bored “

“ I just got to work Troy, my break is at 1:00 and I’ll text you then”

“ You better text me or for the next few weeks you’ll be out of work again with another injury. Got it slut”

“ Yes”

“ Good, now go continue to be useless to me like you always are“

Troy is a mean abusive prick, I don’t want to be with him but every time I tried to leave I was beaten severely. I just deal with the abuse now, and cry when he’s not home. I’m always scared around him and I wear his old thrown away sweatshirts and sweats to cover up the bruises and other wounds he leaves on me. I can’t escape him.
The paper machine got jammed for the fifth time in a week so I slept when they tried to fix it, since no more papers were coming out. A few hours later I woke up. I grab my phone and checked the time, 2:16, Fuck. I looked down to see I had 5 messages from troy

“ hey slut bag it’s 1:00 are you leaving yet” from 1:00

“ Don’t ignore me you dumb bitch, I will find you” from 1:05

“ If your sorry ass is home in the next 5 minutes your done for Luna “ from 1:10

“ that’s it your done, I hope you like having your body broken again” from 1:15

“ Good luck making it through this one, you really fucked up now” from 2:00

I got a look of shock and sadness on my face at the realization of what he will do to me when I get home.

The boss let us go home early since they weren’t able to fix the printer. As I get in my car, I pray to whatever listens to me and I get ready to go home to face my own painful destiny. I knew that what was to come would hurt more then usual, and may actually send me to the emergency room again. Now I could tell what was going to pound harder, my heart or his fist.
As I pull out of the gazette’s driveway my hands begin to shake, and my head fills with a voice I am very familiar with.
“ this isn’t going to be good”
‘ yeah no shit violet’.

Violet is my “ alter ego” , very different from me at times and on some occasion we’re just the same. She usually hides away in my mind and talks when we’re alone. I don’t know much about her except her name and some of her idiosyncrasies. She’s dangerous sometimes but I never let her get to carried away, in fear that something horrible will happen that I can’t stop.
She doesn’t like Troy either, every time she hears troys voice it either sends her running away in tears or trying to come out and fight back. But whatever the case may be with her and Troy I don’t let her come out; last time she did I was sent to the emergency room with a fractured skull, 6 broken ribs, a broken femur, both collarbones shattered, and 17 bones in my right arm and hand destroyed. It took 3 years to recover from that incident; almost 4 considering Troy beat me then too, delaying my recover time by a few months. Troy doesn’t know about Violet, and I doubt that he would care. To Troy I’m punching bag, and - when Troy feels like it- a whore to fuck.
Violet is like the little devil on my shoulder, but she can also be the angle. Ever since the first time Troy really beat me she’s been there. She’d talk to me and help me through whatever was hurting me at the time. Violet doesn’t show her self often, mainly because I can control her, but she will make her self known in my head. She’s like the friend you lean on and enemy you fight back, but truly in the end she always has my back.
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