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11_ Retarded


"Are you sure about this?"

He smiles reassuringly at her.

"Emma, do you trust me?"

She looks hesitant for a moment but nods and squeezes his hand lightly.

"I do trust you, Nick. But I don't want to earn hate from him."

He pats her shoulder. "Keep calm, be yourself, stay right beside me, and don't forget to flirt with me."

"Yes, Mr. Parker."

He chuckles softly and ruffles her hair slightly earning a growl from her.

They walk in and look around. "It's so loud here."

"What did you expect in a club party, Emma? Tonight, this is where all the playboys and bad boys meet. And that is why I am asking you to stay right beside me because they won't be able to keep their hands to themselves as they'll be high and out of their mind."

"I love this side of yours," she admits and winks at him.


She shrugs a shoulder. "Brotherly, caring. All the same."

He pulls her through the crowd and leads her into the backroom. "Did I tell you how dashing you look tonight?"

She bats an eyelash. "I don't remember you telling me."

He flashes a flirty smile and pulls her close.

"You look so hot tonight. Literally on fire." She bites down on her bottom lip.

"Oh, you flatter me, Nick. You don't look so bad yourself," she says and pecks on his either cheeks making him glow red.

Even though it was dark in there, she could see it clear as day. "Stay back here and do something fun. I'll wait for it."

She frowns deeply. "What? What do you mean? I don't understand, Nick. Where are you? Nick?!"

He walks out the door and smiles to himself. She'll figure it out on her own.

Emma is beautiful and sweet but easy to fool into doing anything and I'm taking advantage of it. I know that it's bad but that's what dad asked me to do. And also Sarah.

I feel extremely sorry for her but this has to be done. I'm helping them to discover and dust off their forgotten love and bring them back to what they were.

Young Niall was always fuzzed about not being able to go to the girls' house on weekends and would whine and beg mom to take us to the Knight's house.

Mum and Sarah used to talk and cook something. Niall and I, go upstairs to play with them. Sometimes, they'd be sleeping.

Sometimes, they'd be playing with the toy cars and teddy bears and laugh at each other doing something stupid.

Most of the time, I got bored of just watching them and playing with them because they were small and not so fun to play with.

But Niall laughed and talked with them like he was their age and was easy to mingle with than he did with his classmates ever in his lifetime.

Sometimes, I wondered whether he was retarded.

Nick walks back to his place where he found Niall and Mr. Wilkins talking seriously waving a paper in their face while showing different gestures.

It's quite boring, to be honest.

Naill's husky voice brings him back to reality.

"What I am saying is that we would like to expand our company to your network and it would profit not only us but your people too."

"Hmmm," the fat Mayor hums musically and rubs his nose like a dog saying, "Where is that beautiful PA of yours? I haven't seen her here?"

Stupid son of bitch wants to know about her than about the company.

Niall looks at Nick expectantly and sinks in his chair.

"Why do you want to see her?" Asks Nick breathing in all confidence that Niall exhales.

"You know, she was fun to talk to. Piqued my interest, quite a clever and glamorous creature. I wouldn't mind seeing her again."

Nick can visibly see the frustration Niall was feeling, his hands balling into a fist and forehead creasing.

And to Niall's surprise, Nick announces, "She'll be here soon. Why don't we have a drink?"

Mr. Wilkins's face brightens quickly and pats his shoulder, "Exactly, Mr. Parker won't you join us?"

Niall's lips twitch weirdly as he sits straight and leans forward to pour the drink for the fat pig sitting in front of him.

"Let me do that for you," he offers to fake a small smile and pours the drink in a shot glass, and gives it to Mr. Wilkins.

He drinks quickly with ease and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

Nick shifts his gaze to his elder brother sharing a knowing look and they nod slightly to each other.

Sometimes you need to lie through your teeth in business to get what you want. The truth is that the expansion will never bring profit for the mayor or his party but US. The Parker's CO.

Niall takes a few shots and he's already feeling like his old self.

Scared, quiet, insecure, foolish, immature.

That's the case for him when he's drunk. But Nick, on the other hand, feels happy, energetic, and is ready to dance.

Just like his wish, the lights go out.
Niall panics jerking sideways in his seat but Nick holds him in place, comforting him.

"Andy, it's just a dance, calm down. If you ever feel disturbed by the lights, I'll ask them to stop. Will that be okay?" He says to his elder brother who nods at him like a scared child talking to the cops.

