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The forbidden love of the multiverse

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This story contains smut/18+ content while following a love story multiverse that is merged by a time traveling speedster when he tries to stop a tsunami and, in the process, he accidentally time travels from a different part of the universe and earth to New York, New York City.

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1 the day it began

The year was 2009 when Barry was admitted to the University of Central City, which was an exclusive and private college with only 1 in 50 admissions per year accepted. When he first got to Central City College, his first interaction was with one of his former friends, Natalia Maximoff, who was born in Sokovia, Russia. When they first met, she was not as new to America because she was taken to Hydra, a superhero agency that kept her in prison and held her captive for years and years. From the day they met to the time they left and separated to go their own way, they never had interactions other than that one more time and that one moment only until one day, he was struck by lightning, then put into a medically induced coma, which led him to a deep sleep that lasted for about 9 months, until one day he woke up to a poker face that was one of his favorite songs at the beginning of the 2000s, most of which looked great. Then, on a cold and summer day, Barry decided to use his new founding powers as a flash It was like any other cold but sunny summer day when Barry had traveled back in time, trying to stop an incoming tsunami type of tidal wave that soon crashed into the city, and when Barry saw the wave getting higher and higher, he quickly grabbed Lris once he saw her in his point of view running out and about. Barry then, a few seconds from them, muttering in endless confessions of their dying love for each other, as Barry revealed himself to her and told her to flee the city and take it as he began to run back and forth in Caitlin's directions on how to stop the coming tsunami from hitting Central City Barry sees the outline of a tidal wave emerging and starts to run back and forth. In doing so, he time-traveled through a breach to New York City by accident. In another dimensional time, a breach had opened up, and when Barry had stopped running, he dropped onto the snow and hit Natalia on the street. Then Barry immediately flew into the air without understanding who or how he had flown from the ground in a panic.
The night before, after Barry had discovered the Weather Wizards scheme, Linda, Barry, Eddie, and Iris ended up on an awkward double date.

Barry gasps and then shivers and shivers in the cold in fear, realizing like his body is sinking into the atmosphere. Barry mumbles to himself in disappointment after discovering that he had traveled time from his time to another state.
"Where the hell am I, and who the hell slingshot me in the air, and this is not good either!..” Barry exclaimed to himself before he saw a young redheaded woman run up to him.

Natalia had been walking home from her sister's apartment when she had noticed something coming straight at her at an ungodly speed. Out of instinct, she raised her hands quickly, stopping him dead in his track and throwing him towards a building. She looked up-having flinched and closed her eyes before-and stopped him right before he hit the building, slowly bringing him to the ground and rushing over to him, “O-Oh my god are you OK?!.”

Barry gasps and notices, and stutters in confusion as he sees a woman dressed normally, but her eyes were glowing. "Y-Yeah, I'm fine, but I'm just wondering...What the hell was l doing in the air and NEARLY CRASHING IN THE BUILDING? Like how could you have shot someone so quickly and so far in a matter of seconds? Cause whatever or whoever you are, you're very powerful and need to be kept in sight, but hey, I'm B-Barry nice to meet you?".Barry stutters as he was still in a regulated shock and laughs more in fear.” W-where the hell am I, too?"Barry asks as he goes all quiet once he had taken a long and much-needed look around him.

Natalia placed her hand on his shoulder, her eyes slowly fading back to their normal blue/green shade, "Ok... OK slow down. I’ll explain how I did that later because it’s a very long story...and hi, I’m Natalia. You’re in New York right now...where did you come from?." She asked softly as she looked at him, still very confused as she looked at him.

"I-l came from Central City, and l was just running around in a circle creating a barrel to stop this tsunami that was going to hit my city!.”Barry laughs, then nods and smiles. "I'm in New York, too?! .. Oh no, no, no, l need to go back to the central city right now!..there was a big tsunami that happened, and I don't know what's going on with it or the people in my city...Can you please somehow take me back to my city? ".. Barry begs Natalia, kindly. "You'll explain later, too, how you flung me with your wizard-like powers?."Barry exclaims that he was a little excited and less worried about returning to his hometown in central Missouri.
"Ok,Ok, take a deep breath first for me," she said as she looked around, seeing that there were a few people that had gathered around them. "Hey, let’s get you back to my place, people are going to start asking questions." She said softly as she watched more people start to gather around them.

"I'm trying to take a deep breath, but it's very hard to know that l was almost killed by crashing into a building." Barry laughed as he began to joke about Natalia and then nodded to her as Barry saw people start to gather around her.

Natalia carefully helped him to his feet as she pulled him through the now crowd of people, pushing past everyone as they stared at them, making her mutter a bit in frustration. "S-So can you explain who you are and how you ended up here in New York City?."

Barry groans and then limps as he walks through a crowd of people with Natalia's support to help him walk. "Are you alright? What's going to happen? You seem a little frustrated. Did l do something wrong? Also, I’m Barry Allen or the fastest man alive and l had kind of time traveled and in doing so l think l had ran too fast after breaking the sound barrier of the atmosphere on earth?." Barry explains before he managed to start laughing despite the groaning pain he was now experiencing from his fall from onto the ground very quickly.

"No, no, it's not you, I just hate that just because there hasn't been a lot of 'supernatural' activity on its own. As soon as people see it, they freak the hell out and make it a whole scene," she muttered as she finally pulled him away, wrapping her arm around her shoulder to help him walk, "Are you alright though? Also, well, you definitely startled me, but that’s okay and also it is very cool that you could time travel!.. but how does one person time travel so fast to break the sound barrier?."

"Oh l see, and the same thing on my earth, because I'm always on the run, and people like to see me beaten by my archenemy, and it's so sad. But at least l was recognized for saving people, but l was almost exposed to the flash!. " Barry nodded and drew on his suit and laughed a little after he had replayed what Natalia had said. "Citizens like some kind of action, so get how well you feel!" Barry nodded again, feeling that Natalia had taken his arm and wrapped it around her shoulder. "I'm fine, too, I've just lost a lot of blood flow to my body!... but that's alright, because you seem like you're not going to hurt me... unless if it was going to be so bad."
Natalia nodded as she helped him walk inside the apartment building, taking him to the elevator and pressing the button on the fourth floor, "Yeah, people are crazy." She said softly, "But I have no intention of hurting you, you just scared me, that’s all." She laughed a bit as she looked at him.
"Oh man, I’m sorry l just have too much energy as a speedster. It’s crazy how fast l can go on snow!." Barry exclaims in even more excitement as he walks faster to keep up his pace with Natalia’s so he wouldn’t break his leg more. "I can also hit in 4 hours, surprisingly! But I know you won’t because if you did.. you’d probably kill me in an instant and that’s a bit scary to think about.” Barry laughed a bit and looked at Natalia while he was laughing and saw her laughing along with him.
Natalia nodded and smiled more, looking down at his leg, "Are you sure you’re OK?" She asked gently as the elevator got to her floor and she slowly walked out with him, "Your leg looks pretty messed up."

"Y-Yeah it’s just a bit sleepy!.. but if my spine gets broken that will mean that my leg is messed up!.. but we will see what happens, so don’t worry. " Barry smiled and nodded his head to Natalia with reassurance. "But also a nice apartment complex! These apartments must be expensive?. " Barry asks as he waited for the elevator to stop. Once the elevator had come to a stop, Barry limped out of the elevator still in his tight red suit. "Thanks for letting me stay at your place even though you really should be taking me home cause there’s nothing here that can help!.. unless that is if one of your friends or you are a metahuman doctor." Barry starts laughing and sighs in a bit of relief. "Are you a meta-human doctor?."Barry asks Natalia before he gets serious.

"Or according to you, has wizard-like powers." Natalia laughed a little as she pulled her keys out, unlocking her door and going inside, "And yeah, they’re decently expensive, though honestly, they keep the halls nicer than the actual apartments." She mumbled as she walked inside, nudging a small stack of books to the side so neither of them kicked it, "Yeah, watch out for books and plants, and if you see a cat don’t panic. She’s a stray and she comes and goes as she pleases." She laughed a little, "Sorry, it’s a mess by the way."

Barry soon starts to laugh again and as he keeps laughing more and shrugs to Natalia. “I mean you are a wizard Natalia,” Barry says in a flirty way but then stopped himself as he didn’t want to take his jokes too far. “Also the halls aren’t as bad and also I have a loft back in my hometown..cause the house that my parents were murdered and killed in had been sold this year.” Barry sighs as his laughter turned into sadness in a matter of seconds after talking about his childhood house.

“Oh damn...” She mumbled and looked back at him, “I’m sorry that you had to go through that...” she said softly as she helped him over to her couch, “So you said you’re from Centered City? Where exactly is that?”

“Central City is in Missouri but l always moved as a kid so that’s why sometimes people recognize me cause I’m the protector of my city.” Barry sighs even more and nodding his head quickly as he didn’t want Natalia to feel remorse for him. “My archenemy gave me my powers to only strip my family as part of that..cause we were gonna be friends. I’m destined to lose to him no matter what and that’s not gonna pass by me.”

Natalia nodded, “I’m going to go grab a first aid kit, I’ll be right back ok? Do you need anything? Water, food?” She asked softly as she stood up fully.

“I would love like some food!..even though l have to eat about 10,000 calories per day?..because of my very fast metabolism.” Barry continues to smile and nodded before he started adjusting himself on the couch that Natalia had let him sit on.

“Uhm any special requests?” She laughed a little as she walked into the kitchen, “I could order takeout or something if you want.”

“Could l have some pizza? If you’d like to get pizza and eat it with me?.” Barry shrugged and then starts laughing once again after hearing Natalia laughing at him. “Also I know what you’re thinking you’re probably asking yourself how l am still so fit yet I eat 10,000 calories per day? the secret is I just run which l love to do cause it clears my mind!.” Barry laughs and then stops talking about food just in time before he hears his stomach growl with hunger. “Yep! Barry is hunger now.”

She picked up her phone and ordered pizza as she came back after a few minutes with a first aid kit, “It should be here in ten minutes.” She said with a smile, “And I figured as much with the whole 10,000 calories, especially from how fast u were running.” Natalia smiles more as she was maybe a bit more excited for the pizza than Barry truly was.

“Yeah and also thank you for ordering me pizza and taking me into your house!..cause since l can’t run for a while I may be stuck here..but I have a feeling it won’t be as bad as l think it’ll be.” Barry teasingly says before he shut himself up to stop his flirty behavior. “S-Sorry for my unprofessional behavior towards you!.”

She shrugged a bit and smiled, “Eh it’s fine.” She said softly, “So where exactly did you hurt yourself?” She asked.

Barry smiles and laughs a bit after seeing Natalia smile at him more which made him even more flustered and made him turn red. “The back of my calves on my left leg.” Barry points to his left leg and the back of his calve.

She nodded as her hands started to glow a faint silver, “This may sting a bit.” She mumbled as she started healing his calf carefully
Barry laughs and then nods as he was seeing if Natalia was bluffing but before Barry could say sike he yells in a bit of pain feeling her faint sliver-like hands on his calf. “O-Ow!..alright you probably weren’t bluffing because whenever l get hurt l usually Yelp out my secrets..but I’m glad l didn’t this time!.”

Natalia quickly pulled her hand away, grimacing a bit, “Sorry I’ll try and be gentle next time.” She mumbled as the glow in her hands nearly disappeared and she started healing his leg again, sending a warm calm feeling over him with her other hand to try and reduce the pain that she induced Barry with.
Barry’s Yelp gradually became quieter and all Barry could say to Natalia was go ahead. “G-Go ahead, G-Go ahead,” Barry says to Natalia and keeps gasping and yelping in bits of pain.

Natalia grimaced a little, hating that she was putting him in even more pain, “Just a little more and it’ll be done.” She mumbled.

Soon after a couple of more minutes of Barry feeling spiked pain he laughs and starts giggling. “I know,l know, and ah! Hahaha, that tickles now.” Barry giggles and eventually and slowly started to turn red from the laughter caused by Natalia.

She pulled her hands away and laughed a little as well, “I’m sorry-“ she laughed more, “You ok?” Natalia asks while she remained in a giggly state while asking Barry more and more questions as they’ve gotten to know each other more and more.

Barry keeps laughing even more and nodded his head as he couldn’t say anything but laugh. “Y-Yea haha I’m well but your hands felt cool but funny and ticklish to me.”

Natalia laughed a little more and nodded, “Ok I thought I had hurt you more or something-“ she laughed more before she started to embarrass herself without realizing.

“No,No I’m just a very ticklish person and so l laugh easily at anything.” Barry smiles and continues to laugh with laughter . “But if you were hurting me l would have been yelping again.”

Natalia nodded and smiled more as she laughed a little more, “Alright good.” She said softly.

“But l love how genuine and caring you are! Also do I know you from somewhere? Cause l’ve seen local news about New York..and well it seems like there’s evil creatures like Ultron aren’t there here?.” Barry questions Natalia but then stops himself so Barry wouldn’t go on a tangent like he would always do in small interactions around new people.

Natalia took a shaky breath at the mention of Ultron, “Maybe... I try and stick to the shadows though...” she mumbled

“Oh no..what happen? Did Ultron kill someone you love? If so I’m sorry and my coincidences go out to you and your friends.” Barry pouts sadly with a sigh after seeing Natalia going from happy to sad in a matter of seconds from them beginning to start talking to each other more and more.

She nodded a bit, “My brother died that day,” she mumbled as she slowly stood up, shaking her head a bit as she smiled again, “But anyway,” Natalia mumbled once more before smiling even wider at Barry.

“Oh no I’m so sorry l know what it feels like to lose a sibling or something who was close to..” Barry smiles slightly and then looks down at Natalia’s suit and wondered a bit as he kept eyeing Natalia up and down with interest. “Just curious..what are you special abilities? Like what can you do and can’t do?.”

“Well there’s a lot I can do, a bit I can’t, and a lot I won’t.” She mumbled, “I can heal, levitate as you’ve seen, make shields, communicate telepathically, suffocate people, control emotions, and technically I can raise the dead but in doing so it would kill me.” She shrugged, “There’s more but I don’t use a lot of my power for various reasons.” Natalia states as she shrugged and sighed.

“You can raise the dead? Oh my!..well then..next time remind me to never ever mess around with you cause you seem more badass than me and l was struck by lighting for god sake!..but my archenemy technically caused a dark matter which theoretically like affected 1.2 billion people world wide?..also yes l know. That explosion should have killed me but it didn’t and l gained a 6 pack from getting struck by lighting while in my lab doing analysis.”

“Damn, that’s a lot.” She laughed a little and smiled, “But that’s pretty badass too, surviving an explosion that big... that’s cool.” Natalia says in a mumble before laughing out impulsive shock at what she was hearing about Barry.

“Oh after l got hit with dark matter and these chemicals in my lab l was put into a medically induced coma for about 9 months and woke up in a meta human hospital!..but the saddest part is that l traveled to see my other a few months ago again the night she died..and well let’s say she said l looked just like her father..”

“Oh wow...” she whispered, still looking shocked at him, “Thats just- wow...” she said softly, not really being able to find words for everything he’d been through.

“So this ability of mine to time travel isn’t anyways a good thing because l couldn’t prevent my father from going to prison or getting called by my other archenemy that had turned into this creature called black flash..and then my crush from my hometown got married but her fiancé died because of my archenemy!..so I basically have watched my crushes fiancée die right in front of my face.” Barry says as he wasn’t phased for a moment while remaining to have his gaze at Natalia as he told her about his life story.

She frowned, “I’m so sorry...” she said and sat next to him, “That’s just- that’s terrible...” she said softly.

“I know and also my archenemy left something in my well..it was a video saying l’ll never truly be happy no matter what..and well he’s right because he basically Engineered my life and manipulatived it to his liking!..so now that both my parents are dead and I’m stuck here for now l don’t really have anyone to talk to..besides you but you seem to be married already.” Barry asks Natalia as he looks at her hand and sees a ring on her finger. “But if you aren’t married Wanna be roommates until l can go back to my home town?.”

She looked down at her hand, “Oh no I’m not married.” She laughed a little, shaking her head, “Wrong hand- wedding ring goes on the left not the right.” She said softly, “But yeah sure, I have a spare bedroom I can clean out.”

“Oh I forgot oops haha! I actually am suppose to be married to my crush in the future but that doesn’t seem like it’ll happen as far as l can tell..because I’m stuck here! But at least l have someone like you to talk to.” Barry smiles and then starts laughing a bit with a sigh and looks back at Natalia’s hands and gets interested in them again. “What gave you your powers? Cause a bolt of lighting gave me mine.”

“A rock.” She mumbled and laughed a bit as she shook her head, “It’s an infinity stone though the mind stone, it gave me and my siblings powers.” She said softly, “It’s a very long story as to how it happened.”

