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1. The secret or the dark

Nemophilist - A person who loves or is fond of woods or forests.


A wealthy family lived in a house far from the eyes of the evil society.

But why?

For years, this family did their best to keep the most precious gem of all in their clamps but the longer you keep it locked up the longer it wants to be freed. This gemstone is unlike any other, it is as beautiful as a ruby, brittle in appearance as a rock, but durable inside as a diamond.

On the other hand, is it? Hidden from all evil and dangerous, this gemstone has grown in the manor for seventeen years, growing deep in the forest with flowers and grass on its fragile legs, trees and wild animals all around and mostly enclosing the gemstone in a cloud of fresh, cool air. This gemstone is a lady named Liliana Dallarosa.

A boy who had everything he ever wanted one day had to grow up at the age of five. Who, for one night, did not play with cars, instead of running barefoot in the yard, he read his bedtime story to himself.

But why?

To that question no one but himself knows the answer to.

From the age of five, he has created himself as a man that everyone sees today - cold, scary, quiet the one that has no friends, that is only seen reading a book but still only by himself. He is the same gemstone as the others, only this one is covered in scars and night terrors' and the one that hides himself in library's' or cafes.

If you want to see the value that it hides from the world you have to wait for it to show you its true beauty because with force only comes the fake. The name of this gemstone is Ambrose Ramirez.

Two beautiful people. Two beautiful souls. Will they meet and establish their liking for each other? Will they push each other away so long that it will hurt so painfully that they cannot even take a fresh breath without each other? Would they admit their feelings or would they lose each other because of the greater fear of cold and painful rejection?

This is their story.



Stars. Darkness. Fear. Calm.

Little shiny dots that can be watched all night long. From sunlight farewell to sunshine greeting. You can never really hate to watch them because every dark night you can see and explore a new point, a new star.

Many creatures have an inexplicable fear of the darkness and what might be in it and destroy you at the last moment without even having to say good-bye to loved ones or inhaling the last breath, and without even knowing it had been the last.

Looking around. At the last days in summer. I am laying on a worn out blanket in her brown turtleneck, black slacks and beret with a pale brown coat around her shoulders. Not even caring that she is laying in the light of darkness, which stains the sly secrets of the forest and its exquisite charm.

I am sitting among the white dandelions that have already closed and waiting for the next warm sunshine, among the purple lavender that decorates every corner, among the rose bushes that hide their beauty with sharp thorns that sometimes succeeds in protecting its brittle petals.

The longer I am in the dark, the longer the darkness includes me.

I see its bright and pure light and its hidden beauty from which so many avoid.

I see the details that many do not even blink in haste.

I see what people often do not even want to see - the darkness has its own light, the dangerous has its own safety, the vague has its own clarity, every mess has its own peace, every ugliness has its own beauty.

I stopped to see this, looked at it..., and really looked at it.

It is so beautiful.

Cutting me from my ray of thoughts I hears my phone ringing. It is my dear mother.

Lilian: ''Hello mama!'' I greet her. Even if she do not see me, I smile.

Mother: ''Hello darling! I know you love gazing over the stars and forest in general but could you please come home. It is already 1AM.'' I can even imagine her soft brown eyes looking in my fathers as he is trying to calm her crazy nerves.

Lilian: ''Its ok mama. I will gather my thing and come home. Will that be all right?'' I nervously ask because honestly I do not want to miss even one second of this beauty.

Mother: ''That's ok honey but please just come home.'' With that, she hangs up and I start pick up my one of this week's books - Pride and Prejudice -. The plot, the characters just fit altogether perfectly in my opinion.

While I am heading toward my home, I am looking at the dark sky and wondering if anyone is looking at the stars at the moment. With me. Without knowing it at all. Without knowing that that person and me are maybe even in the same thoughts.

The path I have to go looks more beautifully during the day light, because then you can see all the beautiful flowers that cover the earth and all the animals that dare to come in my sight. You can see all the animal tracks left and wonder what adventures they could be doing.

On the other hand, the best of this path is the river, which flows beside me with clear, fresh and drinkable water, which can occasionally lead a small fish to pass.

In addition, at night, you can see the moonlight shining from the water and sometimes you can see an elegant owl as brown as my long hair and yellow eyes that show nothing other than mystery.

I really like owls and snakes.


After an hour of calm walking at 2 a.m., I am finally nearing my home. Its quiet lavish as other people would say.

My family already owns this beautiful three-story house for three generations, my brother and me is the fourth one. The outside is built with old-fashioned bricks, covered with flowers pots and occasional ivy has grown over the time.

Front of the house is a large garden, with final flowers still able to display their flowers these past summer days. Although we have a large black fence that scares many, the interior of the fence has a view from the past, where women walk in long, fluttering dresses often, which included corsets and men in tailored suits. (Except my brother Robert, who in his words: 'wants to break this madness').

On the other hand, I quite enjoy wearing all kinds of dresses, skirts and several of fancy jewelry, only I prefer to wear dresses that show my rather pale legs and make me feel beautiful about myself.

