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Adam and Evelyn is a best friends, and one day the having a misunderstood situation about their feelings. Will they confess to each others?

Romance / Humor
Owen Zelenia
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Chapter 1

Its really frustration already sitting in the same room with her, I have a huge crush on her since we meet on the first year in this college. I holding this feeling almost two years now. she accepting me like her others friends, well I’m happy about it but I cant lie to my heart that actually like her to be my girlfriends. I’m so glad she never has boyfriend yet, there is rumors everyone want to be her boyfriend and she reject them all.

“Adam...are you listening?” she call me.


She pouting her lips, I always adore those pairs of lips. She like to use a dark color of lipstick, look like she a badass person but actually she is a caring person. Her favorite color is grey and dark purple, the color really make her raven hair look beautiful. Not to mention her blue eyes, some time I can avoid to look at those pair of eyes.

“ADAM!” Okay, she shouting which mean she really piss off because I didn’t listen what she say just now.

“I asking you going on date with me, are you okay with it or not”

A silent moment, what just happen. Am I hallucinations.

“What...” I am so screw up. suddenly I got punch on the stomach. I forgot to mention, she have 3 more big brother so a punch from her is not like others girl. She is a good fighter too, she walk away before I can explain about my stupid behavior just now, and most of all I hope her brothers didn’t know about this or I will be dead before dinner today.

Took me a moment to catch up with her “Evelyn, wait. Please listen to me”


“Evelyn, wait. Please listen to me” that stupid Adam call me from behind

I walk away as fast as I could, didn’t he know I feel so nervous to ask him out. I know, we already friend almost 2 years. he so stupid because he can’t hide his feeling that he like me. Everyone already notice it, even my big brothers know about this, they just let it go and wait for a good moment if one of us make a move.

That stupid Adam, it also stupid because I also have a feeling to him. His big like a polar bear, not so chubby and not to muscle. He just big boy. When we first meet, I thought he is a senior in the college. I always remember, when I first meet him. He wearing turtle neck with a white cardigan. He thick glasses always covering the handsome face, well that’s a good thing actually because no one will flirt with him. He very kind to everyone, even though no one pick a fight with him but there always someone try to take advantage on his kindness. There where I came around to protect him from being use by others.

He and I is so much different, we taking a same class of art and design. His design always look cute and pretty. Different than mine, I always got complaint from my lecturer my design look like art for yakuza tattoo, well that’s can’t be help because I been raise in that kind of environment, and of course Adam didn’t know about this.

I just arrive at my home. looking at my back, his not even follow me anymore, some time he will walk me back home.

“Hey Eve...welcome home” my third brother, Michael.

“Hey” I greeting him softly.

“What’s wrong Eve? There something disturb you?”

Michael following me into the living room. We took a sit on the sofa “If I tell you, will you promise not to tell Gabriel and Raphael”

“You know I cant do that, we always share everything nothing secret between us”

As what I thought, if I tell one of them. the two others will be notice immediately. Our parent always teach us not having any secret in our family. Except for this time, I always keep a secret that I also have a feeling to Adam. Having protective brothers some time make me annoying.

“Is better you tell us all when dinner time”


“Is this because of Adam?” he hit the jackpot

“What about Adam?” Raphael came in, he just got back from his work.

“Our little sister have an issues with that boy” Michael just bluffing on everything to Raphael

“No-no is not like that” i try to defend myself and Adam.

“Sweet cake, why not you take a rest in your room. We will call you when the dinner ready, and of course when Gabriel come home ”

Raphael pet my head, I cant say no to that. and I know we will having a serious conversation tonight. Its been hour, waiting Gabriel come back is making me more and more stress, what will they say if I told them about today confession, why I have the courage to confess to him first. I let out a long sigh, maybe I am the stupid one, of course he will surprise and not ready to give an answer.

“Eve! Dinners ready” Raphael call from down stair, which mean Gabriel already come home.

Walk down slowly to the kitchen, if I have courage to confess to Adam, why not I telling the truth to my overprotective brothers. I reach at dining table. everyone already sit at their place. We all have a resemble looks, a pairs of blue eyes and black raven hair.

The different for those three brothers is Gabriel is tidy person, so he always in his formal or semi-formal outfit, taking over our father jobs. Raphael have a scar beside his forehead, he got that since he was 6, fighting for a puppy. He is rough but he also loving and care for little animal. Michael like a mother hen, since our parent died in accident, he took care of everything. He so talent in house work, and he also freelancer supermodel. They are different, but when everything related to me they became overprotective.

“Something you want to tell us, Evelyn?” Gabriel starting the conversation.

“Well yes- I..” I took a little breath.

“I confess to Adam about my feeling, I know he have a feelings for me and today I asking him if he want to go out on date with me. I know, the three of you will not agree with me...but I like him, I love Adam”

“Did you hear his answer?” Gabriel asking me.

“Well...I ran away, I feel embarrassing ”

Suddenly Raphael cant hold on his laugh, and he laugh so hard until the tear drop from his eye. Michael also join in on his laugh. “What-what so funny?”

Gabriel came and hugging me tightly “OH..our little sister is growing up, okay that’s enough both of you. Don’t laugh on her”

“I’m sorry, sugar. We not going to be mad. Its funny because you didn’t listen to his answer and ran away. Poor Adam” Raphael petting my head, asking for my forgiveness.

“Why not you texting him again tonight” Michael giving a suggestion.

“But what should I say?” suddenly my phone is vibrate, we look at the phone. I just got a new message from Adam. I’m blushing instantly.

“Well, speaking of the devil” Gabriel teasing me.

“Let us have a dinner first, the food is getting cold” Michael says. For the rest of the night, they keep teasing and making fun of me.


As we promise, we will meet here at 10am. its been 3 days after that misunderstood, I should have pay attention that day. She took a courage to confess, and I got my second chance. I will not make any mistake this time. Hope this date will be going smoothly as I plan.

That day, I never thought she will run away. The funny is I couldn’t catch her and I thought it will more bad luck when I accidentally saw Gabriel across the street, he must be just finish his work for that day. Without thinking, I approach him.

“Excuse me, are you Gabriel. Evelyn’s big brother”

“Adam. I rarely see you around here?”

“I have a confession to make” I spoke to him.

A silent awkward between us, I know by his expression I will be dead him I took a wrong move. “What is it?”

“I asking for you blessing, I love Evelyn, your sister. So I hope you will accept me”



“No, go said it by yourself. Don’t confess to me, confess to her, you idiot brat” it took me by surprise, he 10 years old than me but I was utterly dumbfounded by his reaction at the moment.

“I give you one more chance, if you screw it again, you knew what will happen”

“Yes sir”

After that, it took me an hour to make a long text message for her. Telling her how I was happy knowing her and slowly falling in love with her. Telling her how much I appreciate about her and accepting everything about her. For most of all, I really thank her to give me courage to confess because of her brave decision.


I look at the lover of my life “You’re daydreaming again”

“Sorry, shall we go?”

Evelyn grab my hand, I hold her hand, her small hand feel warm. I promise to myself I will not lose this love again. “Where will we going?”

“Anyway you want to go”

We having a nice time, watching a movie, having a meal at restaurant. We use to hang out like this before, but this time is so much different because we already confess what are we feel toward each other. I still don’t believe it, at last we are couple after two years hide those feelings. We sit at the park, watching the sunset. I just realize, we already spent a whole days with this new relationship.



“May I say something?”

“What is it?”

“I love you, Evelyn”

“I love you too, Adam”

-THE END-iting here…

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