“A rock called the mind stone gave you and your siblings powers? That’s so cool l wish l hadn’t missed my crushes birthday party and well she liked me just before l came here to New York on accident by time travel..but now that the time line l came from is potentially erased I can’t tell her how l feel..cause she’ll never feel the same way towards me ever again...” Barry stutters the last part of him talking and looks down at his feet as he started to tear up silently while shaking his head.

Natalia moved closer and rubbed his back softly, “I’m sorry... is there any way you can go back and tell her...?” She asked gently.

“I’m not really sure if l ever could cause in this timeline that was created she and l kissed..and confessed our love for each other as well but that’s sadly gone.” Barry stutters and mumbles while droplets of salty tears began to stream down his face as he spoke more about his family life and parents.

She hugged him softly and rubbed his back, “I’m so sorry...”

She shook her head, “Of course we can.” She said and smiled more, continuing to run his back gently

“Is it awkward that l feel like we’re already good friends even though you don’t know anything about me?..wait l forgot that you possibly read minds or is that vision? The guy with the mind stone?.” Barry asks as he got even more interested about the mind stone. “Also how does the mind stone maintain your powers?”

“First of no I don’t think it’s weird, secondly yes that’s vision and third I really have no clue how it works.” She laughed

“Alright and also damn it I would have loved for you to read my mind and see if l was lying but maybe next time?.” Barry asks Natalia with a shrug as he continued to keep his hands wrapped around her body.

“I mean I can it’s just very straining.” She mumbled and laughed a little, “And a lot of focus.” Natalia smiles more with laughter as she began to like explaining stuff to Barry as she would look back at his facial expressions changing which causes her to start laughing uncontrollably.

“Ah I see but if you did have the ability to read mind without straining would you?..cause l know I would because I’m a very bad liar and even my crush knew l was when l lied about me being a superhero.” Barry laughs and sighs softly just thinking about those times back at his hometown before he got trapped in New York from a breach opening.

“If you really want me to read your mind I can.” She laughed a bit as she looked at him.

Barry blushed and keeps laughing more. “I’m good cause I’m very freaky and l wouldn’t want you to think I’m weird cause l think of too many things at once.” Barry reassured Natalia so that she would stop looking at him with her soul.

Natalia laughed a little and nodded, “Alright I won’t I won’t.” She smiled as she heard the doorbell ring. She stood up and walked over, paying for the pizza before going and sitting next to him again.

“Alright thank you for not doing that..but l do say that you’re a very good looking lady! But I’m gonna stop myself right here so l don’t offend you in any way.” Barry then smiles and quickly opens his pizza box and laughs in delightfulness and satisfaction. “Thanks for the pizza and letting me stay over once again.” Barry says and then leans over to hug Natalia quickly before he grabs himself a slice and eats it.

Natalia hugged back, grabbing a slice herself, “It’s no problem really.” She smiled as she started eating, leaning back into the couch.

Barry smiles and laughs a bit after seeing Natalia smile more at him which made him become nervous. “S-So what’s your idea date and guy that you’d and possibly marry?.” Barry asks as he resumes to taking bites of his pizza after asking that question to Natalia.

Natalia blushed a little and shrugged, “If I’m completely honest I haven’t honestly given to much thought to it. I’m not the ideal person to date so I’ve just never really had it on my radar.” She said and laughed a little as she kept eating.

“Hmm I see,l see! Well same here but I like when women are just confidence in themselves and like they just care so much about the person they are helping or trying to keep safe! and that’s very rarely seen in people cause nowadays people just walk pass people dying and it’s not fun to watch that happen..” Barry smiles slightly before he started sighing again in a pout and nodded once more. “But also even if you weren’t a ideal person to date..what would be your go too must have in a guy like their physical and mental personality traits?.”

She shrugged again, “I mean I guess someone who can be there for me... and can accept who I am and not use me.” She mumbled, “Someone who’s not scared of broken people or monsters.” She laughed sadly a bit as she looked at her hands.

Barry nods in interest and then pouts with a even longer sigh before he sits next to her and hugs her sideways. “I for once would never ever let anyone use you or any of my other friends because that for god sake isn’t even human decency it’s just betrayal and disrespect and disregard for humanity like how and why would someone do that?.” Barry says as he questions himself and let’s go of Natalia’s hands and looks at her and then her hands. “Hey you aren’t a monster!..don’t ever say that okay? You aren’t a monster just because you have special powers okay?..I’m not a monster and people consider me a hero!..so please don’t be so hard on yourself okay?.” Barry asks and begs to Natalia and keeps hugging her sideways softly to make sure she knows she isn’t alone.

“You don’t know me though... you don’t know what I’ve done, where I came from the families I’ve ripped apart, the childhoods I’ve destroyed...” she whispered a bit shakily, “I’m saying nothing but the truth...” she whispered.

“You-oh I’m sorry and also hey you are still human and it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your past!..it really doesn’t because as long as you know you’re a good person and you know your limits you can prevent those things from happening to you right? Also I wouldn’t think of you as family ripper because you don’t seem like the type of person to do that..but you are right l don’t know you but l know you will become a better version of yourself if you forgive yourself for your past okay?.” Barry sighs and pouts slightly before removing his arms from hugging Natalia’s waist. “Am l being too touchy or handsy? Cause if so please tell me to stop whenever I do okay? Thank you very much.” Barry’s pouts soon turned back into laughter as he watched Natalia speaking to him and nodding to her.

She sighed a little, “Its uhm- its ok I don’t mind and I’m not who I used to be but still... I did those things...” she whispered.

“I’m sorry that you probably haven’t gotten help after losing your brother but l hope one day you’ll get the help you need to recover from that traumatic moment that your brother died in front of you.” Barry exclaims softly before wrapping his arms back around Natalia and softly hugging her and patting her shoulders and back. “But as long as I’m here you’ll never need to be afraid of being alone okay? It won’t be like that forever okay?.”

She nodded again and sighed, “I know... I’m sorry for putting all this on you...” she mumbled, slowly pulling away.

You aren’t putting nothing on me what are you talking about? I’m here to help you and also you shouldn’t be saying that for anything you can’t control because you can’t control your feelings. Which is okay because sometimes it’s fine to not be okay sometimes.” Barry smiles slightly and let’s go of Natalia and nods to her while he still sat there eating his slice of pizza.

She nodded a bit and leaned back into the couch, pulling a blanket around herself. “I know it is... I’m sorry I just get overwhelmed whenever I talk about it you know?” She sighed, “Which is why I rarely talk about it I guess...” she mumbled.

“I can tell because it feels like the world is judging you but the world doesn’t know what you have to go through to protect your city and state! also I can relate to being overwhelmed by trying to be the best hero and protector l can!.” Barry exclaims and then awkwardly sits there’s watching Natalia nod a bit before seeing her lean back into her couch and pulling a blanket around herself. “S-So what’s your dream vacation and what’s your idea lifestyle? O-Or where do you see yourself in ten years from now?!.”

“My dream vacation is probably to just somewhere remote, like a cabin in the woods you know? And honestly same for a lifestyle.” She said and smiled a bit.

“I would to but if l do live in the woods then I would have to sell my loft.” Barry smiles and then hides his face in embarrassment and mumbles. “Also sorry for asking so many questions I just want to know more and more of your lifestyle that’s all..but anyway! What’s your favorite food or dream place to live in?.” Barry asks and then uncovers his face to stroke his imaginary beard.

She laughed a little and shrugged, “I don’t mind,” she smiled, “And uhm my favorite food is probably this soup I used to make with my brother when we were younger, I remembered how to make it but I don’t remember what we called it.” She said softly, “And my dream place to live in is like I said like a little cabin or cottage.”

“The lifestyle that you choose for is probably not for me so yeah.” Barry laughs and smiles more seeing Natalia smile with laughter and shrug. “Ohh soup is the best! Especially straight up chicken noodle soup like that’s the best.” Barry laugh as he replays what he said and how he sounded while saying chicken soup was the best. “I would move to Canada or New York if l could!..and well technically I could just run across state and into Canada but l don’t want to move there illegally if you know what l mean.” Barry smiles and gives Natalia two thumbs up before he finishes his last bites of the slice of pizza he had and lays his head down and softly whispers to Natalia. “Good night I’m gonna go to sleep but if you ever need anything just call for my name okay Natalia?.” Barry pleads with Natalia as he wanted her to let him help her out.

She nodded and slowly stood up, being careful not to wake him as she went to her room after whispering, “Same goes for you.”

Barry then wakes up slightly but falls back asleep murmuring to Natalia. “Thanks for not killing me today and l had a funny day today just talking!.” Barry says in a sleep talking type of

Natalia heard and laughed a little to herself before going back to reading quietly.

Barry soon went silent after talking to Natalia while he was still asleep. A couple of hours later had passed and Barry wakes up and gasp for air. “Oh god,Oh god this isn’t good,this isn’t good!..” Barry repeatedly says to himself as he got up still in pain but still in his suit. “Ow,Ow,Ow,Ow!.” Barry groans softly and then bites softly onto his lips so he wouldn’t wake up Natalia.

Natalia, being a light sleeper woke up almost immediately and walked out, looking at him worriedly, “Is everything ok?” Natalia asks Brry in her sleepy voice as she had barely woken up to Barry getting frightened.

“N-No I feel so hot and l didn’t bring any clothes and l also really need to pee..could l maybe use your bathroom or use the community pool bathroom?.” Barry asks as he starts breathing heavily in and out as he was out breathe from sleeping in his suit.

“Yeah of course it’s right down the hall to the left. I’ll get you some water and I think I have some bigger clothes you could borrow.” She said and walked back into her room.

“Bigger clothes? But I’m so skinny and lean so how do you suppose l wear them? Also thank you for letting me use your bathroom! I’ll repay you in anyway just tell me what!.” Barry yelled before he hailed to the bathroom in a rush and quickly took off his suit.

She laughed a bit and went to get a pair of sweatpants and a shirt for him before going and laying them on the couch. She then went and got him a glass of water from the kitchen.

“You know what’s funny? My friend can do what you can do except he can shoot vibe blast..and well burn someone’s flesh on their skin.” Barry yells as he fully took off his suit and ran in a speed of light to get the part of sweatpants and the shirt that Natalia had laid out on her couch for him. “Thank you for the pants and shirt once more!.”

She jumped a bit as she saw him flash in front of her, “N-no problem! I’ve got water for you when you’re done.” She yawned as she sat on the couch, rubbing her eyes a bit.

“Sorry if the red streak hurts your eyes!” Barry yells from the bathroom and gets out once he put on a pair of sandals he had bring with him just in case. Barry then heads over to the kitchen and grabs the cup of water and drinks it while he turned on his phone and went through his feed and smiles looking over at Natalia and sees her on the couch. “Don’t you need to go back to sleep on your bed?.”

She shrugged and yawned, “Eh I’m awake now so what’s the point.” She mumbled, “Though you should get some sleep you had a rough day yesterday.”

“I did but it was fun! I didn’t know I would be stuck here in New York with snow! I’ve always actually wanted to go to New York and now that I’m here I’m doing just fine!...except for me being flew up into the air and almost being catapulted into a building.”

Natalia grimaced a bit as he said the last part, “Sorry about that again... if you want we could go walk around. New York is pretty at night.”

“It’s okay,it’s fine promise! l just wasn’t expecting you to have such a fast reaction time..that’s all! No hard feelings here all cool,all cool!..” Barry awkwardly says then after finishing the cup of water he ran to the couch from behind and jumps over the big slump. “Sooooo could we walk around and see time square or the big apple as l like to it!.”

She nodded and stood up, “Yeah sure just let me grab my jacket.” She mumbled as she stretched and yawned softly, “I’ll bring you one too.” She said before walking to her bedroom again.

“W-Wait you want to take me around the city?!..it’s like 11 am..don’t you think it’s too late to be out in the cold? Also l have one!.” Barry hails out in swiftness as he grabs his jacket which was just his chest piece of his flash suit replica.

She came out after a few minutes, “I have this hoodie that might fit you.” She shrugged as she held up a black hoodie, “And it’s never too late, New York is the city that never sleeps.” She winked at Barry.

“It’s the city that never sleeps? Hmm l’ve never heard of that but that’s a new one! and also give me that hoodie as well cause I am not vibrating myself in the cold continuously cause it makes me feel dizzy.” Barry laughs and smiles before he laughed more and then began to blush a bit after seeing Natalia wink at him. “I also take it that you’re quite the flirt hmm?.”

Natalia blushed at the comment before throwing her hoodie at him, “Oh hush-“ she muttered before going to put her shoes on

“Oh feisty hmm?! Rawr! I like it.” Barry smirks back so innocently and then smiles and pretends to not see Natalia blushing at his comment. “Awee is someone turning red?.” Barry asks but then stops and starts running out the door of her apartment and phases through the floors and eventually Barry falls onto the lobby laughing. “Sucker!” Barry yelled and walked outside but waited for Natalia.

Natalia sped down after him before stopping next to him and winking again before running off again, a silver streak following behind her as she ran down the street

Barry laughs and then gets rosed up and follows after Natalia as he sees her wink at him and stopping next to him once more before she tend down the street. “Hey,Hey no,no! Not so fast young lady!” Barry hails out loudly at Natalia and speeds up after her track.

Natalia stopped a few blocks down as she held onto a wall for support, panting heavily, “I haven’t done that in forever-“ she whispered mainly to herself as she laughed breathlessly.

Barry kept speeding up faster and faster and flashes across from where Natalia was and stops and hails out with all the might he had left. “WOOHOO! What a great time for snow am l right?.” Barry winks to Natalia with laughter and a smile.

She laughed a little and looked over at him, “Damn I’m out of shape-“ she mumbled as she walked over to him, “I forgot to mention I can run about as fast as you-“ she laughed.

“Oh can you now Ms.Natalia?..” Barry nods in interest and begins to stroke his imaginary beard yet again as he began to walk slowly away from Natalia. “But do you like to drink coffee? Also how do you train without anyone around?.” Barry asks as he started to have a heart to heart conversation with a fellow part time superhero. “Oh did l forget to mention I’m part of Central City police department as a forensic scientist?..” Barry smiles and laughs as he found himself starting to ramble on and on the more they were talking.

“Yes I can and I do drink coffee. And I haven’t trained in years.” She shrugged as she followed him, “And that’s cool, I’ve thought about joining police force but eh, I don’t think it’s for me honestly.” Natalia smiled slightly and exclaimed softly.

“The police force isn’t that bad if you don’t hate blood and also find something that is for you! Cause you’ll find that you’ll be more open to people and have something to distract you but if you don’t want to anything l can’t make you.” Barry smiles and pats Natalia on her shoulder and then playfully pushes her before he sped up and hails out yet again in uncontrollably manner. “RACE YA NATALIA?!.” Barry hailed out as loud as he could as he kept ramping up his speed faster and faster reaching Mach 13.

Natalia watched him and rolled her eyes, “Yeah no I’m tired!” She called out after him, sighing at the fact and shaking her head that he probably didn’t hear her, making her laugh a bit.

“Aw come on you’re no fun but l guess l’ll race myself!.” Barry shrugs and then looks back to see Natalia normally walking from miles away. Barry then makes a time remnant of himself within a blink of an eye and they both hail out to Natalia to just confuse her. “NATALIA WHO DO YOU THINK IS THE BARRY YOU MET?.” They both asked her as they both kept ramping up in Mach speed.

Natalia jumped back a bit as she looked at him confused, “S-stop that!” She said, her voice sounding slightly panicked as she looked between the two.

Barry sighs and then stops phasing and takes the time remnant back to his time in the timeline and groans in a bit of annoyance. “Okay,Okay fine l’ll stop!..but why can’t l have just a bit of fun? Like do you want me gone? Is that what you’re trying to done to me?.” Barry asks after he returns from placing his time remnant in his proper place in time.

She jumped a bit, “Why would I want you gone?” She asked softly as she looked at him confused, “And no it just was tripping me up seeing two of you.” She said softly.

“I don’t know because you didn’t want to race me then you told me to stop but l know it can trip people out and I’m sorry okay?.” Barry says to Natalia and pouts sadly feeling a bit bad for confusing her. “Also okay that’s good because l really like you Natalia l really do..and l just know we’ll become very,very “good” friends..” Barry grins and winks at Natalia after he said that.

Natalia blushed a little at the wink as she smiled shyly, clearing her throat quickly as she tried to hide the fact that she was blushing, “No I don’t want you gone. How about tomorrow we clean out my spare bedroom? And you could kind of make it your own I guess?” She suggested with a smile.

