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Raya is not a poor girl. Her parents just think that she doesn't need to read books. The to-be-heir of her father's multimillion dollar company, she doesn't need to study. Alex, the librarian and the "genius" of Raya's school. His parents are billionaires too. But he likes earning his own money. What will happen when he catches a little thief in his library?

Romance / Poetry
Velna Mortelbridge
Age Rating:

Chapter 1:

It's weird what money makes people do.

Some forget being humans. Some forget being parents.

Raya Williams is not your normal 18 year old.

She can't be. Because her parents are Billionaires.

They weren't this rich 5 years ago. But suddenly Raya's father's company sky-rocketed.

Now that they are rich, they don't have toast and jam for breakfast. It's always something they dreamt of having.

Frankly Raya wasn't acquainted to this life style. She believed in simple living.

She still did.

She still wore her Adidas shoes, that she had brought from her own money.

She still didn't know what D&G stood for.

She was still the nerdy, normal high-schooler that she was some years ago.

But her parents wanted that to change.

They wanted her to be a lady. Not a girl.

It just didn't sit well with Raya.

Books, that were her everything. A fairy-tale she wanted to live.

That all vanished when her parents forbade her to buy books anymore.

But the shock came when they burnt all the books present in the house.

Now she didn't have any other way other than going to a public library.

But you never know what life has in store for you.

Avete Everyone.

Just wanted to tell that it's my first time writing romance.

I don't like cringe content, clinging couples.

I'm more into BDSM and stuff.

You have been warned, I'll try my best to keep 'these things out of this book.

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