Sometimes I like to be comfortable and sweatpants or some slacks is necessary. I try dressing modest but that not always fits as 'good' in my grandmothers standards. So at this point, I simply do not care what she thinks.

I know about the outside world and how it functions, what you are supposed to do and what is considered normal and what is not but honestly, I prefer wearing dresses than shorts any day. Like what do I do if I do not want to be normal or do what everybody else does?

As I open the door hoping that everybody is sleeping, I am embraced in warm hands of my mothers. I guess she really was waiting for me.

Mother: ''Ou honey thank to the gods you are all right. Are you hurt? Are you cold? You look a bit pale do you...," continues blabbering while holding my hand gently in her palms while searching for any changes.

Lilian: ''Mama I am f-''

Mother: ''Did you hurt yourself? It was too cold outside. I know it. Look Roger now my precious baby will be sick and then she will die and then, and then...'' still blabbering and completely ignoring me. At the end of her sentence, she turns to my father with tears filled brown eyes and runs in his embrace.

Father: ''Honey or little Lilian is alright. She just went stargazing and for a walk in the woods. She is still here and healthy, right sweetie?'' he looks up with warm gaze that calms even me from my mother's stress.

Lilian: ''Mama I am fine. I am always fine. You do not need to worry that much.'' I try to reassure her.

Mother spins around completely forgetting about father and looks at me as if I have grown two heads: ''Lilian I am delighted that you are fine but I will always worry about you and your twin brother no matter what. In addition, it is very much past your bedtime so please tell your dear brother my farewells and go to sleep yourself.''

Lilian: ''Ok mother goodnight and don't let the bed bugs bite" I point a teasing finger at both of my parents.

Giving a last glance at my loving parents I see my mother wearing her evening robe that screams 'Somebody is not going to live after today' and my father is still in his work suit and I am guessing my mother didn't even let him take a breath from hers crazy nerves.

While walking up the stairs I start thinking of all the differences my brother and me have, even thou he is only 15 minutes older. He likes to mention it ALL the time.

Do not get me wrong I love my brother but there are times where I want to not accidentally slam my door in his face.

He goes to public school but I am homeschooled. He plays sports. I do arts. He has friends. I have books. He has a social life; I have stars to look at. He likes pop and rock, I like classic especially with violin and cello or just beautiful piano. He has girlfriends and well I got books.

Even when we are so different, we can be so similar.

I knock on his sticker-covered door and hear a gruff 'go away'. I just feel the love radiating in the air.

Lilian: "Brother it's me. Can I come in?"

Robert: "Yes you know that already."

At that I open the portal to his cave of trash and see him slumped over his desk while trying to study. Even though school starts in a few days, Robert always studies no matter it is for school or just his something. His room looks like - trash -. His bed looks like a hurricane with pillows on top, where around is full of crisp papers and various cans, and his clothes cover the entire floor.

I plop on his bed and see him already looking at me.

Lilian: ''So when are you going to clean your monstrosity?''.

He crosses his arms and looks at me with a look that says 'really'.

Robert: ''First of all please use smaller words and secondly did you really disturbed my peace with that question?'' I laugh at his displeased face and tone while saying 'that'.

Lilian: ''Fine, fine'' I say raising my hands in surrender. ''I came here to wish you a nice evening and to say I will be going to sleep.'' He raises a suspicious eyebrow.

Robert: ''Baby sis its 2 a.m. why are you not sleeping already?''

Lilian: ''You know the same, going to forest, looking at stars, letting my imagination run free.'' I try dismissing his question with a chuckle but to no luck.

Robert with a bit of annoyed tone: ''Why do you even want to go there, it's just trees and bugs.''

We have been discussing this subject for about 3 years and he does not even want to understand what I see in the nature's beauty. He only sees what is in his eyesight and he does not want to look into anything. He thinks that life is only black and white when I believe that everything has its own color, shade, texture.

Lilian: ''Brother we are not going to talk about this. Have a good night.'' I simply walk out of his room and depart to mine.

In this house no one really try to understand why I do what I do, they only label me as delusional or crazy, or lunatic and go by there lives trying to rush into tomorrow. Forgetting about the present only wishing for a better future. I try to see in-between lines in a book or in-between notes in a song that hide a secret, a clue, or just a deeper meaning. I seek a concealed meaning that hides behind easy or simple to try to seem normal but even in a simple sentence nothing is just simple or normal.

Despite being two in the morning, I settled in the comfortable corner in my room with the same book that I read at the forest and a fluffy blanket. Let my fantasy jump through the lines of text and flow through each letter like a fresh breeze in a winter's morning and gliding my hands across each page, feeling every indent and line of the ink.

I read and devoured every sentence like a hungry animal, and even without noticing my body no longer cooperate with me, and slowly after this beautiful day, my eyelids are closing and, like dandelions, will be opening with the next sunlight-filled morning.

I say a good night to this wonderful day, and I say good morning to tomorrow.


Hope you like it!

Have a jubilant and exquisite day!

What do YOU think is 3 truly beautiful things/places/feelings?

Yours truly..

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