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9_ Playboy

"Are you ready?"

Emma takes a deep breath and purses her lips. "Yeah, yeah I'm ready."

"Good luck!" Shouts Emily from the balcony as they drive out of her place and onto the road.

They have made it to the highway as she starts smelling something disgusting in the car.

"Oh my god Nick what, ugh is that--?" She fakes a puke and pinches her nose close.

"What?" He asks sniffing his car.

"There's nothing wrong in here," he says after a moment of breathing in the weird smell.

"Nick, be honest with me. Did you had a one-night stand in the car?"

Nick's face goes red. "Ugh, I--"

"Dude, what the f#ck? Can't you clean it?" She says opening the glove apartment looking for anything productive that will change the smell.

She shuts it close acting dramatic. "Jesus Christ, is that a used rubber that I see in here?"

Nick steps on the brake, opening the glove apartment, and peeks in. He quickly shuts it with an embarrassed laugh.

"Oh shit," he murmurs under his breath and Emma shakes her head.

"Playboy millionaire," she says and looks at him.

He looks hurt and swallows hard.

Emma's heart melts. "I didn't say that to hurt you Nickholas. You know, there's no way that you're gonna impress Emily with these playboy moments of yours."

He looks at her. "I know, I'm trying to change."

"Yeah, you better make it fast."

He shifts his attention back to the road.

She says, "You know, I never did understand the both of you. You guys were engaged and then she ran away and you forgave her for standing you up and now you guys are dating."

"Some things happen for a reason."

Nick gave her a quick impression of a saint and she thinks that maybe he is right after all. Everything happened for a goddamn reason.

Her parent's separation, breaking up with her boyfriend, losing her best friend to cancer, being disowned by her dad, getting in an accident, seeing her twin for the first time after they were taken away, Emily being a runaway bride, and now here they are.

Emily dating her ex-fiancé living in London, in her own house running a damn good business.

Emma met a few amazing people during this time.

Ethan, the oncologist. Emily, her twin. Nick, a lovely friend. Sarah, her mom. Victoria, Emily's best friend. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, the cool uncle and aunt.

She is cut-off from her thoughts when Nick says, "Oh and I forgot to say that, you look lovely, actually perfect. Niall's gonna fall head over heels for you."

"Uh, who?" She asks, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

He frowns. "Nevermind."

"Nick please I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. Please do repeat."

"Niall will probably love to give you the job. You have a perfect GPA and knowledge about literally anything."

"Oh thank you, who's Niall?"

Nick facepalms himself. "Are you from Mars? He is my brother!!"

"What does this have to do with him?"

He quickly steps on the brake and stares at her in disbelief.

"Maria, he is the freaking CEO!!" He yells.

She blinks. Twice. Thrice.

"Huh?" She tilts her head to the side.

"I'm sorry," he calms down. "Dear Emma Knight, the one you are going to be interviewed by, is the CEO. My BROTHER."

She stays quiet staring at him with big eyes.

He continues. "You are going for the assistant job, right?"

She nods.

"If you get the job, you are gonna be his assistant. Do you understand?"

She smiles frightfully at him. "Understood, Mr. Parker." She looks away feeling a little scared with his yell and sighs in relief that it has ended.

Yelling never helps. And she remembers what happened when someone yelled at her.

"Emma, look at me."

She slowly turns to look at him. He looks at her like looking at a caged bird.

With pity.

"How bad was the hit?" He asks her.

She gulps down the saliva and clears her throat, "The car accident?"

He nods.

"I was in a coma for 2 months," she breathes out.

"Damn," he mumbles, placing a hand on the steering wheel.

"I'm sorry, I keep forgetting things."

"It's ok," he smiles reassuringly bringing a smile to her face.

"Damn Jesus!" he says looking at his watch and back at her.

"Hold on, we are running late." And with that he turned in the ignition, the car roaring into life.

He starts revving and her eyes go wide making her grab the seatbelt which she was ignoring for a while. Plugging it in, she stares at him and nods.

