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13_ Toxic

"I'm coming over."

Calvin sighs in relief, "Ok thanks."

Emily walks into the room to find her sister curled up into a ball in between the sheets biting her nails with her eyes shut tightly.

"What is she doing?" She asks him and he shrugs.

"She had been doing that for almost an hour."

Emily purses her lips, her hands on the hips. "You know, the first thing I should do is to punch your face and dip your head in the toilet. But since you've called me for help, I've decided against it."

Calvin doesn't say anything and keeps his head low.

"This is all my fault," he mumbles softly almost inaudible for a human ear.

"Of course it is your fault!" snaps Emily at Calvin who slowly peeks at her.

How did she hear it?

"You kidnapped my sister, drugged her, almost gave her a frickin' panic attack, and now she's looking and probably feeling horrible."

He still keeps shut. What will I tell her, that I want her sister back? That I want to hold her again like I used to? That I want to marry her? Maria will never want me again. And now that she's Emma and not Maria anymore, my Cupcake is never gonna be back.

I want to keep going and not give up but I can't. This is not only hurting her but me too. Being the idiot I am, I keep pushing her over the limits. I thought she'd be happy to have me back but I was wrong.

She has moved on and is so over me. She doesn't want me. And I should leave her but I can't, I can't love anyone like I loved her. It hurts a lot and my entire heart stings with the pain she has caused with the small amount of time.

My nose is in a bad state now. And who taught her to fight? Me.

I know that I was toxic but I don't want to admit it to her. Maybe she was right, we weren't meant for each other.

"I'm sorry for everything, Emily. Will you please take her home?" He begs to look with big eyes which were ready to tear up.

Emily shakes her head in disbelief. "You are so unbelievable. All men are the same. You can't make up for the mistakes you made and think that a single sorry will wash away the pain you've caused, huh?"

Now I can see how different they are. If it was Emma, she would've forgiven me too easily. But Emily is strong, dominant than her, and more confident in her words.

Emily waves her hand in front of his face trying to get his attention. "Hello?"

He clicks back into reality. "Yes?"

"I was asking if you could carry her into my car?"

He nods with a polite smile. "Of course."

Five days later.

Emma knocks down several things in Emily's house as she walks around lazily, waving her hand side to side.

"Stop doing that Emma!" She shouts as Emma scratches the finest marble pots sitting in the corner of the hall.

She turns to look at her sister and sticks out her tongue at her. "I guess it sucks to be you," she says laughing aloud like a crackhead, rolling over the floor with laughter giving her a stomach ache.

Emily turns her attention back to her mother sitting opposite her on the dining table.

"I don't know what to do with her," she sighs placing her head on her crossed arms on the table.

Sarah rubs her face and clicks her tongue. "There's nothing you can do anyway. Just let her be, she'll be back to normal. Ethan advised you to give her a dose, right?"

"Yes, I gave her the antidote."

[A/N: Scientifically, it's not possible to get someone out of their (GHB) hangover through any antidote but I have no idea what to do with Emma just like Emily has no idea. So please co-operate and not attack me with any fact.]

Sarah stands up from her seat and walks towards her but Emma sprints away making some squeaking noises and runs into her room.

🎶I've got no good explanation
For what I put you through
Managing my expectations
Is what I never do

Yeah, I don't understand
How you slipped through my hands?
And I'm trying all I can
To forget you again, oh

So when I call you in the middle of the night
And I'm choking on the words 'cause I miss you
Baby, don't tell me I'm out of time
I got so much of my loving to give you

In the middle of the night🎶

Sarah scrunches her nose. "What the hell is that? Oh my god, why she is crying like a dying donkey?"

Emily breaks into a good laugh. "She is singing Middle Of The Night by The Vamps."

"I really can't guess who she is singing about," says Sarah picking her handbag, swinging it around her shoulder.

"Me either." Emily collects her car keys and walks out.

"Where are you going?" asks Sarah as she does the same.

"I have work to do, mom!"

Sarah hums and nods, "What about her?"

Emily smiles sweetly. "Vicky will keep her company."

"Thank god," says Sarah as she walks out of the house to her car.

"No Victoria, why would you do that? I was so close," whines Emma as she loses for the fifth time in the card game.

"Honey, no compromise in a game. And you know that."

Emma frowns as Victoria grabs the cards and rearranges them again to shuffle them and distribute them among each other.

"You are evil," Emma pouts.

Victoria laughs hysterically. "You know you love it."

Emma pulls a face at her when the phone rings.

"I'll get it," she says jumping up from her seat and picks up the phone to drop it right on her feet.

"Shit," she mumbles under her breath and picks it up again.

Her eyes almost lose their vision when she sees the name that blinked up on her screen.

The name which she didn't see for more than 3 years.

Emma answers the phone, pressing the phone to her ear.

"Hello?" the voice comes out like a meow. Just the way how she remembers it.

Emma's voice cracks as she blurts out, "Na-Natalie?"

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