His kiss

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Love can happen in a flash, a flicker, a kiss. My romantic love story started with just a kiss, I was drawn in like a moth drawn to a flame or a lantern. He was my everything after that kiss, but what lied ahead? Happy ever after, or a life's disappointment?

Alexis Talamantez
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Chapter 1

Love is such a romantic and beautiful thing that you should cherish for the rest of your life. You can fall in love with just a kiss, I know I did...

It was a late saturday night, me and my friends were at a party. There were a bunch of people, I was trying to head up stairs. I walked threw a crowd of people dancing and accidentally bumped into this random guy, He helped me up and asked if I was alright.

I got up and said yeah I'm fine thanks, I continued walking threw the crowd. After a while I reached my room, after a few minutes of being on my phone. There was a knock on my door. I opened my door, and to my suprise at my doorway was standing the man I had bumped into.

Hey what are you doing up here? I had asked while letting him in. He sat down and said ¨Oh nothing, how come your not down there?¨ He asked me while pointing at the door. Well parties aren't really my thing, how come your not down there? I asked in a peculiar way.

I just thought you needed a buddy, ya know. I hope you don't mind, he said as he looked my way. Oh thanks, Its no problem. While were here, my name is Crystal. How about you? I said as I laid down in my bed. My name is Chris, cool name.

Mhm thanks, I glanced at Chris and then took out my phone. Chris laid down beside me, do you wanna be friends? Chris had asked me as he looked up at the ceiling. I Looked up at the ceiling as well, and said yeah that would be cool.

After the party had finished and everyone went home. I cleaned up, Chris decided to stay and help clean the mess. With Chris helping me, we ended up finishing up a lot quicker.

Thanks for helping me, I said as I put the broom away. Anything for a friend Chris responded with, I'm going to throw out these bags be right back- Chris had said while heading out the front door with two giant trash bags. I headed up the stairs to my room, waiting for Chris.

I had heard the door open, I said make sure to lock the door behind you-I laid down on my bed hugging my pillow. Chris walked in, Hey Crystal. If you want you can hug me? We are friends after all, He said as he laid down beside me.

Its ok, I'm just cold. I said as I hugged my pillow tightly. Chris Took of his black hoodie, here you can wear my hoodie so you wont be cold. Chris handed me his hoodie and smiled at me. Thank you Chris, I slid the hoodie on and laid down.

Wanna watch a movie Chris? I said as I turned on the TV. He sat up, yeah what genre are we gonna watch? He said as he got a pillow. I looked at him, well what movies are you into? I had asked. I'm kinda into all of the genres, what genre are you into? Chris asked me.

Well I'm into Romance and comedy. I said as I glanced at my phone. I like comedy, so wanna watch something funny? Chris asked as he looked at me. Yeah, do you wanna get some snacks? I had asked while getting off the bed. You can just get me a soda, a coke please. Chris said while scrolling threw Netflix looking for a good comedy movie.

I walked down stairs and went into the kitchen, I looked in the fridge and there were no sodas. After I went down to the garage and looked in the ice chest, there was coke and pepsi, with a whole bunch of beer. I grabed one pepsi and one coke for the two of us.

I walked up stairs and closed the door, here is the coke you wanted. I handed Chris the coke and sat down beside him. I grabbed my pepsi, did you find anything? I asked while opening my pepsi can. Yes there is this movie called ¨grandpa wars¨ It looks pretty funny, Chris said as he opened his coke can as well.

I got the remote and tapped on grandpa wars, as the movie began I couldn't help but smile at Chris. Chris smiled back at me, and laughed, I laughed as well. The movie hadn't started yet and we were already laughing. Soon after the movie had ended I was feelings tired so I headed to bed.

Chris throwed away the soda cans, and I lied in bed falling asleep. The next morning I woke up and Chris was gone, I went downstairs to see if my mom and dad had got home from there business trip. As I walked downstairs, I glanced everywhere and there was no sign of my mom and dad.

I went into the kitchen and looked in the fridge for some milk. I had got the milk and my cheerios cereal out, after setting the milk and cereal on the table I opened the jawer and got out a spoon and a bowl. I sat down at the table and poured some cheerios into my bowl, I then poured milk and started eating.

Several minutes later, I had got a text from Chris. Chris had texted me ¨Hey good morning¨ I replied back with a ¨Hi good morning to you to¨ At that time I had finished eating, I walked up the stairs to my room to get changed and head to the park.

After I had finished changing into a hoodie and joggers, I got message from Chris asking me ¨Do you wanna hang? If your not busy¨ I replied back saying ¨I'm heading to central park, do you wanna come, i'm going for a jog¨

As I was putting my shoes on, Chris responded back saying ¨Yeah i'll meet you there in 10¨ I looked at the message and continued putting my shoes on.

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