“Hmm l’d love to do that! and also would you not mind us having a little coffee hangout as friends?.” Barry asks and winks away but stops winking at Natalia but continues to smile at her as they both continued their stroll down the city and as they were strolling down the city Barry sees the lights turn on which amazes him. “Woooow!..these lights are beautiful don’t you think?.” Barry nudges Natalia playfully before he wraps his arm around her neck.

Natalia nodded at the coffee hangout, “Yeah sure.” She said softly as she looked around, “It really is beautiful.” She said and put her hands in her pockets, shivering a bit as she moved closer to him subconsciously for more warmth.

“Alright sounds like a hangout than?” Barry nods and smiles and then as the lights draw his attention he looks back down to see Natalia shivering and takes off his flash jacket and his black hoodie and wraps it around Natalia. “Ah fuck it’s cold! Woohoo! My god! It feels like nice though if l don’t say so myself.” Barry smiles and sees Natalia moving closer to Barry subconsciously. “Are you still cold here!.” Barry asks and then he bent over and hugs Natalia and vibrates their body molecules to match the temperature of his internal body heat. “Here you go! Now we’ll both stay warm am l right?!.” Barry asks and laughs at himself.

Natalia laughed a little as she slowly relaxed, “How the hell are you so warm?” She mumbled as she hugged back, “Also don’t you want your jacket back?” She asked and looked up at him, blushing a bit from the combination of heat and how close their faces were, making her pull away a bit, “S-sorry-“ Natalia mumbled to Barry as she was often apologetic to new people.

“Oh l actually can do this cool thing where my vocal cords and my body temperature can get regulated! So that’s how I’m warm and how I’m keeping us warm per say if you couldn’t tell already!.” Barry smiles before he pulled his face away from Natalia but kept smiling wider seeing Natalia laugh and relaxing slowly. “I also am fine actually! I’m doing surprisingly better than that time l got my ice metahuman friend to kiss me..and well she also froze me to death!..so this isn’t half as bad l guess?.” Barry shrugs and laughs even more in awkwardness as he talked about the interaction between his friend and him. “Also it’s f-fine..you don’t have to be s-sorry ..” Barry Stutters as he loses focus on light and begins to slowly stare at Natalia’s face but everytime she would turn to look at him he’d just quickly shift his focus around and pretended to look at the Christmas lights.

Natalia slowly pulled away from his body after he had finished talking, laughing softly after having warmed up a bit as she looked around, “So... you’re from Missouri huh?” She asked softly as she stole glances every now and then, her face heating up more as she accidentally caught his eye.

“Y-Yeah I’m from Missouri but l was born in Canada!..which is confusing because l use to be in cold weather but I can’t seem to handle this weather l guess?.” Barry shrugs and starts blushing after seeing Natalia and him make eye caught but didn’t say anything. “S-So where are you from originally or were you born and raised in New York City or should l say “The city that need sleeps.” Barry quotes and hand gestures a big posture like gestures and laughs after the fact that he did that as well.

Natalia nodded as she listened to him, smiling more and laughing a bit as he mocked her, “Ha-ha very funny and no I wasn’t raised in New York. I was raised in a small city called Sokovia. It’s on the boarder of Europe and Russia.” She said softly, letting her Sokovian accent slip out a bit as she smiled shyly.

“I’m sorry for mocking you..and also how far is Sokovia from here?..because we could just take a detour right now if you’d like?.” Barry asks and offers Natalia a chance to use his speed for good use and as he asked her that question he looks around them and holds out his arms and makes sure no one sees them. “Also you’re very youthful looking for being half Russia l believe?..Also when did you move here to New York? But also did you learn English in New York or back when you were in school in Russia?.” Barry asks as he started to get interest into Natalia’s background and as he slowly began to get more interested into her background the realization of him liking her hit his mind. “Fucking hell!...” Barry mumbles and groans to himself.

Natalia looked over at him again, “It’s about a sixteen hour flight from here to there and then about a days drive because there’s no airport there.” She said and shrugged, “And I’m Sokovian. Not Russian. Technically I’m European because it’s in Europe but about a twenty minute drive to the Russian boarder. Me and my siblings used to sneak over all the time.” She laughed a bit, “Plus I’m still young, I’m only nineteen.” She laughed softly, “And yes we learned in school but I really learned after our aunt and uncle died... uhm we got involved in an agency and they taught me four- technically five languages.” She said softly and looked over at him as he muttered to himself, “You ok?”

“Oh alright so there’s no airport there but there’s a sixteen hour flight? Is there any chance you’d like to take a detour on my back to boarder of Europe and Russia? Because l can just speed us over there within seconds!..because believe it or not l’ll broke the sound break on earth before..but l haven’t tried it with another person on my back. Also you should probably grab a plastic bag cause people get piggyback sick form me speeding off so fast!.” Barry laughs awkwardly and then nods to Natalia. “Also i see and also sorry for the misinformation! But thank you for sorting out the difference and also damn!..so you and your siblings were rule breakers growing up?. That’s cool! My mother never let me out too often cause l would often get chased down by bullies and couldn’t out run them!..but look at me 10 years later!..oh also I’m 21 would that be a problem with you? Also awe so you’re just fresh out of highschool? Or are you still in high school technically?” Barry asks as he was quite confused by the schooling system in New York.

Natalia laughed a little more, “First off i graduated when I was sixteen so I’m in college and I mean... I guess we could go but there’s not much of the city left really.” She shrugged, “It was all either destroyed in the bombings or from ultron.” She said softly as she looked at him.

“Oh alright and also sorry my bad how am l suppose to know what it’s like to be in New York City’s school systems or even Russia’s..also alright we didn’t have to go to the boarder if you don’t want to and also can l tell you something Natalia?...I really,really like you but I know we don’t know each other at all that much so l’ll strip away my feelings for you and move on okay?..l just want you to know that.” Barry sighs and then accidentally realized that he had mocked the way Natalia was speaking yet again after he started being sassy with her like he was with him earlier that day.

Natalia blushed at the sudden confession as she looked at him a bit shocked, “N-no uhm don’t- don’t do that...” she said, sounding shy, “I-if I’m honest I-i think I might like you too- but I’ve also never really liked someone like that because I’ve never gotten the chance to but I think I do. Also y-yeah we could go and uhm I graduated early because of the agency-“ she said quickly, starting to ramble a bit as her face turned impossibly more red by the second. She looked down at her feet shyly as she shuffled them in the snow a bit, “S-sorry for uhm- for rambling I-I’m just- I don’t know- flustered if that’s the right word I guess?” She mumbled.

After Barry had accidentally let out his confession to Natalia His eyes widen yet again as he hears and sees Natalia look at him shocked. “D-Don’t do that b-but why n-not?..” Barry asks before he suddenly became silent and turned a rosacea type of red while hearing Natalia confess her feelings for Barry in that instant. “Y-You like me? A guy who’s yeah big and who’s skinny as hell but has abs? and also awe that’s very adorable!..I’m glad l could be your first ever person to crush on..w-wait?..were you flirting with me earlier when we were going to your apartment?..because l swear you’ve winked at me like a couple of thousands of times or am l dreaming?.” Barry asks himself and strokes his imaginary beard yet again. “Also alright but I changed my mind actually!..also that’s great! Wait you’re apart of agency? Where is your agency located at? Is it the avengers headquarters?! If so could l please come?.” Barry asks Natalia and starts pouting for her to let him come with her. “Also it’s okay to feel flustered because sometimes things have a different come out then you expect it to have and also it’s okay keep rambling it makes you 100x more cuter.” Barry smiles and winks at Natalia as he compliments her. Barry then draws his attention down to her feet and smiles as he watches her feet shuffle in the snow. “Are you okay though? You seem to becoming shy..I’m not that scary l promise okay?.” Barry smiles proudly Before facepalming himself.

Natalia laughed a little, “I’m not apart of the agency anymore... I was an assassin for them and I left after my brother died and most of it was split up.” She said softly, “A-and no I wasn’t flirting earlier- or at least not intentionally.” She mumbled, “And I’m not really involved with the avengers, my sister is but I’m not.” She said and looked up at him a little, “A-and yeah I do like you... and yeah I’m shy... I don’t know I just am,” she mumbled, “Also I know you’re not scary.” She said and giggled a little as she looked up at him facepalming.

“Wait you were a assassin for them? Also oh no I’m sorry to hear that your departure was cause of your brother..but couldn’t anyone bring him back technically or is your universe different from mine? Cause in mine there’s many versions of me which are called doppelgängers and. My first doppelgänger l met back when l had to save my other friends from this other enemy of mine named zoom..he was the murderer of my father and murdered him in my childhood house..” Barry smiles slightly before he looks down a bit sad but slightly relived that he didn’t die a slow death. “He also said to keep running and making him proud during his last seconds of life..I couldn’t even speak at his funeral because of how heart broken l was..my dad was everything and all. I could wish for is for us to be reunited as a family but that sadly won’t happen anytime soon..cause where l came from time works differently..cause the timeline l erased was already set in stone..but since l’ve traveled before the time could set it got erased!..and also who’s your sister? Also is our coffee hangout gonna be a date or nah?.” Barry asks and then mockingly mumbles. “At least not intentionally..” Barry mumbled as he mocked Natalia again playfully. “I really like you too Natalia and I don’t give a damn if my future is with someone else..because you’re honestly the only thing that gives me life now since l’m official stuck in New York and unable to travel back to my time where I’m from!..” Barry laughs and smiles softly as he realized what he had which made him blush and gasp before he would turn back to his goofy and weird self within a matter of seconds.

Natalia listening to him carefully about his father and his doppelgänger, “We dont have doppelgängers here and we’ve tried to bring him back but... it was all to no avail.” She said softly and sighed, “I’m sorry about your father though... that’s truly terrible.” She mumbled, “And if you want it to be a date then sure, of course.” She smiled more and blushed at how he was talking about her.

“You’re like the only thing that truly matters to me and nothing can get in the way of our aspiring love but also thanks..and awe I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve guys tried to bring back your brother but couldn’t.” Barry sighs and pouts then all of sudden Barry started to feel bubbly like and that caused him to pull Natalia into a hug and Barry kiss her forehead and laughs. “I’m so,so,sorry ahaha l can’t control myself from all this bubbly and exciting feeling!..but also you truly are remarkable..you’re one of the best views here if I’m being truly honest..” Barry winks at Natalia before he grins and bit his lip a bit.

Natalia smiled shyly as he kissed her forehead, giggling a bit as he talked, “Same goes for you.” She smiled, “S-sorry I’m terrible at flirting-“ Natalia laughs and restates in embarrassment while she kept turning more red and being more shy that every second went back.

“Awe it’s okay I’m bad at flirting too bad hey at we have each other right?.” Barry smiles and nudges Natalia after watching her smile shyly and blushing and giggling from him talking. “You also are very giggly also l’ve noticed aren’t you?” Barry asks as he pretends to stroke his imaginary beard yet again.

She shook her head quickly, “O-oh hush you-“ she mumbled and blushed harder as she pulled her hood over her head, covering her face a bit.

“So now you wanna be quiet hmm? Also fine,fine l’ll shush but only if you uncover your pretty little face because I’m not gonna just stare at the back of your head this whole stroll around the city okay?.” Barry laughs and then applauds himself quickly before he drawn his attention back to nudges Natalia playfully smiling. “You really are into me hmm?..I guess I’m not over hesitate on getting girls to fall for me?..but l also get the wrong type of girls whom like me as well!.” Barry flusters himself while admitting his confesses and secrets of his past.

Natalia blushed harder and pulled her hood off her head, “Oh hush...” she mumbled as she started walking backwards so she was still facing him, “Come on, we’ve still got a ways to walk.” She said and smiled more as she reached out her hand for him to hold if he wanted.

After Barry flusters himself he quickly snaps back to reality and nods and stutters in confusion. “W-Wait what?..and also hmm let’s see about that Natalia..” Barry strokes his imaginary beard before sliding his hand onto of Natalia’s and nods his head. “How about no? Because Barry wants to make Natalia all bubbly cause he loves her very dearly okay? okay good talk!.” Barry says before he starts jogging and bringing Natalia along with him by their hands.

Natalia laughed a little as she more ran with him, looking around at everything, “What do you want me to talk about hm?” She laughed as she kept running with him, smiling more as she looked at him again.

“Because this Barry guy seems like a very humble and playfully guy doesn’t he?.” Barry asks Natalia as he watched her laugh a bit as they both ran together through the streets of filled up snow. “I also just want to hear your thoughts on him so lay it on me!.” Barry pounces’s his fist onto his chest and laughs softly after doing that. “You know l would die for you right now?.”

Natalia blushed softly and smiled shyly, “Well he’s kind and funny,” she said and laughed a little more, “He doesn’t care about my past... or the things I’ve done. But he does want to know about me.” She smiled, “He’s tall and handsome,” She blushed harder, “And he really needs to stop running or I’m going to trip-“ she laughed.

“Oh mhm,mhm,mhm,mhmmm?..he seems like the full on package to me doesn’t he?! Also good for him he’s proud of how strong you are staying for him isn’t he?.” Barry asks and then keeps running faster and faster before he eventually sweeps Natalia off her with one quickly sweep in his hands. “Also does he love to mock your voice? Cause l know someone like him.” Barry smirks and grins a little as he sees Natalia continuously blushing and turning redder each moment they were with each other on this stroll in the snow.

She smiled as she looked at him, “Yes he does like to mock me actually.” She laughed a little, “So where are you taking me hm?” She asked softly as she watched him run faster and faster.

“Oh alright and well does him mocking you make you love him more or less? and also where am l taking you? You just have to wait and see I guess!.” Barry replies to Natalia and shrugs his shoulders as he kept running faster and faster but eventually came to a stop and leans into Natalia’s face and pecks her lips with a kiss and smile before pulling away. “Sike!..unless you wanna kiss?.” Barry asks as he leaned Natalia to the nearest wall and kept his body closer to hers and creating unexpected tension.

Natalia giggled, “It’s cute when he mocks me.” She said and smiled more, blushing impossibly harder when he pecked her lips, “Maybe I want a kiss-“ Natalia teased more with a smile and giggle.

“Oh it’s cute? So you want to mock you more than is that right? Or is the misinformation that l got from this Barr guy wrong?.” Barry asks as he stayed as close to Natalia’s lips as possible. “Oh and where shall Barry and this lovely lady before me shall kiss?.” Barry asks before he just cuts off himself and leans into Natalia’s lips and kisses her slowly while he began to caress her face and kissing her lips slowly with a smile as he then slowly grabs her by her neck while kissing her but eventually pulling away with his hands from her neck and his lips on her lips.

“Mmm maybe not more but it’s cute when he does do it.” she giggled, blushing more as he kissed her. Natalia kissed back gently after a few seconds, closing her eyes as she placed he hands on his chest, lightly gripping onto his shirt. She tilted her head a bit to lean into his touch, just smiling into the kiss.

“So does that mean Barry gets to mock this little munchkin right in front of him every once in awhile to does Barry need to ask for permission to mock Miss Little Natalia?.” Barry asks in a muffle as his lips were still intertwined and also he was speaking in a muffle he feels Natalia starting to kiss Barry back and Barry finally got the message that Natalia was very much in love with him. Barry then smirks and continues to caress his hands across and onto Natalia’s face as he feels her grip onto his shirt while kissing him. After a few seconds of Barry letting Natalia take control he finally fought back and starts kissing Natalia more and pushes her back softly against the nearest wall in the snow. “Shit your gonna make me get a bit turned on!..but that doesn’t matter I love you so much I don’t even care.” Barry confesses in a mumble and laughs again feeling Natalia taking back control with her head tilt from his touch. “You’re such a gem god!..” Barry whispers to her face as he pulls their lips off slowly and smirks after the mini the makeout session had parted. “S-So wanna continue our stroll or?..” Barry asks before he leads the question off unexpectedly without saying anything else to Natalia.

Natalia blushed, nodding a little, “Y-yeah sorry I just uhm- I got a bit carried away there-“ she mumbled shyly as she slowly let go of his shirt, “I’m sorry about that.” She laughed a bit nervously.

Barry smiles and starts laughing a bit after hearing Natalia got too carried away. “Well you didn’t cause I kind of wanted to that to happen..cause you’re very much a hottie and baddie.” Barry whispers before he starts laughing again after hearing Natalia mumble more and feeling her grip let go of his shirt. “Oh my gosh l wanna just makeout now..is that bad that l feel like that?.” Barry asks Natalia as he got a bit worried not knowing if it was normal to say or confess that to a person.

She shook her head a bit as she looked up at him, “N-no I don’t think so... I mean it does sound kind of nice-“ she blushed harder, biting her lip slightly as she looked down shyly.

“Then shall we make out or do you want to continue our stroll? You choose because I’m bad at deciding things and choosing what activities to do and not do..” Barry laughs awkwardly as he still held onto Natalia’s hand and brings up to his face and gives her hand kisses.

