The Mob Boss's Purchase

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Coralyn had no idea what was going on. But than again, she seldom has any idea about what is going on. So far, for this night she could remember was a pair of scary brown eyes and a voice that shook her soul. The person seemed mean and scary to her. And she was more than ready to go home. Reality hits Cora when the man refuses to let her go. Why? She has no idea. All she wanted was to go home and dress up in her warm sweater, eat and go to bed, curled up in the warmth of her blankets. Instead she found herself sitting in a bed, sobbing her eyes out. Coralyn was a sweet sweet person to whom bad things always happened too. She blamed herself for everything that went wrong. She was the girl who would never miss a church session but still get pummeled by fate. And then there was, Marcus. Marcus DiMariano was...a bastard. A sex addict. A chain smoker. A drug dealer, arm smuggler who played the piano. Right? What a combo. But no surprise there, right?  Italy makes them big and bad. Coralyn was bought off by him from a club. She had no idea why. She had no idea why she was here in the first place. Or how she was here. Don Marcus was the bastard who always took what he wanted. He'd snatch, fight, kill, die for what he wants. And now wants the brunette in the purple lingerie. Even if she had a price tag attached to her. But Cora had an issue.

Romance / Erotica
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Author's POV

She was weeping.

Like a fucking child.

The girls small sobs made Marcus's head hurt.

He had barely touched but and this was what he ended up with.

A fucking child with a price tag of fifty grand.

Fifty grand for this curvy little thing, who was fucking crying sitting in his bed, wetting his fine rich silk sheets with her pathetic tears.

"Stop this." Marcus yelled.

The girls shoulder shook as her sobs increased, she gripped the sheets tight around her naked body trying to hide away her shame for this monstrous man.

Marcus didn't like it.

He fucking didn't like it when he saw this little thing walk up on the auction stage.

But her eyes. Oh her eyes are so beautiful. Big and brown and confused.

She was dressed in a tiny purple lingerie that left a little to his imagination.

The men were eating her up with their eyes and Marcus didn't like it.

Not a bit.

Marcus was a man who knew himself and his needs. Right now, at this very moment his need was this girl, sitting on his bed,weeping.

When he brought her to the bedroom, he had imagined all sorts of dirty, dirty thing he'd do to her.

Her confusion made it more and more erotic to him.

He felt his dick strain against his pants every time he touched her little body.

But she was adamant.

She didn't want to be touched.

She felt dirty in the dirty dress.

She felt disgusting.

Protesting never made Marcus stop. After all Marcus loved his women, wild and crazy.

Life is nothing without crazy. Life was dull acting the hero to the damsels in distress.

He didn't want a damsel. He wanted a rebel. He wanted a monster to match his monster.

And tonight was no different. He wanted a sex crazed submissive animal in bed to to get him off, before he flew back to Italy, first thing in the morning.

He wanted a submissive lioness, he got a little pussy cat.

Marcus watched the girl slow down from her crying, still holding the black silk close to her body, hiding it from him.

It drive him nuts and made his cock more hard.

She was his. And she was hiding herself away from him as if challenging to come and get what belonged to him.

"I want to to home." The girl whispered.

It was a voice that should belong to the angles. It was a voice that certainly didn't belong in this lair.

"What, little puppy?" Marcus asked annoyed massaging the bridge of his nose sitting on a sofa that faced the bed from a distance.

"I want to go home." She repeated again. He saw her plump lips form a little pout like a baby's when she was done with her adorably annoying little sentence.

Home. Marcus snorted.

She was either dumb or really naive or just playing the shit card.

"And where, tesoro, is home?" Marcus asked leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and fingers intertwined.

The girl was really dumb, thought Marcus.

That was again another thing that ticked him off. Dumb girls. Or the ones that thought being dumb was cute.

The small girl told him her address.

Coralyn was tired and hungry from the tears she had shed.

The only thing she wanted to do was go home, dress herself in a thick sweater and have some of the food that her momma made for dinner.

She told the man sitting on a sofa to take her home.

She even told him, her address but he only laughed.

Coralyn didn't understand what was wrong.

She just wanted to go home.

And she was so hungry.

Coralyn knew that the man sitting a not away from her was not a good man.

The second she entered this room, he had kissed her deep and hungrily. Coralyn though kisses were supposed to make one happy.

It didn't make her happy, it made her scared and then he had pushed her savagely on the bed getting on top of her taking off the tiny dress she was wearing.

The scene from then on, felt as if happened before.

There was a weird pain in her tummy and her whole body.

She could almost imagine everything after he had discarded her dress, she started to see blue and black in front of her eyes.

She was scared and thus her tears came.

She was afraid he was going to hurt her so bad. She could feel the pain. She knew what the pain felt like.

The pain of having what wasn't supposed to be inside her, in your tummy.

She felt like throwing up but she started to cry.

Her shoulders and body shook with the tears as she could feel every second of want was going to happen before it actually happened.

But now almost after an hour later she was sitting on the bed, the man whose name she didn't know away from her, in a sofa.

"Please, can you take me home?" She asked the man again.

"No." The man said leaning back against the headrest of the sofa.

Marcus smirked smugly once he had denied the girl for her request to take her home.

She looked heartbroken.

"No?" She repeated.

Marcus frowned in annoyance and them heaved a sigh.

Is she stupid or what.

What part of 'no' does she not understand.

Marcus knew a very little of this strawberry shortcake sitting on his bed.

She was intensely focused on a thread out of the sheets she was using to cover herself up.

He knew that the club people had kidnapped her from a silent neighborhood that late evening.

Knocked her out with a sedative but even in consciousness she didn't fight.

Marcus had enough experience with this shit to know girls through fucking huge tantrum when kidnapped and shit like that.

Little shortcake just wanted to go home.

There was no threat, no my father is this, I am going to kill you once you untie me, let me fucking go, from her.

Just a little, please will you take me home.

Marcus smirked shaking his head.

There was three knocks on the door.

That'd be dinner.

"Entra." Marcus barked.

The dinner trolley was rolled in, by a maid.

"Cosa c'è per cena?" Marcus asked as the maid rolled the trolley to his direction.

(What's for dinner?)

"Ravioli, signore." The maid said. "Two plates, like you asked. Wine and water."

Marcus nodded and with a gesture of his hand dismissed the lady.

Sighing he got up from the sofa, picked a plate of pasta and walked over to miss little angel voice wanting to go home.

Coralyn accepted the plate of food from the man and told him a sweet thank you.

The man frowned.

"What's your name?" Marcus asked the girl when she told him a little thank you for the food.

She mumbled a soundless word.

It made him roll his eyes.

"Come again?"

"C-coralyn." She whispered.

What kind of name was that? Marcus asked himself.

It sounded unicorns had sex with rainbows and came up with that name.


this is not edited. Go along with me because once I'm done with the draft I'll edit and rewrite. Thank you.

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