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The girl with a terrible attitude who wants to read books than makes new friends. The boy who hates everything except his closest friends and books. Liliana can finally say goodbye to home school and join her brother in public school. But don't let her disappoint you. She knows how to survive in society. If she wants it, she will get it but Ambros is the same. So what kind of disaster can this make? What happens when these two stubborn people meet and can't decide who should walk away from their favorite place to read? Tears will flow, but smiles will shine and you will even be able to hear laughter. There will be fighting, there will be feelings. There will be love. There will be passion. There will be hunger. -- This is a teenager enemy to lovers story. Slow burn. Realistic falling in love.

Romance / Erotica
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Hello reader! I am honestly new to this and it would be appreciated to keep this novel in happy vibe.


That means if you don't like something I write or simply its not your cup of tea there is always a button to remove this story from your library.

In addition I hope this novel will be positive and safe space where if you have something to share (opinion, thoughts, just your feelings about the story's adventures) you can share it without being shamed or humiliated.

I am trying to say if you have nothing good to say - don't say it-.

2.Fuck beauty standards.

This story is a bit cliché so even though I have chosen the girl to be slim, little, straight brown hair and the guy with brown hair, tattoos and sharp jaw line and all that. I just see them as the characters. No one can say what is beautiful and what's not.

I am far from this characters looks but am I ugly? No because I try to look at the beauty that no one else sees. The same with you. You are beautiful. No one can say otherwise.

Standards only puts us into the 'perfect' box. So lets start breaking the box shall we?

3. English is not my first language.

If you see some grammar mistakes I would be ecstatic if you could nicely point it out.

4. History, dark jokes and other languages included in this novel.

My mothers language is Latvian and there sometimes will be included poetry from Latvian literature and some lines from books, but if there will be - there will be a translation either underneath it or close to it.

I am a sucker for history/ dark jokes so there may or may not be some of those.

5. Posting

I will try posting as fast as I can and If there will be a bigger liking for this novel I will make posting schedule.


There will be some mature scenes but in front of them there will be warning.

There will be some cussing, mature scenes.

If you don't like that. You can just not read this novel.

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