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[Draco Malfoy x Reader] It was amazing to be titled as the 'Protector'. You attract attention, your known to be powerful. But that wasn't what a certain girl wanted; she only wants to fulfill her title and duty. Of course, It wouldn't be that easy and a certain male was stopping her to do so. "I'm not allowing you to step into that battlefield again." --- ✎: I therefore do not claim 'Harry Potter' and its 8 movies that the story revolves around. All rights to J.K. Rowling for the beautiful masterpiece. I do claim this fanfiction as an original work of mine and the OCs added. © 2020 - Sumiii_chan

Romance / Action
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Author's Note

!!This story is originally published on Wattpad but can now be read at A03, Inkitt and Wattpad. (@natrias)


Hi there, Thank you for clicking on this book. Before you proceed to the story, I have some few words for you.

Just a friendly reminder

I’m not so good on doing fluffy scenes and I’m a bit more fond on doing angst scenes/parts. Just saying that this book will be a rollercoaster ride.

I’m also not good with doing NSFW scenes but I can write a rough make-out session part.

This is my first Harry Potter Fanfiction Book and though I already have published one, I still don’t call myself a professional writer.

Scenes and Book

Most parts of this book follows the movie. I’m bad on dates and times when events occur so expect mistakes.

I did a lot of research while doing the book so some information are canon.

About the OCs

This book has a lot of OCs in it and they’re connected to Y/n(you). Don’t worry though, they aren’t the important for the love story between you and Draco.


I might make mistakes on P.O.V.s since when I was doing the first chapters, I accidentally mixed a 3rd’s Person’s P.O.V. to Y/n’s but I already fixed it.

Expect a lot of P.O.V. changes throughout one chapter, example: A few paragraphs are on 3rd Person’s P.O.V. and the next ones will be Y/n’s P.O.V.

P.O.V. changes will kind of occur 2 or 3 times per chapter(I’m not sure)

Movie Changes

Some things will change since Y/n and the OCs are inserted to the story. Example: In the Yule Ball, Draco will take Y/n instead of Pansy(this is just an example, no spoilers intended)

A lot of things will change, feel free to ask if your still confused about it.

Words, Sentences, and Paragraphs

The book’s chapter ranges around 1,800 to 2,200+ words. Most chapters ranges on 2,120 - 2,245 words. Some chapters might only include 1,850 - 1,990 words.

Typos and Grammatical errors are expected, especially with the placements of symbols/quotations.

Chapter Guides - will continuously be edited until the book reaches its end.

Year 1 // Chapter 02 - Chapter 10

Year 2 // Chapter 11 - Chapter 16

Year 3 // Chapter 19 - [Proceeding...]

Year 4 // [Locked]

Year 5 // [Locked]

Year 6 // [Locked]

This serves as a guide so you know where and what year is Y/n and Draco currently in.

:: Proceeding means that the book is currently revolving around the said year ‘Proceeding’ is placed.

:: Locked means that the book hasn’t arrive at the following years ‘Locked’ is placed and is either waiting for the current year to finish so it’ll be published or is being written.

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