Natalia giggled a bit shyly before starting to pull him back towards her apartment, “Mmm come on let’s go back to my place- it’s getting cold and making out sounds good.” She giggled shyly.

“Oh my,Oh my I’m gonna be one lucky man aren’t l? Also having hot chocolate is the best while making out in front of a fire place.” Barry smirks and then laughs after hearing Natalia starting to giggle bits at a time. “I’m coming,I’m cominggg.” Barry says and walks to the direction towards Natalia and trips in the process but picks himself up just before he fell and hit his face on the ground. “Oh damn that was close!.”

Natalia turned around right as he tripped and started laughing a bit more, “Are you ok?” She laughed more, “And I’ve never made out in front of a fire, let alone with the hot chocolate but that does sound nice.” She said softly as she smiled even more as the night went on.

“Y-Yeah aha I’m still a bit flustered to the way you were leaning me on you and gripping onto my shirt.” Barry gasp and then smirks with a nod of laughter as he sees Natalia turn around right as Barry had tripped. “Also making out in a fire is kind hot..like steamy kind of hot and it’s just so sexy whenever a women’s skin glows perfectly and cases a shadow on the floor in front of the fire place..if you know what l mean.” Barry smirks and grins before biting down onto his lip and continues to keep following after Natalia’s tracks.

Natalia turned around quickly to hide how flustered she was, “O-oh really is it now?” She mumbled shyly, “Hm maybe we’ll have to try it out-“ she whispered more to herself as she hugged her jacket around herself for warmth.

“Y-Yeah cause a women’s glow in front of a fire is just so beautiful and over you have the hottest glow and case of a shadow of all the women l’ve seen and also are you really in love with me?..because l know my other exes whom left me because I was the flash...is that the case in our relationship built up?.” Barry asks and starts biting down onto his lip in nervousness as he waited for her answer. “Also I’m a bit of a freaky so sorry if l grab your ass and squeeze it..I just love ass grabbing.”

Natalia smiled and walked back so she was standing next to him as she intertwined their fingers softly, looking up at him happily, “I-I am in love with you... and you being the flash won’t affect anything. As long as me being whatever the hell I am doesn’t affect things either.” She giggled and leaned against him, blushing hard, “I-I don’t mind it if you grab my ass j-just maybe tell me before you do it the first time?”

“T-Thank you for your reassurance because l sometimes need to be reassured to make sure things will be okay because of how much traumatized I’ve been seeing both my parents killed before l hit 30 years old.” Barry smiles slightly as he wasn’t upset talking about his mother cause he felt Natalia standing next to him and interwinding their fingers softly as he spoke. “I also won’t be affected by anything you do unless you try to kill me..in which I will speed punch you in the face and knock you out which I hope never happens!..cause l wouldn’t want to hurt this beautiful pretty human next to me.” Barry smiles more widely and laughs as he feels Natalia’s lean against him. “Also I will tell you whenever l touch and grab your ass! Because l hate not getting consent as well which is one of the things that make me charming and one of the things girls take advantage of sometimes.” Barry smiles and then pouts and sadly mumbles the last part while slowly drawing his attention down to his shoes.

Natalia listened to him carefully and frowned a bit at how girls would take advantage of him. She squeezed his hand gently before bringing it up and kissing it gently, “Hey... I’m not going to take advantage of you. I promise. Maybe take advantage of the fact that you can reach the top shelf but that’s it.” She laughed a little as she leaned up to kiss his cheek.

“Ah I see and also I know you wouldn’t cause something just feels different about you!..do you know the movie to all the boys l’ve loved before? These special and little moments that we’re having makes so blessed to have met you it truly means a lot!.” Barry exclaims softly and blushes feeling his hand get softly squeezed and kissed on. “Also some people take advantage of my height but hey I love it!.” Barry smiles with laughter and then keeps blushing more after feeling Natalia kiss one of his cheeks. “Ugh oh my goshhh that’s it!.” Barry laughs and carries Natalia bridesmaid style in his arms before he dashed away in a flash leaving a red streak behind him as he ran back to their little apartment.

Natalia squealed a bit and held onto him tightly, feeling a bit lightheaded from how fast he was running. She rested her head on his shoulder as she closed her eyes tightly, “W-warn me next time-“ she said quietly.

“Oh no I’m sorry l forgot how you were gonna get sick!.” Barry gasp and then stops speeding off back into the apartment complex. “Also your hair looks so soft and smooth c-could l touch and play with it after we get into apartment?.” Barry asks as soon as he comes to halt in the middle of the apartment complex’s lobby.

She rested her head on his shoulder, “I-I’m not sick just lightheaded..” she mumbled, “a-and yeah sure,” she whispered.

“Oh alright and shall we just walk normally instead then? So you won’t get lightheaded? Cause l really don’t want you to become sick after becoming lightheaded from the motion speed that just had erupted.” Barry asks and begins to casual walk with Natalia in his arms. “You’re also like a big baby you know that?..cause you’re just so cute and perky like!.”

“Y-yeah just walk..” Natalia mumbled as she slowly opened her eyes. She blushed and laughed a little at the comment, “I am not a big baby...” she mumbled into the crook of his neck.

“Uhm are you sure you aren’t?..cause you aren’t stopping me from carrying you in my arms it seems like!..but whatever my lovely and yes,yes l love calling people those who are close to me or that l like lovely or princess.” Barry blushes and smiles with a nod. “Mhm alright you totally are I’m just kidding haha.” Barry laughs a little before he grabs Natalia’s face softly and subtlety leans into her and starts kissing her in the again but this time in the lobby.

Natalia nodded, “I’m ok I promise... and I like the nickname.” She said and smiled more. She blushed a little and kissed back softly, smiling impossibly more.

“Okay good and also do you need some water? Cause you look like you’ll fall over if l let you walk.” Barry asks and then smiles as he was reassured once more from Natalia that she was fine. “Also do you feel comfortable making out i-in the lobby?.” Barry asks as he pulls away slowly from the kissing that was happening yet again but in the lobby.

“Yeah I’ll get some when we get back to my place.” She whispered and smiled more, “We should probably go back to my place before people stare though.” She giggled a bit

“Alright then to your place we shall go!.” Barry riots softly in a chant as he puts up his fist and then pushes the top elevator button and waits for the elevator to come down to the lobby. “Also we should do that haha cause it’d be a bit strange to have people see us make out unlike your friends?..also w-would you actually like to have a Christmas party where you invite your friends to your apartment that we share?!.” Barry asks as he starts getting excited after feeling bad for making Natalia lightheaded.

“Uhm if I’m honest I don’t have any friends really, the only people I really talk to are the avengers.” She mumbled and shrugged, “Though I could bring you to Tony’s Christmas party if you want.” She offered and looked up at him.

“I would love to meet Tony stark oh my gosh! The way his suit is all microtechnology is so amazing! Like hell he’s even more advanced me myself!.” Barry laughs in even more excitement after hearing the words Tony stark come out of Natalia’s mouth. “Also its okay l don’t have any friends either cause I’m a nerd and l just talk about time travel and the way that timelines in my hometown work.”

Natalia giggled a bit, “Yeah I just don’t really leave my apartment so I don’t get the chance to meet people you know?” She said softly as she leaned up and kissed his cheek.

“I don’t leave my lab either since l do lots of lab analysis’s! But that’s cause of my captain whom only has one lab and scientist reporter for his police force...so I get pretty lonely at central city but hey maybe sometime w-we could travel to my earth or universe as you guys call them?.” Barry shrugs before blushing again and just hugging Natalia tightly but softly like a little baby. “Yep all mineeeeee!.” Barry whispers and runs into the elevator seeing it open.

“That sounds fun.. maybe we could sometime yeah.” She said and giggled a bit as she kept holding onto him softly, “I think I’m ok to stand now.” She said softly as she looked at him again.

“We could after l get better? But I really don’t want to leave this place because after all you’re the only thing l basically have left and if l leave you behind l don’t want our love to fade you know what l mean?.” Barry smiles slightly before slightly frowning and looking down at the ground and letting go out Natalia while the elevator door closed and started moving and shifting between the each individual floors.

She looked up at him and placed her hand on his cheek, “Hey... don’t worry about that ok? We’ll figure things out on what we want to do ok? I promise.” She said with a reassuring smile as she caressed his cheek sweetly.

“I-l know I just don’t want to leave someone else in my life cause l know my archenemies will come find you and kill you..and that’s not what l want to happen so I don’t know what else to do Natalia..what can l do?.” Barry asks Natalia as he stutters and starts gasping frankly from crying so much more within a matter of seconds Barry was all flush with red.

Natalia pulled him out of the elevator and down the hall to her apartment before going inside and helping him to the couch. She made him sit before she kneeled in front of him, holding his face softly, “We’re ok, okay?” Nobody is going to come and kill me. Frankly if they want to they can try but they won’t get very far.” She said softly as she wiped his tears with her thumbs, “I’m not going to let them take what we have ok?” She whispered and kissed his forehead, “You really think they can kill me?” She asked as she took her jacket off and pulled up her shirt a bit, revealing a large scar that went from her hip to her shoulder, “I was nearly cut in half and survived a week without proper medical attention.” She said before pulling her shirt down again, “The amount of times I should’ve died but I didn’t are countless. I’ll be ok. I promise.”

Barry stood there crying for a couple of more seconds until his eyes widened and he feels Natalia pull him out of the eleventh and down the hall to her apartment and going inside to help him to couch. Before Barry could thank Natalia for comforting him he blushes a bit and starts to instantly stop crying once he was sat down on her couch. “I-l know but the thing is the last time one of my friends said they and l were gonna be okay w-we weren’t..cause he died cause of my mistakes..he shots himself so my archenemy didn’t kill me..and that well meant he never would have existed..my crushes friend was a good friend of mine for awhile until he died..for me..s-so you try to stop my archenemies but they find a way to kill you one way or another and they’ll never stop..” Barry Stutters and then he starts getting hallucinations caused by him crying in fear and he starts seeing visions of his parents murderer sitting in front of him which had replaced the vision of Natalia. She was eventually blocked out from Barry’s mind once he got into his hallucination state but soon he came back from it after feeling Natalia I wipe away his tears with her thumbs which caused him to gasp as he snapped out of his hallucinations caused by him crying. “Oh my god,Oh my god!.” Barry stutters before he curls up to Natalia and hugs her tightly and doesn’t let go. “A-Also maybe?..but that would not end well would it?..” Barry stutters more in fear when he felt Natalia kiss his forehead which made him go into his bubbly state again. “S-Sorry hehe I just like to hug people and especially you.” Barry smiles Beofe letting go of Natalia and sees her with a big scar and gasp. “Oh my god Natalia!..W-What happen to you? How did you not die without seeking medical attention?.” Barry asks as he was now drawing his bubbly interest to Natalia’s scars.

Natalia moved closer as she sighed a bit, “I’ve always assumed it was adrenaline.” She said softly and shrugged as she sat on the couch next to him, holding him close, “I don’t remember much from that week because I was in and out of consciousness a lot but I survived.” She said and laughed a little as she rubbed his back, “Like I said, there have been many times where I probably should’ve died and I didn’t, and now I’m just left with the scars.” She mumbled and kissed his head, “Were going to be ok though. Even if they come for us, we’ll figure it out ok? I promise.”

“If they come for us you’re running as far away as you can from them okay?..because they don’t play around..cause when they say they’ll kill you they will..but they can’t both kill me or else they both never become speedsters like I do in my archenemy Eobard Thawne’s future therefore he would lose his speed and l would never become the flash or meet you..which is why I can’t die or else we never meet and this whole relationship that is blossoming is just gonna be history.” Barry stutters still in a a shaky and freaked out but he was still blushing and in comfort while in Natalia’s arms. “Also it probably is adrenaline or you gained super reflex senses?..because l can catch a bullet with my bare hands!..but l’ve never tried it ever since the doppelgänger of my killer came to my earth to help me stop this guy named Zoom!..”

Natalia sighed and rubbed his shoulders gently, “Neither of us are going to die. And I know they don’t play around... I know love I know... I can tell from how scared you are.” She said softly, “Well figure it out when the time- if the time comes. I promise you we will.” She whispered and kissed his head gently, continuing to rub his shoulders and back comfortingly, “And who knows, maybe I did. Like I said, there are many times where I should’ve died where I didn’t.” She laughed a bit as she knew how to make a joke about almost dying.

“If l die c-could you please tell my other father like figure J-Joe West t-thanking him for giving me the best life?.” Barry stutters and keeps sniffing his tears up as he calms down again after feeling Natalia rub his shoulders gently. “Also g-good because l can feel their presence coming..I’m not even kidding..I can feel whenever they come to try to kill me.” Barry stutters more while blushing even more after getting his head kissed on again while he felt Natalia continuously rubbing his shoulder and back. “Y-You’ve may have died but you can protect yourself with your more advance powers..but all I could do is Immense superhuman speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, and endurance,Intangibility through molecular vibration at high velocity,Time travel and dimension travel by running faster than the speed of light,Electricity and lightning manipulation,Accelerated healing factor,Enhanced perceptions and senses,Time manipulation as well!..but that doesn’t seem as Advanced as your powers and abilities..and also if l die that means l wouldn’t be the flash nor would this would happen..which is the only thing that scares me.” Barry trembles over his word but calms down by trying to think of his happy memories and laughs a bit after thinking of this one moment. “D-Did you know when l first got my powers I ran into a garbage cause my powers were too hard for me to control?..y-yeah that is why you shouldn’t get powers in your 20’s..because l actually got my powers last year!..yes,yes l know that isn’t much time to practice with my powers.” Barry sighed and pouts.

Natalia comforted him the best she could as he cried and talked about himself dying, making her sad but she kept it together for him. She sighed a little and smiled a bit as he started laughing, “Hey you think getting powers in your twenties is bad- try getting them when you’re nine.” She laughed a bit as she looked down at him, “I know you can probably sense them but we’ll figure it out. And I’m going to protect you ok? I’ll protect you till my dying breath.” She whispered.

“Hey,Hey you’re not in your 20’s Miss so you aren’t gonna be rusty so hushhhhhh.” Barry blushes and giggles more after hearing Natalia reply to his incident of how old he got his powers. “Also thank you,thank you for trying to protect you but you don’t have to okay? Also f-fine but l can bring alongside my friends here couldn’t l?..cause my other friend Cisco actually died twice..from my adversary Eobard Thawne after finding out he was the guy in the yellow suit.”

“I’m protecting you because I want to. Not because I have to so hush. And yeah bringing along some friends might help.” She said and smiled softly, “Oh damn... dying twice- that’s uhm- that’s rough.” She laughed a bit.

“Yeah..but the second time he was actually in a dream and then l almost wiped my friend from existence by kidnapping my adversary from killing my mother..and so in doing that my friend had about a big seizure which made him seize hard enough to make his nose start bleeding. “But also I didn’t mean hush to protecting me l meant hush to trying to compare my incident getting my powers to yours my love!.” Barry squeals after he realizes he called Natalia so casually. “C-Can we cuddle cause l feel sleepy but I can’t sleep now knowing my adversaries know my presences are here in New York..”

Natalia laughed a little at how he mentioned her comparing how they got their powers, “Sorry... and yeah sure.” She said softly as she pulled him towards her room.

“I’m kidding! don’t cry I’m so,so,so sorry love okay?.” Barry pouts and quickly hugs Natalia and walks next to her toward her room. “Also getting your powers at 19 is better! Cause you aren’t gonna be rusty but also you were a bit badass when you flew me up the air without even seeing me haha.” Barry smiles and starts laughing even more after remembering what had happen at their first interaction as strangers.

Natalia laughed a bit, “I was nine not nineteen.” She said softly as she continued to pull him towards her room, “And yeah I guess I’m a little badass.” She shrugged and laughed a bit more.

“You were n-nine?! you were nine years old when my mother died!..that’s so crazy to think about honestly like it’s very much crazy but also what is college like now?..because l graduated in 2019 from college and also l could be old enough to be your older brother!..okay yeah I’m gonna just stop thinking about these thoughts.”

She laughed a little, “It’s just college... I don’t think it has changed much if at all.” She shrugged, “And yeah that sounds like a good idea-“ she laughed more.

“Alright and also do you think I’m your official one and only? Or do you think we’ll spit up soon? What’s your thought on that?.” Barry asks Natalia and then groans in sleepiness and quickly sweeps up Natalia in his arms and quickly jogs to Natalia’s room and tosses her softly onto her bed making Barry laugh. “Sorry I was just getting very sleepy!.” Barry blushes and giggles whispering to Natalia before he himself flips onto Natalia’s bed softly so he wouldn’t break it by accident.

