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The forbidden love of the multiverse

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Introduction&explantion of what to expect

Hello everyone. I'm Max, and I'm going to make a Wanda and Flash crossover/love story, except Wanda will be an OC and not an OC of the original comics and movie franchise character. So my story will be about Natalia, my OC, and my other OC from the flash series meeting in a time traveling accident in which Barry tries to stop a tsunami tilde wave from hitting the coast and shore line of Central City. But it will begin with Barry's life story and whatnot, and then I'll include more and more things, including recap plots, synopsis, and chapter titles from previous seasons of the Flash, but it will be very different from how I recap season 1-3, and possibly 4,5, or 6! So stay tuned and keep an eye out for more information and details on that!
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