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10_ Heavenly

"Mr. Parker?", She addresses him.
Oh shit, he was the one in the elevator.

"Come in", he calls her in.

She walks in and closes the door behind her.

He points her to the seat and gestures to sit down.

She takes the seat, thanking him and she corrects him, "It's Emma."

"Huh?", He leans on the table, crossing his arms on his chest.

She sits straight feeling a little self-conscious about his stare.

"My name is Emma, sir. It's not Maria."

He uncrosses his arms. "It was, wasn't it?"

She nods.

"Say yes or no, Miss Knight."

How does he know my surname? I didn't even tell him.

She clears her throat. "Yes sir."

"Hmm", he hums and gestures her to give him her file and she does so.

He goes through it with a poker face and looks at her.

She quickly looks away embarrassedly as she was ogling him and sucks in her bottom lip.

"You're hired. Congratulations." He says in a calm yet irresistibly sexy voice.

She stares at him in disbelief.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I hate to repeat myself, Emma. You are hired. Do you want me to change my mind?"

Her face brightens up. "No sir, thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me."

She stands up and shakes her hand with him and grins toothily. "Wow, when do I start?"

A smug smile forms on his face. "Now."

Her smile drops. "Uh, wait what? What should I start with?"

He starts walking towards her. Her heartbeat picks up speed and she feels that she'll faint any minute now.

Why is he so intimidating?

He stops when they are standing so up-close that, one wrong move and they'll be kissing.

She can feel his hot breath on her nose and mouth. Emma slowly looks into his smoky grey eyes and gulps down.

God, he looks so heavenly closer.

She can see the silver strikes in his grey orbs and how they enlarged into a big circle when they met her eyes.

He speaks, "Help me down there."

She felt air trapping in her throat. "I'm sorry?"

What the hell? This dude is disgusting.

He quickly looks away, taking two steps back, his face flushed and scratches the nape of his neck. "Don't think any other meaning for that. I want your help to do some work, we have somewhere to go."

"Oh........", She smiles and a red color flies into her cheek.

Why did I think it that way?

Maybe because you are craving for something like that?

Shut up.


"Won't you follow me?", He asks burying those beautiful hands in his pockets and tilts his head to the pile of files and papers.

"I should take them?"

"Yes, Miss Knight. Faster, I haven't got all day."

What an asshole!

"Yes sir", she says grabbing every file and follows him like his tail.

Her hands start aching within a minute, not even a single file can be taken off.

Why the hell is this so damn heavy?

Everyone starts to look at her and gape as she walks behind him with a pile of files in her hands. Some women murmur something in each other's ears and sniggers.

What the heck?

He clicks on the elevator button and she sighs loudly.

"Do you have asthma problems?", He asks her out of the blue.

She walks into the elevator slowly and stands beside him. "No sir, why do you ask?"

He shakes his head. "I thought you were having troubles breathing when you sighed like that."

"Oh....." She drags the word and stares at the reflection absentmindedly.

His eyes travel slowly to her face and go down her kissable buxom lips and perfect neck, her beautiful torso, and her long legs and bring it back to her face.

Is it possible that she is my little Sky? The looks, her eyes, and smile, everything is familiar but not the way she behaves.

Sky was innocent, loving, caring, playful, and naughty. Beautiful in every sense. And she was 4 years old the last time I saw her.

But this girl is nothing like her. She has a weird sense of fashion and has icy blonde hair. My little Sky was a brunette like me.
There is no way that I'll believe that Emma is my Sky. There's no way in the world.

If Emma is supposed to be an American, why does she speak with a lilt of Italian accent? Jesus, this is confusing.

Being forced into making her my assistant is suspicious. Her, acting like she didn't know about this is way fishy. And yet, I can't find a glimpse of guiltiness or anything in her eyes. She seems overjoyed about getting the position and I'll make sure that she'll regret this soon.

And why the heck is she wearing heels? She is like six feet tall and looks like a giant who can handle everything standing on her toes and yet, two piles of file and papers seems too much for her.

"Mr. Parker? We are here."

Her voice wakes him from the trance he was in and nods. "Lead the way out."

She walks in a style and waits for him in the mid hall. "Where should I keep this?"

He tightens his tie and tilts his head to the room plated:


"Give it to him and tell him to prepare the charts and get ready at 4:15 pm for a conference. And......."

She turns to look at him. "Yeah?"

"Tell him to put black tuxedo for the party tonight and don't flirt."

She raises a brow and throws a quizzical look at him. "Should I tell him not to flirt too?"

He shifts his gaze to the steps and shakes his head. "No, that was for you. Don't flirt with him, come back fast."

She looks at the door. Who is the cuckoo?

Niall walked down the steps to the ground parking lot.

"Meet me in the lot!", He shouts and disappears downstairs.

Couldn't he just open this door for me?

She stares at the COO door. "How will I open this?", She asks herself aloud and tries to knock on the door while managing to handle the papers and files in her hands.

Oh boy, this is hard.

The files start to lean against her chest and it's suffocating her.

Help, someone.

Something popped into her mind. My heels!

Thanks to Emily for making Emma wear her ugly pointy heels.

Well, Emily's heels came for the rescue.

She balances herself on one leg and thuds on the door with the pointy part.


"Come in", says the voice from inside, and she thuds on the door again. A frustrated groan boom in the room followed by a crumpling sound of paper and somebody moves the chair.

The door opens and he stares at her with wide eyes.

"Maria? Uh- I mean, Emma? What're all these?"

She smiles apologetically. "I'm sorry Nick, I, uh, I mean Mr. Parker. Boss asked me to give these files to you."

He laughs hysterically and grabs the files by a handful and places them on his shelf and asks, "Boss asked you? Boss? Seriously Emma?"

She pouts. "What?"

He pushes her to a chair and she sits down. "Why do you call him boss? You can call him by his name."

She leans in and entwines her fingers and tells him, "He didn't say that I could call him so. So I call him Sir. And he asked me to tell you something else too."

He pops an m&m into his mouth and offers her the bowl which she politely refuses. "What is it?", He inquires.

She clears her throat and tells him everything. Nickholas couldn't stop laughing out loud hearing the nonsense.

"He told you not to flirt with me? Huh, He should be telling that to me, not you. We'll see what he'll do if I flirt with you."

She scrunches her nose. "Quite a rebel, aren't you?"

He shrugs with a smug smile. "If you say so."

"He is waiting for me. I need to go." She says standing up and offering him a sweet smile.

"So will you come to the party tonight?", He asks taking her by surprise.

"He didn't say that I could come."

Nickholas rolls his eyes. "Ugh, come on Honeybun. I'm the one who's asking you to come, not him. You don't have to follow everything, you know. Like I said before, BE YOURSELF."

She slowly nods and grins. "Ok, I'll come."

"Wear something sexy!", He shouts after her, before closing the door.

Emma walks up to Niall where he was standing leaning on a car, watching something in his phone with an amused smile running on his lips.

As soon as the clicks of her heels echoed in the parking lot, he looks up and puts his phone in his coat's pocket, and crosses his arm on his chest.

"How long do you take to give those files away?"

She shoots an apologetic smile and asks, "What should I do now?"

He throws her his car keys and commands, "Drive."

She looks at him with shock. "The Rolls Royce?"

"What, Are you scared?"

She chuckles lightly and shakes her head, "I'm glad to drive it for you."

She opens the door and gets in. Pulling on the seatbelt, she glances at him and smirks saying, "I own a Royce."
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