She giggled a little and curled up against him, “I don’t know yet... I mean considering we only met a few hours ago you know? But I don’t think I see us splitting up any time soon.” She smiled more with a little amount of hope building up inside of her that Barry could see blossoming.

“Me neither but l don’t want to break up with you anytime soon because you’re the only one l have left and also do you want to see clips of me on the news? Or is that too cocky for me to show myself how to you?.” Barry asks and laughs watching Natalia giggling and curling up against Barry. “Are you a hedgehog now? Cause you look like your going to go into hibernation like a bear does in the winter and yes l do know a thing or two about bears!..and how much force you need to physically kill someone with your bare hands.”

“Mmmm we could watch them tomorrow... I’m getting tired.” She laughed a little, “Bears hm? Bears beets battle star galactica.” She laughed a little more at the reference she made while half asleep next to him.

“W-What are Bear Beets battle star Galactica? Sorry if l’m a boomer as you kids call me but I’m old and I don’t get some of the references you are talking or speaking of.” Barry laughs and then pouts cutely watching Natalia fall asleep slowly next to him as he continues to spoon and cuddles Natalia.

“It’s from the office.” She mumbles and smiled tiredly, “I’ll show you later.” She whispered and kissed his cheek gently.

“Oh I see,l see and okay but you should sleep okay love?.” Barry asks Natalia and keeps blushing more continuously as Barry feels Natalia keeps his cheek gently. “Also w-why are you whispering?.” Barry whispers to Natalia and laughs as he tries his Hardest to be quiet so he wouldn’t wake up Natalia.

“Just tired...” she mumbled and yawned softly, “You should sleep too you know,” she said as she hid her face in his chest tiredly.

“I’ll go to sleep whenever you sleep okay love? Also if l disappear or vanish when you wake up in the morning I’m sorry okay?.” Barry pouts cutely and caresses Natalia’s face as he watches her yawn softly and seeing her face get hid on Barry’s chest which makes him start laughing a little more and when Barry started to laugh more from being ticklish by Natalia’s face he covers his mouth and then stops laugh after awhile of thinking only about Natalia and continues to caress her face begins to lean to pull Natalia’s body on top of his. “You’re so cute when you look tired and that’s saying a lot.”

She blushed hard before looking at him confused, “W-wait what do you mean disappear?” She asked, sounding a bit more awake than before.

“I-l’m suppose to vanish in a crisis after a epic street battle with The reverse Flash and that’s just a crazy thing to think about and also by disappearing I mean l will disappear in a ball of lighting after this battle so yeah..but l’ll be okay!?..I think at least for now?.” Barry shrugs before he hugs Natalia into his arms more securely after spooning her in his arms.

She frowned a little as she held onto him softly, “W-will you come back here...?” She asked, her voice wavering a bit from the fact that she didn’t want to end up losing him so quickly. She felt herself tear up a bit at the thought of losing Barry.

“Yes,Yes if l survive l will come back okay my love?.” Barry pouts and continues to caress Natalia as he saw her frown a little as he felt her hold onto him softly. “Please,Please don’t cry I’m good for right now okay?.” Barry smiles a bit in hopes of lifting up Natalia and gets saddened by her tearing up and wipes her tears and Barry kisses her lips in sadness and after kissing her lips Barry moves his finger around on her lip with one of his 10 fingers Barry also shed a tear watching Natalia tearing up which instantly makes Barry start to smoother Natalia’s face and lips in kisses and every so often Natalia would she a tear he wiped her tears with his big palms that were twice as big as her face. “My beautiful love.”

She smiled a little more as he reassured her and kissed all over her face, making her giggle a little, “O-ok good..” she said and hugged him softly, hiding her face in the crook of his neck as she sniffed a little, just relaxing more.

Barry keeps smothering Natalia in kisses even after seeing her smile and hearing her giggle as he continues to reassure her with his kisses. “I’m good and here to stay okay?.” Barry smiles and giggles feeling Natalia’s face enter into the crooks of Barry’s neck. “Ahh! Eek so ticklish hehe!.” Barry stutters as he keeps giggling from being ticklish by feeling Natalia breath against his neck.

She smiled more and pulled her face away, “Sorry sorry I forgot.” She giggled as she held onto him softly still, yawning quietly.

“No,No,No,Nooo I need to feel your breathing against my neck so l can sleep babyyyyy..o-oops I mean love!?..”Barry stutters in shock as he didn’t know that the word baby would ever slip out of his mouth nor would he ever say these exact words to anyone. “Also aweeee! Your yawns are so cute!.” Barry blushes and squeezes Natalia’s cheeks together and kisses Natalia’s noses and lips Beofe he gave her a boop and continues to smothering* Natalia’s face and neck in kisses. “I-Is Barry allowed to grab N-Natalia’s ass?.” Barry asks and waits for her to answer him but continued to kiss and cover her whole face and parts of her upper neck in kisses which made him smile wider and wider.

She giggled and moved her face to the crook of his neck again, smiling tiredly as he kissed all over her face, “No they’re not.” She mumbled as he kissed her face more. She blushed as he asked before nodding and smiling shyly, “Y-yes he is.”

“Okay fine your yawns aren’t cute..they are extremely precious to me!.” Barry giggles and playfully jokes with Natalia as he watches her continuously giggle and then he saw her move her face back to Barry’s crook of his neck. “Also thank you but how hard can Barry grab Natalia’s ass? Because Mr.Barry Allen doesn’t want to hurt Miss.Natalia Maximoff if that’s your last name?.” Barry asks and blushes as he saw Natalia nodding to him while a shy smile appeared on her face again as he hear her give him permission.

“Mmmm not too hard right now because I’m tired,” she yawned, “But you can grab it harder tomorrow.” She whispered as she slowly started falling asleep.

“Awe okay and also I won’t grab your ass while you sleep d-don’t worry.” Barry stutters as he starts drifting into a deep sleep. Barry eventually falls asleep and whispers to Natalia Before he fully went into his deep sleep state. “I love you so much Natalia and l hope we live a happy and long life together.”

Natalia heard him and smiled tiredly before slowly falling asleep in his arms, her body completely relaxed against him.

Barry smiles after feeling Natalia falling asleep and relaxing against his arms. Barry then wakes up a few seconds later to drink some water and then goes back to sleep.

Natalia woke up around nine the next morning and looked around tiredly, smiling when she saw him asleep next to her.

Barry was asleeping for a few more seconds just up until Barry felt Natalia moving around in his arms. When Barry awake from his slumber he groans and stretches out his arms and smiles to Natalia. “See I’m still here!.” Barry sleepily responds to Natalia.

She giggled tiredly and rubbed her eyes before hugging him again, “I’m glad.” She giggled more.

“Sooo what’d you like to do today love? Would you like to go on a proper stroll this time?.” Barry asks Natk as he opens up his arms and begins to become dramatic and pretends to fall back from being huddled by Natalia. “Mine,Mine and I’m all yours,yours!.” Barry proudly says before he weirdly starts playing around with Natalia’s mouth.

Natalia looked up at him in thought for a moment, “Mmmm maybe.” She said and giggled more, just being happy that she was with him. She laughed and tried to push his hands away as he played with her mouth a bit.

“How rudeeeee maybeeeee?!.” Barry gasp and dramatically says in disappointment but then resume to laughter after seeing Natalia smile and laugh while trying to push Barry’s hands away from her mouth. “You’re so giggly and cute you know that right?.” Barry says seriously as he stops playing with Natalia’s mouth for a bit.

She giggled a little and stopped almost immediately as he complimented her, her face turning a deep shade of red, “N-no I’m not.” She mumbled and crossed her arms playfully as she pouted a bit, a small smile tugging at the edge of her mouth.

“Hmm alright fine,fine you aren’t cute that’s fine by Barry l guess.” Barry shrugs and then pretends to be saddened by the fact that Natalia was saying she wasn’t cute. “But also Aweeee is someone blushing? Hmm? Is Natalia blushing?.” Barry asks teasingly as a smile appeared on his face gradually over time. Barry then starts cuddling with Natalia again and starts playing with her laughs and pouting along with her. “Don’t be sad or else Barry will be sad otay?.”

Natalia smiled again and hugged him softly before slowly rolling off the bed, “Mmm come on I’ll make breakfast.” She giggled and stood up, “You’re not allergic to anything right?” She called out as she started walking to the kitchen.

“Be careful Love! Also no,no I’m not but l do get very red from poison gas!..which isn’t so yeah but I’m fine alongside anything with allergies!.” Barry yells as he too rolled out of Natalia’s bed and quickly brushes his teeth and face before hoping in the shower and finishing and all Natalia could hear was the woosh and red streak of Barry’s tracks.

Natalia jumped a little at the sudden woosh as she started getting the ingredients out. She laughed quietly to herself as she shook her head slightly, “That’s going to take some getting used to.”

“Sorry but the sound my speed gives off is very loud and that’s why l tend to either get caught..or very much injured easily!..and also ohhh whatcha making there?!.” Barry asks curiously as the sound of the whooshing stopped once he put on his jeans and zips up his zippers.

She jumped again and laughed a little more, “Yeah it’s definitely loud.” She said softly, “And I was thinking maybe eggs, bacon and French toast?”

“Ohhh!? Alright and also could l maybe have two plates of pancakes and like two of basically every other thing you’ll be making? Do you also need help?.” Barry asks as he peaks around to see what Natalia was making. “After breakfast where would you like to go?.” Barry asks as he normally ran over to her refrigerator with a cup and fills it up.

She nodded, “Yeah sure I can do that and I should be ok.” She said with a soft smile, “And I don’t really know, I was thinking I could show you around a bit. Some of the small shops in town and such.”

“Alright and also no,no,no let me help you okay?.” Barry asks and then starts laughing as he has a flashback from when he first came out of his speed force prison and made himself breakfast without pants and was dancing,singing. “This is my first time making breakfast with someone other than my crush whom has kind of moved on sadly..so l don’t really know how to feel about that but I have you now! and you make me the happiest man alive!.” Barry smiles as he walks up and behind Natalia and parts her hair to the side and whispers into her ear. “You’re the best thing that had ever happen to me and sex or anything sexual intercourse of any kind doesn’t compare to the love I have for you.”

“It’s fine I’ve got it.” She giggled as she grabbed her phone to turn on music, “I’m glad I make you happy though, and I’m sorry that your memory’s are weird around all this.” She said softly. She blushed softly and shuddered a bit when he came up behind her and whispered to her, “Oh it doesn’t now?” She whispered back, “I mean I wouldn’t know- I’ve never gotten far enough into a relationship to actually ‘do the deep’ per say.” She said and turned around to face him.

“Okay fine but just for the record remember that l asked but you definitely should let me help but whatever.” Barry struggles and then he laughs and widened his jaw in shock as he hears Natalia’s response. “I mean sex does give some couples more communication and fun?..but l mean we definitely don’t need to have sex unless you really want to..but that’s only if you give me your consent and l give you!..but uhm same here but l actually had a girlfriend in middle school named Becky,Becky Cooper but l don’t really remember what she looks like per say?..also sorry for copying your catch phrases!..please forgive me?.” Barry clenches his teeth softly and then smirks and moves a few inches back after watching Natalia turn around face to face to him. “Uhm..well yesterday I was gonna ask to do it?..but I know it’s too soon.”

“Yeah I’ve dated a few people and been in one relationship I guess.” She shrugged, “It lasted about a month-“ she laughed a bit, “And dont worry it’s not really my catch phrase it’s just a saying.” She smiled. Natalia looked at him shyly as he said he had thought about asking, “I-I mean I’m not opposed to the idea, I’m just nervous you know.” She mumbled, “Plus you’re like the only person I’ve actually like- not thought about it in a creepy pervert way but i kind of was thinking ‘oh this could happen and I wouldn’t say no if the situation came up’ i-if that makes sense.” She said shyly, looking away a bit.

“Oh I see and also same but l don’t really remember what happen to my ex Becky Cooper and l did date my crush and then her co worker before her..and now I’m dating you?! Or I hope we are a thing or talking?.” Barry asks as he was a bit confused and a bit foggy with his memory of yesterday. “I also think we made out so much yesterday that you gave me short term memory but damn!..your kissing skills are on point..cause l mean come on a 19 year old with a forensic scientist nerd is goals!..I’m just kidding I don’t mean it like that.” Barry smiles and then gasp again and covers his mouth as his jaw dropped yet again. “Does every girl who has a crush on me still want me after l reject?..am l really that hot?!.” Barry asks Natalia and then casually takes off his shirt.

“I mean we haven’t really talked about what we are but I think it’s safe to say we’re past the talking stage.” She said and smiled, “And I’m not that good of a kisser-“ she blushed harder. “I mean you are hot I won’t lie-“ she giggled a bit, biting her lip slightly as he took his shirt of before stopping quickly, “Y-yeah you are-“

“Really? You think so? Also fun fact my abs were in a cryogenic shock state when l work up so now l permanently have abs until like l get fat and stop working out? Also yes,yes you are! You were so good l was getting steamy in the cold!.” Barry smiles and happily admits as he stands there’s in front of Natalia shirtless and flexes to her with laughter. “Wanna touch my abs? You seem like you wanna.” Barry smirks and bits the corner of his lip slowly while he watched Natalia bite her lip slightly.

She blushed harder at the offer, “I-I dont want to i-intrude or anything though.” She mumbled shyly as she glanced away from him a bit.

“Oh my gosh just come hereeee.” Barry rolls his eyes playfully in laughter as he pulls Natalia towards him and puts her hands onto the ripples one of his 5 abs.

Natalia blushed an even deeper shade of red as she looked at him shyly, biting her lip again slightly.

“How do my abs feel? Do they feel nice? Do they feel like better?.” Barry asks as he was genuinely curious to know. “Do my abs rip like cheese?.” Barry asks continuously as he laughs after thinking of what else he could ask her. “Also may l grab your ass?..if l may with your permission?.”

“They’re nice...” she whispered as she ghosted her fingers over them lightly, “Y-yeah sure you can,” she said and looked up at him shyly still.

Barry smiles and nods and looks at her eyes deeply grins and whispers to Natalia. “Good because l want to just have you relaxed and like very turned on..but of course l won’t leave you turned on..we could do other things?.” Barry asks as he slowly put his hands down the back of Natalia’s neck and parts her hair to the side before he kisses her neck before he slides his hands down more and onto most curved and peaches up part of Natalia’s ass and firmly squeezes it as he slowly and continuously keeps kissing down his lips on Natalia’s neck. “Soooo?..about breakfast?..what’s for dessert?.” Barry asks as he continues to keep kissing Natalia’s neck while continuing to firmly around with Natalia’s ass in his hands softly.

Natalias blushed stayed as he whispered to her again, making her gulp involuntarily, “M-maybe,” she whispered. She let out a little surprised yelp the first time he squeezed her ass before tilting her head to the side a bit to give him more access to kiss her neck, “I-I-“ she stuttered out, starting to get extremely flustered.

“Oh so you want to do other things? But baby we haven’t had breakfast yet have we?.” Barry asks teasingly as he continued to keep kissing down Natalia’s neck and smirks at how she was dressed. “You look so hot in red though..like l would fuck you so hard in red..not even gonna lie like damn baby! Also thank you for not killing by launching me cause then l would have missed out on this pretty package and this pretty little face wouldn’t l?.” Barry asks as he starts babing Natalia by talking to her like but eventually stopped and after a while of kissing Natalia’s neck and grabbing her ass firmly but softly. Barry pulls away from her and smirks at her as he started walking to their kitchen table as he pulls out his phone and scrolls through his feed and then looks back at her after seeing a outfit he thought would look good on her.

Natalia panted a bit annoyed, “You’re a tease- you know that right?” She mumbled as she started to work on making breakfast again.

“I’m sorry,I’m sorry.” Barry pouts from their kitchen table and sits back up and runs over to Natalia and resumes to playing around with her body. “I’m sorry okay? I didn’t know you were that in love with my touch!..like I honestly didn’t know you were that into me but now l know you are.” Barry smirks a little and smiles.

She blushed and giggled a little, “Mmm but we haven’t even had breakfast now have we?” She teased, trying to mess with him a bit as she leaned back into him slightly.

“Oh my goshhhh..but baby you are gonna make me so hot and like I won’t be able to concern on eating cause all l will be thinking about us you and your fine ass body with your adorable and pretty face of course!.” Barry smiles and blushes after seeing and hearing Natalia blush and giggle a little moments earlier. “You really are trying to get me to do something hmm?.” Barry smirks as he starts lean back more onto Natalia and continues to keep kissing her neck eventually leading down to her arms before he stopped and halted on kissing down Natalia’s body. “May l proceed with undressing you?.” Barry asks as he stands there smiling and waits patiently for Natalia to answer Him.

