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Book 3 of the Marchetti Mafia Series Can not be read as a stand alone book. Can Lucan save the relationship between him and Jaclyn or is it too late? Just when things settle down, the two of them experience yet another unexpected situation...but has too much damage been done?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Song: Up In Here


“You okay Luca?” Emiliano was seated in a close corner of the plane, looking out the window.

“Yeah Em. I just want things to get back to normal. I’m tired and I’m fucking pissed about how all this went down with Jack.”

“Look, we had no choice. We could have handled things differently, but It is what it is and if she can’t handle it, then maybe you need to let her go.”

“That is not an option Em. I’m going to give her the space she requested but make no mistake, I am going to go get her.”

Emiliano leaned back, watching his cousin clench his fists, gearing up for the rage that had been building since they left Jack’s house.

“I fucked up too Em. I should have called her. The moment that fucking tube came out of my face, I should have called her.” Lucan slammed his fist against the armrest of his seat.


“You know as well as I do, if you called her-“

“Em…if you say another word, you’ll be joining the body count real soon.”

“Francisco!” Lucan snapped. “Get your ass up here.” He watched as Frankie unbuckled his seatbelt with a sigh.

“Instead of sighing you should be thanking me. You could be in a fucking suitcase with Jessica and Nicky!”

Rolling his neck as he walked to the front of the plane, Frankie glanced at both men before sitting down. Lucan closed his eyes then opened them, leveling his gaze at his friend of twenty years. “I want you to understand that the only reason you are alive right now is because of Jack. She retained you as her attorney and the Feds are crawling up my ass to talk to everyone, together.”

Frankie opened his mouth to speak but shut it again, deciding to keep quiet. He watched Lucan who was visibly angry.

“For the first time in my life, Francisco, I don’t fucking know what to do with you.”

Emiliano gritted his teeth together at the conversation.

“Put a fucking bullet in him and put him out of his misery Luca or let him fix this. Quit threatening him.” Em said pointedly to both men. We have a lot of shit getting ready to go down in Atlantic City,, and you’re getting ready to take over a whole new empire along with Rubolini’s crew. "It’s time for this family to come together.

Lucan leaned back and listened to him talk.

“Park his ass in AC. Let him take over Rubolini’s casinos and crew. You were going to give him Bella Vita anyways. This shit with the feds isn’t going away. We are officially on their radar and that bitch Kennedy is a fucking vulture. If she gets a whiff of fuckery she’s going to be all over our fucking dicks.”

Lucan carefully leaned back, thought thinking over what Em was suggesting. He had a point and he knew if Frankie disappeared that it would raise eyebrows jeopardize everyone. “Angelo! Come here.”

He watched Angelo move down the small aisle in the plane.

“We need to re-organize. I need a crew in AC with Frankie.” Angelo’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. He wasn’t expecting Frankie to be part of the equation much past the evening.

“I don’t want a fucking word from you either. You’re on my shit list too,” Lucan grumbled. “The fucking meltdowns from all of you. I can’t wrap my head around how fucking broken we are.”

Lucan looked outside the small window, thinking of Jack. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket but, he ignored it. “Angelo and Frankie, you’re both staying in AC, for the foreseeable future.”

Both men let out pent up breaths,. each Each man silently thankful for different reasons. Lucan looked at both of them and cleared his throat. “Do not mistake this as weakness. I am showing great restraint in not shooting you both myself. We are a FUCKING FAMILY. Get your shit together.” Lucan raised his voice loud enough that the flight attendant in the back of the small plane audibly gasped. He Lucan scrubbed his face with his hands and dropped them.

“I’m keeping my the private security indefinitely. I want Marco and Gino to take a more proactive role in day to day operations at Bella Vita. Em, you and I are going to deal with the new hotel and the Fanucci family.” He looked at each of the men, waiting to see their reactions. “I want Vinny with Jack as her security and I want Mayson gone. From now on, all females, males, wives, side pieces, one night fucks, girlfriends, and boyfriends, anyone, goes through a background check. I don’t want another fucking Jessica, ever.”

There was a collective nod.

“I want everyone on encrypted phones and or apps. We know from Jack that the The Feds are actively recording phone calls. I expect them to show up in AC, so we need to clean house quickly and quietly. I need to get this shit settled before I can focus on repairing things with Jack. No more Don bullshit either. It’s archaic. It’s Mister Marchetti or Sir from now on.”

Emiliano shook his head as Frankie and Angelo agreed.

“I want to also make myself very fucking clear,. God forbid if anything like this ever fucking happens again, you tell Jack everything, immediately. You protect her. He keep her updated, you let her see me, and you let her do what EVER THE FUCK SHE WANTS. I am going to marry that girl and she is going to be part of this family.” Lucan put his hands to his face desperately trying to quell the burst of emotions threatening to show itself.

Em looked at Frankie and Angelo, motioning them to leave. He wanted Lucan to have some privacy. He was concerned with this display of emotion, an indication that he was not okay. He moved to the seat facing Lucan and put his hand on the back of Lucan’s neck, pulling him forward. Their foreheads touched and Em felt his body heave in a silent sob.

“Ti amo Luca. Hai bisogno anche di un po’ di tempo. Prima dobbiamo sistemarti e poi andremo a prendere la tua ragazza. La rapirò se devo.” I love you Luca. You need some time too. We need to fix you first and then we will go get your girl. I will kidnap her if I have to.

“Sono incasinato Em. Tutto è solo incasinato. Per la prima volta in vita mia, temo. Sono stanco Em. Ho bisogno di un po’ di pace e di Jack.” I’m fucked up Em. Everything is just fucked up. For the first time in my life, I’m afraid. I’m tired Em. I need some peace and I need Jack.

The two stayed like this until till Lucan cleared his throat. Em moved his hand and kissed Lucan on his hairline. “I got you man. I got you. We will get shit in order and get the Feds off our asses. Once things settle down, we can get the family here and we go get your girl.”

“What if she doesn’t want me to come get her, Em? What if I can’t repair this? I had no idea she was in this bad of shape. I fucking failed her, I failed us.”

Emiliano sighed, his emotionless face finally breaking at the memory of what happened with Jack.

“You didn’t see her the night we made her go home with that bullshit story. She loves you. She’s mad as hell, but she loves you man. And the two of you together are fucking magnificent. You can feel that shit, its fucking disgusting and I love it. That kind of love Luca, only comes once for the lucky fuckers.” He said heavily.

Lucan felt the sting of tears and burn in his throat. Emiliano’s words pulled a level of emotion he had never experienced. He needed to calm down before he lost his shit in front of his men. He closed his eyes and cleared his throat desperately wished wishing for the plane ride to be over.

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