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2. Mystery man

Selcouth – strange, unfamiliar, rare and yet marvelous.


I am quite rudely awakened from my sleep with the warm and itchy rays of the sun that have already begun their daily dance on my cheek. My mood every day is influenced by the weather or music, so even today, without even noticing, I already feel a delightful boom of emotions, which fills me from tip of my toes to the top of my head.

While letting out quite unladylike yawn that probably woke up the whole house I roll on my other side and see that it is 6 a.m.

My parents still see me as a little strange because of my decisions.

One of those decisions was to add mirrors to my room ceiling.

Therefore, every morning I do not even have to get up from my bed to see how tragic I look.

Even though I have not had friends, I also know the other thing I really cannot wait to see. I can say books are a good source to discover all of this.

As I tried to get out of my bed, I trip over my blanket, or something invisible.

I fall with a thud.

Someone: ''Are you alright miss?'' calls from the other side of the door. Most likely awake at this hour would be Olivia I am guessing.

Lilian: ''Yea... I am all right. I am just trying some yoga.'' I TRY to not be awkward ... but well interacting with anybody other than myself is a fail.

Olivia: ''Well ok... Would you like your morning tea to be brought in your room or as always - at the garden?'' Every morning I like to drink my black tea while reading my book and gazing in the morning sun.

Lilian: ''It would be wonderful if you could set it up in the garden please.'' I try to speak normally while I try to untangle myself from blanket insanity.

Olivia: another knock ''Miss are you really alright?'' I guess I just cannot be normal.

Lilian: ''Yes, yes I am alright. I will be down in a few minutes." I say already picking todays outfit.

What do I wear? Looking over all the possibilities that stand from pants to dresses.

I groan.

I have nothing to wear! Says every girl ever. Maybe music will help.

At the thought, I play 'Una Mattina' and after few minutes of just standing in front of my closet and contemplating life, I finally find today's winner.

Light brown turtleneck tucked in dark brown plaid skirt. White socks that will 100% be almost black at the end of the day. In addition to my outfit: just brown wool coat if I have to go outside and black boots.

Applying some makeup and with the help of the gods I somehow brushed my hair, I am heading out of my safe space into the real world.

Why do adults think they have the right to point out or comment on every detail they see, or even have a little dislike towards it?

I remember every time when my mom's friend come over. Each of those women has to stick in my face, that I have a pimple on my face or that I have a shirt too tight for their liking.

Alternatively, when my dad's friends come to visit. They always have to say some perverse callouts or comments but when I say that I do not like to be talked like that. They have the audacity to tell me that: those are compliments and that I cannot be so angry because I am a girl who knows nothing, or the best thing was when one of them sent me to the kitchen, because it is my place...

So yea, I have dislike for people in general.

Finally arriving at the garden, I see all the flowers blooming and my tea hot and ready sitting on a little wood table with a chair next to it.

The garden is a secluded area that has a forest all around it and my work still stands beautiful as ever.

This summer in every possible spot, I tried to plant at-least one variety of flowers or shrubs and they are still blooming and smelling remarkable.

While sitting and getting some warm sunlight to soak in my skin I start to get lost in my thoughts. Again.


No matter the time spent on this earth, we always can do better or worse.

Every person can be happy at some days and sad at others. Moral of this story: It is OK to not be OK.

We do not remember dates, we remember moments.

Is water wet?

How did one person just decide "beauty standards" that almost everyone is suffering from?

If I drown in a pool, am I in the water or is the water in me?

Will there be ever a person, which is similar to character from a book?

What is it like studying in public school?


Sipping now my warm tea that's somehow still warms me up, I see that the sun has finally said hers 'good mornings' and start making my way inside.

Not forgetting my manners I say a greeting to every living soul that has already woken up from there relaxing slumber and started running around like a little bunnies.

Do not get me wrong my family have employed workers that help to keep our house in check on daily places but even though they are still human beings and most of them, we treat them as family.

Honestly all the magnificent stories they tell from experience or just pure imagination are heartwarming and most of the time I go sip my tea with them rather than my family's friends.

What would you choose: listening how a genuine nice person tells about his life moments or a snobby rich *lady* tells you about the newest husband or purse she got?

Lilian: ''Ou Olivia can I help you?'' I rush next to one of the oldest workers in or house dusting some shelfs while standing on not so sturdy chair.

Olivia: ''Honey you know I like to do it myself.'' She says not even giving me a glance but at least steps down from that chair.

Lilian: ''But may-''

Olivia: '' No buts missy. Have you checked the clock? In a few minutes, you have to be ready for school supply shopping.'' She looks at her watch and I have not even noticed the time running from my grasps.

Lilian: ''True! Nevertheless, as you said I still have a few minutes to spear.'' I try convincing her.

Olivia: ''No child. You have to go.'' She gives me a stern look and ushering me outside were I can see my already pissed of brother and overly thrilled mother already talking Roberts ear off.

Hearing my mother calling my name 'to walk faster and get my bottom in the car'.

You see this is the first and I guess only year when I will get to experience high school and my mother looks she will explode from the excitement to by her only daughter school supplies.