Natalia giggled a little at how flustered he was getting and blushed hard when she asked if he could take her clothes off. She thought for a moment before slowly nodding, “Y-yeah.” She said just above a whisper.

“Are you positive I can take off yours? Because you don’t seem like it but okay baby.” Barry smiles and giggles after his little flustering moment. “Also would you like to have fun or eat breakfast?.” Barry asks in a giggle before he started to slowly take off Natalia’s top and then her pants but stops middle way. “W-Wait do you want me to have a condom on?.”

“Y-yeah it’s ok.” She said softly, “And I think breakfast can wait- plus I know a good cafe not to far from here.” She giggled and blushed as he slowly took off her clothes. She covered her chest up shyly, “Uhm I’m on birth control so we should be fine.” She said quietly as she looked at him shyly again.

“alright good and also damn you wanna have fun before Breakfast? Where have you been all my life?!.” Barry asks Natalia shockingly surprised with laughter in his voice. After Barry finished taking off Natalia’s clothes he blushes and laughs covering up his face from how hot Natalia had looked shirtless and pantless. “Also you can choose to keep all your bra and underwear okay? Cause l don’t want make you uncomfortable okay?.” Barry smiles and proceeds to take off his pants after taking off his shirt earlier.

She giggled a little at his statement before looking at him shyly as he took his clothes off, “How do you not think you’re hot?” She mumbled mainly to herself, looking away shyly when she realized she said it out loud.

“I just don’t think I’m hot cause l think of myself as average ya know?.” Barry laughs and smiles after hearing and seeing Natalia laugh at his statement. “Also you like when Barry takes off his clothes hmm?.” Barry asks and smiles as he watches Natalia mumble away at herself then seeing her look away. “You’re definitely way hotter than me though..l could stare at your face all day.”

“Y-yeah I do... what you’re hot.” She mumbled and looked at him again, “Also just believe me- I’ve seen myself I’m not hot.” She mumbled and looked down at herself.

“Hey you are hot and also thank you because l like to take off my shirt a lot..because l generally get too sweaty. Like how l’m sweaty mentally staring at your face and body but mostly your face! Cause it’s very cute and so nice looking with those nice and plump lips. Okay yeah I’m gonna shut up now sorry!..” Barry laughs and sighs looking down awkwardly but before he looks at the ground he wraps his arms around Natalia cuddles her standing up. “Nooo don’t be sad babyyyy.” Barry pouts and starts playing with her hair and kissing her cheeks and booping her nose to cheer her up.

She placed her hands on his chest gently and smiled more as she leaned up and kissed him sweetly, pressing her body against his softly as she placed her hands on his cheeks gently.

Barry starts blushing again as he feels Natalia placing her hands on his chest gently and smiling at him more. “Oh damn baby! you’re very touchy as what l can tell from hmm?.” Barry asks but then goes silently once Barry felt her lean up and start to kiss him sweetly like. “Shit oh my gosh baby!..” Barry curses softly as he begins to start kissing Natalia back softly. Barry then feels her body pressing against him which gets Barry excited and makes him start getting jitter and he gasp in shock. “Eeek!...oh my god I’m sorry!.” Barry says as he accidentally spasms and accidentally hits one of Natalia’s breast on accident.

Natalia jumped a little and grabbed his hands, “Come here,” she said as she placed his hands on her hips, “Relax love.” She whispered as she looked up at him shyly.

Barry blushes and then gasp in shock as he sees Natalia jump a little while still managing to grab a hold of Barry’s hands as Barry spasmed and jittered. “S-Sorry I’m just so excited as you could tell!..and also I actually fell over on a couch while being intimate this one time!..so please don’t seduce me on the couch? I beg for you pardon!.” Barry begs and pleads as he gradually returns into a normal state of mind as he felt Natalia’s hands grabbing onto his and sees them around her hips. “T-Thank you for being so understanding I really appreciate the way you try to calm down.” Barry smiles and then begins to slowly tear up as he somewhat turned emotional from Natalia was doing to help him calm down.

“I’ll be sure not to seduce you on a couch.” She said and giggled a little, “And hey it’s ok,” she smiled as she slowly reached up to place her hands on his cheeks, “You want to take the lead so you’re less jumpy maybe?” She asked softly as she wiped his tears gently.

Alright good because l wouldn’t want to hurt you because l hate causing accidental pain!..unless l have to kill or hurt someone I love cause they’ve turned into a monster.” Barry stutters and mumbles in a sigh while he sniffs up his tears and starts rubbing his face against Natalia’s hand which made him smile almost instantly afterwards.

Natalia nodded and giggled a bit, “I know you wouldn’t intentionally hurt me.” She said softly, smiling even more as he rubbed his face against her hand. “You’re adorable you know,” she whispered as she leaned up and kissed his forehead sweetly.

“But if l did intentionally hurt you on accident l-l’d probably be dead in a matter of seconds right? Because l remember the way and how fast you flee him off of you before you even could see who you flew out of your peripheral and projectile!..” Barry laughs as he starts joking around as he continues to keep rubbing his face more and more continuously onto Natalia’s and keeps getting redder and redder each time Natalia would compliment him and kiss his forehead. “If we ever get married just know I’m gonna tell them their mommy babied me even though I was two years older than their mother.” Barry giggles and smiles as he keeps sniffing up his tears in tears of joy.

“I mean you might be dead might not be.” She shrugged, “It all depends.” She giggled, moving a bit closer to him as she stroked his cheek with her thumb gently, “I’m not babying you,” she giggled, “I’m just taking care of you I guess.” She shrugged and smiled more.

“I-wait, wait what s-so I’m technically supposed to be flying with fishes?!..w-why didn’t you tell me this,” Barry asks as his instants start getting more and more worried and continues to stroke his face with her hands held onto by Barry’s hands. “Also you caring for a big needy baby who needs your attention as of right about..now!.” Barry giggles and then quickly grabs onto Natalia’s and walks back to their room before he closes and tosses Natalia softly butt first onto her bed. “Oops?..hehe,” Barry smirks and smiles playfully as he jumped butt flip first as well onto her bed. “Hiiiii gimme attention now hehe,” Barry whispers and makes his hand form a grabby type of gripping movement.

Natalia blushed and laughed, squealing a bit when he threw her down onto the bed, laughing more when he jumped onto the bed next to her. She looked over at him and smiled as she moved closer before moving so she laid on top of him, “Mmm you’re warm.” She whispered.

“I know I’m warm you little teaser..I’m just kidding you don’t cause I’m the real teaser here!..and there’s kind of nothing l could do about it but just deal with it l guess.” Barry laughs and then shrugs before his laughter and smile turned into a grin and smirk towards Natalia. “Shit you’re really sitting down onto my crotch and my cock without even being turned on?..how is that possible?.” Barry asks he kept a straight grin and smirk while he began to bit down onto his lip as he looks at the endless amount of wrinkles on Natalia’s pants which made Barry even more turned on.

She giggled, “I don’t mind,” she smiled and looked up at him, blushing hard as she bit her lip slightly, “W-who said i wasn’t turned on?” She mumbled shyly before hiding her face in the crook of his neck shyly.

“You don’t mind sitting on my crotch without a bother? That’s usually the first cause most of the women l know..would most likely give me a blue job since I’m hot as hell apparently!..” Barry speaks and quotes himself with his hand gestures to somewhat make Natalia start to laugh again. “A-Also i don’t know but if you are then..that’s kinda sexy cause l’ve never made anyone tuned on just by staring or even touching them the slightest!.” Barry confesses as he whispers to Natalia before he grabs a hold of her face and leans into her face and starts kissing her face slow yet deeply as he caresses his grip on her face as he slowly made out with her. “You’re even way hotter when you fight back with your kissing..you’re like a female tiger.” Barry smiles and giggles as he mumbles his analogy of Natalia’s kissing skills.

“I-I mean I would but like I said earlier I have no experience with any of this really.” She mumbled and blushed harder, “But yes you are hot as hell.” She said and smiled a little, biting her lip, slightly as she looked at him. “You can’t mean you’ve never turned anyone on. Come on I know you have.” She said and giggled a bit. Natalia felt her face heat up a bit as he grabbed her face before kissing her; she kissed back deeply as she closed her eyes, “A tiger now hm?” She whispered, being a bit flustered.

“Well l was always the ladies man but l never have had sex fully before!..because I just wasn’t interested u-until someone gave me blow job cause they couldn’t resist their temptation!?..I believe so? I’m not really sure how and why someone would give me blowjob cause of hot I am?..would you ever give me a blowjob for being like how do l word this..daddy Material?..cause I for sure don’t see and understand why women call me daddy..especially at clubs!..yes,yes clubs!..they are the most Notorious place to ever get laid at..and I speak on personal experience..with a hooker who was a childhood friend of mine!..and uhm let’s just say she got really into me and uhm..almost made me take her unwillingly against my will?..” Barry says awkwardly in laughter and then smirks and laughs again in comfort and nods with a shrug to Natalia. “I know..you kind have the energy and caringness of a mother tiger?!..but you also like to take control and growl back in your own secret love language if you know what l mean?.” Barry laughs and tries to hint at Natalia the secret message.

“I mean I could understand why they see you as daddy material-“ she mumbled shyly, “You seem very dominant so you kind of fit the role.” She said and looked up at him a bit nervously. She listened to his story and giggled a bit, “Well that must’ve been interesting seeing a childhood friend as a hooker-“ she mumbled. “I-I mean I guess so but I could never really see myself taking control when it comes to anything sexual if I’m honest... I feel like I would just get too shy and flustered.” She mumbled and looked away a bit.

“But I don’t even have a beard let alone muscular abs or I’m not as buff!..but uhm I’m guessing you women like lean and skinny but muscular men like me?.” Barry asked and then smirks and grins with a shrug. “I mean l do get compliment for making girls want more of me in bed so...uhm y-yeah?!.” Barry stutters as he starts to get a nervous feeling in his gut seeing Natalia I look up at him a bit nervously. “I also tend to make them c-call daddy..if I’m good enough to make them moan..like very much like a speaker type of l-loud..” Barry stutters in embarrassment and his face into Natalia’s chest and mumbles as he hid his face into her chest. “Your breast and chest are warm surprisingly? How is that so?.” Barry asks as he was thoroughly confused by how the molecules stayed regulated after Barry was using his body as a heat conductor in the snow stroll that happen then previous night. “Also it was..cause she seemed to want me as her daddy?..also I don’t think you’re too shy or flustered!..you definitely weren’t that way when we first kissed. You went in on me like I was a snack of fruit gummies..which does sound very sexy which I couldn’t admit l liked.” Barry laughs and smirks innocently to Natalia.

She giggled a little and looked down at him as he buried his face in her chest, “I don’t know human body heat?” She shrugged as she played with his hair softly, “And who knows maybe she just had a kink for calling people daddy.” She said and kissed his head gently as she blushed harder, “I-I mean I guess but like that was just kissing- a-and I was caught up in the heat of the moment, I don’t think I could do that with anything more sexual.” She mumbled.

“Hmmm maybe,maybe or you just get so heat instantly from seeing me shirtless?.” Barry asks and then giggles as well as he hears Natalia giggle a little and looking down at Barry as Barry looks up at Natalia and they meet eyes again. “Also s-she didn’t..it started because she was a bit of a stalker l would say because that’s only way to describe her?.” Barry shrugs with laughter yet again and as Barry was mumbling upon his words he starts blushing again once He had felt Natalia’s presence of her lips touch in contact with his head gently. “Uhm hmm?..are you sure you didn’t want to call me daddy just then and there?..cause you seemed like you were wanted me to take you..like deeply and quickly..” Barry laughs awkwardly but continues to smile and then he starts blowing raspberries between the crack/gap in between Natalia’s boobs. “Also I think you could if it was with me?..cause you were gripping onto me hard as hell that l tripped haha.” Barry jokes before he stopped blowing raspberries.

Natalia blushed harder and looked at him shyly, “I-I mean I’ve thought about calling people that before b-but I’ve never actually done it because I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable y-you know?” She mumbled shyly as she stuttered a bit. She smiled a little and giggled as he blew raspberries on her, being a bit ticklish, “I mean I kind of want you to but like I said I don’t want to make you uncomfortable you know?” She said softly before looking at him again and smiling a little.

“Oh l think we’ve passed the stage of being uncomfortable..l think we’re very much comfortable with each other if you’re just willingly wanting to have fun instead of eating breakfast or when we had that stroll and all you wanted to was makeout with me after l kissed or the time you almost killed but stopped me into from being crashed into a building!?..so uhm the lists goes on no matter what..but l also did want you to call me daddy cause that would have set my mood all in hot wires..I would definitely not been shy about being called daddy.” Barry winks at Natalia as he kept staring into her eyes while he continued to blow raspberries onto Natalia’s stomach and seeing her face light with a red blush tint made Barry even more happier. “This is the most fun l’ve had so thankful for saving and taking care of me My love. I own my life to you and one day that day will come!..but not own you in death hopefully!..because l want to see the day when we get married possibly have kids and well just live as it is knew as of now!..but l still need your consent to have kids in our near future.” Barry smiles and stops blowing raspberries and kisses her stomach while sliding his heads from behind and slowly curves them and messages them onto Natalia’s ass cheeks softly and firmly. “C-Can Mr.Allen proceed with making Natalia feel good?.”

Natalia blushed and smiled more as she listened to him talk about their future and stuff as she thought about it herself, her mind wandering a bit as she smiled more before snapping back to reality and looking at him as he asked her. She bit her lip and nodded shyly, “Y-yes he can- also sorry I was just thinking about our future since you mentioned it.” She mumbled and smiled a little.

“Thank you for your permission and also what is Miss Maximoff thinking about hmm? Is she thinking about the day Barry proposes onto one kneel? Or the day he takes her as his forever? Because l think Barry has made up his mind!..even if it means you’ve guys only met for the last two days..it doesn’t matter to him. What matters to Barry is you keep safe and loved on and also would you love to be cat or dog parents with Barry?. Or is it too soon to be asking that question Miss Natalia?.” Barry questions Natalia Cutely while he continues to playfully rub and move Natalia’s ass cheeks in circles and then he eventually starts to jiggle them in his hands which made him laugh and smile in excitement. “Sorry haha I get excited over the littlest of things!. Also are you concerned about me vanishing in a ball of lighting?.” Barry asks but then stops himself and hugs Natalia by her stomach and kisses her stomach with raspberries.

“Just our future in general You know?” She mumbled and smiled as he kept going on about their future. “And how about both? Cat and dog- they’re both cute.” She giggled. She smiled and looked down at him, giggling more, “I can tell you get excited easily.” She smiled. Her smile faltered a bit at the mention of him disappearing as she sighed and nodded, “Y-yeah I am a little bit...” she said softly.

“Oh I see and same here! Also l don’t really like cats but l do like dogs! But I will do anything and everything for you my love!.” Barry confesses and starts blowing raspberries onto her stomach again. “I do get excited and very heated. Also don’t be worried cause as long as I have you and you have me we’ll be fine okay?!.” Barry reassures Natalia as he stops blowing raspberries on her stomach and kisses her stomach little by little going up slowly to her chest and breast and smirks as Barry decides to keep kissing her upper abdominal torso.

“We don’t have to get a cat it was just a thought.” She smiled and relaxed a little bit as he reassured her, nodding as he spoke. She slowly relaxed as she felt him kiss her stomach and chest, making her blush a bit more.

“Shit I wanna just suck on these babies on yours.” Barry smirks and points to her breast but continues to keep tickling her stomach and upper abdominal torso with his lips. “Also we shall get a cat because my love wants okay? okay good girl!.” Barry smiles and caresses her face and pets her head before leaning into her face and kisses her lips and gives her a boop and a kiss after he booped her nose.

Natalia giggled a bit more as he ticked her, blushing again at his comment, “Y-you can if you want,” she said and looked at him, “J-just be gentle please...” she whispered. Natalia slowly kissed back and giggled when he booped her nose, smiling more.

“I’m asking if l may? Not if l can? Cause l need and want your consent first okay?.” Barry asked as he the resumes to tickling Natalia’s stomach and upper abdominal torso with his lips and smiles. “Also I will and l always am aren’t l baby?.” Barry asks as he got scared but giggles as he gets a kiss back from Natalia and sees her smiling more after Barry booped her nose. “Ughhh you’re so cute! Stop being so cute and so obedient cause it’s making this way harder for me to not go over board..take control okay?.” Barry asks Natalia in a whisper and pats her stomach with his hands. “I love you my unborn and nonexistent child!.”

Natalia giggled at how cute he was being, “You may and you may do whatever you like ok?” She said softly and bit her lip slightly as she looked at him.