Mom used to call me Andy, Niall thinks and places a hand on his chest.

Everything is feeling dark and heavy. Thinking about mom always gave him troubles at night. He can imagine her crying for help while bleeding in the car which is about to explode.

Niall Anderson Parker aka Andy was considered a scaredy-cat in his family.

Even though he hated being called Andy, he never said anything about it because he loves Olivia, Nick, and Howard equally.

The lights start blinking red, blue, green, and every color in the world.

Where in the world is the flash warning? Thinks Niall squinting his eyes.

Someone appears in the middle of the room with their hand on the person's hips and smiles sexily. Nick adjusts his eyes to the flashing and finds himself drooling over the killer curves of his new best friend.

He can't figure out how she is not blinded by the flashes but he is glad that she understood what he wanted her to do behind the room.

The drunk old skunk is swaying his hips and walking behind her like an obedient cat and purring waiting for her touch.

What a pervert, thinks Nick drinking the leftover alcohol from the bottle.

Emma got a complete makeover that it's really hard to recognize her.

She is dressed like a bar dancer but with less revealing clothes. She is wearing a 4-inch heels making her 6 foot 4 inches in height, equalling Niall's height. She is surely one of the most stunning, tallest, sculpture-like goddess he has ever met.

The only difference is that she has completely freed her hair from that crazy braid.

They fell over her curvy figure in beautiful beach waves.

Nick smiles brightly as she walks over to them and does some weird dance moves on the empty chair.

Twerking, I guess.

The song changes to Sacrifice by Bebe Rexha.

Niall sat calmly in his seat gaping at her dancing flexibly like a snake, moving around his seat and touching him here and there, just like Nick wanted her to do.

Niall flinches several times as a response to her touch but she kept running back to him, dancing over him.

Nick watches her close and realizes that she is drunk as well. That's why she's dancing like this over him who she is frightened of.

Nickholas jumps out of his seat and steals her away from Niall making him frown and sit back into his seat.

One could say that he was enjoying it.

The song changes to Last Hurrah by Bebe Rexha again.

Is it her birthday or something?

Nick takes a look at his smartwatch and finds it right.

Today is August 30.

🎶I'm done with the heartache
I'm done with the demons
Can't wait to be normal
Right after this weekend

I'm done with the drama
I'm fixing my karma
One more night of pure nirvana

I know I've said it all before
But it won't hurt to do it all once more

This is my last hurrah, once I start
I ain't gonna stop 'til I go too far

Last hurrah and it's okay
Maybe tomorrow I won't feel this pain

Last hurrah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
Last hurrah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah

Maybe I'll never change
But I'm still glad I came
Try again another day
But for now

This is my last hurrah, once I start
I ain't gonna stop 'til I go too far

Last hurrah and it's okay
Maybe tomorrow I won't feel this pain

Last hurrah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
Last hurrah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah🎶

Nick sings along with Emma and laughs at each other like high school kids. They are dancing together in rhythm making the others jealous.

"Wow, you've got some killer moves," she shouts in his ear over the loud music and he giggles happily.

As the music goes on, she starts to feel a little dizzy and excuses herself to use the restroom.

Nickholas smiles over the glass on his lips and waves at her. He sits down taking a breather and looks over at his brother who has dozed off on the leather chair with a glass in his hand.

He has always been this way.

Nick takes away the glass from his hand, waking him up. "Hey!"

"What's up?" Nick greets him back but Niall looks up.

"There's nothing up there," he says innocently, and before the joke sinks in, both of them break into fits of laughter.

Emma clutches tightly on the toilet seat as she throws up in it.

"F#cking alcohol," she curses clumsily under her breath and sits on the floor crossing her legs.

I need to change my clothes.

She grabs her clothes and puts them on. Her lipstick smudges on the collar of her shirt and she scrunches her nose.

"What the hell?" She says to herself and turns to run into the wall.

"Sorry," she says to the wall and slowly moves her legs.

"It's fine."

She freezes in her position. Did the wall just talk back to me?

She turns around and narrows her eyes at the figure in front of her.

A flannel shirt, dark blue jeans, dirty blonde hair, shady smirk, and baby blue eyes.

Baby blue eyes? Don't tell me it's him...

He smiles. "Hey Cupcake."

Her eyes widen in recognition as she blurts out, "Calvin?"

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