She even started talking about boys and how she cannot wait to see me with one. Moreover, all those white lies she has been dreaming.

I am trying to streach out my sweet time, so I take every step slower and slower my mother practically runs and pulls me to the car.

Lilian: ''Why are you so excited to take us to school supply shopping?''

Mother: ''It's your first year in the real world, so why would I not?'' She throws me a quick glance.

Lilian: ''But why mother, it's not like I will be alone!'' I try to calm her down, '' Robert will be there!'' Robert only responds with a nod.

Mother: ''But... but... I do not care. Let me enjoy this!'' She dismissed this conversation with some music and started talking with Robert while I on the other hand slid into my thought clouds that somehow always find a space in my mind.

Looking out of the world. Running with the winds, passing by the trees, seeing all the beautiful homes. Every house has at least one window lit with a life, telling a story while not even knowing. You can look into a window and not even know what you are setting your eyes on - maybe on a love story come true but maybe on a love story ending.

People say 'eyes are the widows to the person's soul' (or something like that) but what if widows are just passage for seeing life?

Knocking on the window I look up and see my one and only brother looking like someone woke up at the wrong side of the bed.

Robert: ''Come on sis! Let's get this over with shall we?'' He says while bowing and letting me hook my hand in his.

Lilian: Not holding my laughter ''Let's do this.''

Seeing our mother already in front of the mall looking like a small girl that finally got her doll we both chuckle and prepare for this adventure.


Walking from an aisle to an aisle. School supplies left and right. From pink pencil cases to black notebooks.

I wonder: what even is all the excitement to get the newer backpack or the newest sneakers

Ok I understand if that is needed. However, buying it just to impress other people. That is not even relevant in your life. Why?

We have been doing this for a few hours now. My mom running from one shelf to another, Robert and me trailing behind. Entertaining right! *chuckles*

Robert looks at me funny and bumps into me: ''what so funny?''

Lilian: ''Ou you know just looked at your displeasing face." I say chuckling.

Robert gasps and pretend to be offended: ''Ou that is it. Now you crossed the line!'' Knowing him, he will chaise me or I will have to play hide with him.

I ignore his threats and start running wear my heart is calling me.

Robert: ''1... 2...'' I do not even hear him anymore.

Running through the little kids' aisle, I knock over some little toys and run out of the aisle.

I crouch down in the book aisle and listen.

Robert: *thud* ''AAA... Shit. Lilian you are dead" I can hear his groaning as he tries to move.

I quickly check if it's safe and I guess todays not the best day for games I see him slowly looking in my eyes with a psychotic grin.

Robert: ''I got you!'' He starts running and I hope that this time I will out run him.

I take a sharp turn only to be stopped by a wall.

Lilian: ''Can I be even more graceless then this.'' I sit up rubbing my nose, ''Like really how can you ran into the wall?'' I mumble to myself.

Someone: ''Quiet dense from your side madam, isn't it?'' Rough but at the same time smooth voice says in an annoyed voice making me scream.

Scrambling up as fast as I can I make sure my appearance is un-intact.

Still not looking up and getting angry at this persons remark. Wait what did he say?

Lilian: ''Excuse me sir, that is not the way you can talk to a lady!'' Exclaiming I finally look up at the rude person.

Eyes... eyes so dark they remind me of the night, but these eyes are so uniqe. In that dark, they show specs of gold just like stars. I can even see the large walls build behind and the sly secrets these eyes hold. Magnificent.

His face is solemn. You cannot even see one emotion showing just like a blank canvas and if I could, I would paint every emotion I know with every color known to the human race. Hair done to perfection – not even one strand hanging out of place.

His body. His body even though covered with a nude colored coat is taller than I am. That is surprising. This boy/man looks like he could be 17 or 18 years old. Even standing 6 feet apart I can smell his perfume that if I could get a chance to drown in – I would.

I am 5'10 and he looks like he could be approximately 6'3.

Cutting me from my obvious gawking this rude man has the audacity to snap fingers in my face as if I am an uncultured animal.

Rude man: ''If you could stop that ridiculous gawking and finally snap back from your something," he even emphasizes it with his hands: ''can someone like you call herself a lady of some sort?''

Lilian scoffs: ''You do not know my name but here you are making rude assumption,'' I point my hand at him: ''and please tell me is that what a gentleman would ever do?'' It looks like I just hit a nerve there. *evil giggle*

In his solemn face the only emotion clear to see is annoyance.

Rude man: '' You mean to tell me a 'lady' would run around in a store in such short skirt and when bumping into someone a 'lady' rudely cusses them out?'' He looks in my face like I a making some sort of a joke here: ''Did I get it right 'lady'?''

Did he really just said that?

Lilian: ''It's not your place to tell someone what to do or what to wear. You are not my dad.'' I say with stomping my leg. A bit childish but at this moment I do not care.

He even has the audacity to smirk. To smirk. Like I have said something funny.

Rude man: ''I sincerely apologies even if this conversation looks far from done, you will have to excuse me. Have a nice day 'lady'.'' He says and struts away carrying confidence like his second nature.

I on the other hand am still bubbling with anger from this strange man.

I hope I never meet this man ever again.


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