“Okay and l want to talk to our unborn and nonexistent child okay? So let Mr.Allen be please and thank you.” Barry smiles and then giggles and puts his fingers onto her lips and says in a whispers. “Shhhhh!..the baby is sleeping.” Barry smiles slightly and then starts to hug her belly and patting it.

“Uhmmmm?!..” Barry stutters and shrugs quickly and then nods his head slowly in confusion and giggles.

Natalia blushed and smiled shyly, “What’s wrong?” She giggled as she played with his hair gently.

Barry shrugs more and stutters in a whisper as he looks down at his hands and plays with them. “W-Well I do want a baby but l don’t want to force you to have a baby if you know what l mean?.” Barry asks and smiles while he blushed feeling Natalia play with his hair gently. “Also you’ve become very touchy as l’ve seen for our first interaction to now?.” Barry asks again as he was quite interested in how comfortable Barry had made Natalia. “You haven’t ever been so comfortable with anyone like you have with me either have you?.”

Natalia giggled at how flustered he was, “I mean maybe in the future we can...” she said softly as she looked at him happily, moving a bit closer to him as she placed her hand on his cheek, “N-not really honestly... I mean I’ve been comfortable around people but I don’t know.. you’re just- fuck this sounds cliche but if feels different you know?” She said and smiled shyly.

Barry covers and laughs at himself as he realized how flustered he had gotten when Natalia was saying in their future “Alright,Alright l can respect your choose and also when you say in the future how long? Cause l was thinking 10 ish years? Maybe? I don’t know but uhm you could decide whenever we have baby!..cause it’s your body your choice!.” Barry smiles and then blushes and gasp. “Our bond feels different? I think it’s cause we can relate on so many levels like accidentally almost killing your friends with your new suit?..uhm which did happen to me..l almost self destructed my suit with me in it!..cause my friend thought it’d be a good idea to have Babel protocol..also don’t ask why..he was just stupid!..then l had throw a lighting bolt at myself which hurt..it hurt..A LOT!..so uhm never trust my friend to make you a suit!..please don’t okay?.” Barry asks Natalia and laughs in embarrassment just knowing he had almost blew up himself.

Natalia shrugged, “Somewhere in the next ten years yeah,” she agreed and smiled more. “Thanks for the heads up.” She giggled softly as she looked at him, “It’s that and you’re just.. very non-judgmental? If that makes sense? I don’t know but you just don’t seem to mind me being me you know?” She said as she looked down at the many scars on her forearms and legs before she touched the scar from her hip to her shoulder absentmindedly, “You don’t care about any of this... and it’s- it’s comforting in a sense I guess...”

“Oh alright, so we have a plan for that right? Or no? Also, our scars tell people all about our character! It tells them how much we’ve been hurt or injured or how many lives we’ve saved!..and also I’m not gonna judge someone because they’ve killed kids and taken them from their family which isn’t your fault. You probably didn’t even have a choice of doing those bizarre and very humane things! Like you were probably so young when you first kidnapped kids right?.” Barry asks and smiles and comforts Natalia by rubbing and kissing her stomach while he was bent over on her lap.

She smiled a little and sighed, “My past is a very.. very long story and I don’t want to bother you...” she mumbled as she started to play with his hair again, slowly relaxing again as she looked down at him.

“Your past also doesn’t define who you are today either!..you probably didn’t even have a choice to say no to doing whatever you did Natalia and that’s sad.” Barry sighs with a slight smile and continues to keep kissing Natalia’s stomach before he moved his lips all the way back up to Natalia’s face and smothers her with tons and tons of her kisses. “Rawrrr I’m a monster kisser!.” Barry yells out in embarrassment and laughter.

Natalia nodded a bit at what he said and fell back as he got on top of her, laughing more and more as she placed her hands on his shoulders subconsciously.

“Okay I’m gonna stop trying to make up embarrassing and horrible Dinosua super villain name for me myself and l!..” Barry laughs and groans in even more embarrassment after hearing how even more stupid it sounded. “S-Soooo?.” Barry laughs and then blushes with smirks as he feels Natalia touching his shoulders. “N-Natalia? Is it too early to give you a promise ring? Cause l feel like we’ll be together forever and l want a promise ring to make you mine and only mine officially without being married!.”

Natalia giggled at him and smiled more, blushing softly at the mention of a promise ring. She nodded slowly and smiled more before hugging him happily.

“Awe you’re so happy that’s so cute! You get happy over the smallest of things don’t you?.” Barry asks in curiosity as he sees Natalia giggling,smiling,blushing and nod her to him before he feels her hug him happily. “You’re such a cute little munchkin.”

She blushed harder and rolled her eyes as she slowly pulled away, “Oh hush you- I’m not that cute-“ she mumbled.

“How dare you roll your eyes at meeeee?.” Barry gasp in then he groans and pouts after seeing Natalia pull herself away. “Okay fine l’ll shush cause you aren’t that cute l guess!?..” Barry pretends to sigh sadly and looks sadly at the ground.

Natalia frowned a bit before moving close again as she kissed him softly, placing her hands on his cheeks.

Barry pretend sadness instantly gets lit up by the frown of Natalia moving close to him again and kissing him softly. “F-Fineeeee l’ll stop being quiet.” Barry giggles and blushes like crazy as he hugs Natalia and rolls around so she was on the bottom and he was on top. “We’re staying like this now okay,okay?.”

Natalia let out a happy sigh as she looked up at him, nodding, “Alright cutie.” She said and smiled more as she leaned up to kiss him yet again.

“Oh damn are you really just chill with me sitting on your lap? Isn’t this kind of weird to see and other feel on your lap?.” Barry asks Natalia as he hears and sees her happy sigh. Barry then blushes and giggles nervously and stutters. “A-Alright my love.” Barry giggles and then softly kisses Natalia as he feels her lean up against him and smiles at him before kissing him yet again. Barry then giggles and blushes even more and covers his face in a bit of shock and embarrassment before he grabs Natalia’s face softly and wraps his heads around her neck softly choking her and leans into her face and kisses her back deeply and as Barry was kissing Natalia slowly he slowly grabs his other hand and wraps it around a bundle of Natalia’s hair and grips onto it.

Natalia giggled a bit as he covered his face, “Noo you’re cute.” She said happily before blushing hard and gasping quietly as she felt his hand go around her neck. She slowly kissed back deeply, letting out a little whine into the kiss when he gripped onto her hair.

“Okay,Okay fine I’m cuter but can Barry’s little girl shhhh?..just be a good little girl and daddy won’t mess with you okay?.” Barry calmly tells Natalia as she giggles a bit and covers his face with her hands which made Barry gasp and pouts sadly. “Why are you trying to cover daddy’s face? Is that hot you can’t even bare to look at?.” Barry smiles and playfully starts to Question Natalia as he starts to kiss her teasingly and then Barry just blushes in giggles as he kissed her teasingly. “Awe does someone love when Barry grips onto their fluffy head hair just like that?.” Barry asks and pats Natalia’s head like a baby before resuming to kissing her while his hand remained gripped around Natalia’s neck softly. “You’re just a kinky woman!..I love it,l love it,l love itttt!!.” Barry sings as he pulls away from their kiss and hoops her noses and rubs their noses together while making kissy faces at her blushing more as Barry did.

Natalia blushed more and more as he spoke to her, smiling a bit shyly at him, biting her lip ever so slightly before giggling at him as he booped their noses, making her smile more. “You’re a dork you know,” she giggled as she leaned up and pecked his lips sweetly.

“I know I’m a dork but I want to be your little dork okay? I don’t want to be anyone else’s little dork but yours!..because you truly bring the best out of me..even now when I’m being dominate you’re still being your cute little self!.” Barry smiles and compliments Natalia as he saw her blush more as he spoke to her. Barry then keeps whispering into Natalia’s ear as he saw her biting her lip ever so slightly. “So uhm what now?.” Barry asks as he resumes back to rubbing his nose with her others as he feels Natalia lean up against Barry and peck his lips sweetly. Barry instantly starts pouting and hugs Natalia and giggles after being pecked. “Ugh you’re making me so bubbly I can’t stop!.”

“Well I’m glad you’re my dork because I wouldn’t want you to be anybody else’s.” She said and smiled more, blushing harder as he whispered to her. Natalia laughed a little when he pouted and hugged her, “I’m sorryyyyy,” she giggled as she hugged back and kissed him gently.

“And I’m glad you can become a whiny little for hair pulling and little pecks and kisses aren’t l right?.” Barry asks playfully as he kept his grip on Natalia’s hair soft and loose. “Eeek!.” Barry gasps as he stops pouting and whispering once Natalia gave him a hug back and kisses him gently. “C-Can Barry still be on your lap?. H-He is tiredddd.” Barry pouts sleepily like and yawns into his elbow.

Natalia giggled a bit, “It’s probably because he hasn’t eaten.” She said and kissed his forehead before nodding, “But sure, come here.” She smiled more.

“I-l mean sit and I don’t care about eating all I need is my master and that’s fine by me.” Barry pouts and then smiles as he saw Natalia giggling. “Also actually let’s eat!..or else l Amy actually pass out from malnutrition ahaha!..” Barry says so awkwardly like and gets up and off of Natalia’s bed and grabs her onto his lap and carries her like a baby. “Come along my love!.” Barry whispers cutely into Natalia’s ear before kissing her forehead back as he let Natalia down and pats her head. “My little love and little dominate submissive?.”

Natalia giggled a bit as she held onto him softly, “I’m not dominant-“ she mumbled and blushed as she walked into the kitchen with him, “Also what would you like me to make?” She asked and looked at him softly.

“Uhm you were whining cutely cause of my hair pulling,you didn’t stop me from sitting down onto your lap and being pouty,you also kissed back and hugged me! But I’m guessing you the as someone who would normally do that?” Barry asks and smiles before blushing and giggling as Natalia giggles a bit and held onto him softly still. “Also l would like a full English and American breakfast alongside some neck for dessert hehe!.” Barry smoothly asks for Natalia’s neck as dessert.

“Yeah I’m just someone who would normally do that.” She giggled softly as she looked up at him. She nodded at his request and blushed at his request for ‘dessert’, “Alright alright I’ll see what I can do about that.” She giggled.

“Oh you’ll see? How about if Mr.Allen wants to tease Miss Maximoff over here by teasingly kissing his lips onto her neck?..or does Miss Maximoff want to be rough handed? You choose..but choose wise.” Barry grins and whispers as he stood there leaned over in a stretch. “Also okay and also whenever I’m in my baby mode can you just hold me and kiss me like a big baby?. Plwease?”. Barry begs to Natalia pouting like a dog with his big old eyes to her face and eyes.

Natalia smiled and nodded as she leaned up to kiss his cheek, “Of course love,” she said and went to the fridge to pull everything out again, “And I’ll leave it up to you with what you would like to do,” she mumbled as she bit her lip and winked at him.

“Alright my love hehe and also can I kiss and lick Nutella off of Natalia’s neck?.” Barry asks as he soon realizes his request of licking off stuff from Natalia had gotten started and soon became weird and so he stopped himself mid request. “S-Sorry for getting too carried away! But also oh?!..you would let me do as I please?..cause l don’t think Miss Maximoff is ready..is she?.” Barry says as he walked behind Natalia and asks her if she was ready with a whisper to her as he grins softly. “Just imagine you and l just making love with each other..all day long..and how you would whine and whimper for more of me inside your tight ass?.” Barry asks as all of sudden he suddenly became aggressively turned on by Natalia talking to him. “Oh fuck don’t wink at me like that!..damn you’re really making this so hard but it’s fine as long as l get teased by your winks and you get teased by these rippled abs?.” Barry asks as he then takes off his shirt and stands there grinning at Natalia.

Natalia blushed harder as she took a shaky breath, feeling her knees get a bit weak as she held onto the counter softly, “I’m the one that’s making things hard- I’m the one who has to try and focus-“ she mumbled and blushed hard before starting to make breakfast for them, “But yes, I am ready for you to do what you please.” She said and bit her lip again slightly.

“Oh how innocent like could Miss Maximoff handle until she just breaks down and begs for Barry’s touch? Just the slightest to make her want Barry more?.” Barry asks as he watches Natalia blushing harder as she sounded shaky like from her breathing. Barry then sees Natalia starting to feel a bit weak as she held onto the counter softly. “Oh I know you are!..don’t worry but soon enough you’ll eventually say fuck it..and take all this goodness..if that’s what you really want instead of breakfast or dessert?.” Barry questions her as he stood behind and catches her before she fall off the side of the counter and onto the ground.

“You are a tease you know-“ she whispered and leaned against him slightly as she kept trying to focus on making breakfast, “I-if you keep talking to me like that then yeah I might say fuck it-“ she mumbled.

“Oh,oh I’m sorry for taking off my shirt? Isn’t this what you wanna see when you are making breakfast?..also oh l know!..I love it though so we’re both being teased aren’t l correct? Or is you not touching my cock inpaint isn’t enough?.” Barry keeps whispering and asking Natalia more questions as he teasingly lean up against Natalia and pokes her ass with his cock on purpose to see what she would do. “Oh my,Oh my wonder how close we could be if we just fucked..and you could get all your satisfaction over with just in a snap of a finger?.” Barry snaps his finger softly in front of Natalia’s face and then keeps whispering into her ear and leaning more against her and before he pulled himself away from her behind he gives Natalia’s neck a softly kiss and sucks her neck softly. “But l’ll leave you be!.” Barry innocently says as he walks away slowly to the dining table.

Natalia let out a little whimper before quickly turning the stove off and walking over to him, kissing him roughly as she placed her hands on his cheeks, “Oh just shut up and do something already-“ she mumbled in between kisses.

“B-But our breakfast babyyy! Don’t you want me to not pats out? Or do you want me more than breakfast? Oh damn now you’re feisty hmm?!.” Barry laughs and then resumes to pulling at Natalia’s waist and kissing down her neck while he smiles. “Oh okay,okay fineeee!..but don’t say l warned you to my freaky ass.” Barry smirks and mumbles as he sees Natalia let out a little whimper and turning off her shove. “Oh damn someone needs Barry or her daddy now hmm?..I knew this would happen.” Barry giggles in shock and surprise but then continue to keep kissing Natalia’s lips down to her neck as he slowly grips onto her neck and hair softly pulling her head back and closer to his mouth and lips. “Shhhh!..don’t talk..please?” Barry whispers and politely asks Natalia to shush.

Natalia gasped and whimpered softly as he pulled her hair, closing her eyes as she bit her lip again, nodding softly after he asked her not to talk.

“I’m just kidding you can talk okay baby girl?.” Barry pouts cutely and keeps kissing down Natalia’s neck and her upper chin alongside her lips again with a grin appearing onto his face as he hears Natalia gasp and whimpering more. “S-So what would Daddy’s little girl want him to do to Miss. Maximoff?.”

Natalia blushed harder and looked up at him, “W-whatever he likes-“ she whispered shyly as she leaned back against him slightly, feeling her knees get weak again.

“But daddy doesn’t have his Babygirl’s consent or permission or do you just not care about consent anymore?.” Barry asks and mumbles his words into the crooks of Natalia’s neck where his lips and mouth lay kissing,licking and sucking onto the skin of her neck.

“He can do whatever he likes.” She said and bit her lip, letting out a quiet whimper as he kissed and sucked on her neck.

“Alright so since daddy can do whatever he wants can Daddy and his babygirl have breakfast first? Daddy promises to get off his baby girl and satisfy her needs before he sleeps?.” Barry asks and giggles as he starts hearing Natalia whimpering more as Barry continued to keep his mouth and lips moving and kissing Natalia’s neck as he eventually let go of Natalia’s neck and hair bundle from his grip.

Natalia squirmed a bit and sighed as she looked back at him, “F-fine..” she mumbled as she slowly walked back to the kitchen, her face still a deep shade of red.

“I was just kidding don’t be sad I was only kidding.” Barry pouts and runs after Natalia after seeing her squirm a bit and sigh. “No,No let’s go cause l don’t want to tease you.” Barry pouts as he then ran after Natalia and sweeps her off her feet and runs back to their room and tosses her. “Baby,Baby let’s cuddle and just take things slowly okay? Because l don’t want to rush into sex..unless you want me to.” Barry smiles and giggles innocently as he smirks a bit.

She smiled a little and looked up at him shyly yet happily, “I-I’m good with whatever honestly.” She said softly as she smiled a little more.

“Does Daddy’s little girl want restraints while daddy takes all that ass and let’s his Babygirl’s ass ride on his cock?.” Barry blushes and smiles after seeing Natalia shyly smile while looking down at Natalia. “Or should l just eat out Natalia while her panties are on?.”

Natalia blushed harder and bit her lip, “M-maybe start with the second option?” She asked a bit more shy than before as she looked at him.