He steps on the gas and there goes the car, screaming in power and cries in excitement and fear. "Oh, my gaawd!!"

She starts reciting bible verses that never even exist and hugs herself crossing her fingers.

"Nickholaaaas slow down!!"

"There's no time honey!"

Soon, they are pulling over into the administrative building and parks the car.

She places a hand on her speeding heart and exhales through her mouth noisily. "Jesus Christ Nickholas Parker, you are fast."

"In every way," he says flashing a flirtatious smile.

She scrunches her nose and chuckles, "Gross. Don't flirt with me, Nick."

He winks at her to which she rolls her eyes. "Emily exists alright?" She says and he smacks the back of his head.

He laughs. "Right."

They walk in and clicks on the elevator button. Somebody walks up behind him and Nick acknowledges the person but she doesn't mind him.

Three of them get in and Nick presses the 4th floor.

"Is that where I am going?" She questions.

He nods.

Three of them face the door and standstill.

Some thoughts float across her mind. If I was shorter than both of the guys, it would have looked pretty. But now I look like one of them. A triplet. Feels like we are in a music video.

Three of us are standing at the same height. 6'1 feet.

Ok, maybe the guy standing on my left is an inch taller but I'm wearing my heels.

Emma kept gawking at his reflection in the mirror-like door like a freak and he quickly catches her but she looks away as quickly as he looked.

A red color flies into her cheeks and she senses a smile curving on his face.

The tall dude has a handsome face with a chiseled jawline and smoky grey eyes. Clean shaved face, beautiful silk-like brunette hair.

She wanted to keep looking at him but the elevator chimed open and they walk out.

The guy walks with great speed as if he was running late and Nick leads her to the waiting room.

He stops in his track while the tall dude disappears around the corner.

"Emma," he calls her and she turns her attention to him and he says, "You just made him smile and that looks like a good sign. So give your best shot."

She pulls a weird face. "What do you mean I made him smile? Who?"

He laughs. "Just be yourself."

She walks into the room and sits beside a redhead which gave her a quick reminder of Addison.

Her heart sinks. Regaining her posture, she takes a deep breath and takes a peek at her watch.

Ten minutes pass and she waits.

Suddenly, a big man in a blue suit appeared out of nowhere.

She looks up at him and smiles. He smiles back at her and she gets busy picking her nails.

Without lifting her head, she sneaks at the shoes in front of her. She raises and he was looking at her.

"Sky?" he asks.

She is taken aback and raises a brow. He clears his throat.

"I mean, Emma Knight?"

She grins. "That's me."

He gives her a hand to shake and shakes it happily. "I'm Howard Parker."

Her eyes enlarge and think she is suffocating.

"Mr. Parker?" She blinks.

"That's me," he laughs and she almost screams.

"Oh my god!" She whisper-yells.

He furrows his brows in surprise.

"I'm a big fan of yours. Your works and this company. I--"

He laughs patting her shoulder. "To be honest, I'm a fan of yours. God, love that dance moves."

She blushes. "Thank you, sir."

"Oh no need of formalities, call me Howard."

"Yes sir." He clears his throat. She laughs nervously. "I mean, Howard. It's an honor to meet you."

"I would like to say the same. I never thought I will get the chance to see you again."


Without questioning more, she shrugs her shoulder and laughs.

A guy comes out of the CEO's office with an angry face and throws several punches in the air.

Let me guess, didn't get the position?

"You are up," he says and she looks at him in surprise.

"But there are still people ahead of me."

He winks. "Don't worry your little self. Just go in. Be yourself. He'll love you."

He'll love you? What is that supposed to mean?

The words ring in her ears like a mantra and she prays that he picks her as his assistant.

She takes a deep long breath and turns the handle and she sees a man looking out the glass wall behind him.

Suicidal location.

She slowly knocks on the door. He turns around, freezing in his position.

His pretty grey eyes darkening like thunderclouds.

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