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HE'S the leader of the Black dragons the most powerful gang in the america's. she a new hotshot detective determined to catch these elosive killers. But they have history , what happens when child hood best friends find them selves now on opposite sides of the board in a game of lost, lust and power will she succumb to his charms or will she complete her case taking down her old friend in the process

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Luke's pov

I sat across from a very nervous looking man. He kept dabbing his face with a hankerchif we where playing for his business after all.

The woman across from him had a unreadable expression as her chip pile was by far the largest in the group.I rapped my knuckles across the table as I looked at my cards. I know I had a strong hand but I wasn't sure if her hand was better than mine.

Let's test there limits I thought to my self as a smirk slipped into my face." I raise by a grand" I said pushing my chips forward. " "you know what I'm all in I said pushing all my chips foward" I saw her eye's widened for a minute and that was all I needed.

" I fold" mr sun said leaving me and the mafia brat alone she didn't know I know who she was that put me at an advantage. " I'm all in" she says pushing her chips foward time to work my magic I said " you know ridge wood is really dangerous this time of year" she tensed as she know what I meant she had a daughter teaching there.

" What do you mean?" She said keeping her expression neutral I shrugged just saying if I had family there wouldn't want anything to happen to them" I let the threat linger in the air.

Mr sun squirms in his seat everyone one in the underworld knows that my gang and the mafia are at each other's throats for control of the city and he doesn't want a fire fight in his casino that would give the cops a reason to snoop around his casino.

She glared at me I could see she wanted to pull her gun but after considering what I know who's to say that if something happened to me my gang won't kill her daughter, she might be a ruthless mafia killer but she's a mother first and foremost.

" I fold" she says with a sigh I smirked at her as the dealer handed me her chips " that wasn't so hard now was it I said rising from the table and a justing my tie.

She continues to glare at me she knows the don won't be happy the mafia has wanted sun's businesses for years but now a rouge gang that won't come to heel has just snatched it away from them. she knows the price of faliure and she's not eager to find out what her punishment will be.

" You bastard" she spits at me catching me on my check I didn't flinch " your over confidents will be your downfall" I placed a thumb to my cheeck cleaning it before looking at her " no not over confidents".

* Bang, * Bang*

I fired two into her chest " just confident" I said holstering my gun as I looked at mr sun he had a shocked expression on his face so did his guards or should I say my guards now.I gestured to the body. " Get rid of it" the guards glanced at mr sun before they snapped there gazes at me.

" Yes sir" they said as they rushed to do what I said. None of the guest so much as glanced at the table they know who I was and they know what happens to anyone who crossed me.

As I walked towards the door I glanced over my shoulder at me sun " oh and I'll expect my first tribute by next month good evening Mr sun" he nods as I walked outside I saw my second in cammand chad leaning against a black moterbike.

" How did it go?" he asked. I smirked at him as I took of the suit I was wearing revealing the street clothes I was wearing the black dragon tattoo I had displayed proudly on my shoulder as I walked over to my bike chad climbed into his bike as I did the same.

" Boss howed it go" I looked at him as I pulled on my helmet " like taking candy from a baby"

He smiled as we started our bikes and rode off into the night. I know the don would retaliate but a maniac grin chad couldn't see sprawled across my face this was going to be fun.

I had to pop a wheele as we both raced down the streets of Helion ready to take on the world.

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