“Y-You want me to take your virginity f-first?..before l eat you out with your panties on?.” Barry gasp and laughs in shock and covers his mouth as he didn’t realize that Natalia really wanted his cock inside of her. “Oh shit!..so all the woman aren’t being dramatic when they say l-l get anyone aren’t they?...” Barry asks Natalia as he was stuttering in shock and in continuous awkward laughing.

She giggled a little, “Maybe just eat me out first?” She mumbled and looked at him shyly again, “I-I’ve never really done anything before.. so I’m not very experienced...”

“So l’m confused now do you want me to let you ride my cock or do you want me to eat you out with your panties first?.” Barry asks again as he was now confused from the sudden change of mind that occurred upon Natali as he hears her giggle.

“Eat me out first,” she said and kissed him gently before pulling herself closer to him.

“Oh god damn alright!..especially for someone whom hasn’t ever had sex I’m shocked you want to be intimate with me.” Barry keeps giggling before trips and falls onto the bed stomach first and groans. “Owwwww!..well now l know my cock is working just fine!.” Barry laughs awkwardly and groans in a bit of pain but manages to sit himself down still.

She laughed a little and went to sit next to him, smiling shyly as she fidgeted With the hem of her shirt nervously, “C-can we just go slow maybe?” She mumbled.

“Yes we may go slow because l would love to go slow so I wouldn’t hurt you or bruise your body..because l don’t want to get in trouble with the New York Police department..cause uhm I have a warrant for my arrest of a murder that l got framed for..” Barry stutters and then gasp and holds onto his breathe as he looks at Natalia whom was laughing a little and went to sit next to Barry as she smiled shyly at him while fidgeting with the hem of her shirt nervously. “But I’m not a murder okay? So I won’t murder you don’t worry!..but if l do you have by all means to kill me okay?..”

Natalia slowly reached up and placed her hand on his cheek, “Hey stop stressing about hurting me so much love..” she said with a reassuring smile, “And I know you wouldn’t kill me... you don’t have the heart to kill someone.”

“I don’t but l almost did kill my best friend by getting whammed with rage..and when l go into rage there’s nothing to stop me but this thing where l have to see certain colors to get out this rage state of mind..?” Barry laughs more nervously and then he shoves into her chest as he feels Natalia’s hands go onto his cheeks. “You also would kill me instantly before l kill you because you’re very overpowered and l never want to see you die before me.

“Hey why don’t we just not focus on dying or killing people.” She giggled softly as she looked at him, “And I’ll be sure to remember that if you ever go into a raged state.”

“We shouldn’t focus on that because that’s a bit sad but it’s okay!..because l like talking about my life stories with you. You’re also quite the listener as well and you also are very needy for things..especially all this.” Barry points to his abs and chest before he starts laughing a little from pointing at his abs and chest. “Also were you drooling when you first saw my abs or like the second time?..or are you just knee weak for my abs?.” Barry asks Natalia about his physique.

She nodded a bit and blushed as he pointed at his abs and chest, “Y-yeah you just make my knees weak... well you make my whole body feel like it’s just going to collapse,” she mumbled, “I-in a good way don’t worry.” She smiled shyly.

“Oh that’s happen many times!..especially at swimming pool parties?..cause all the girls instantly swim over to me and their boyfriends get mad at me for stealing their girls..so that’s why l never go to parties!..but if all your friends are taken than l’ll be fine!.” Barry smiles and reassures Natalia and then he laughs and covers his face in embarrassment as he sees Natalia nodding and blushing as Barry was pointing at his abs and chest while looking at Natalia.

Natalia giggled a little, “So... what exactly are your plans for us hm?” She asked softly as she bit her lip slightly.

“We were gonna take things slow and continue to make out if you’d like or we could eat breakfast and watch a movie as we eat breakfast and have some fun?.” Barry smiles and laughs to Natalia giggling a little while she asked him a question in her soft tone. “You also make me mentally sweaty by biting your lip.” Barry quickly confesses and blushes biting down onto his lip slightly after seeing Natalia biting onto her lip.

Natalia nodded, “Mmm yes let’s make breakfast- I’m starving.” She giggled as she stood up and started to walk to the kitchen again.

“Oh now you wanna have breakfast? Uhm alright Miss. Maximoff whom just asked to..just kidding,just kidding!..p-please don’t hit me okay? Please?.” Barry pleads as he quickly closes and clenches his eyes.

“Why would I hit you?” She asked and looked back at him confused before walking over and pecking his lips.

“I-l don’t really have a clue b-but Uh-..” Barry stutters and then stops talking once he saw Natalia walking over to him confused and pecks his lips which made Barry peck Natalia’s lips back and holds onto her chin in a bit of passive aggression and quickly gives her many pecks before he softly let’s go of Natalia’s face and then he shakes his ass before smiling innocently and running away to the kitchen table. “Oops?!-..sorry haha.” Barry teasingly says and then he looks down at his boxers and yells in a loud whisper to Natalia. “Should Barry take off his underwear or not?!..”

Natalia giggled as he pecked her lips, smiling more before rolling her eyes at him and following him out to the kitchen. She started to make breakfast and blushed as he asked if he should take his underwear off, “I-I mean it’s up to you love.” She said softly.

“Hmm that doesn’t seem like a answer but alright!..then Barry shall do whatever he can? With your permission Miss Maximoff? Hmm?..that would sound so better with Allen as fourth last name wouldn’t you think? Hmm? Would it?.” Barry asks Natalia another question as he remained sitting in the dining room and decides to begin to take off his under. “Also you’re so cute when you giggle..like l’ve never seen such a hot and sexy but cute face all in one from a giggle to a whining and whimpering face you know what l mean?..cause it’s just very rare to see someone as hot as you be cute even when you were whining and whimpering earlier for all this bod?..” Barry says and begins to start smiling with laughter pointing to his now naked body and keeps laughing harder hoping to get Natalia’s reaction of him now being partially naked in front of her.

“A fourth last name? What do you mean?” She asked softly as she looked over at him, blushing even harder than before at seeing him naked. She bit her lip slightly as she listened to him talk about her, making her smile shyly as she kept cooking, “I-I’m not sexy...” she mumbled as she moved over to the stove as she kept cooking, “A-also w-why did you take your underwear off a-again?” She mumbled shyly.

“Okay fine you aren’t sexy but you are making this so much harder on yourself if you just would have taken control and demanded what you wanted then you could have it..you do know that right? Also I’m not wearing any underwear cause l want you to take what’s yours..literally take it or else you will forever have to hold in your sexually active mind and body!..” Barry laughs and smiles and nodded with interest. “A last name like a middle up name? Like Bartholomew Henry Jacobs Allen?..even though the first theee are my real names!..not jacobs though!..don’t be confused about that.”

Natalia blushed, “I-I don’t have enough confidence to take control o-or demand what I want,” she mumbled shyly as she bit her lip slightly as she kept trying to focus on cooking. She looked up at him again and blushed, trying to keep her eyes focused on his face before nodding, “Oh ok that makes more sense.” She said quietly.

“You don’t have enough c-confidence? CONFIDENCE?..are you actually kidding me?..because l know for a fact you are so confidence and you even confessed to liking me the day we met!..so how could you not be confidence? But also loving yourself and being truly who you are also makes me go crazy for someone..and that’s all you my tiny wittle shirt bebe.” Barry says as he spoke to Natalia in a baby and childish voice. “Such a little baby girl who doesn’t wanna hurt her daddy isn’t that wrong?.” Barry asks Natalia and laughs a bit and realizing how stupid he had sounded just now.

“I confessed after you did!” She said and giggled a bit, the strong blush still not leaving her cheeks, “I don’t have confidence in myself either though if I’m completely honest...” she mumbled, slowly turning back to the stove as she placed another pancake on a plate. “Why would I ever hurt you?” She mumbled, her voice raising in pitch a tiny bit as she got a bit more submissive.

“Why don’t you have confidence in yourself? Also oh l know you did but l was hungry!..but l’ll for real let you ride this cock while l eat breakfast..if that’s how you like it.” Barry smirks and teases Natalia by seining around his soft and veined but tanned cock around in a circle motion without his hands. “Also l mean you wouldn’t have control over what you do and don’t do?..cause your powers are probably way harder to control then mine!..but we’ll never know who’s is harder..unless we train and test each other?.” Barry asks Natalia in a suggestion but shuts up as he hears her mumble in a tiny pitched voice.

“I don’t know I just don’t,” She shrugged and bit her lip, “M-maybe I will-“ she mumbled as her breath hitched in her throat as the thought turned her on even more. She kept cooking as her breathing slowly returned to normal and she shifted from foot to foot a bit impatiently, “I’ve learned to control my Powers over the years and honestly it isn’t that hard unless I’m upset.” She shrugged slightly.

“You don’t know but you just don’t? Alright fair enough and also oh I dare you to suck and ride this cock right now,right now..but I bet you won’t because you’re cooking and you can’t let the pancakes or anything else burn aren’t l right?.” Barry asks as he continues to careless fling his soft cock around and smirks in innocence at Natalia who he saw was struggling to keep herself from looking back at Barry. “Oh how sweet would it be for us to just fuck and claim each other?..wouldn’t that sound nice Natalia?..” Barry asks as he knew he was teasing her by asking her these questions he knew that would turn her on more because he himself have asked those questions to many other of his bestfriends for benefit.

Natalia let out a quiet whimper and leaned her head back momentarily before focusing on cooking again, “Y-You’re a tease-“

“Oh my sweet little....little Natalia!..how will you ever fix your problem? Cause l’m teasing you..but by all means you can have all this..even this at your grasp!.” Barry smiles innocently as he points and grabs onto his cock with one of his hands this time. “You could have this in a matter of seconds!..can’t you just let Barry help you?..please? Cause he can do this in seconds and even minutes!..” Barry smiles before he begins to start groaning and softly moaning as he looked down at his cock and begins to jerk himself off.

Natalia whimpered a bit louder before she turned the stove off and took the pan off. She washed her hands quickly before walking over and kissing him roughly.

“Oh shit..oh my god babygirl has daddy made you that turned on?.” Barry asks as he pouts and frowns sadly and pretends to fake cry and strokes his fingers through her hair as he smiles and starts kissing Natalia back more roughly than Natalia had come on to her. “Shitt!..you with your fine ass lips..l swear to god!.” Barry groans softly and smirks as he then gasp and replays the louder whimper that Natalia had let out seconds before going over to Barry. “Shit that whimper was also way hotter like damn!..I could get off to that..l-l mean wait what!?..n-no,nooooo of course l was just kidding!.”

She blushed harder and nodded, “M-maybe-“ she mumbled before kissing back just as rough. She bit her lip slightly as he mentioned getting off to her, “Would you just hush and take me already-“ she mumbled, blushing harder as she realized what she said.

“Maybe?! Oh wow maybe l do have this magical touch don’t l then?.” Barry asks and then he blushes hard and giggles hearing Natalia confess more and more to him which caused him to laugh even more. “Aw oh my gosh! You’re blushing and confessing to me at the same time?!.” Barry asks and then he smirks and then nods his head no. “Make me hush!..actually don’t!..cause I deadass feel like your gonna be too much of a submissive baby girl and moan so loud y-your neighbors will hear us.”

“P-please take me daddy?” She mumbled, sounding even more shy as she looked away slightly, biting her lip again as she shifted from foot to foot a bit impatiently.

“D-Daddy?! Oh gosh I’m so sorry my baby girl daddy will take you right oaky?.” Barry nods before pulling and scooting his chair as he was still against the dinner table.

She blushed and moved so she was standing in front of him before leaning up and kissing him again roughly.

“I-l mean okay!?..s-sorry l just speak gibberish whenever l see your fine ass next to me..l-l mean nice ass?!..I-l don’t know!.” Barry shrugs and then pulls off Natalia panties as he sees her move and stand right in front of him before he sees her lean up and start to kiss him roughly again. “Shit you’ve got such a cute and sexy vibe to you right now!..what have you done to the baby soft Barry?.” Gasp and dramatically asks before he pulls off her panties softly to the side and smirks as he takes a look at her pussy,vaginal opening and her anus and gets hardened once he had stared at her and looked at her ass for long enough. “Oops?!.” Barry gasp and laughs as his cock pokes them both in the elbow cracks of their arms as they were making out in plain sight.

Natalia blushed harder and slowly moved so she was sitting on the table, “Y-you take the lead I-I’ve never done this before.” She mumbled and looked at hun shyly, her cheeks still a deep shade of red as she bit her lip and looked at him.

“But I wanna see how Barry’s Babygirl takes the lead but alright!..but l haven’t done this in awhile so don’t choose me okay?.” Barry asks as he smiles with giggles seeing Natalia blush harder and slowly move and sat on the table as she was still a deep shade of red and biting onto her lips while they both looked back to back. “Also if anything hurts tell me okay?”. Barry asks before he proceeds to get up from one of the diner chairs and gets in front of Natalia and smiles blushing. “Can Miss Natalia please take off her panties and bra again?.”

Natalia slowly nodded as she took off her panties, blushing hard as she squeezed her legs together a bit. She unclasped her bra and threw it to the side, quickly covering her chest up as she looked down shyly, being too nervous to make eye contact with him.

“You seem very scared to do this are you sure,sure you wanna fuck right here..right now?.” Barry asks and stands there as he bit down onto his lip watching Natalia slowly nod to him and taking off her pants and squeezing her legs together then Barry saw Natalia unclasp her bras throwing it to the side. “You don’t have to be afraid of me hurting you okay?.” Barry promises and even goes out of his way and grabs her face softly and quickly but slowly starts kissing her face while she was covering up her chest and looking down shyly with nervousness. Barry continues to keep kissing Natalia slowly and then pulls away as he sees her still too nervous to make eye contact with Barry himself.

“N-no I want to.” She said softly as she slowly looked into his eyes as she started to relax a bit. She slowly reached up and placed her hands on his chest, “I’m not worried about you hurting me... I’m just nervous in general.” She said quietly

“I know you do but l don’t want to cum inside you accidentally and get you pregnant you know?..so that’s one of the reasons l was stalling to have sex..which l never realized you were this submissive and kinky little baby girl hmm?.” Barry asks as he then lifts up Natalia chin and grips the tip of her chin softly as he leans more into Natalia and kisses her with a brighter smile appearing on Barry’s face.

Natalia smiled a little as she slowly kissed back before pulling her lips away, “I’m on birth control so we should be ok... and if we do we can figure it out from there.” She said softly, “There’s lots of options.”

“I hope you give the baby up for adoption or you could get abortion? But whatever happens after we have sex l’ll blame on myself!..cause I’m a nasty little pervert whom teases people a lot!..which explains why l get dumped after a month of dating someone. It’s sad to admit but it’s true because l am considered to freaky or too daddy!..l even had a women who cheated on her husband as a hooker with me!..and l wasn’t even aware of that so yeah!..my past actions growing up have been crazy..the crazy thing is all these ladies fucked me when l was like 19-20..l believe so?.” Barry thinks and strokes his imaginary beard once again like he had always done.

Natalia smiled a little and nodded, “Alright, let’s just worry about that if the time comes.” She said as she started to relax completely. She placed her hands on his chest again and smiled a bit, “Just don’t go too rough this time since it’s my first... p-please.” She mumbled.

“Alright we shall not worry about anything else of that matter shall we not?.” Barry asks Natalia and gets his answer really quickly from replying a memory of what she had said a few seconds ago. “Well okay then! Also I will be careful okay?.” Barry tells Natalia as he watches her relax completely onto the table and as Barry slowly leaned down and onto Natalia’s vaginal and anus opening he smiles and smirks innocently licking his fingers and gestures the fingering motion above the lining of Natalia’s Vagina and anus opening once more.

Natalia looked down at him and nodded a little as she bit her lip. She slowly leaned forward to peck his lips sweetly.

“I will lick your vaginal opening once and ask you if you feel good or uncomfortable okay?.” Barry tells Natalia as he sees her looking down at him as she nodded to him a little while biting down onto her lip. Barry then giggles seeing and feeling Natalia lean forward to peck Barry’s lips sweetly which makes Barry squeal and giggle like a teen boy with gossip. “Hehe shit!..you have me giggling and feeling like I’m in a middle with this type of love babyyyy!. But I love so please keep giving me kisses?.” Barry pouts and then giggles before he finally leans in between Natalia’s legs and slowly spreads them apart. Barry then continues to keep shoving his head slower and slower as he let of his grip from Natalia’s face and grips onto her back hamstrings. “This is gonna be a fun night won’t it?.” Barry asks before he finally reaches and touches Natalia’s vaginal opening and the little folds. Barry sticks out his tongue and slowly licks Natalia’s clitoris in one singular lick before pulling away and giggling. “How was that Babygirl?.” Barry asks as he pulls away enough to hear Natalia’s answer and reply clearly.

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